Abba’s Cry To Me (PART 1)


With each day I wake up to another day;

The first thing I do is give thanks to Abba, with my first words of the say.

For I know it is only because of Him, that I can wake up to live;

Something forgotten by the majority…credit only of the SELF to give.


I look out of my window and see the flowers, green grass, and the deer that play;

Seeing how much Abba Father has given me, just takes my breath away.

The daily food that I am given…the shelter from the cold;

Abba always provides in ways, as He did in the days of old.


I realize each day, how miniscule my ways are;

While God’s Ways soar heights even above the stars.

It is so unfathomable to me;

How Abba Father of Greatness…somehow in me…sees.


Though in my life, I have cried many tears;

Those inflicted by unrepentant friends…family members…and foes….throughout the years.

Abba Father shows me love with each and every day;

Despite all the worldly chaos, to which He reassures me that it is to give me strength, in each and every way.


He reminds how so many people have forgotten of the love that He sheds everyday on humanity, from up above;

Allowing evil to soil and tarnish the greatness He created Humanity to be, so that it can join Him, in soaring heights like a dove.

Despite the hardships and betrayals that I have caused such great strife;

Abba has showed me HIS Wisdom, through these events in my life.



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