God Testifies to His Love For Me Everyday….



No matter what lies ahead;

I know my soul is not dead…

Because of what my Father God had revealed to me;

In my dreams…a land filled with milk and honey.


Though evil may try to own my body, it will never own my soul…

Because Jesus Christ died to save it, a path that He paid its toll.

It brings me to tears of what He did for me on that day;

There are no words of gratitude for the unconditional love that He put on display.


Abba, for I know the flaws of my human nature,

Yet, you saw something in me despite Your Perfect Stature.

You have shown me that because of my loyalty to you, that Jesus is my Ultimate Protector….and Shield;

Through Him, You show my enemies how You Protect me and my loved ones…like the Lillies in the field.


For you have promised all those that go through the “Refiner’s Fire” from Satan and his demons’ trials of this world;

That “no weapon formed against your servants will prosper”…and of them you You will destroy and into Hell..hurl.

Father, you have shown me this many times in my life…

I am so unworthy of it all…but I will endure out of my love for you…no matter the hardship or strife.


I just ask for You to give me the strenghth to endure;

So that Your Will of my life…can come into fruition…and of others’ heart to cure…

Of the evil that Satan has infiltrated into such hearts;

Which made them into stone….and made into targets for darts.


Allow for me to be Your Instrument….Yours Hands…..

So that Your Will will be fulfilled….in Your Kingdom…Your Eternal Lands.






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