A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Importance of Continuous Repentance

The highest point in a spiritual journey is understanding that there is a Higher Force, that reigns above all the ways and things of this world, where the abundance of Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence comes from. However, there is also the realization that this Source is so Pure and Holy, that we realize our own flaws and imperfections…that we are not worthy to stand in front of such a source, as we are at the time of birth. The realization of how flawed human nature is, and how ungodly we are.

For this reason, we are to not accept the flaws that are brought to light to us by God,  the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) , but to continuously repent. Repent for our flaws…repent for our wrongs that we commit to another person of our fellow man. It takes this humbling, to be a Servant for the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation. The Unconditional Love that Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshua, Yeshu), His Son, showed all of Mankind on the Cross, is about giving Mankind another chance to make this realization of how holy and pure God is, and how flawed our human nature is. He is giving us another chance to turn away from such sinful ways. Repentance requires a suffering…..a torment of the flesh, to purify the soul. It is within our daily lives, bringing things to which is hidden to the surface. The carnal sin of PRIDE is what allows for some to think that professes to accept the flaws…that it is too late to make things right. No, in the Eyes of the Omnipresent God, there is always the time to make things right, once your wrong is brought to your conscience. Unconditional Love is not about accepting the good and the bad, and that there is no need to change…..we should remember that God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) sees the innermost thoughts, actions, and intentions of the mind and heart.

Repentance is about recognizing what happened in the Garden of Eden, by evil, to Humanity. What many do not understand is is that this rebellion was passed down generation to generation. Yes, sin can be hereditary. And because of this, it can not be broken by our own human strength and will; but by spiritual strength and God’s Will. To know of the flaws of human nature, of our own being is have the presence of the Holy Spirit being granted upon us, to discern the deception of evil, not only within this dim world, but also within ourselves. In the presence of God, we would all crumble, because of the sinful human nature, that we had not repented for….this is how Pure and Holy, God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) is. It took a Sinless Jesus Christ, to be the shock absorber of the sins of Humanity, to give us another chance to change from our sinful ways. Once day we will all be held accountable to the Father of Creation, through Jesus Christ His Son, each and every one of us. It would not matter who made you do what or say something (we all have the freewill to chose). To stand before the Judgement Seat of the Holy Eternal Kingdom, will bring us to our knees when we stand before the Holy Throne; and all things in our life will flash before us, to where all of our flaws that was seen by the very Eyes of the Father of Creation had accounted for; and what we did not account for. While we see 10 of our own flaws, the Holy and Pure God has seen 10 x 10.

God sees whose heart has been repentant, and who has the intention to be repentant. Because this is a heart and soul that recognizes the authority of a Sovereign God, the Father of Creation, whose Kingdom’s Ways abide in the Divine Laws of Love, ways that are Nonviolent, Merciful, and Unconditional Love. People often mistake that the definition of such things are those of the earthly sense…but a spiritually enlightened soul knows that Divinity abides not of the earthly ways, but of the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. Just as Jesus Christ showed us with His Life and Death, we are to humble ourselves to the point of being “passer bys” in this life…in serving others. To rid all pride, which comes in all kinds of forms. This requires to be the last on this earth…in all its ways.



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