A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Spiritual Monitoring


I know that this seems to be an awkward topic to discuss, especially with the theme of my blog. However, it is something that I have felt that God puts on my mind to discuss, when it comes to tools of evil.

When we have an omnipresent God, Who sees everything in a Divine and Spiritual sense, we should know that we naturally have a SOUL GPS Tracking device within ourselves. What do I mean by this? Well, God keeps track of the purity of one’s soul, in order to determine if one enters the gates of the Eternal Paradise or not. And the purity of one’s soul is not determined by what we do in the earthly sense. This is how God determines is we need a trial or tribulation in our lives…if we need to be disciplined in our lives. And within my spiritual journey, what I have learned is that this is only something that God, Himself, can see; but can lead His Children to see as well, through spiritual discernment, led by His Holy Spirit. We must realize that not everything is within our control….despite the earthly means available. Evil will only try to convince of you otherwise.

When it occurs in the earthly sense, by earthly means, these are not things blessed by God, the Father of Creation. God asks us to trust in Him….not by doing things by our own earthly means and measures. God monitors on His Own, and keeps account of all who think they have outsmarted Him, or even come to par to Him, in this sense. He sees the intent behind every word and action we say or do….The soul GPS is how God holds us accountable. And it is true, those who walk closer to Him, endure more trials for the sake of breaking away from valuing the earthly things that are considered valuable…because He does not define Himself or His Kingdom, by this. Because He sees how close they are, as to having a break through in seeing the Commission given to us, by His Son Jesus Christ. He sees how close we can be in learning the true meaning behind what Jesus Christ did, on the Cross. That it can not be mimicked or imitated just because of the purity of Unconditional Love that was demonstrated.

People get so bogged down by earthly things…when they really should be bogged down with the things towards the Eternal Kingdom, which do not conform to the ways of this world….but in ways of Nonviolence, Mercy, and Unconditional Love…and upholding what is right in the Eyes of God. This is how God will monitor you, spiritually.

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