A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God Speaks Directly to His Children



Jesus Christ showed us with His Life, Death, and Resurrection, that no matter what the world around us may present as life circumstances, God finds His Way to speak to His Children. The question is….do we listen; or do we allow for the worldly circumstances to come in the way of our thinking, rather than allowing for Divine Logic to enter and take part in our thinking. However, it does not stop the Almighty God from talking directly to His Children, whether it be through prayers, visions, and even witnessing the life circumstances of themselves, and even those around them.

We often get so caught up as to becoming worthy to be God’s Children, by taking the legalistic route in refining our conduct, presentation, and working on things on the outside of our bodies; that we often neglect on working what is most important to enter the Eternal Paradise in the very Presence of the Father of Creation, the inside (our heart and soul).  The outside is purely just a vessel…while it is the soul that is molded on the inside that passes on to eternity, wherever the Omnipresent Father of Creation sees it fit, to dwell.  A heart that wholeheartedly believes in one’s will of their lives, as determined by the Father of Creation, just as Jesus Christ showed us with His Life, His Death, and even in His Resurrection, is what we should aim for.

In recent times, I have come to understand that God’s Will is always done of one’s life. He sees whose hearts have been transformed to the of Divine Love. Such a heart, is not defined by the ways of this world, but in ways that are defined by unconditional love, mercy and nonviolence. It is heart that is repentant for each time the Holy Spirit nudges it, when it violate God’s Divine Laws of Love. Such a heart yields to God, in the best way it can….

And this is where and when God talks directly to His Children. When He feels the hearts of His Children yielding to the Ways of His Kingdom. And even if they tread off of the path….He still speaks to them, to bring them back. We must remember there are no earthly parameters that qualify us for the Eternal Kingdom; it is only God the Father of all Creation that qualifies whom are worthy to enter His Eternal Paradise. All we can do is strive for the Life Example that Lord Jesus Christ showed us, with His Own.

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