A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Karma Series

Karma Series: The Reason for Trials in Our Lives



When we decide to follow a spiritual path, in order to seek a Higher Enlightenment, or a Higher Truth, we will directly face the what is not seen with the naked eyes, and that is the spiritual warfare that is occurring at these Higher Realms, a battle between good and evil. And yes…..I do believe that there is good and evil. Anything or any action that causes a violation to the Divine Laws of Love, which consist of ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy…thoughts, words or actions that serve the self….are violating these Divine Laws of Love, that rule the Eternal Kingdom. For God, the Father of Creation has said that His Ways do not conform to the ways of this world, which only conform to violating His Divine Laws of Love. As Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God has shown us through His Own Life and Death on the Cross at Calvary, God’s Children are selfless in nature, do not serve the self, but serves the Eternal Kingdom of God….which is guided by the Holy Spirit. It is the souls that are being fought over, and a soul is broken down by how sturdy its vessel is. A vessel is only made sturdy through its use, wear and tear. A diamond is made shiny and sparkly, when it goes through its own refiner’s fire.

Spiritual WarfareThe trials that come into our lives serve the purpose of refining our vessels, so that the souls within can develop endurance to withstand whatever evil may try to throw at a spiritually enlightened soul that is bound to the path to the Eternal Kingdom. It is not about the prosperity on this earth that gauge the success of our spiritual journeys, because they can all instantaneously be taken away. God only provides permanent circumstances, and things that withstand the “sands of time”, not even evil can take such things away. That is why God says that His Ways are not of the world’s ways but are beyond them. Nothing goes on without God’s Knowledge, however, if trials were to come to those that have dedicated their lives to the path of the Eternal Kingdom, it is serve one purpose…and that is to make us stronger. There will come a time where evil will come face to face with us. God wants to gives us the strength that He knows that we are capable of….He wants to give you the strength that He gave His Own Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross at Calvary. This is why Jesus Christ, came to live amongst us, to show us how much God understands us….and wanted to show Mankind, as His Most Prized Creation, His Love for it. Evil hated that…which is why we face trials. Those that know of God’s Love for Humanity…..evil wants to suppress that within them. Evil doesn’t want us to know of God’s Love….it wants us to hate God, as much as it does. Through Jesus Christ, the direct communication between God and Mankind was reestablished again, which was originally destroyed at the Garden of Eden, by Satan Himself.  Jesus Christ showed us, on that Cross at Calvary, that we should not deviate from our Prayer Lives, no matter how busy our lives get in this world. It is through Prayer that we tap in to that direct communication with God, the Father of Creation, which is what Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, when He roamed this Earth.

If we see a once strong prayer warrior getting more busy in this world, and forgetting to make time to nurture their soul….these are the ones that will fail the trials. We should pray for them…..if we remember to pray, we should pray for them. We are all in this together, those of us that decide to follow the path to the Eternal Kingdom…to follow God’s Divine Laws of Love. It is through prayer in our prayer closets that God allows for the Holy Spirit to enter us, and help us to discern the deception of evil. Evil will always try to deceive those bound on this path, in order to take them away from the path of the Eternal Kingdom….PERMANENTLY.

So endure the trials knowing that God trusts you to overcome whatever evil tries to throw at you….in fact the harder the trials, the more faith God has in you to help Him prove evil wrong about Mankind. You see God has given Mankind the very place within His Throne Room…and only those that have followed God’s Divine Laws of Love can enter. This will require souls enduring the trials and tribulations in order to break away from the sinstained ways of this world, that violate the Divine Laws of Love which consist of ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. This will in turn make fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to enter such souls, and help them to discern the deception of evil.


Karma Series: A Higher Force Putting Things Into Balance Means That There is a Higher Being To Determine What is Right and Wrong


Just as the title of this entry says, if there is a balance between good and bad energies, then that means there is definitely some Higher Being that determines what is right and wrong, translating into these “good and bad energies”, right? In other words, what is right and wrong is not relative in nature, from person to person, and recognizing that there is a certain order to things of this world in order for it to operate properly, or to keep it in balance. From the beginning of time, we have seen evil get fractionated into so many different ways, is that how it began to disguise itself, and justifying that what is right and wrong is relative to an individual? If you look at a child, they certainly have a more clear cut understanding of what is right and wrong, or even an animal (where we have even seen mothers of other species adopting the abandoned babies of others as their own). God (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) certainly made what is right and wrong more absolute, as originally seen in the Garden of Eden, in the initial days with Adam and Eve, before they fell to sin by evil. As Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshauy) walked on this earth, He definitely made it clear that it was more finite than what people thought.

