A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Are You Living the Gospel Or Are You Just Having a “Ministry” For a Purpose?

I was asked from someone in my previous church the other day, what is my ministryWhich ministry were you called to serve for? Is a ministry that we decide to do, a measure to the success of our Spiritual Journey? According to Scripture, our ministry is to serve man in every part of our being. To serve in everyway possible, in our daily living. It amazes me how many Christians believe that they have a specific ministry, and their obligation is only for that specific ministry. To become fully transformed we have to serve God, fully. Not only in that ministry. It is about putting God first before any earthly measure. When we use a “ministry” or a “purpose” as a measure of our success on our spiritual journeys, this is how we become complacent, and even appear self righteous to those around us. We will allow earthly measures to measure Divine measures, to which God said His Ways are not a part of this world, but beyond them.

As we grow strong in our faith in God, we will begin to see that “our ministry” is to be faithful to Him, in all things we do, great and small; in our daily lives. We will rely less on the “success of earthly ministries”; and follow what the Holy Spirit is guiding for us to minist er to as all those that walk in our paths where seeds can be planted…and for God to harvest for His Kingdom.

We are called to touch every life that we have encountered in our life path. We are to follow through in the conversion of the heart and soul. To plant seeds; for God’s Harvest for His Eternal Kingdom. For a God whose ways are beyond that of the world, why do we keep insisting on serving God in an earthly manner? It is the conversion of the heart….it is serving with the heart that is seen in the ministries that we put forth, in our daily lives. And conversions done, which is pleasing in God’s Eyes will lead to permanent conversions for the Kingdom.

So I ask all of you, who say to live for a “purpose”….or for doing a specific “ministry”…is this all that God requires of you? Or is it only part of what is required for your ministry? How much of yourself do you give of yourself to serve Mankind…? Are you using your human emotion to lead you to a ministry….or are you hearing for the discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide you in your ministry?



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