A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Too Busy to Spend Quiet Time With God….

Too busy


Since evil knows that our power lies in our prayer closets, it will try to anything and everything for you to avoid going into it, so that God, the Father of Creation, can guide you through the deception of evil. When you are too busy, you will only have time to hear and accept half truths. You will not have the time to investigate the truth, so many will just believe the first thing that they hear. The truth of the matter is, there is always time to spent with God, the Father of Creation. This is what Jesus Christ showed and demonstrated to us, through His Own Life, Death, and Resurrection.

It does not require 2 hours…or a service….or even an official fellowship meeting. It is a quiet moment to go into your prayer closets, to pray…to have a dialogue with God the Father of Creation. Is this not what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, demonstrated in the Garden of Gethesmane? Or even in the wilderness, when Satan was tempting Him? We must remember that God is consistent with His Teachings, Thoughts, and Actions…..conformity in His Divine Laws of Love…ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. By Jesus Christ dying on the Cross, He showed us His Mercy and Grace for us. That despite our sins…He loves us all, Unconditionally, as to allowing for His Son to take on the punishment that was originally meant for us…to give us one final chance to change from our ways. He gives us the choice everyday, till our last breath in our earthly life, to spend time with Him, in order for Him to reveal His Wisdom from the Eternal Kingdom to you. It does not require any earthly commitments. The Creator does not define Himself, by His Creation. The commitments that He requires are those that come from a yielding…willing…heart and soul, that has become purified and refined for the Eternal Kingdom. And this, only the Father of Creation can only see.

We have the choice everyday to spend time with God. We must never think we are too busy to spiritually feed our souls, from Abba…Jehovah….Yahweh…God, the Father of Creation. He does not punish us during our earthly life, but afterwards. Jesus Christ demonstrated this, with His Last moments on earth. That we trust wholeheartedly in God’s Will of our lives, until our last earthly breath. Because it is the souls dedicated to God’s Laws Divine Love, that will enter the Eternal Kingdom’s Pearly Gates. There is nothing of the self….God loves us so unconditionally that He gives us till our last breath, to make this choice, that is in listening for Him, in all we do. God is that confident in His Truth prevailing….and Jesus Christ, His Son, was living proof of this. He doesn’t punish us while we are alive…only evil does, since that is the only place he has any jurisdiction over. Evil does not have any power in eternity. Evil wants you to invest in the “right here and now”…and not for the eternity, that Jesus Christ requested, as He walked this earth, within His Ministry. Evil wants us to have tunnel vision….that is to “live for the moment”.

By going into our prayer closets, the Holy Trinity will help us to discern the deception of evil. Jesus Christ conquered evil on the Cross, at Calvary. When He returns, it will be to bring back those of whom followed God’s Laws of Divine Love, to His Father Eternal Kingdom. He knows that there will be very few, but God sees those few are worth it. Jesus Christ, conquered earthly death, being too pure to set foot again on the sin stained earth, He will return as the Son of God….who carries out informing and bringing back those of whom God has written in His Book of Life.

So fear not….make time for God, the Father of Creation…and He will make time for you…in order to reveal the secrets to His Eternal Kingdom.


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