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When I Look At The Cross…

Jesus Crucifixion

When I look at the Cross;

I am reminded that I was never meant to be lost…

From the One that created me;

Whom from up above longs of me to see…

In His dwelling place;

Within the Throne where He reigns in space.

For at the Cross through Jesus Christ His Son;

His unconditional love for me, without any strings tied, not a single one.

When I look at the Cross;

I think of Christ’s cost, and all that in the earthly sense He had at a loss…

I am reminded at how much I am loved;

When I imagine of its unconditionality, I feel so stunned.

At times I feel I am so unworthy of such love from up above;

Yet, God, reminds me that He saw something worthy inside of me, that sores the height of a dove.

He tells me everyday that hears my cries, of happiness and saddness;

And wants to so much to soothe and calm me of my fears, tears, and maddness.

When I look at the Cross, I can only imagine the pain;

That the Lord Jesus had to endure, when of His Precious Blood of the Cross, had put a stain…

Because of humanity’s rebellion and sin;

He wanted to save His Kin.

When I look at the Cross;

I can not let evil of me be the Boss…

I know that my struggle and fight with evil will go on till the end time;

But it will never have of me what God had destined to be His….He created me…and it is all His, that which is mine.


“In God I Trust”


God, help me today;

To trust in you, through out my long days.

I, like so man, so easily fall;

To the temptations that evil sets, and from off your path, I stumble and fall.


For through Jesus Christ, you showed all of Mankind;

That we no longer to the Devil, must we be chained and bound.

Through Jesus Christ dying on Calvary’s Cross;

Father, you showed all of humanity, that you were not willing to evil, make us a loss.


You gave Your Son, as an example for Mankind to be;

In You to trust wholeheartedly, despite the chaos in this world instilling fear in us to flee…

Christ had said that in order to enter Your Throne Room, we would be required to walk;

A path less travelled, and by many will not travel or about it even talk.


God, pursues humanity…longing for us to be;

Uniting with Him, in His Eternal Paradise to exist…to see.

To trust in His Divine Laws Love;

Which rule and reign, and conquer all from Up Above.


“In God I Trust” should be our mantra…our driving force;

Knowing that Divinity is the winning…eternal Source.

For those who were given the Gift of the Holy Spirit to guide their souls;

Will having the eternal struggle, with reaching God’s Throne Room as their goal.

The Called Souls


The called souls,

Each day has a goal;

To use their God given freewill,

In finding peace despite the chaos, and stand still.


To have confidence in the God that they serve,

Who can take all that evil throws at them, and divert them with a curve.

God, the Father of Creation states that His Divine Laws of Love,

Does not conform what is here down below, in His Kingdom up above.


For His Son, Jesus Christ showed humanity at Calvary’s Cross,

That in order to enter Eternity, all earthly mannerisms need to be put to death, for it to be lost.

To adopt the Divine Laws of Love, it should be seen,

By the Holy Spirit, a soul that is childlike, innocent, and a soul whose intentions are clean.


Evil will hunt such souls in order to destroy,

In order to prevent the revelation of God, the Father of Creation’s Truth, so that it can remain coy.

For Satan and his demons know that God’s Truth always prevails,

Despite of the earth’s ways, he tries to manipulate, twist, and in all its senses and parts to entail.


Jesus Christ showed us at the Cross, with His Own Earthly Life,

That in order to enter into the Heavenly Eternity, the Called Souls will have to go through earthly trials and strife.

For Satan’s goal is to try to grab all souls off of the Path,

Because before his own rebellion against God, the Father of Creation, forgot to do the math.


As a result, evil does not want humanity to have what it can never have again,

What it decided to rebel against…to stand before the throne of The Almighty, where humanity can.

The Called Souls are aware of the Truth the God’s Son, Jesus Christ, revealed at the Cross,

They will endure all earthly trials and strife…and are determined of all evil ways within them, to toss.


These Called Souls, consult with the Shepard everyday;

As to give them the same strength that He had on Calvary’s Cross, and to not grow dismayed.

