A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Keep Running the Race



As time goes by;

We see the world being swallowed by lies…

Truth is slowly being hidden away;

By human emotion that can be manipulated by evil and its ways.


Where is there evidence of this….well it is quite clear;

How unconditional love has been misconstrued…to have it determined by earthly parameters and conditions, by it to be steered.

Slowly transforming love into fear and hate;

By jading God’s Unconditional Love….evil’s stages in his game, that come late.


God Children, who know truth in its purest form;

Will know with the Holy Spirit’s Guidance the pure knowledge of Truth, and of this earth will not conform.

For in their hearts is a truth that is so deeply rooted and strong;

That no earthly human desire will keep a hold on them, for long.


They know that the truth that is in their hearts, rooted deep in;

Will only satisfy the thirst of God’s Unconditional Love, that is in each soul within.

Despite the chaos that surrounds each of such souls;

God’s Unconditional Love is a prize worth taking on all earthly fouls.


So for the few that still hold on to the Light;

Will see the world and its ways, in God’s True Sight.

Keep running the race, despite the chaos about and out;

God’s Truth will always prevail, standing tall and stout.


Yes…it is true, the Truth will be known by very few;

Who have exhibited unconditional love on the Father of Creation’s cue.

Who loved beyond every earthly circumstance and condition in their life;

Whose love put their personal success and gain aside….and endured the strife.


For through His Son, Jesus Christ, God the Father has clearly said…

“Whomever is first on this earth…will be last in my Kingdom”…

And “Whomever is last on this earth…will be first in my Eternal Kingdom….”


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