God’s Love Song to Me, Through Jesus Christ’s Life and Death

Colossian 1314



As each day goes by, I can not fathom God’s Love for all of Mankind. This love is so great, that is was so unconditional that it was selfless and sacrificial in nature; to which He showed us through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Son. God’s Plan is so beautiful that it truly requires a heart, mind and soul that is born again by the Holy Spirit. A mind that is free of the ways of this world to which the Father of Creation, Himself, has said that He is not a part of, and that His Ways are beyond that which is a part of this world; to which a mind bound the earth’s ways is incapable of comprehending, and even hate such love.

God loves us to the point of not dictating to us how are lives should be led; but gives us the freewill to chose, till the last breaths of our human bodies to see how great and unconditional His Love is. God knows who are His, because He sees what no human eye can see, or human ear can  hear. Through the example of His Son, Jesus Christ….Yeshuay…..Yeshu Christu…the Father of Creation….Devum….Yahweh…has shown us that there is not one child of His that will be plucked from His Hands, despite the earthly circumstances that they may face. Because those to which He has given worthy ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell, has fully understood the Blood Covering that His Son, Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay…Jesus Christ has given them, to have eternal life with the Father of Creation. Such souls have already been marked by Devum….the Father of Creation….God…Yahweh. Such souls do not define themselves by the world’s ways, but by what is right and wrong in the Eyes of the Father of Creation, and His Eternal Kingdom.

God’s Love Song is seen and witnessed with each day we are given to live. He gives us food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our head. He shields us from the cold and the excessive heat. He gave up His Son, so that we can have a direct pathway and communication with Him, once again. A pathway that was initially destroyed in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve chose to give in to the Serpant’s Temptation to rebel against the Father of Creation. Though seeing how Mankind has constantly chose incorrectly with their freewill, God still unconditionally loved His Children, enough to give the final chance through Jesus Christ…Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay’s Death on the Cross, in Calvary. He became the sacrificial lamb, in the hopes that we will see what God expects of us, as His Children, through the Life He led….through what He taught as the Father of Creation had instructed Him to…and through His Death, fulfilled God’s Perfect Plan to save Mankind from rebellion once again, which leads to a life of eternal wrath.

God continues to show us His Love, with each day He gives us to live. He shows us His Existence in the world around us, in ways great and small. But with our freewill, we have the CHOICE to see it for ourselves or not. Whether we see it or not, it does not change God’s Divine Plans, to carry out His Divine Laws of Love. For as the Father of Creation, His Ways are not defined by the ways of His Creations. Jesus Christ….Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay…became the mediator between Man and the Divine Father of Creation, by dying on the Cross at Calvary. He believed in God so much that He carried out God’s Will of HIs Life, UNCONDITIONALLY….SELFLESSLY. It seemed sacrificial in the earthly sense because GOD’S WAYS DO NOT CONFORM TO THE WAYS OF THIS WORLD…they are beyond them.


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