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Abba’s Cry To Me (PART 1)


With each day I wake up to another day;

The first thing I do is give thanks to Abba, with my first words of the say.

For I know it is only because of Him, that I can wake up to live;

Something forgotten by the majority…credit only of the SELF to give.


I look out of my window and see the flowers, green grass, and the deer that play;

Seeing how much Abba Father has given me, just takes my breath away.

The daily food that I am given…the shelter from the cold;

Abba always provides in ways, as He did in the days of old.


I realize each day, how miniscule my ways are;

While God’s Ways soar heights even above the stars.

It is so unfathomable to me;

How Abba Father of Greatness…somehow in me…sees.


Though in my life, I have cried many tears;

Those inflicted by unrepentant friends…family members…and foes….throughout the years.

Abba Father shows me love with each and every day;

Despite all the worldly chaos, to which He reassures me that it is to give me strength, in each and every way.


He reminds how so many people have forgotten of the love that He sheds everyday on humanity, from up above;

Allowing evil to soil and tarnish the greatness He created Humanity to be, so that it can join Him, in soaring heights like a dove.

Despite the hardships and betrayals that I have caused such great strife;

Abba has showed me HIS Wisdom, through these events in my life.



Keep Running the Race



As time goes by;

We see the world being swallowed by lies…

Truth is slowly being hidden away;

By human emotion that can be manipulated by evil and its ways.


Where is there evidence of this….well it is quite clear;

How unconditional love has been misconstrued…to have it determined by earthly parameters and conditions, by it to be steered.

Slowly transforming love into fear and hate;

By jading God’s Unconditional Love….evil’s stages in his game, that come late.


God Children, who know truth in its purest form;

Will know with the Holy Spirit’s Guidance the pure knowledge of Truth, and of this earth will not conform.

For in their hearts is a truth that is so deeply rooted and strong;

That no earthly human desire will keep a hold on them, for long.


They know that the truth that is in their hearts, rooted deep in;

Will only satisfy the thirst of God’s Unconditional Love, that is in each soul within.

Despite the chaos that surrounds each of such souls;

God’s Unconditional Love is a prize worth taking on all earthly fouls.


So for the few that still hold on to the Light;

Will see the world and its ways, in God’s True Sight.

Keep running the race, despite the chaos about and out;

God’s Truth will always prevail, standing tall and stout.


Yes…it is true, the Truth will be known by very few;

Who have exhibited unconditional love on the Father of Creation’s cue.

Who loved beyond every earthly circumstance and condition in their life;

Whose love put their personal success and gain aside….and endured the strife.


For through His Son, Jesus Christ, God the Father has clearly said…

“Whomever is first on this earth…will be last in my Kingdom”…

And “Whomever is last on this earth…will be first in my Eternal Kingdom….”

Souls Being Ripped Apart

fight of souls


With every life we come across in life;

We must try to connect with the soul inside, full of happiness or strife.

The soul is what is so important on this earth;

To empathy and unconditional love, it gives birth.


For a soul could never be replicated or cloned;

This is what God meant that each of us were made in His Image…not of our physical bodies, alone.

Souls can not be mimicked or imitated;

Despite whatever may be said, or stated.


God’s thumbprint is on each soul;

And will not be seen, in those who sold it, for the Devil’s toll.

For people surrendered it, for the sake of the self;

To obtain what they see on this earth…forfeit eternal wealth, by putting their souls on the Devil’s shelf.


The Good Book says “To fear not what can kill the earthly body, but what can destroy the souls, there after…”

By instilling fear and manipulating the earthly body’s 5 senses…is what brings the evil and its demons such laughter

To judge souls, God…Jehovah..Devum…Abba only has this jurisdiction, to do;

Though evil may deceive to say they have this power, making facts askew.


For there is a spiritual warfare going on;

With souls who remain in Jehovah’s Hands, and those who have gone.

Out of those being deceived…and those seeking Truth from a Divine Force;

Souls being ripped apart and challenged by a rebellious source.


When Truth is twisted and twirled;

Spirituality from a Divine Source is not focused on, and will not be unfurled.

Purity of a soul will be tested and tried;

Making many hearts to have moaned and cried.


This spiritual battle began a long time ago;

When Man used their freewill, that was given out of love, for selfish motives…for on this earth to grow.

In such thinking, there is no room to cultivate the soul, given to us by the Creator Above;

But through freewill, we are free to think, to make that choice to refine the soul, for the Eternal Kingdom…or to sell it, out of self love.


Those who decide to remain in Jehovah’s Hands;

And against evil, taking Jehovah’s Eternal Words of Unconditional Love and Mercy…taking Its Stand.

God has promised for refining our souls, HE will take our stand and justice will be His;

Finally putting all those souls to Eternal Peace, in His Presence, in His Courts….that’s where Eternity is.

Investment of the Human Heart

Helen Keller Quote



In the world today, we see very little of this;

And true unconditional love, is by many missed.

People today seem to be so self-centered…worried about their self;

Forgetting our initial mission of Mercy, Nonviolence, and Unconditional Love…placing them on the shelf.


For there is a severe lack of empathy, in the world today;

Which puts temporary good deeds of sympathy, in a position to fizzle out…no reminents of love will you lay.

Only empty acts that not will not reach God’s Ears;

An only end up in heartache, and tears.


Many believe it is good enough to love from afar;

As the stars that shine in the night sky…a distance that seems on par.

Love from a heart, can only be felt in its truest form;

A love that is unconditional, strong enough to last through the toughest of storms.


Investment of the heart is done by so very few;

“Love” today is a charitable donation, or a kind act done on cue.

