Where Should the Revival of God’s Word Be Occurring….

House in order

Christians today speak about a need for a “revival”, or “there is a revival” occurring…but what does God say about where the revival should be occurring. If we were given the Divine Purpose of being a Mother to Children, a Father to Children, a Pastor of a Church, a Leader of a Congregation, a sibling to another person, a friend, or even a foe…..did not God say that we should keep our houses in order first? God has given us a Divine Purpose in such posts that were given in our lives. Our first duty is to keep our house in order, until that final day.

Such a house should be a beacon of light with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, as its Lead. Such a house will not crumble as trials and tribulations approach it. For such a house knows it serves a Father of Creation Whose ways are of the world that He created, but are beyond which abide to that of an Eternal Kingdom. As Christians many of us are so involved in making “conversions”; but we forget to teach the #1 responsibility or even practice it for ourselves, that we have…and that is to keep our houses in order, in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love. Instead, we see God’s People splitting new converts from the very homes that the called are supposed to keep in order. Instead of nurturing people that are new to their walks…we see them almost being isolated and being pulled away from the rest of their families. Is that right, in the Eyes of God? I have often wrestled with this thought, through out the years of my Spiritual Journey.

True, Jesus said that we should love God more than our own fathers and mothers….the very earthly lives. However, he also gives us responsibility to testify to God’s Unconditional Love to all those that are within our households. This is the primary responsibility we have, because these are the people in our immediate lives, our daily lives. Many leaders forget this because their household may already be in order, forget the very people they bring to the path, may not. However, in my mind, God has never justified splitting a family unity, for the sake of keeping a “new Christian” from falling off of the path, other than when the Holy Spirit helps us to discern whether people in our household are completely lost or not. We, as Man, are not to determine that. There are many Scriptures, that support this idea.  

A house in order, makes evil to flee! This is what we should remember. Yes, if your house is in order help those around you, as well. But never encouragement someone to isolate themselves from a family. Because that conversion of heart that occurred, is not by the doing of SOMEONE ministering….it is because it was God’s Time for that person to RECEIVE His Gospel. The evangelists often forget that they are merely instruments, and that the conversions are not by the doings of they, themselves. If they believed that the new conversion of a heart was God’s Work, then such things of separating new converts from their families would not be occurring. I see this happening a lot in today’s ministry. It is not right, unless there is a harmful environment for the person. But I have seen it in situations that it was merely for doctrinal differences…and this is not right, in the Eyes of God.

May God the Father find us all worthy to enter His Eternal Kingdom….and to take our Divine Purposes to heart, with the Holy Spirit as our Guidance, in keeping our Houses in Order. The Revival should be in our Homes.

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