A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

“Those Who Have Been Rejected In This World, Will Be First In My Kingdom”



These are the very words, of a God who says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but are beyond them. As Jesus Christ has said, “Remember while they persecute you, remember that they persecute me.” A world that does not know ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy, will not recognize those who belong to the Eternal Kingdom. They will be the ones considered the last on this Kingdom…but first in the Eternal Kingdom. This is the confidence of God’s Children. This is what brings each one of them, and everlasting peace, amongst the storm in their lives. They begin to see what is of worth in the Eternal Kingdom, and what is not of worth in the Eternal Kingdom, and have a natural affinity to those things of the Kingdom.

Such a soul will be in constant repentance, due their reverence for the Omnipresent God. They have understood the act of Jesus Christ shedding His Blood, at the Cross, at Calvary, and realize the shield that they were given, to gain Eternal Life. A heart that has understood the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom, will understand that leading a life of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy, is their ticket into the Eternal Kingdom. That “eye for an eye” is for the weak who do not see the Unconditional Love that is demonstrated from Jehovah, from up above.

All of God’s Servants have undergone the harshest of trials, and have still seen God’s Presence in them. This is what gives them the endurance to endure the trials, by remembering what God, Himself, endured for the sake of giving us that Blood Covering that He showed us on the Cross, at Calvary. If we mover forward in life, with God as first and foremost of our lives, it will not bother us as to whether we are first or last on this earth. God will make His Presence known in the lives of those that are heavenbound, and feeling that presence will provide a peace that is yearned by all souls.

So remember, if Jesus Christ was not exempt from the trials of this earth, then what makes us any better than the Son of God, to be free of the trials on this earth? We must remember that enduring the trials is what is required of us, in order to refine the hearts within ourselves. The love that is seen through the windows of their soul (their eyes) will be undeniable to even the most coldest of hearts, that have been inspired by evil. Through the toughest moments in their lives, for running to God, as their strength…they were given victory through Jehovah; and the testimony that they carry and share through this life experience, the reward of having the Holy Spirit of the Living God, to guide their lives, to help to discern the deception of evil.

Jesus Christ has said to “Take up our Cross, and follow Him….”. The way we see the things of the Eternal Kingdom is to see what is of value of the Eternal Kingdom, and God has said whatever is of value of this earth, is not of value in His Eternal Kingdom. So we must keep ourselves accountable each day in this. Such hearts, know no other way to live, and it will infuriate evil. But God has the last say in the end of it all, and this is what such souls know, even in the innermost depths of their own souls.



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