“God Not Only Demands That We Come to The Cross…But Requires Us to go Through The Cross…” -Pastor David Wilkerson



Since I was a child, I have always pondered upon why Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, had to go through what He did, the way He did. And of course, in the evolution in my Spiritual Walk with God, I have come to several conclusions, which we hear many priest, pastors, and missionaries have come to those same conclusions. However, it is only until I heard what the title of this entry is, by Pastor David Wilkerson, that it all began to make sense, in reference to the sequence of events to come for Mankind, and to demonstrate how much God does not conform to the ways of His Creation, as the Creator. And as His Son, God in human form, He showed us that we should wholeheartedly have faith and trust in God’s Plan for His Children, in the Eternal Paradise.

God, the Father of Creation, truly does mean it when He says, that His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. This is what His Son, Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Earthly Life, Death on the Cross at Calvary, and Resurrection into His…Our Father’s Eternal Paradise. Though being the King of all Kings, He lived and died earthly measures that are not considered to be of royalty, but that of a pauper. This is the extent that God, the Father of Creation, went through to show us that the worldly means and definitions of “royalty” and “riches” do not mean a thing to Him. God went through the extent of Jesus Christ being betrayed, outcasted, and rejected not only by those in the communities that He involved Himself in, but also by those that were considered His Close Friends. Being falsely accused…and undergoing the cruel punishment and death sentence for a crime He did not commit, and willingly went through it because of the confidence of the Truth in God’s Will of His Own Life….If Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not exempt from such things, what makes us think we are any better than Him, to be exempt from them?

Anyone that has truly, wholeheartedly, pursued the path to the Eternal Kingdom has encountered trials and tribulations, till their last breath, just as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has. It is God’s Ways of saying….and making their lives a testimony to the fact that His Ways do not conform to the ways of His Creation. He requires us to die alittle each day, from desiring the ways of this world, to understand this. He understands that this requires us to find strength that is beyond what the human mind can fathom…but a soul rooted in the understanding of Jesus Christ’s Mission, while on this earth, will find that strength, in the Holy Spirit that He promised would be with such people, who faithfully seek for the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. This comes with becoming “broken vessels” from the trials of this world; and through this brokenness, instead of falling prey to evil’s bitterness and sadness…that we run to God, the Father of Creation, for the strength that He so readily awaits to give us, with arms wide open.

God not only demands that we come to the Cross…but demands us to go through the Cross….”-Pastor David Wilkerson

This is how God’s Children become beacons of Light, in a world of Darkness. They are the living testimonies of the strength of His Unconditional Love and Power for His Children. But you see, He wants true believers, not just those who believe for a moment. True believers, like any soldier who believes in a cause, undergo all the trials and strikes of the enemies…with the battle scars as proof of their Strength and Victory. This is why Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, with His Death on the Crucifix, is such an offense for many to see…it is unbelieveable for many to understand. Because those that are shackled to the ways of this world, have missed the whole point of God’s Mission for saving Mankind. When we are shackled to the ways of this world, we have the probability of falling prey of serving 2 masters. God sees who has truly understood the Mission He had through Jesus Christ, His Son. Those that call ourselves Christians, especially should realize this. For this reason, it takes more than going to Church…or belonging to a religion. It takes loving and trusting in God, the Father of Creation, with your soul, wholeheartedly. By chosing with our freewill, to follow as Jesus Christ did, as He walked this Earth, for His Seat in the Eternal Kingdom. With this, His Soul is so pure, that His Feet could never touch the ground of this earth again. However, when He does return, it is to take back home with Him, those who have found the meaning of His Life, the strength of God’s Unconditional Love for Mankind…which can not compare to anything of this world…as His Creation. His Holy Spirit will guide those that He has found worthy ground in, and help to give such souls strength to undergo the Cross.

“The Blood of Jesus Christ, has NEVER lost its power…..the Cross has not been in vain.” -Pastor David Wilkerson

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