For the Holy Spirit leads these Called Souls,

To help them to discern the deception of Satan and his minions,  in order to keep their heart on the goal.


The Ultimate Symbol of God’s Unconditional Love for Humanity, that was shown by Jesus Christ His Son,

Was meant to be an example to what extent may be required of the Called Souls, and the crowns and royal robes they are meant to don.

All the Prophets that walked before us demonstrated a life free of the riches of this world,

As well as a heart and soul that is childlike, simple, and pure, with unconditional love to unfurl.


Chaos…confusion….pain…..and deceit are evil’s tools;

Through money, beauty and materialism, evil will pull away souls that are the unchosen….the tainted….and the fools.

The Chosen Souls will endure to the very end;

So that through Jesus Christ, their Captain…their Shepard….can of the relationship between God and Humanity, mend.

The Peace of a Soul



The eternal search by all of humanity;

Is the peace of the soul…which gives one sanity.

People seek it through earthly things and ways;

However, “eternal peace is never achieved..” is what many say.


For eternal things can only be obtained;

Through the God’s Divine Laws of Love, and not of evil and the earth’s ways, stained.

Eternal things can not be attained through the ways of this world;

But only through the ways that Divinity has revealed and it is wisdom, unfurled.


This is why those that are bound to the world and its ways can not see;

What Divinity reveals in the prayer closets of those that seek, and become free.

For Divinity is not bound by the world’s ways and sayings;

Such a soul is freed of its shackles and not killed by earthly slayings.


Eternal Peace of the Soul is by the eternal communion established by it and its Maker;

A bond once established will be set aside for the Eternal Kingdom, by Jesus Christ, the Taker.

For only the Creator knows of the innermost intentions and thoughts of a soul;

And establishes His Peace, in those whose intentions are most pure and His Kingdom as its final destination are its goal.


Peace of the Soul is only attained by fellowship with the Creator;

Not earned, achieved, or bought….but a gift for a soul’s loyalty to its Maker.

For it is not always a happy and pleasant path;

However, such souls have meditated and done the math.

People Often Mock and Insult What They Do Not Understand


If the Son of God was not exempt, why would we be exempt of earthly trials? If your spiritual journey is going too smooth….you are conforming to the world’s ways to which God, the Father of Creation says His Ways are beyond those of this world.


It is the weakness of Mankind;

To Mock and Insult all that which in the Eternal Kingdom, abides.

For people find it much easier to go with the crowd;

Forgetting that God has said, that His Ways are not of the world’s, through Jesus Christ He has said aloud!


Many of those that are bound to Truth’s Path;

Have found the Eternal Wisdom that Truth is found by going against the grain…they have done the math.

It will require to endure the Refiner’s Fire for error’s correction and reproof;

This is how entrance into the Eternal Kingdom will be gained, and God will not be aloof.


Many will seek for happiness and ease to gain God’s Favor;

But Eternal Life is not by earthly means, but of Divine Ways it savors.

For Jesus Christ, as God’s Lamb, came to show us the way;

A way that is beyond our earthly thoughts and actions….and the words we say.


It requires a complete transformation of heart;

That does not accept the darkness of sin, rebellion against the Divine Laws of Love…at all evil it throws darts.

For a soul that is enlightened by Truth only strives for the Eternal Light;

Which is selfless and devoid pride and spite.


Because we were born as sinners, with the darkness introduced in Eden;

It is natural human tendency to be seduced by what is dark and evil laden.

God’s Divine Laws of Love…ways of Nonviolence, Mercy, and Unconditional Love…

Asks those who are born again to seek guidance from up Above…..


To change from our old ways, to make things right;

For all those things that we have caused as a violation in Divinity’s Sight….

God’s Children who have found Divine Truth will change from their sinful ways, being inspired by God…

As a result of His Ways not being of this world…they will be considered as weak and odd.


Little do those that mock and ridicule God’s Children have a Mighty Lion fighting their war;

God has promised that in the end, of those that harm His Children…like any other Father…He will settle the score.

For He rewards those who have found the Divine Truth….and saw what the world’s ways hold in value;

He, as the Supreme Being, will reward each for the earthly suffering…the Eternal Kingdom to them that is due.


