A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


Where Should the Revival of God’s Word Be Occurring….

House in order

Christians today speak about a need for a “revival”, or “there is a revival” occurring…but what does God say about where the revival should be occurring. If we were given the Divine Purpose of being a Mother to Children, a Father to Children, a Pastor of a Church, a Leader of a Congregation, a sibling to another person, a friend, or even a foe…..did not God say that we should keep our houses in order first? God has given us a Divine Purpose in such posts that were given in our lives. Our first duty is to keep our house in order, until that final day.

Such a house should be a beacon of light with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, as its Lead. Such a house will not crumble as trials and tribulations approach it. For such a house knows it serves a Father of Creation Whose ways are of the world that He created, but are beyond which abide to that of an Eternal Kingdom. As Christians many of us are so involved in making “conversions”; but we forget to teach the #1 responsibility or even practice it for ourselves, that we have…and that is to keep our houses in order, in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love. Instead, we see God’s People splitting new converts from the very homes that the called are supposed to keep in order. Instead of nurturing people that are new to their walks…we see them almost being isolated and being pulled away from the rest of their families. Is that right, in the Eyes of God? I have often wrestled with this thought, through out the years of my Spiritual Journey.

True, Jesus said that we should love God more than our own fathers and mothers….the very earthly lives. However, he also gives us responsibility to testify to God’s Unconditional Love to all those that are within our households. This is the primary responsibility we have, because these are the people in our immediate lives, our daily lives. Many leaders forget this because their household may already be in order, forget the very people they bring to the path, may not. However, in my mind, God has never justified splitting a family unity, for the sake of keeping a “new Christian” from falling off of the path, other than when the Holy Spirit helps us to discern whether people in our household are completely lost or not. We, as Man, are not to determine that. There are many Scriptures, that support this idea.  

A house in order, makes evil to flee! This is what we should remember. Yes, if your house is in order help those around you, as well. But never encouragement someone to isolate themselves from a family. Because that conversion of heart that occurred, is not by the doing of SOMEONE ministering….it is because it was God’s Time for that person to RECEIVE His Gospel. The evangelists often forget that they are merely instruments, and that the conversions are not by the doings of they, themselves. If they believed that the new conversion of a heart was God’s Work, then such things of separating new converts from their families would not be occurring. I see this happening a lot in today’s ministry. It is not right, unless there is a harmful environment for the person. But I have seen it in situations that it was merely for doctrinal differences…and this is not right, in the Eyes of God.

May God the Father find us all worthy to enter His Eternal Kingdom….and to take our Divine Purposes to heart, with the Holy Spirit as our Guidance, in keeping our Houses in Order. The Revival should be in our Homes.

God made a Promise to His Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu) When He Died on the Cross At Calvary


For fulfilling His Will of His Life, here on Earth, Jesus Christ, Yeshu Christu, God made a promise to His Son, when it came to Mankind. That He be the intercessor between it and Him, as God the Father of all Creation. As a result, Yeshu Christu (Jesus Christ) became the intercessor between God and Man, through His Death on the Cross, at Calvary. Through His Life of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy while He roamed this Earth, and being slaughtered like a Lamb, He willingly became God’s Sacrificial Lamb, to save Mankind from being lost to Evil’s Darkness forever. And upon His Resurrection, He became the intercessor for us and God. Yeshu Christu (Jesus Christ) taught us through His Life Example, we should lead a life of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy…but at the same time, uphold what is right and wrong in the Eyes of God, and His Eternal Kingdom, at all costs that are in accordance to God Divine Laws of Love.

Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu) taught us that we are to live in this world…but to not live in accordance to the ways of this world, that violate the ways of the Creator who made you. He not only told us through His Many Teachings, but also showed through His Own Earthly Life, that though being the Son of God, who had every Authority to take away all hardships and trials with one strike of His Hand (but did not do so)….that nothing of this world is permanent, in comparison to the Eternal Kingdom of God. Not even the earthly vessel that we live in, that we call our bodies, but the soul that is within is what lives on. Yeshu Christu showed us how to nurture and feed that soul…to purify it to the point that it is worthy to enter His Eternal Kingdom. How many of us invest in purifying the soul within? We spend so much time purifying the body in its health and outer beauty; but what about the beauty of the soul within? Jesus Christ showed us through His Unconditional Love on the Cross, at Calvary, that such a soul can only be purified through Nonviolence, Unconditional Love and Mercy.

