A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

DIVINITY’s WAYS ARE OF: 1) Nonviolence; 2) Unconditional Love; 3) Mercy; 4) Equality (PART 2)



Does God know and understand our trials of evil’s temptations? YES. Does it mean, that He will not forgive? NO. But the key to obtaining God’s Forgiveness, is in recognizing the Life, the Teachings, and the Death of Jesus Christ. For He showed us through this one SELFLESS, SACRIFICIAL ACT, God’s Unconditional Love for us, as His Children. And once we do know this, we will truly see the Divinity of Jesus Christ, and His Ways; obtaining the conviction by the Holy Spirit to not commit it again. This is not for a select few…it is for ALL OF MANKIND. There is no elite amongst Mankind in the Eyes of God; only people with different life circumstances, assigned by God, the Father of Creation….with different earthly resources and provisions to carry out Divinity’s Ways of: 1) Nonviolence; 2) Unconditional Love; 3) Mercy; 4) Equality. If you notice, such ways are devoid of the SELF. There is no pride in the Self or earthly possessions or talents. God asks us to die from the earthly ways, to be eligible for obtaining, and comprehending Divinity’s Ways. God gives us this CHOICE, through our freewill.

Many do not want to hear that to enter the Eternal Paradise, we have to go through harsh, earthly trials. Our human nature…remember which is SINFUL….will only want to seek pleasure and self indulgence, the simpler ways, in accordance to the ways of this world. But if God says that His Ways are not of the world’s, but beyond them; His Ways (as seen in the title of this entry) will no longer be a part of the world’s ways. Jesus Christ has said our human instinct and nature is sinful. When it goes unchecked from the Guidance of the Life Teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, it will lead to a pathway that leads to eternal destruction. It is a choice that is given to us to take. The question is will we, as Mankind, take it? It is devoid of the self….devoid of earthly power, fame, and fortune. If you notice, those that are servants of God, the Father of Creation, were very simple. They did not value earthly riches or earthly recognition. Their focus was always God; and what Jesus Christ taught and showed us through His Life and Death on the Cross. It is about being God-centered. It is not about being gods ourselves. It is understanding that the Creator is Supreme.

And through faithfully seeking for the Truth, you will see the consistency in His Truth, which consists of the wellbeing for ALL of MANKIND. Not just the few, but for all. However, because of freewill, we have to choose to seek that truth. He does not force His Ways on us. We just have to be willing to separate ourselves from the ways of this world, and conform to Divinity’s Ways. It is not an easy road. Because of our sinful human nature, evil will provide much more enticing ways that will take us further away from Divinity. But God assures us, as He showed us through the Death of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross, at Calvary, that His Reward of Eternal Life, is worth it. He saw that you were worth it…and wants to bring you back home to Him. For His Reward for you is for ETERNITY; while the rewards that evil provides on this earth are TEMPORARY. As God’s Children, we must keep in mind that the wrath that evil may bring is temporary, while God’s Wrath is permanent, and will last for Eternity. Such an investment requires the foresight to see the worth in investing of the spirit and soul. Just as God’s Powerful Unconditional Love for His Creations, His Wrath for disobeying or choosing to rebel against Him, is just as Powerful. But He gives ALL, every chance in choosing to stop their rebellion against Him.

So what choice do you choose today?


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