The Purpose of a Testimony

Testimony Page

A testimony is given by God, as a testament to His Existence and His Great Love, in a world that is slowly getting dim, and forgetting who the Father of Creation is. It is given place the conviction of His Existence, and to share it with others to know of His Existence, and of His Unconditional Love.

A testimony is also given as a tool in the ministry of someone who has chosen the path to the Eternal Kingdom, to show proof of such Unconditional Love, that can be found and given by the God, the Father of Creation; and to those given this testimony to be given 3 things:

  1. The Conviction of becoming a beacon for the very same Unconditional Love that God, the Father of Creation showed us through the triumph of the Testimony.
  2. We are given a window to God’s Infinite Wisdom, which demonstrates that His Ways are not of the World’s Ways, but are beyond them. Those that are given a testimony are obligated to share the piece of knowledge that God has shown them.
  3. This is tool given to the ministry of the person, to help others in similar situations.

God shows His Existence to those that endure for His Name’s Sake. While God is a loving and merciful God; He is also a Holy and Pure God. Therefore, any impurity seen in human nature, and the ways of this world can not stand before His Holy Throne. When His Son, Jesus Christ ministered to people on this earth, He showed us the importance of continuous repentance for our sinful human nature; because God is that Holy. We are to uphold and value His Divine Laws of Love to the extent of taking part in His Sufferings, which are the result of God’s Ways shining and being denied by the sinful human nature of those that deny the Divine Laws of Love, in a dim, evil driven world.

Remember, what we experience on this earth, are the life circumstances that are given to us, as a test for refining the sinful human nature. We are given the chose through our freewill everyday, to chose to follow the Divine Laws of Love or not, based on our reactions to the life circumstances given to us. These are not rewards….because God’s Rewards do not conform to the ways of this world. At the same time, they are not punishments…but, just like any other parent, He does show us reproof or discipline, to change from our sinful human nature.

Our testimony, then becomes a tool for our ministry, on this earth.

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