A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

DIVINITY’s WAYS ARE OF: 1) Nonviolence; 2) Unconditional Love; 3) Mercy; 4) Equality (PART I)



In God’s Eyes, there is no one person on this earth, that does not have the chance of choosing to follow God’s Divine Laws. This is what the gift of freewill gives Mankind. This is actually what separates us, from the rest of God’s Creations. What God questions is, whether we accept the fact that through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross, at Calvary, that He unshackled us from evil, PERMANENTLY, or not. Jesus Christ, showed us that God’s Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. Though being the Son of God, He could have easily avenged those who persecuted and wronged Him. Instead, He demonstrated that WRATH is only God, the Father of Creation’s Right, not ours. Jesus Christ said, “To Turn the Other Cheek.” He could have easily only loved those that were faithful to Him; but as seen through His Love for Judas, who He knew would betray Him, He still loved Him equally to those of His Disciples to whom were faithful to Him. As Jesus Christ said, in His Sermon on the Mount, that we should “Do unto others, as you would have done on to you.” In His UNCONDITIONAL Love for Judas, He showed us that true strength lies, in not only loving those that love us back, but also those that do not love us, with that same unconditional love. Jesus Christ said, that we should love our enemies, strangers, and friends and family, all the same.In the many miracles that Jesus Christ performed during His Ministry, as He roamed this earth, His Forgiveness and Mercy was so abundant. But the key was for the afflicted or the sinner, to choose with their freewill, to have faith in Jesus Christ, AND, to turn away from their sin, and never commit it again. The very fact that Jesus Christ, came to save Mankind, by dying on the Cross, at Calvary, demonstrated that though vengeance could have been the Divine Father’s to take, His Mercy was so abundant that He gave up His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the Cross, at Calvary, in order to give Mankind one more chance; and to conquer evil’s rule permanently. Jesus Christ forgave till the last breath in His Earthly Body, to point of forgiving those soldiers that mocked and ridiculed Him, as He was tortured, and crucified on the Cross. He said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

You see through the Earthly Life of His Son, Jesus Christ, God, the Father of Creation, showed us that His Ways are not of the world’s. That our human nature, and human instinct is flawed. It became flawed when Adam & Eve decided to give in to the temptation that Satan presented in the Garden of Eden. The once pure human nature, became stained with sin that came from evil. Evidence of this was what happened through Adam & Eve’s offspring, by one son (Cain) murdering their other son (Abel). If God did not take wrath or wipe out Adam and Eve for sinning and disobeying, and even protected Cain, does that not show God’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for Man? He was giving Man, the CHOICE to choose His Ways or evil’s ways. Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, came and lived amongst us, to show us in earthly form, how we can live a life, that is in accordance to God’s Divine Laws. It does require fighting the sinful human nature. It does require denying primal instincts. Though God, the Father of Creation, made Mankind as His Most Valuable Creation, out of all things; Evil wants to revert them to following, animal instincts, such as “Survival of the Fittest”; to have no sense of control over behavior or instincts. That success is demonstrated by what we possess on this earth. To be ruled by passions and emotions of the flesh; and to never invest in feeding the soul/spirit to which God wants us to guard. Evil wants to devalue you, from the original grace and greatness that God had originally created for all of Mankind to be. Jesus Christ, wanted to show Mankind, that to enter Eternal Paradise, we have to follow the example that He had set forth, and to which all those that were enlightened by the Divinity of God, followed.

God, is the Creator. He does not need to conform to the parameters of His Creations. He does not need to accomedate the deviations from His Divine Laws.  Yet out of His Unconditional Love, His Patience for His Beloveds, and endless Mercy, He gives us ALL the chance to change from our ways. When God says His Ways are not of the world’s ways but beyond them, it means that His Children will need to go against the grain of this world; just as His Son, Jesus Christ did, as He roamed the earth. He did not give Moses the 10 Commandments, for no reason. Those were a part of His Divine Laws of Love, to maintain Harmony and Peace. Yet evil was able to convince Mankind to stray so far away from them….to stray so far away from what Jesus Christ, taught and lived…for the sake of reshackling Mankind to it…the current ruler of the ways of this world. Jesus Christ died, to unshackle Mankind permanently from it; yet those who decide to give in to their sinful human nature decide to reshackle themselves. Until we repent to God, the Father of Creation, for the sins we commit through giving in to our human nature, that is when we will set ourselves free again. It’s that simple. And if we have truly repented, and laid our sins at the foot of Jesus Christ’s Cross…as Jesus Christ instructed, to all those that He healed while He roamed on this earth…”You have been healed through your faith. Now sin no more.” And we should not commit it again.



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