A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Priesthood that was Originally Promised to Mankind


What do you think made Lucifer to rebel against God, the Father of Creation (Jehovah, Yahweh, Devum)? It is the fact that God had planned for His Most Prized Creations, Mankind, to be given Priesthood, upon entering into His Eternal Kingdom of Heaven….to even outrank His Angels, within His Throne Room. And Lucifer, as God’s most highest ranked angel, could not bear the thought of that. His vanity and pride of being God’s Most Highest ranked angel, and the possibility of being outranked by others, made him to rebel and convince many other angels to rebel against God, the Father of Creation; and to make it their mission to come after Mankind, to make them unworthy to enter into the Throne Room of God. This burning anger, vanity, and pride within these angels made them fall from God’s Grace, and as a result out of the Eternal Kingdom, forever….transformed them into Satan and demons, who rebel against God’s and those who are Heavenbound. This is why Satan introduced the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the Garden, because He knew that with the freewill given to Mankind, if one man willingly chose to violate God’s Divine Laws of Love, that would be one less person that God was right about, in promising the priesthood to.

Do you realize how determined Satan and his demons are, to throw you off the path in claiming the priesthood, that God, the Father of Creation (Jehovah, Yahweh, Devum) has intended for you? Why they are so determined in ruining the image of God, to which God made Mankind to be? To never allow for you, as Man, to never be able to experience the eternal joy or love, to which Satan and his demons could never experience again. God made Mankind in His Image, do you think that He took this lightly, as a promise to Mankind? In God’s Throne Room, in the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven, He can not accept anything less than the purity of Heart and Soul.  Jesus Christ, (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) as God’s Son, knew the importance of Mankind to God, the Father. This is why He carried out HIs Purpose…in order to tell of God’s Love for us, as Mankind, through His Sacrificial Death on the Cross. Even Satan and his demons understood the magnititude of Jesus Christ’s actions, on the Cross, at Calvary. This is why Satan tried and tried to steer Jesus Christ off of the path of His Purpose, in dying on the Cross. The moment Jesus Christ fulfilled His Purpose by dying on the Cross, the knowledge of God’s Unconditional Love will be out there, to choose from…if Mankind chose to see it. That this was the final chance for Mankind to show that they had the remanants of God’s Divine Laws of Love engrained in the hearts and souls that God, the Father of Creation, created within them. There is no ambiguity to God’s Unconditional Love…Sacrificial Love can be understood by all living things. Even the animals in the wild understand this, which is why Jesus Christ had to do what He did.

So what does it mean for those who choose to walk in ways towards the Eternal Kingdom of God? That means those who do choose this path, will be directly targeted by Satan and his demons. And remember evil never shows their true face or intent….it indirectly mocks God’s Divine Laws of Love….instead of the Selfless, Unconditional Love to which Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross…it professes a Self Conditional Love. God, the Father of Creation, stated that His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but are beyond them.  Remember, only God, the Father of Creation, Himself, can reset conditions of this world….because He is the Creator. His Creations can not do such a thing. This is how evil will try to deceive.  We are not gods ourselves….to recreate what God, the Father of Creation has already created. God’s Divine Laws of Love, is devoid of anything of the self. And to understand this is to understand what Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, did on the Cross, at Calvary. Though having having authority to pass judgment on those He encountered in His Earthly Life….He did not. And though having every power to change the circumstances of His Purpose…He did not. He knew that Mankind had to see the Power of God Love for them…through the Selfless Act of dying on the Cross….in order for the Blood Covering to be offered to those who still wanted to seek the Divine Force, of the Father of Creation.

Evil has dominion of the earth, this is why God states that HIS WAYS ARE NOT OF THE WORLD’s. His Ways of Unconditional Love, Mercy and Nonviolence do not predominant in this world. Will evil be bothered by those who conform to the ways of this world….no…they are of no threat to its mission and agenda. In fact,  quite the contrary. Satan and his demons will be coming at full force to those who are not falling for their deception. This is something that the end books of the Holy Bible explains quite clearly. This is what the lives of anyone who chose to walk the path, LESS TRAVELLED would testify to. God makes it clear that the path to His Eternal Kingdom will be travelled by very few. This is why Jesus Christ, sacrificed His Earthly Life, to provide the blood covering….those who believe in God’s Divine Laws of Love wholeheartedly knew, that the blood covering offered by Jesus Christ, was not for the earthly body because this is temporary. But for the soul….which will receive judgement for eternity.

So it is important to understand what has been promised to Mankind, as its inheritance within the Eternal Kingdom of God. So many are fighting on our behalf so that we can claim this for ourselves. With our freewill, and with the Life Example and death that Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) provided on the Cross, and God’s Heavenly Angels who protect us on a daily basis with all, we must be willing to do the same. This is how much God Love us, as Mankind. He has never given up…so we must not either. There will be moments of pain in our earthly circumstances…but these are moments to which instead of doing what evil wants us to do in hiding in our pain and anger…we must seek refuge in God, the Father…..this is how we conquer evil from taking roots within us. Run to God for everything….and to protect ourselves, by covering ourselves everyday, with the blood covering that Jesus Christ sacrificed His Life for, to provide us with.

God has called many….but how many of us will take the call to take the path to His Eternal Kingdom.  For those of us who do decide to take on the call….we were given testimonies as to the moments of when God called us directly, by name to take the path. It is through these testimonies that we witness to a lost world, the greatness of God’s Power and His Love.


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