For He has promised that those who valued the things of this world, were in this world first;

Will be last in His Eternal Kingdom, because instead of truth, their value for this world was a greater thirst…

But those that sought the Eternal Kingdom’s Truth, will be considered last on this earth;

Despite the ridicule,insults, and even the small daily deaths they suffered, they decided to testify to God’s Unconditional Love, and to give birth.

God Testifies to His Love For Me Everyday….



No matter what lies ahead;

I know my soul is not dead…

Because of what my Father God had revealed to me;

In my dreams…a land filled with milk and honey.


Though evil may try to own my body, it will never own my soul…

Because Jesus Christ died to save it, a path that He paid its toll.

It brings me to tears of what He did for me on that day;

There are no words of gratitude for the unconditional love that He put on display.


Abba, for I know the flaws of my human nature,

Yet, you saw something in me despite Your Perfect Stature.

You have shown me that because of my loyalty to you, that Jesus is my Ultimate Protector….and Shield;

Through Him, You show my enemies how You Protect me and my loved ones…like the Lillies in the field.


For you have promised all those that go through the “Refiner’s Fire” from Satan and his demons’ trials of this world;

That “no weapon formed against your servants will prosper”…and of them you You will destroy and into Hell..hurl.

Father, you have shown me this many times in my life…

I am so unworthy of it all…but I will endure out of my love for you…no matter the hardship or strife.


I just ask for You to give me the strenghth to endure;

So that Your Will of my life…can come into fruition…and of others’ heart to cure…

Of the evil that Satan has infiltrated into such hearts;

Which made them into stone….and made into targets for darts.


Allow for me to be Your Instrument….Yours Hands…..

So that Your Will will be fulfilled….in Your Kingdom…Your Eternal Lands.






Abba’s Cry to Me (Part 2)

For there should be no person whose earthly title determines their importance over Him;

This will only make our entrance into His Heavenly Courts very dim.

We must remember that nothing occurs on this earth without Him knowing….or seeing;

But He loves us so much to give us the choice of seeing His Unconditional Love, and in it gleeing…


And of evil’s rebellious ways of deception and self love…fleeing.

With each new day, Abba lovingly nudges me on;

Despite in my life, all of evil’s cons.

I never forget how He never makes me feel alone;

In a world where people’s hearts are slowly turning into stone.


For this world is slowing losing the meaning of unconditional love;

Purity that is being lost, the aim of evil who is the enemy to Abba up above.

While it may seem that Abba’s Heavenbound are losing their earthly fights;

They are gaining eternity to be in His Presence, to be the “true” children of light.


They are not kings and queens to this world that God says His Ways are beyond and above;

A world that no longer knows ways of Nonviolence, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love.

For evil will try to deceive humanity by bringing darkness to what was once light;

Bringing madness and horror, making unconditional love out of sight.


Very soon, it will be known by very few;

And then this will be evil’s sign to come on cue…

To try and test those who have decided to walk to Abba, and His path;

All whom have committed and done the math.


For they remember the power of His Unconditional Love;

To which He begged for all of humanity to see everyday….that He shed so freely from Up Above.

The very presence that many in humanity have taken for granted;

To which evil deceived and of God’s Truth…made askew and slanted.

Abba’s Cry To Me (PART 1)


With each day I wake up to another day;

The first thing I do is give thanks to Abba, with my first words of the say.

For I know it is only because of Him, that I can wake up to live;

Something forgotten by the majority…credit only of the SELF to give.


I look out of my window and see the flowers, green grass, and the deer that play;

Seeing how much Abba Father has given me, just takes my breath away.

The daily food that I am given…the shelter from the cold;

Abba always provides in ways, as He did in the days of old.


I realize each day, how miniscule my ways are;

While God’s Ways soar heights even above the stars.

It is so unfathomable to me;

How Abba Father of Greatness…somehow in me…sees.


Though in my life, I have cried many tears;

Those inflicted by unrepentant friends…family members…and foes….throughout the years.

