A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Original Greatness That God Made Mankind to Be



Yes, as a Christian, this perspective might be alittle different from what my readers are used to hearing…reading. However, let’s look at it with different vocabulary….with the vocabulary that some of our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity may use in describing “good” and “evil”.

When people speak about “positive” and “negative” energies, we must acknowledge that it is because there is a recognition of bad vs. good; or good vs. evil. When the world was originally created by the Father of Creation, as we see in the Garden of Eden, everyone and everything within nature was in PERFECT HARMONY….only positive energy. It was until the serpent introducing Man (Adam and Eve) to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that evil was introduced into this world, to create “positive” and “negative” energies. Humanity was not meant to know of what is evil…but once given and taking the knowledge….they were exposed….

As God, the Father of Creation’s, as His most precious creations, Mankind was meant to be positive….good….only meant to know all that is good and positive. Once Mankind chose with their freewill in serving two masters where they sometimes chose to adopt negative energies for personal gain and benefit, that is when they chose to allow for evil to seep into Mankind. Remember anything Divinely, only has positive energy. And those that create out of being permanently shackled to negative energy or evil, needs positive energy to just live from day to day. To mimick for a moment the positive energy that is stolen, for what God, the Father of Creation, can perpetuate in positive energy for eternity. Evil has almost like a parasitic relationship, in that such life needs the positive energy that abundantly comes from Divinity, to just survive and thrive. Evil will try to hide this from Mankind. It is so deeply rooted in negative energy, it will try to deceive those rooted in good for positive energy for enough time for it to take what it needs from such a soul or spirit. Those rooted in positive energy know the source of their abundant energy. It confirms the existence of God’s Goodness, because even evil can not deny what gives off positive and negative energy.

Remember, we were originally created to only be living in positive or good energy, which was in perfect harmony…naturally with all living things. The world functions on positive energy…For things to exist in perfect harmony…there is nothing of the self in all living things.

Jesus Christ, became the shock absorber of all the negative energy that existed in the world at that time in Mankind….so that Mankind can be given another….one final chance, in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation, to choose with their freewill, what is right over what is wrong. Jesus Christ became the gateway or sponge for us to continuously through our negative energies to, in order for us to gain positive energy from the most abundant source of it, God, the Father of Creation….Devum…Jehovah….Yahweh (all names of the most High God).

The current condition of the world today, is based on the choices we have made as Mankind, in valuing the things of this world over those things that are divinely spiritual. We decided that giving in to evil or negative energy, more than the good or positive energy, based on the knowledge we have of both….is beneficial, whether it be all of the time or moments in our lives. But even then, we are given the choice everyday, to accept the authority of the Father of Creation or not, and to repent for what we do wrong or not. This is the difference between a soul that will be continuously shackled to “negative” energy vs. “positive” energy. When we repent…we wipe our slates clean….we wash our souls….and refill it with positive energy. When we do not repent to the most High God, we allow our souls to be stained with this “negative” energy.

Jesus Christ could have easily walked around on this earth, as the Son of God, and kept away from those who were filled with “negative” energy, and only hung around those with “positive” energy. However, He did not. Instead, He did the opposite. To fill those who were considered sinners…outcasts from society….and even hated in the community with God’s Love….He filled them with His Positive Energy, which came from the Father of Creation. He did not keep away from them….His Love was that unconditional..to the point of dying on the Cross, to become that shock absorber…that sponge of negative energy for all of Mankind’s violations and rebellion to God’s Divine Laws of Love.

The greatness of Humanity can only be restored by God, the Father of Creation. Jesus Christ showed us this through His Own Life, Death and Resurrection into the Eternal Paradise. He saw something still reminiscent of the original greatness in humanity, that God, the Father of Creation, meant for it to be, that was worth dying for to be the shock absorber for it. He created humanity to originally be full of positive energy, good, and light, until evil dimmed humanity’s light by exposing it to its ways. There is truth in the saying “Ignorance is Bliss…”. However, Jesus Christ had confidence in the Truth that His Father in the Eternal Paradise stood for…and with the Commission He gives to all of His Children, in their Prayer Closets….Jesus Christ hopes that they will obtain the same confidence, just as He had.



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