Manufacturing love is what is done in the world today;

Twisting its true meaning, with superficial actions done, and conditional words, such hearts say.


For those who invest, we must never regret…

The unconditional love that we lay out…that others take for granted, or forget.

There is a Higher Force that sees all;

All acts of unconditional Love, done in great ways, and those that are small.


Such hearts do not seek any worldly recognition or power;

It only pains such a heart so easily…leading them in corners to scower.

The purity of such a heart allows for such hearts to heal quite fast;

Due to such a heart being driven by a Divine Force, it heals quite easily from pain, in the past…

And continue to invest its heart, each day, till the very last.

Wheels Set In Motion

wheels in motion


These wheels have been set into motion, since the beginning of time;

God sits awaiting for His Perfect moment to stop all of evil’s schemes, lies, and crimes.

We must run the race;

At a very quick pace.


These wheels have been set into motion, it can not be stopped by God’s Creations’ Hands;

For these things are conflicts in the spiritual realm, and only God can of evil cut all ties and bands.

For the sand in the hour glass is running out;

And God’s Angels will soon sound the trumpet, and shout!


Many will forget the most crucial of God’s Words;

That are needed to guard the heart and souls of God’s Children, that protect them like swords.

We are souls with bodies, people often forget;

These souls are the prized possessions that we are to guard for the Eternal Kingdom, a path that is narrow and set.


All are called to see and know of Unconditional Love;

But few will know of such love, that abundantly comes from Up Above.

Many will be fixed by the things of this world, and its ways;

And miss out what it required for Eternity, as God has said, and lays.


Wheels have been set in motion long ago;

Evil seeding temptation, and allowing for sin to grow.

Now evil has seeped in to cause so much unforgiveness, self love, violence, and pride;

Where for earthly success, many have killed, abused, schemed, and lied.


True freedom comes from up above;

From a God, Who reigns with Strength, Power, Nonviolence,  and Unconditional Love.

Peace of mind comes from a God who says His Truth will prevail;

Where serving Him is by choice of our freewill, where paths to Him are victorious, yet frail.


Wheels were set in motion, once upon a time;

We must truly recognize the injustices and the crimes.

For God, the Father, calls us to see beyond what we can see and hear;

And through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, feel His Truth, despite what evil may throw at us to scare us in fear.


Victory is promised by the Creator, Up Above;

But our earthly lives may be full of trials due to evil getting angry, of our souls it will toss and shove.

For evil set in motion what many do not see;

A plan to keep out of God’s Eternal Kingdom, all of Humanity.

To Give In, Would Be So Easy



When has anything worth having, come with ease;

Only things that are temporary, that come and go with the breeze.

Things that are everlasting, will enter one’s life through the most tortuous path;

Making the end result permanent, it’s worth doing the math.


Though meant to be offered to all;

Truth is only realized by very few… a population that is small.

Because the path to truth is so painful and hard;

Many will want to give in to falsehood, due to the fear of being scarred.


Those who are in the light of the Truth will endure many painful events;

That will make the heart and mind worn down, building walls and tents.

However, once a mind and heart has tasted and felt it;

One can feel the Truth eminate from this person’s spirit.


Truth comes to those that make the choice;

To be a beacon of light, and through a megaphone be its voice…

Though being enticed by evil and its ways;

Take the “easy and pleasureable way…to get recognition in this world”, it says.


Though offered to all, few will take on carrying the torch;

For the fear of being beating, scarred and torched.

But with taking it on, answers will always be found;

And you will find yourself always on hallowed ground.


So don’t give in, keep up the fight;

It will all be worth it, despite your painful plight.

For those things that last for eternity, will come not by conforming to the world’s ways;

Because Truth will be lost to this world, based on what evil temporarily lays.

Power in the Name…Jesus Christ

Jesus Died to Save Mankind


Who had ever thought that there is such power in a name;

That had so little earthly fame.

For this Man came from a Higher source;

Being part Man, and a part of Him, from God, the Father of Creation, a Divine Force.


He came into this world for 1 goal;

To free God’s Children, and prevent evil getting to their souls.

For God’s Son, given the Name, Jesus Christ, was…is the Chosen One;

Who died on the Cross, for Mankind’s Sins, to reconnect us with God, the Creator, when all is said, and done.


God wanted His Children to come back to Him, so badly;

That He sent His Son, who had to endure all that He did, for Mankind’s unrighteousness, so sadly.

For His Righteousness unshackled us from evil’s chains;

Now it is up to us, to endure all the spiritual pains.

With every step we get closer to the Kingdom’s Path;

We must endure the “Refiner’s Fire”, and do the math.


God’s Son has showed us all;

In His Life…Teachings…Death….all things great and small.

For the Name that carries so much weight…

Is a Name that infuriates evil, putting it in such a violent, deceitful state.


This Man, the Son of God, conquered evil permanently, on the Cross;

Showing us that a spiritual death is a much greater loss.

The Man with this Name conquered evil through God’s Unconditional Love;

That comes abundantly from Up Above.


The Name, Jesus Christ, carries such power, remember this;

He showed us how to conquer evil, just study His Life, you’ll get the gist.

Just with the convicted mention of His Name;

Will make all evil flee…making you get 1 step closer to God’s Kingdom, as your claim.


Jesus Christ for you so loved the world;

You revealed God’s Ways, to which evil tried to twist and twirl.

Lord Jesus Christ, I now know the power of Your Name;

That can bring evil’s rebellion, to a state that can be tame.


It has the power to transform hearts;

And poke holes to evil’s plans, despite its darts.

Jesus…Jesus…the Christ who loved to the point of giving up His Life for the sake of saving others;

You have promised the faithful, victory through You, and of all evil, to smother.