Through all the earthly torture that He endure, Jesus Christ still exhibited Unconditional Love at the Cross. Mankind gave in to the temptation of evil, just for a few moments of rebellion….pleasure….and greed (as that which began in the Garden of Eden), that some can not even comprehend the power behind the Act of Sacrificial Unconditional Love that Yeshu Christu (Jesus Christ) showed on the Cross, that day on Calvary. But it is always a choice that we are given through our freewill, to turn away from it or to go with it. God loves us that much….Yeshu Christ (Jesus Christ) saw God’s Love for us to die on the Cross…to give us all the chance to change, until the very last breath in our earthly bodies to make this choice. We are all held equal in His Eyes, until the day of harvest…until the day we are chosen to join Him in His Eternal Kingdom…..where (Yeshu Christ) will plead our case to God the Father of Creation.

God made a promise to His Son, Yeshu Christu (Jesus Christ). You see not only out of His Love for the Father of Creation, but also seeing the remanants of God’s greatness in Mankind while roaming this earth, that reflected the Father’s ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love and Mercy…ways that are in line with His Divine Laws of Love seen in the Eternal Kingdom, Jesus Christ was convicted of the purpose given to Him, and to save Mankind, by becoming that Sacrificial Lamb, on the Cross, at Calvary…became the final sacrifice, until that final day.

The Cup of Suffering

cupofsuffering   When we think of Jesus Christ, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu….what comes to mind, especially during this Season? When we think of the suffering that Jesus Christ endured for all of Mankind, do we not think that we may undergo suffering in the earthly sense, if we call ourselves servants of the Father of Creation, who says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond them? The Cup of Suffering. What does this mean to you? If the Son of God, Yeshu Christu, was not exempt from suffering earthly trials and temptations, what makes you think that you are? If God says His Ways are not of the world’s; why do you think that His Blessings conform to the ways of this world? Why do you think His Discipline, to us as His Children, does?

Those who are bound and defined by the world’s ways do not understand the way of life to that of the Eternal Kingdom. In fact, such a person who demonstrates this way of life is mocked and persecuted, in the worldly sense. However, was it not advised to us that we should, “fear not whom that can kill the physical body; but whom can kill the soul thereafter….” If you look at anyone that was a disciple of God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy, we see that they were not accepted by the worldly standards of a person. In fact, they were often outcasted, and led a very humble life. The spirit of such a person, can be felt from miles to km’s away, due to the love and kindness that they exude from their souls which are rooted in the Divine Holy Spirit, and His Guidance. Such love can not be denied, even by the coldest of hearts. Such a soul’s ways are not understood by those who define themselves by the world’s ways. Such souls are not defined by their flawed human nature. But yet these souls continue to perservere, just as the many of those who walked before.

Our sufferings on this earth, which are the result of following, faithfully, the Will of God for our life, is what God will see all of these mistreatings, as the injustice to which will one day bow down to Jesus Christ, when He returns. The more we allow for the Scripture to take root within us, the more we will see that the things that are valued in this world, are nothing in value, in comparison, to those which are of great value in the Eternal Kingdom of the Father of Creation. The Cup of Suffering. If Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, was not exempt, how could we expect the same of our lives. As God’s Son, He came to live here in the poorest and most humble of earth’s circumstances, when He could have come to the richest of earthly circumstances…but He didn’t. This is the extent to which God, the Father of Creation went through to show us that the things of great value in this world, have no meaning or value in His Eyes, and in His Eternal Kingdom. They are of no reflection of either. If they were, He would have made His Son’s life, trial and temptation free….and given Him an earthly life of that of the King that He is. But did not do so.

The Cup of Suffering. Through this, God shows us that it is the refinement of the soul within each vessel (that we call the body) that is of most value. This refinement comes from going against the grain of the ways of this world; and to follow God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence. It requires of us to endure the ridicule and persecution that will come from souls that are lost from the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, because they can not comprehend what it means to lead a life dedicated in demonstrating the Unconditional Love to which Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary.

The Cup of Suffering. Remember what Jesus Christ endured, willingly, for the sake carrying out God, the Father of Creation’s Will, for Mankind.