As flawed and limited as our logic is, as God, the Father of Creation’s Wisdom is infinitely bound, we try to set our own parameters and boundaries to it; or even consider as His Creation, that we are physically able to obtain it. This is why it is said that the spiritual path to the Eternal Kingdom is a lifelong journey. It is not over once you have become “enlightened” to its existence. I think this is how evil also tried to disillusion us, as Mankind, to think that we are physically capable of obtaining the knowledge of God, the Father of Creation. Isn’t this how Adam and Eve fell to sin in the Garden of Eden? And what did God do with them? I can not help but to wonder, are we allowed to get cozy in our walks towards the Eternal Kingdom? Because naturally speaking, if your spiritual journey is going correctly, you realize how flawed, you as an individual are, more and more as each day goes by; which is quite the contrary of what evil tries to depict that the more enlightened you become, the more perfect (in the earthly sense) you become. This is the difference between understanding the Selfless Sacrifical Love that Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) showed us on the Cross at Calvary, VS. the Self Love professed by evil.

I guess the beauty in the love of God, the Father of Creation, (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) is that He is still hoping that we will come to this realization, and make the CHOICE with our free will, to recognize and change from the ways that are in violation to His Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom. Unlike evil, that once you decide to go its ways, and try to force its ways on your for the rest of your life…God gives us this choice everyday while we live on this earth. However, once we breathe our last breaths on this earth, our chances to be right with Him are done.


Karma Series: There Is No Time Limit For A Wrong That Was Not Made Right, In The Eyes Of God

God's Protection


One of the biggest flaws in mankind, which is a part of the sinful human nature that we were born with, is that we are so quick to hide the wrongs we commit to others, and so slow to go and make things right, for how we have wronged another one of the members of mankind. Yes, it is true, we are to forgive those who have wronged us.But if they are not willing to change from the ways that they have wronged us with, we love and pray for their change from afar….so that they change from their evil inspired ways. They are required to change from those ways, if they call themselves Children of God. Evil will say that you do not need to change, you should be loved as you are, to accept the good and bad within…..they should “forgive and forget”. God knows the original greatness that He created Mankind to be before evil introduced sin, in the Garden of Eden. So we are required by Him, to change from the dark ways that make us sin. God has said, that His Ways do not conform to the world’s ways (His Creation’s Ways) but are beyond them. If we have come to understand God’s Divine Laws of Love, we would not be so slow to try to make the wrong things right, and we will be quick to repent to God, for the wrongs we have committed. But let us further explore this thought….

Is there an expiration date on the wrongs we commit to others, and have not addressed them to the wronged brother or sister…or even addressed it with God, the Father of Creation? I think Bob Marley, the famous reggae artist said it best when he said, “There is no hiding from the Father of Creation”. He keeps account of all the injustices, lies, and wrongs committed against His Children. It does not matter if it was committed 20 years ago…or 2 years ago, or even last night. God does not guarantee us tomorrow. But if we do wake up to another day, we should thank God for giving us another day…another chance….to make things right in His Eyes. But how many people realize this? And for those that have been wronged, and faithfully sought after God’s Divine Laws of Love….God will make sure that all injustice will bow down to Him….and He will protect the faithful. Isaiah 54:17 states: “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper. For this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.” THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE TO A WRONG COMMITTED, THAT HAS NOT BEEN CORRECTED.

This repentance comes from a heart that has been truly transformed by faith, in God, the Father of Creation (Jehovah, Devum, Yahweh). People who believe in Karma do it out of the Self Love of fearing a bad thing or occurrence coming to them, in the earthly sense. Whether it be losing finances, a job, multiple homes and cars, even an earthly death. Karma, is putting an earthly parameter on a spiritual thing. This automatically goes against what God has said, that “His Ways are beyond the world’s ways”. Karma is when one looks out for themselves, to make sure that they are provided for in the earthly sense…..more than living to what mankind was called to do, to follow the Divine Laws of Love. This “fear” is not the fear of making a Perfect God, who is Our Father, disappointed…this is an ungodly fear, coming from an evil force.

God states that this repentance should be a continual process in one’s life, till the last breath in our earthly bodies. As it is stated in the Lord’s Prayer in the Holy Bible, God’s Name should be so”hallowed” within our lives and hearts, that His Divine Laws of Love are the driving forces in the lives of those who have truly become born again, in mind, body and soul….these are the people that will be promised entrance into the Eternal Kingdom of God. God asks us to go through the fires of earthly trials and tribulations…in order to rid ourselves of the selfishness and deception of human nature. He asks us to work towards purity…because His Kingdom can only have those with that intent….and these are the only people that will gain God’s Favor. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through His Life and Death on the Cross. Once we have decided to follow the same path to the Eternal Kingdom, just as Jesus Christ has showed us, we are to follow it at all earthly costs.

When we are so preoccupied with what we gain in the earthly sense, then we will only follow what evil wants mankind to do…and that is to fear not having the earthly things, and putting value in them, ahead what is considered to have Divine value in the Eternal Kingdom…to which God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) has said that His Divine Laws of Love and ways are not in a part of, but are beyond them. He has said that in the end, very few will know of the ways of the Eternal Kingdom….and for that reason, His Children…or those that are bound to the Eternal Kingdom, will be considered LAST (or of least value on this earth). Just remember what Jesus Christ has said, “Those that are last on this earth, will be first into the Kingdom of God; and those that are first on this earth, will be last in the Kingdom.”

