The Ongoing Spiritual Battle



While we focus on the things that we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, on this earth; we often lose sight of the Spiritual Battle that we, as Mankind, have been engaged in since the time of Adam and Eve. Upon that sin committed in the Garden of Eden, that is when God established Enmity between Man, and Satan and his evil. Harmony would never be reestablished again, until God’s Perfect Timing for it. God, the Creator, could only reestablish or “create peace” again, on this earth, as His Creation. As His Creations, we have consistently used His Gift of Freewill in choosing to rebel against Him; instead of following His Ways. We have consistently been seduced…enticed…and willingly chose to flirt with evil and it’s indulgent ways; when it was originally created for us to lead lives in perfect harmony, with His Guidance from Up Above.

The direct connection between Mankind and the Creator was destroyed upon evil introducing sin, in the Garden of Eden; and Man choosing to fall to temptation. And I believe the Old Testament, was a testament as to how God, the Father of Creation, pleaded with His Most Precious Creations, Man, to use their freewill to choose His Divine Ways of Love. But instead, Man fell to the weakness of their human nature, to which evil shackled to the earth’s ways, which resulted from the first time Mankind decided to fall to temptation, and sin against God. You see evil knows it’s realm, and restrictions. Satan and his demons can not do anything without God’s permission. A perfect illustration of this is through the story of the Prophet Job, in the Old Testament. God knows the extent of our strengths and weaknesses. While God wants to prove that His Faithful are strong enough to CHOOSE His Ways of Divine Love; Evil wants to prove how imperfect and flawed God’s Creation of Mankind is. That God made a mistake in creating Mankind. God is God. He is perfection. He is the “Alpha and the Omega.” He is so pure, that no mark of impurity or Darkness can stand in His Very Presence. Our rebellion is a result of falling to evil’s temptation and control. Satan and his demons rebelled against God; and seeing how much God’s Loves Mankind, He wants Mankind to never know of that Unconditional Love that the Father of Creation has for His Children; so that they too, like him and his demons, will rebel against God, the Father of Creation. Therefore, evil knows that the only way to even have a chance of winning against God, the Father of Creation, was to destroy the spirit and souls of Mankind.

However, God had a final victory plan through His Son, Jesus Christ. God knew that Man was restricted a lot by what they view as earthly evidence, He brought His Son to be born onto this earth, in order to live and die, to save Mankind. Jesus Christ, as His Son, became the Living Example, as to what God expected of His Children (Mankind); and to teach us, what God the Father of Creation, defines as His Ways in order to enter His Eternal Paradise of Heaven. As to how we ourselves, can conquer evil and its temptations, in our daily lives. Jesus Christ gave us the tool necessary to conquer evil for ourselves, and to gain Eternal Life. With the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Comforter, that He left for us, on the Day of Pentecost. Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, reestablished the connection of Mankind with God. And this could only be established by Divinity, which is clearly demonstrated strictly by means of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy. However, in His Teachings, Jesus Christ made it very clear, that in order to conquer the trials within our earthly lives, we must grow spiritual strong. God says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. This is why His Son, Jesus Christ, had to come down, to show Mankind, how to prevent evil from destroying the Human Spirit and Soul. Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Death on the Cross, that God, truly meant, that death to the earthly body is nothing in comparison to a spiritual death, that is forever separated from God, the Father of Creation. His Torture showed us the Strength of God’s Unconditional Love for us, as God’s Children, Mankind. That Jesus Christ took on the punishment that was meant for us, as His Own. That Sacrifice, which  is devoid of the self, in every way. Jesus Christ did not discriminate dying for Mankind for only those who believed in Him while He Lived on the earth; but also for all those that ridiculed and persecuted Him, those that did not know Him, and even those that killed Him. Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, demonstrated that He gives ALL of Mankind the opportunity of knowing God’s Unconditional Love for him/her. For those that lived in His Time, for all those of God’s Children that lived before, and beyond His Time. The only thing is that we have to CHOOSE to seek it, faithfully, to the fullest extent. We can not live for the ways of this world; and say we love God. We “can not serve 2 masters”.

The Spiritual Battle that we all endure, as Mankind, is something that has happened since the beginning of time on this earth. God knows it is not an easy battle. He witnesses our struggles, and our choices out of these struggles. And He often cries, out of the choices we make. You see, God wants us to choose to see His Unconditional Love. But He can not force us to make this decision. The gift of freewill, gives us the choice. He wants true believers to enter His Eternal Kingdom. Though He knew few will be successful in their battles, He loved all of Mankind so much, as to sacrifice His Son, to save them, to reunite with them, in His Eternal Kingdom. That is how much God, the Father Creation loves us, as His Most Prized Creations. That is how strong His Love for us…for all of us that CHOOSE His Divine Ways of Love, over the rebellion that evil wants Man to fall to. God saw those of His Children that are faithful, as worthy to fight for; and even sacrifice His Son to save. He wished more would follow Jesus Christ’s Way, so that more can be reunited with Him, in the Eternal Paradise, He has promised. This is why He gives us till the last breath in our human bodies, to make things right with Him. His Mercies are that abundant, and endless for us, as Man. He gives us every chance and opportunity to see His Unconditional Love. This is exactly what Jesus Christ demonstrated at the Cross. While He hung alongside 2 criminals, He promised, by the faith of one, to bring Him into Paradise, with Him. Can you imagine such love, God has for us? God knows all of our struggles, but He asks us to choose, despite what we face on this earth.

Our bodies are only temporary vessels. We spend so much time perfecting the outer vessel, and so little time in perfecting the soul inside. We make excuses for the imperfections that we have, that have the potential of permanently staining and destroying our spirit. Yes, through the Death of Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven. But it doesn’t mean our battle ended there, upon accepting this fact or not. It means that Jesus Christ, conquered the enemy through His Death, permanently. And with His Resurrection, He showed us He was God, and told us through His Teachings that He will return again, in God’s Perfect Time to reestablish His Eternal Paradise. Only He can do this. But it is up to us to choose, until God’s decides it is time to reestablish His Eternal Kingdom, through His Son Jesus Christ; as to how we prepare the spirit, that God, the Father of Creation, gave us charge over, upon Him creating us, in our mother’s wombs. Because of our sinful human nature, we are born as sinners. So we were still vulnerable to sin. But through Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, we still are eligible for Eternal Life, with God, the Father. Jesus Christ gave us the tools to conquer evil. Now it is just the matter of us, repenting for our sins, and refining our faith, and have a pure enough ground within our spirits, to have the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, to lead our paths towards God’s Eternal Kingdom, by the way Jesus Christ showed us.

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