A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God’s Children of the Eternal Kingdom Will Be Last on this Earth, But First In His Eternal Kingdom



God states that those of His Children that roam this earth, will not value the ways of this world, and in fact will be rejected by the earth. Evil will continuously pursue them, in order to jade them from the ways that God the Father of all Creation, has shown through His Unconditional Love. They will often be viewed by the world and the people shackled by the world’s ways as worthless, and be rejected by them, just as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior was, to the point of Death on the Cross, at Calvary. Though being a member of the most High Court of the Eternal Kingdom, Jesus Christ followed God’s Will of His Life, to be born in a cattle’s manger, to live as a Carpenter’s son, and to live as a shepard or a nomad, not as the King of all Kings (that we would imagine an earthly king to live) that He is regarded in the Eternal Kingdom. If God went to this extent to make His Son suffer the earthly circumstances He did, then what makes us, as Mankind think that it should be any easier for entrance into the Eternal Kingdom for us, when Jesus Christ was fault free?

Just in the case of Job, evil will try to throw trial after earthly trial to God’s Faithful Servants, so that they will get fed up serving the Almighty God, and His Eternal Kingdom. So that they will PERMANENTLY fall off of the path to the Eternal Kingdom. But even then, evil can only do this based on being granted God’s permission or having it as His Will of His Servant to undergo. Even evil can not step outside of God’s parameters and boundaries, whether it believes in God’s Authority or not. However, seeing how much God values His Precious Creation, Mankind, Evil hates God so much that it wants to tarnish, deceive, and soil Mankind, for it’s destruction, as revenge to God, for throwing Evil and its agents out of the Eternal Kingdom, permanently. Though being spiritual beings, or souls who are not bound by the ways of this world, when created in the image of God, Evil wants to shackle and bind Mankind to the earthly realm, because it is the realm to which it can manipulate and deceive God’s Children away from God’s eternal reward of entering into His Eternal Kingdom.

Evil will try to shackle Mankind to the world and its ways, because this is the only place it has Authority…With our freewill, we are given the choice everyday to either take the higher road (the narrow, straight path) to the Eternal Kingdom OR to the lower path (that is wide and curvy) to suffering God’s Wrath for not following His Ways, when you had the choice. If God says His Ways are not of the World, then why would His Rewards conform to the ways of this world? If His Eternal Kingdom is not bound by the parameter of earthly Time, then why would the ways the world define your success in entering the Eternal Kingdom.


While Evil only has the power to control the ways of the earth…it can only go to the extent of killing the earthly body. However, only the Almight God, the Father of all Creation showed us by the Example of Jesus Christ, His Son, that the ways of the Eternal Kingdom, do not conform to the ways of this world. In fact the only possible way that there is any resemblance to the ways of the Eternal Kingdom, is by ” the faith seen in little children”; “in the humility and the humblesness of a Good Samaritan”; in the faithfulness seen by Abraham and Jesus Christ’s Disciples. These people were considered the least of value on this earth by those in positions of power and influence. They were considered the rejected in society’s and communities….despite being servants of Mankind. They did not prosper in the earthly sense, and their faith always went and walked before them, in their life paths and journeys. As in the case of the Prophet Job, the Devil took everything in the earthly sense away…..though initially being very prosperous in the earthly sense.

In the end of times, evil will be given full reign. We must be prepared, if we align ourselves with the ways of the Eternal Kingdom of the Father of Creation, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Unconditional Love…at all costs. Not compromising our souls, the way Adam and Eve and many of those that came after them, in such a way that we will be at the mercy of God’s Wrath. Remember that evil can only control one’s earthly stanndards….however, it is our choice to fall prey to evil’s ways or to have confidence in the victory that God gave us through Jesus Christ, His Son…in His Earthly Death on the Cross…and Resurrection into the Eternal Kingdom. He conquered evil through His Death, not only for Himself, but all of Mankind….it is our choice to remain in Him.


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