God searches the minds, hearts, and souls…and harvests them accordingly….and He sees who has truly put His Divine Laws of Love first and foremost in their souls.

Karma Series: Karma vs. God’s Punishment

God's Protection


The Almighty God (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) has always professed about doing what is in accordance to His Divine Laws of Love (ways of Nonviolence, Mercy, and Unconditional Love)…which are the ways to His Eternal Kingdom. He has always said that the ways of Divinity do not conform to the ways of this world, but are beyond them, and that those who have become convicted to follow such ways will be going against the grain of the ways of this world. As a result, those who chose to follow the ways of the Eternal Kingdom will only now a way of life that will conform to the Divine Laws of Love, will endure an earthly life filled with trials and tribulations. WHY? For the first sin committed by Mankind, in the Garden of Eden, through which Satan introduced, every member of Mankind was born as sinners. To rid humanity of sin…to purify it of sin and evil’s ways, each person that makes the choice of seeking the ways of the Eternal Kingdom will have to go through the Refiner’s Fire. Just as a diamond has to go through the extreme heat to become the beautiful, flawless gem that we know it as…God (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) says that His Children should also. But God does not force this upon us. With the gift of freewill given to us, He states that we, as Mankind, have to make the CHOICE, everyday. It does not end with a baptism…or being a Christian…or going to church or Bible Study on a regular basis. It is a daily choice that we make, to become a way of life that we show as a testimony to others of God’s Unconditional Love for Humanity.

Now what is the difference between God’s Punishment and Karma…..

It is the motivation behind each. Let’s take a further look into this.


Karma is when people fear something is going to happen to themselves, when a wrong was done towards another. This force driving this is a SELF Love, to which is a conditional love. When you live a life in fear of things happening to you, is that really following the ways of the Eternal Kingdom, which are ways that follow the Divine Laws of Love? Sure, it can reflect a life of Nonviolence because someone will be afraid of something bad happening to them, if they did otherwise. But what defines Nonviolence? Nonviolence is not solely restricted to acts of violence with weapons. It is, according to the Almighty God, (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) even bad thoughts of hate, anger, revenge that are included in this. It is words of malice, jealousy, and envy that are also included in this. God does not operate on fear. Fear drives someone, in a forceful way, not by the use of freewill to make a willing choice to do what is right. The force that is driven by fear is that of Evil…that which Satan and his demons thrive on. Divinity wants true believers in its Divine Laws of Love, not those that only live it out of situations that are convenient.


God has promised those that make the choice to follow the ways to His Eternal Kingdom, which are those that seek to live in accordance to the ways of the Divine Laws of Love (ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy), will be protected from eternal damnation. He will protect them from His Wrath to those who try to cheat, deceive, and hurt those that have made the choice to follow the ways to His Eternal Kingdom.

In Isaiah 54:17 it states, “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.” God gives all power to those that have willingly taken on to follow the right in this world, at all costs. Those that decided that finding their way back to Him…will have His Protection. This is a choice. And the reward for making this choice everyday is eventually a life of Eternity, a peace of mind, and His Supernatural Protection. He always remembers those that faithfully seek with each day that He gives them to live…which is another chance for them to seek and find His Divine Laws of Love, to live out. God’s punishment does not happen while we live on this earth. Remember His Ways do not conform to the world’s ways, but are beyond them….His Punishment comes after we breathe our last breath on this earth. God will evaluate what choice we made with each day He gave us to live on this earth…and to what extent we went to uphold ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. The force driven to do what is right is done by choice, out of the Love for the Supreme Being…the Almighty God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). It is out of the true belief in the truth of the ways to the Eternal Kingdom. It is a soul anchored in unconditional love, and a way of life lived by such a soul that not only benefits themselves, but for the general good of others. It does not know any other way to live…but to live with a conscience that is clear to stand before the purity of the Almighty God.

Divinity does not profess conditional love, but love that is unconditional. Divinity give us the CHOICE, therefore His Punishment only comes after our last breath on this earth. Divinity operates doing what is right at all costs, and as Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross in Calvary….to practice the Divine Laws of Love to the point of death to the earthly body.

So KARMA vs. GOD’S PUNISHMENT…..you decide.

I would rather invest my soul in a choice driven out of Unconditional Love. At least I know I have an Example to follow…and know that I have made the lives of others around me better for follow the Divine Laws of Unconditional Love. I have seen God’s Power in His Protection over me and those that I love so dearly. This is my testimony. God’s Servants may look like they have nothing in the worldly sense…but God’s has guaranteed them in their dreams, that they will have everything in the Eternal Kingdom, in His Presence. Evil will only follow ways of revenge, envy, jealousy, anger, and pride. While God’s ways and vengeance for His Children is permanent, evil’s ways are temporary.