Abba’s Cry to Me (Part 2)

For there should be no person whose earthly title determines their importance over Him;

This will only make our entrance into His Heavenly Courts very dim.

We must remember that nothing occurs on this earth without Him knowing….or seeing;

But He loves us so much to give us the choice of seeing His Unconditional Love, and in it gleeing…


And of evil’s rebellious ways of deception and self love…fleeing.

With each new day, Abba lovingly nudges me on;

Despite in my life, all of evil’s cons.

I never forget how He never makes me feel alone;

In a world where people’s hearts are slowly turning into stone.


For this world is slowing losing the meaning of unconditional love;

Purity that is being lost, the aim of evil who is the enemy to Abba up above.

While it may seem that Abba’s Heavenbound are losing their earthly fights;

They are gaining eternity to be in His Presence, to be the “true” children of light.


They are not kings and queens to this world that God says His Ways are beyond and above;

A world that no longer knows ways of Nonviolence, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love.

For evil will try to deceive humanity by bringing darkness to what was once light;

Bringing madness and horror, making unconditional love out of sight.


Very soon, it will be known by very few;

And then this will be evil’s sign to come on cue…

To try and test those who have decided to walk to Abba, and His path;

All whom have committed and done the math.


For they remember the power of His Unconditional Love;

To which He begged for all of humanity to see everyday….that He shed so freely from Up Above.

The very presence that many in humanity have taken for granted;

To which evil deceived and of God’s Truth…made askew and slanted.

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