Intentions for the Self



I have found out that the Golden Rule, is how our spirits are judged as to where our eternity will be spent. Within my studies, along my spiritual path, God, the Father of Creation (Jehovah, Devum, Yahweh) knows the innermost thoughts of a person….the innermost intentions of each action done. A soul that is rooted in Divinity as its guidance, will immediately repent to God, the Father of Creation, for any intentions in direct violation of the Divine Laws of Love, because it will be pricked by the Holy Spirit from the Heavenly realm of its offense. There is nothing of the self, when it comes to the soul that is Heavenbound. There is nothing called, ” Well, I warned others of the evils, now it’s up to them to decide to do the right or wrong thing…” We must understand that though we as Mankind had rebelled against The Creator, He still loved so unconditionally that He give us another day to live, with each day we wake up, in order to fix or make better the soul that we were given guard over. He still loved us so unconditionally that He gave up His Son, Jesus Christ…Jesus of Nazareth, on the Cross, in order to provide the blood covering that we need to keep evil away from those who wholeheartedly understood that Commission that He was given. He didn’t just tell what is right or wrong, and say so casually, “well, now it’s up to you to decide now….” He continues to not give up on us.

We must realize that the outer actions of someone on this earth, may not reflect the true intentions of that person. Lord knows that I have seen this in my own life. However, a soul tied to Divinity is guided by the Holy Spirit to DISCERN this, that is to help us to know the truth of someone’s intentions. At the same time, having seen that lack of truth of some people in my own life….it also showed me the truth in God needing to be the first and foremost important Being in one’s life. Because those even given certain privileged titles in one’s life, may try to deceive you. This is how hard Satan and his demons are working against you, in entering into the Eternal Paradise. He and his demons will us any circumstance and any person, to take you off of the path, permanently, from the Eternal Paradise.

Jesus Christ….Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) came to the earth, not to a establish a religion….not to only save Christians. He came to give all of Humanity the chance to reestablish that direct pathway to God, once again, through His Death. Through the Blood He shed on that Cross at Calvary, He gave those of us who understood His Commission, a shield of protection from Satan and his demons, in locking us out of the Eternal Paradise. The Eternal Paradise is not the earth….we must realize this…If we call ourselves being on a spiritual journey, that means we are spirits…souls. Do souls need a physical place to dwell? Do they need physical materialistic things to exist…or thrive and live? Therefore, why would we aim for achieving earthly riches? Now please do not misunderstand, it does not mean that all are bad. God gives each of us certain circumstances to live with, as to the life He gave us to live with. He watches to see what we do with all we have in life…whether we live in the ghettos or village, es in this world, where we have little to give, let alone to live with (in the earthly sense)….to the millionaires and billionaires on this earth (that have a lot in the earthly sense). God watches what the heart and soul of each individual invests in…Whether it be the heart and soul of another person, to investing in another business venture or shopping spree. God, and only God the Father of Creation, can see this, not anyone else. And He sees all in the Heavens.

He sees whether you love at all costs, or whether you love, only when it is convenient for your circumstances and time. Souls that are in touch with Divinity know this immediately, because the Holy Spirit guides such souls. When Jesus Christ died on the Cross, He gave this opportunity to ALL OF HUMANITY, not to just a CHOSEN FEW. The privilege of entering the Eternal Paradise is offered to all of humanity. Yet so very few decide to miss the opportunity to do so, because of the weakness that Satan and his demons convinced them of…and that is in believing only what he and his demons can manipulate for their own purpose and goal…the deception of Humanity away from the Eternal Paradise…..and believe in a physical realm, to which they can permanently shackle us to, if we are not wise. To invest in the self. To invest in the physical realm. Invest in the physical body or vessel. Yet starve the soul. Invest in the “here and now”; and not for the future.

What Jesus Christ showed us at the Cross was to be selfless in nature…evil will try to deter us from this by causing physical harm to us in order to steer off of the path to the Eternal Paradise. But Jesus Christ showed us through His Torture and Death, that it is our souls that we should be protecting through these physical battles, during our time on this earth. We must also understand that strength to endure is to focus on God, the Father. This means loving at all costs…what set Jesus Christ apart from all is that He loved even while He was being tortured. He loved even while people spit in His Face. He loved UNCONDITIONALLY while He hung on that Cross. It is so easy to give in to our anger, hate and pain….because of our sin stained human nature. We are all born as sinners. It is so easy to only love those that love us back. But it takes a true warrior….to gain the strength to love even those that cause harm to you…..Now do not misunderstand, this does not mean that you become best buddies with them either. No, God is very clear to not fellowship with those that decide to rebel against His Divine Laws of Love. However, it calls for those of us that Walk the path to the Eternal Paradise, to pray and wish them well. To not look for their misery and downfall, but for blessings upon them, from afar, if necessary.

The self….SELF LOVE has been misconstrued. If we know that we are loved by a Supreme Being then this love is sufficient for us to live from day to day. My greatest teacher was my life experiences with the people the ghettos and villages of this world to my neighborhood. If guided by an Omnipresent Supreme Being in thoughts, words, and actions, then not matter what walk of life we come from, such souls will all translate a vibration of love, and a way of life that is uniform.

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