A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Roots of God and His Eternal Kingdom Come With Mortal Anguish

Anguish in the House of God


Gandhi on 7 deadly sins

Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay…) showed us through His Own Life, Death, and Resurrection, how He conquered Evil and its ways, and proved in action, what God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh…the Father of Creation) meant that the ways of His Eternal Kingdom were beyond the ways of this world…ways of Nonviolence….Mercy….and Unconditional Love. Jesus Christ conquered death of Mankind through His Death on the Cross, and His Resurrection into the God, the Father’s Eternal Paradise. As the Son of God, He came to live on this earth to show us the extent of God’s Mercy and Love.

As followers and believers of Jesus Christ and His Commission, what have we actually learned from the Life Example, He left for us, as the Son of God? What have we learned from the very Disciples that He personally taught? It is from roots of earthly anguish, that we, as Mankind, break ourselves from the ways of this world. It is during this time, that God, the Father of Creation will see…even evil itself, will witness, how we respond to this brokenness. Will we give in to our sinful human nature, and welcome the ushering of evil into our lives by allowing bitterness, fear, anger, and unforgiveness to florish within our souls, and continue to soil, what Jesus Christ shed His Blood for, in order to purify them? Or will we surrender to God’s Divine Logic, and be led by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Though in words, it seems so easy what the choice should be, however, our human nature makes this decision very hard to put into action. It is within these moments of anguish that we finally see that our human logic and knowledge has its limitations, in comparison to the Divine Logic and Endless Wisdom that which belongs to the Divine Father of Creation (Devum…Jehovah….Yahweh…God). In moments of anguish is when we allow for ourselves to surrender to the Power of the Holy Spirit…and allow for God to take over our body, mind, and soul….we let our inhibitions be pushed aside, and surrender the same way that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, showed us through His Own Life Example, Death, and Resurrection.

It is through anguish that we collect our spiritual tools. We begin to understand the battles of our fellow Man…because we have gone through it ourselves, and have conquered them with the aid of the Holy Father, Up Above in the Eternal Kingdom. We have the empathy and understanding of a soul that is in anguish, because our anguish was very similar…but yet we turned to God, the Father, to take away that anguish and heal the battle scars from that anguish. We become convicted about the very Existence of God, the Father of Creation….and the Commission of Jesus Christ. This is what we see in the Saints…and the Disciples of Jesus Christ. Life experiences that were overcome through surrendering to the Power of the Holy Spirit, become testimonies to others, about the Power of God’s Unconditional Love, in how others can conquer their moments of anguish through the Indestructible Unconditional Love of God, the Father of Creation. This spiritual tool brings forth a “born again” spirit in those that chose to chose to surrender to God, the Father…instead of to the devil and his dominions, and sinful human nature. This born again spirit has experienced the supernatural force to which gave Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, the Strength that He needed to undergo the torture and death that He endured, for the sake of fulfilling His Mission for the Eternal Kingdom of His….Our Father’s Eternal Kingdom…in saving Mankind. For those that are bound by the ways of this world, they can not fathom such strength or unconditional love…they can only admire it from afar.

Moments of anguish is when man finally is forced to break away from the world’s ways, to which Divinity said His Ways are not a part of, that have failed them at that moment. Yet God gives us the choice through our freewill, as to which side will we chose.  It is through the veil that the blood of Jesus Christ provides, that we are able to see another day to live….to see majestic creations of nature….and to enjoy what we have on this earth. This veil was provided in a way that no bit of earthly knowledge could reason out or justify…but can only be done through Divine Knowledge, which is offered to all, but accepted by very few. It is through the anguish of God’s Son, while He roamed this earth, that we were able to have this veil over Mankind. The anguish that God, the Father of Creation poured out through His Unconditional Love for His Children…Mankind…yet, we often forget this, or chose not to see the power of such love.

As long as we chose to shackle ourselves to our sin stained human nature…and to the ways of this world, to define ourselves….we will not have access to Divine Knowledge or Power. Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, that it does not take great acts…but being faithful in the everyday small things…which will take root into the very souls of ourselves. Ways of Nonviolence….Mercy….Unconditional Love is not within our sin stained human nature…we need the aid of the Divine Father of Creation…through the Holy Spirit…and study the example to which His Son, Jesus Christ left for us. Take up your own Crosses…and just as Jesus Christ did…..to fulfill God’s Purpose and Commission of us.


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