Giving in to Our Flawed Human Nature



When Adam and Eve gave in to the temptation offered by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, this is when our Human Nature became flawed. It is by seeping temptation into the Human Nature, that made it flawed. That cut off the direct pathway between God and Mankind. Jesus Christ came back to reestablish that Divine Gateway between the Divine Father of Creation, and His most prized creations, Mankind. The serpent and his helpers want to convince Mankind otherwise, which is what happened in the Garden of Eden. The serpent wants to make Mankind believe that they are not special in the Eyes of God, when in fact he knows the best (having once been a member of his court as Lucifer) how much God values Mankind, and what He has promised them, for following His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence.

The violence and the unforgiveness that we see in the world is a result of Man giving in to our flawed human nature. Jesus Christ came to this earth, and showed us through His Own Earthly Life, as the Son of God, what is expected by the Father of Creation of our earthly lives, in order to reunite with Him, and to be promised Eternal Life in the Eternal Kingdom. He showed us that He understands all that we endure as to the temptations and hardships that evil brings upon us, in order to permanently cut ourselves away from our connection from the Divine Father of Creation. He suffered the same hardships, if not more severe than what we endure, on a daily basis. Yet, He understood that through our Human Nature, that we would not be able to fight such things with our own human strength, but through the strength provided by the Holy Spirit, and the Father of Creation, He showed us that the things of this earth do not define the Eternal Kingdom, but defines evil and its rebellious ways that violate the Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence.

The carnal sins of lust, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, gluttony, pride is clearly what we see that our human nature can strongly be influenced by. We use our flawed human nature, to bring about the human logic, to reason out divine logic to which the Divine Father of Creation clearly states that that His Ways are not apart. A human nature and human logic which is defined and limited by earthly boundaries.

Jesus Christ showed us through His Divine Death, the power of Unconditional Love, on the Cross at Calvary. He showed us that Divinity is not bound by Mankind logic and nature to which the serpent tries to manipulate through the  7 Carnal Sins. He showed us that in unity through the ways of the Eternal Kingdom, that Mankind is promised more. That Mankind is treasured in the Eyes of the Divine Father of Creation. That Divinity wins! Great things happen through the roads less travelled. And whomever is willing to take it, great things are promised. Jesus Christ, as His Son, has shown us this. His disciples have shown us this.

Children of God Do Not Live in Fear





When we hear the words, that God says His Ways are not of the World’s Ways, but beyond them….what does that mean to you? Well, to me, if the Father of Creation created all things…then He obviously does not define Himself or His Ways, by that which His Creations define Him, or them, as. Why would the Creator be under the authority of His Creation?


“The closer to the Mission of Christ, the more hated and despised you will by the world.”- Pastor David Wilkerson.

If we are truly doing the ministry to that which Jesus Christ commissioned to His Disciples, just as His Disciples were, we will find trials and hardships. We will even find many enemies and people who just genuinely do not like you. So will you fear taking Jesus Christ as your Life Example? To unconditionally love, even those that do not like you…or do not have your best interests at heart. This is the very thing that Jesus Christ not only preached through His Words, but also through the actions of His Life, to the point of His Death on the Cross.  Our words and our very presence should exude that very unconditional love that Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary. This is how we know that the Divine Laws of Unconditional Love have taken root within a soul. God calls out such people and souls, to do such things….to spread this unconditional love….the very same that Jesus Christ demonstrated to the point of Death to His Earthly Body.  This is what surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, is.

The world does not hate its own. This what we have to remember. And God says His Ways are not of the World’s. And if this is the case, that God’s Children will be hated…..so how strong is your faith these days? If Jesus Christ Himself was hated to the point of being put to death, for no good reason…what makes you think you are exempt of such things, if the Son of God was not? Your success in ministry is not determined by earthly measures, but seen and defined by Divine measures.

“What shall we say in response to all this, if God is for us, whom shall we fear in being against us.” -Romans 8:31

How do we know that God is for us? If we wholeheartedly chase after Him, and His Divine Laws of Love. Evil will try to throw us off the path, by trying to bring us to earthly measures, to measure our success both in the earthly and spiritual sense. Evil will try to make your soul dependent on what the body feeds and nourishes itself on. Evil wants you to react and act on your human emotion; and not to depend on the Divine leading of the Holy Spirit.

However, when we believe in a God who says that His Ways are beyond those of this world; and to which He defines as Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy….we see that there is no fear in the earthly sense for anything. Because we have the confidence that the God we serve is beyond the world’s ways.

God Speaks Directly to His Children



Jesus Christ showed us with His Life, Death, and Resurrection, that no matter what the world around us may present as life circumstances, God finds His Way to speak to His Children. The question is….do we listen; or do we allow for the worldly circumstances to come in the way of our thinking, rather than allowing for Divine Logic to enter and take part in our thinking. However, it does not stop the Almighty God from talking directly to His Children, whether it be through prayers, visions, and even witnessing the life circumstances of themselves, and even those around them.

