Spiritual Battles that Become Tougher


With each day that goes by, logic tells us that we get closer to the end of times. It certainly does not get closer to the beginning of time, right? So what does every Holy Book on earth suggest with this? That with this, that evil will be more bold, and even “hide within plain sight”.  If we look at the story of the Prophet Job, which is seen in the Old Testament within the Christian Faith, we see that Satan can not do anything without the permission of God, the Father of Creation, to God’s Children, on Earth. So these earthly trials and tests we face are done with different goals in mind.

1) By Satan: To throw you permanently off of the path to God’s Eternal Kingdom; and to prove to God, that He was wrong about Mankind. To revert us back to animal instincts; and the 7 Carnal Sins of: greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, wrath, lust, and pride.

2) By God:  To test our faith in Him, so that He knows it is true and pure. Devoid of any remanant of evil; just as how He originally created for us to be. Devoid of violence, and ways full of love, and mercy. So that we can reunite with Him, in the Eternal Kingdom that He has promised through His Son, Jesus Christ.

God wants our confidence in Him, and His Ways. That confidence has to be strong enough, as to be able to stand before evil with great strength, when facing these trials, and even when facing it face-to-face, to withstand its temptations and its ways. We must not fear in testifying to God’s Existence in our lives; or witnessing to God’s Miracles in our lives. He gave us these experiences, for the reason of rewarding our faithfulness in His Love and Mercy to us. And we are given these experiences to encourage others of seeking this powerful love and mercy, that God wants to so freely give us.

We must realize that those of God’s Children who are loyal and faithful, will endure even more harsh trials. Trials that would not only require physical strength; but also spiritual strength. In fact it is the spiritual strength that is most important. It is through this that God can allow His Wisdom to be revealed to His Faithful Children. Through being faithful in the small everyday things in life, and God seeing worthy ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell within it. Evil will always try to discredit God’s Children. Why? Because it will disrupt the deception that He is trying to pull over Mankind.

So do we look for earthly recognition for God’s Work. No. But we should also not be afraid of witnessing and testifying to God’s Work in our lives. This is one example of the intentions behind each action done. In the end God’s Truth will be truly known by very few. This is not because he chose an elite few to know of it. It is because few CHOSE to seek it unconditionally, with a loyalty and faithfulness in finding the truth. He made this available to all; which was demonstrated through the selfless act of His Son, Jesus Christ, dying for the sake of saving all of Mankind.

The spiritual battles that God’s Children will face are not only in the physical sense, but also in the spiritual sense. The deception that evil will create in the worlds of God’s Children will be so strong, that it may seem absurd to those bound by the ways of this world. While those who are bound by the world’s ways will be far from the understanding of Divine Truth; God’s Children will be able to see through the deception. They will be able to see what is of God’s and what is not of His.  Evil will try to discredit God’s Children, in order to prevent them in revealing the truth of evil’s deception; and also in order to prevent them from revealing God’s weapons against evil’s spiritual warfare, that He taught us through Jesus Christ, His Son, while He roamed the earth.

When we begin to have a personal relationship with God, we will begin to rely on our own loyalty in seeking the truth of God’s Eternal Kingdom. The spiritual battles that we face on our own, will be based on the knowledge that God has revealed to us, in our Prayer Closets. Not necessarily what is within Church settings and rituals. Afterall, these are all manmade things, not those that are divinely inspired. We, as Mankind, are beginning to slowly forget who we are in God, the Father of Creation. And what Jesus Christ revealed to us, through His Death on the Cross. And we can only regain that through a personal relationship with God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That is the only way, the Spiritual Battles can be won, despite its severity and intensity, in the earthly sense. Evil will try to challenge us, when we are all by ourselves; and if we do not have that strength to fight on our own, we will fold in the presence of evil.

Freedom is what God gives us, through Nonviolence, Love, and Mercy. When we are controlled by emotions that are determined by a flawed human nature, we are bound by evil’s control. God’s Wrath is far more permanent, than what evil could ever inflict on us in this world. Violence is a result of wrath, envy, and pride, to which evil tries to rechain us to this world, and its ways. The ways to which Jesus Christ set us free, through His Own Death on the Cross. Life, is showing these things (of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy) with every life we encounter in our life paths. The commission God’s gives us everyday is to testify to His Unconditional Love to all, not just the few, or for a narrow spectrum of people. As Jesus Christ showed us through His Death on the Cross, at Calvary, God’s Unconditional Love is deserved by all of Mankind. And God’s Servants will endure harsh battles, even to the point of death to the human body, to prevent for these spiritual tools to be revealed to all of Mankind, that God saw us worthy of having….revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.


9 thoughts on “Spiritual Battles that Become Tougher

  1. keijo

    Yes we going that be accused by the devol and his attacker over us and he use our neightbor sometime to destroy us, but let do not worry God will rescue us and we wil be thankful for victory again from our enemies and we will be more stronger for that all troubles ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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