A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Soul….and The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit the Comforter

In life, I have learned that there will come a time where we will come to an event in our lives, where God will show His Existence, and we will have the choice to choose to see Him in that circumstance or not. This will be the very moments where God keeps aacount if we choose to see Him or to rely on Him, rather than rely on our own understanding. The question is how will we know whether we are relying on Him, or our own understanding? Well, this is when we know if the Holy Spirit has taken root within us. All Christians claim to be baptized in the Holy Spirit….a life that is will reflect an earthly life that is.

So how does this appear? If God says His Ways are not of the world, how would such a life appear in the earthly sense? A person that upholds seeking God and His Divine Ways of Unconditional Love, at all costs. A life and heart that is devoid of pride….seeks happiness in the simplest things in life. And seeks guidance and wisdom from a Higher Source, it does not solely rely on human knowledge, but on Divine knowledge.

As a result, such souls will constantly be at odds with the earthly flesh.But the Holy Spirit always provides strenghth to withstand and even  resist, what the human flesh can not withstand. As a result, such a soul that is guided and rooted in the Holy Spirit will be in a constant struggle with the world and its ways, and a soul that is rooted in the ways of this world will not be.

A life led by the Holy Spirit is not simply given by the Acceptance of what Jesus Christ did at the Cross. IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC. It comes from investment of refining the human heart so that it will not be led by the human instinct and emotions, but defer to the knowledge and wisdom of Divinity. …to the One who created all in this world. Such a soul will be lead by Unconditional Love…and will not love based on the conditions of this world.

We must realize the way to true peace is not by earthly means but by spiritual means. As long as our flesh battles with the world and its ways, we, as Man, with our flawed logic, will choose with our freewill to give in to our flesh that is sin stained. The Holy Spirit takes roots in those who have provided the right foundation or soil …with a heart that is pure and finds God’s Existence in all things, great and small.


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