We often get so caught up as to becoming worthy to be God’s Children, by taking the legalistic route in refining our conduct, presentation, and working on things on the outside of our bodies; that we often neglect on working what is most important to enter the Eternal Paradise in the very Presence of the Father of Creation, the inside (our heart and soul).  The outside is purely just a vessel…while it is the soul that is molded on the inside that passes on to eternity, wherever the Omnipresent Father of Creation sees it fit, to dwell.  A heart that wholeheartedly believes in one’s will of their lives, as determined by the Father of Creation, just as Jesus Christ showed us with His Life, His Death, and even in His Resurrection, is what we should aim for.

In recent times, I have come to understand that God’s Will is always done of one’s life. He sees whose hearts have been transformed to the of Divine Love. Such a heart, is not defined by the ways of this world, but in ways that are defined by unconditional love, mercy and nonviolence. It is heart that is repentant for each time the Holy Spirit nudges it, when it violate God’s Divine Laws of Love. Such a heart yields to God, in the best way it can….

And this is where and when God talks directly to His Children. When He feels the hearts of His Children yielding to the Ways of His Kingdom. And even if they tread off of the path….He still speaks to them, to bring them back. We must remember there are no earthly parameters that qualify us for the Eternal Kingdom; it is only God the Father of all Creation that qualifies whom are worthy to enter His Eternal Paradise. All we can do is strive for the Life Example that Lord Jesus Christ showed us, with His Own.

We Will Be Held Accountable By The Father Of Creation With The Knowledge of Him We Have, And The Lives We Lead



When we are seeking the path to Truth, we are seeking a way of life that is to turn away from ways that leave us shackled. As human beings we seeks a way of life that is free. What is more free than to believe in a God, the Father of Creation, to which He says His Ways are not of this world’s but beyond them. All He asks is to bring a heart that is totally in accordance to His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love…which brings a life, that no living mind…soul…or heart could fathom on its own, but only a soul that is lead by the Holy Spirit has taken root within, as connection to the Divine Father of Creation, can. A heart that loyally seeks the Truth of the Father of Creation is a heart that is truly free…that is truly unshackled from the ways of this world to which are not divine in nature.

We are held accountable for the knowledge that we know of the Divine Father of Creation, and His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence and Mercy. We are held accountable for the knowledge of what is right and wrong in His Eyes, and for the choices we make to follow either what is right or wrong. Jesus Christ, Yeshu Christu….Yeshuay showed us through His Life and Teachings that we are indeed held accountable by the word of God. As the Son of God, He showed us that we are to honor God, with the knowledge we obtain from Divinity. With the loyal seeking of the Truth, Yeshuay….Yeshu Christu…Jesus Christ showed us that the Holy Spirit will take root within such a loyal soul, and help it to discern what is of the Divine Eternal Kingdom’s Ways, and what is not. The Lord Jesus Christ provided us the knowledge that we, as Mankind needed to be saved from evil. It is not about following our own human desires, it is not about giving in to human passions. It is about cooperating and wholeheartedly living in accordance to the Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy; and to not violate or rebel against them. With our own human strength, God knows that we are weak, from what He saw in Adam and Eve, and all those that followed after. This is why Jesus Christ…Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay died on the Cross, to reestablish that direct connection between God and Mankind…that was once destroyed upon the rebellion that began with the serpent’s temptation to Mankind, in the Garden of Eden…

When we go through our trials on this earth, in breaking ourselves from the ways of this world, to which the Father of Creation said His Ways are beyond….God’s reveals to these children who undergo the trials and still faithfully seek them, a portion of His Divine Wisdom. Hence the more we seek the Divine Truth, the more earthly trials we will face….and the more we seek His Divine Countenance, the more of His Divine Knowledge He will reveal, with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will show you what He sees of this world; and how His Children should remain in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love. The knowledge we gain…the good and the bad, God makes it very clear, that we will be held accountable for, in the reflection of our own lives.  As human beings we may fall, however, if we claim to know the Path of True, we would repent wholeheartedly for the moment of weakness. Because we know the authority of the Father of Creation…we know of His Greatness…His Divinity…and His Uncondtional Love for Mankind.


For in Galations 6: 1-8:

Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load. Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.


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