Abba Father shows me love with each and every day;

Despite all the worldly chaos, to which He reassures me that it is to give me strength, in each and every way.


He reminds how so many people have forgotten of the love that He sheds everyday on humanity, from up above;

Allowing evil to soil and tarnish the greatness He created Humanity to be, so that it can join Him, in soaring heights like a dove.

Despite the hardships and betrayals that I have caused such great strife;

Abba has showed me HIS Wisdom, through these events in my life.



Keep Running the Race



As time goes by;

We see the world being swallowed by lies…

Truth is slowly being hidden away;

By human emotion that can be manipulated by evil and its ways.


Where is there evidence of this….well it is quite clear;

How unconditional love has been misconstrued…to have it determined by earthly parameters and conditions, by it to be steered.

Slowly transforming love into fear and hate;

By jading God’s Unconditional Love….evil’s stages in his game, that come late.


God Children, who know truth in its purest form;

Will know with the Holy Spirit’s Guidance the pure knowledge of Truth, and of this earth will not conform.

For in their hearts is a truth that is so deeply rooted and strong;

That no earthly human desire will keep a hold on them, for long.


They know that the truth that is in their hearts, rooted deep in;

Will only satisfy the thirst of God’s Unconditional Love, that is in each soul within.

Despite the chaos that surrounds each of such souls;

God’s Unconditional Love is a prize worth taking on all earthly fouls.


So for the few that still hold on to the Light;

Will see the world and its ways, in God’s True Sight.

Keep running the race, despite the chaos about and out;

God’s Truth will always prevail, standing tall and stout.


Yes…it is true, the Truth will be known by very few;

Who have exhibited unconditional love on the Father of Creation’s cue.

Who loved beyond every earthly circumstance and condition in their life;

Whose love put their personal success and gain aside….and endured the strife.


For through His Son, Jesus Christ, God the Father has clearly said…

“Whomever is first on this earth…will be last in my Kingdom”…

And “Whomever is last on this earth…will be first in my Eternal Kingdom….”

Souls Being Ripped Apart

fight of souls


With every life we come across in life;

We must try to connect with the soul inside, full of happiness or strife.

The soul is what is so important on this earth;

To empathy and unconditional love, it gives birth.


For a soul could never be replicated or cloned;

This is what God meant that each of us were made in His Image…not of our physical bodies, alone.

Souls can not be mimicked or imitated;

Despite whatever may be said, or stated.


God’s thumbprint is on each soul;

And will not be seen, in those who sold it, for the Devil’s toll.

For people surrendered it, for the sake of the self;

To obtain what they see on this earth…forfeit eternal wealth, by putting their souls on the Devil’s shelf.


The Good Book says “To fear not what can kill the earthly body, but what can destroy the souls, there after…”

By instilling fear and manipulating the earthly body’s 5 senses…is what brings the evil and its demons such laughter

To judge souls, God…Jehovah..Devum…Abba only has this jurisdiction, to do;

Though evil may deceive to say they have this power, making facts askew.


For there is a spiritual warfare going on;

With souls who remain in Jehovah’s Hands, and those who have gone.

Out of those being deceived…and those seeking Truth from a Divine Force;

Souls being ripped apart and challenged by a rebellious source.


When Truth is twisted and twirled;

Spirituality from a Divine Source is not focused on, and will not be unfurled.

Purity of a soul will be tested and tried;

Making many hearts to have moaned and cried.


This spiritual battle began a long time ago;

When Man used their freewill, that was given out of love, for selfish motives…for on this earth to grow.

In such thinking, there is no room to cultivate the soul, given to us by the Creator Above;

But through freewill, we are free to think, to make that choice to refine the soul, for the Eternal Kingdom…or to sell it, out of self love.


Those who decide to remain in Jehovah’s Hands;

And against evil, taking Jehovah’s Eternal Words of Unconditional Love and Mercy…taking Its Stand.

God has promised for refining our souls, HE will take our stand and justice will be His;

Finally putting all those souls to Eternal Peace, in His Presence, in His Courts….that’s where Eternity is.