A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


As The End Of Times Come Nearer…Many Will Profess Love…Few Will Know Unconditional Love



As we get closer to the end of times, with each passing day, we will see many profess what love means…but few will know what it means of an unconditional kind. As Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, it is selfless, devoid of pride. It has the Holy Spirit to guide such a soul rooted in it, to discern the deception of evil. God (Devum, Jehovah,  Yahweh) has said, that those that know of Unconditional Love, will be bound to the Eternal Kingdom.And those bound onto the path to the Eternal Kingdom will be persecuted  in a world that has lost the meaning and knowledge of what it means to unconditionally love. But Jesus Christ (Yesu Christu, Yeshuay) has said that remember while they persecute you….they persecuted me.

To unconditionally  love is the perogative of the strong….to conditionally love is the perogative by the weak. This is what we have to remember as those who decide to walk the same path of Jesus Christ. In a world lost to the Laws of Divine Love which consist of ways that are of unconditional love, mercy, and nonviolence…..God’s Children may look like they are losing in the worldly sense…..but to a God (Jehovah, Devum, Yahweh) that says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but are beyond them….God’s Children will know that owning anything of this world, and having value for them means nothing in the Eyes of God the Father of Creation.

Unconditional love means we have to love all…our enemies…our friends….strangers….family…all equally. This means apathy for anyone is not acceptable. To care about their feelings….at the same time, not being vengeful….filled with lust or wrath is not acceptable. Evil challenges those that challenge it.And those that challenge evil are those that chose to follow the ways of the Eyernal Kingdom, which are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional  Love, and Mercy. Being selfless in nature, and having the nudging of the Holy Spirit to nudge you, in guiding you what ways are that of the Eternal Kingdom, and those are not. To not give in to the flesh, and sinful human nature, but if done…immediately  repentant. A heart rooted in God’s Unconditional Love will not be prideful to repent or to apologize for a wrong done.

We have to remember that God and His Ways will be known by a few as we get closer to the end of times. And even with this crowd, it will be practiced by very few. God gives these people the Divine Strength to uphold what is right and wrong in His Eyes, and to uphold the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. We can not do this by our own strength, but by God, the Father who created us…providing the strength to overcome, and uphold.

Darkness Needs Light to Survive; Light Does Not Need Darkness to Survive


The title of this entry is a pretty strong statement. However, it is the truth. When we think of wavelengths and frequencies as to how people’s energies exude, when we are “happy” or at “peace” we see that this can stand alone, all on its own. We, can go on our merry way pretty much on our own. It is until there is a dampening of these frequencies, in the forms of “depression”, or “saddness”, or “frustration” that we see that these lower frequencies need higher frequencies, or darkness needs light, to get out of that low frequency.

We see the same thing happening with all living things. Those in Darkness can not stay long in darkness. Why you may ask? Because living things were all originally made by the Omnipresent Living God….they were originally made to remain in the Light. Darkness was not meant to be in the world. This is why those in Darkness constantly seek Light. It becomes unbearable. Darkness will settle for moments of Light, to gain some relief from Darkness.Because living things were not meant to be in Darkness, when they are constantly in it, without knowing of a constant Light Source, it can die. Therefore this is why Darkness, has almost a parasitic effect on Light. It needs it to almost survive. But their source of Light is not coming from a constant source, in fact it can have the danger of injecting its own darkness into their light source. This can result in more darkness spreading.

You see those in the Light or of Light will always be in the Light because their source of Light is constant and never changing in its frequency, and that is the Omnipresent God. Despite what the earthly circumstances are, God is constant, timeless, and everlasting. If your source of Light is constant in Love….constant in Light….constant in Peace….you will have an endless supply of it. If you just seek for it, unceasingly. Despite the earthly circumstances around you, you will always have it. It will give one the strength to put service of others, before yourself. It will give one the strength to love beyond your whole self. It is the a source of strength, that is always willing and yielding to provide whateever is needed.

We see that Light is a force that can bring about selfless acts, ways filled with unconditional love, and nonviolence. Because it knows of a higher source of Light…the Omnipresent God. Darkness, in order to fight for its own existence, whether its intentions are deliberately wrong or not, will do it at all costs; bringing about ways that are selfish, are of conditional love, and violent. There is self control with those in the Light; and none in Darkness. Light never needs Darkness to survive. Light never needs to go to the ways of Darkness to survive.

Human nature became dark, once sin was introduced in the Garden of Eden. Yes, we should understand that we have a sinful human nature, that we are flawed because of this; born as sinners because of the darkness that was introduced by evil at that time. However, by looking to God, the Father of Creation, we have a constant source of Light. To kill that sinful Human Nature, we are to become selfless, unconditionally loving, and steer away from Darkness, as a result. This is not only a lifelong struggle, but an obligation, once THE Light Source has been revealed in our lives. To have that Light Source to have taken root within us, we will see that living for others is not a burden, but a duty in our lives. That to do what is the Creator’s Will of our lives, is our duty, not a choice. People will only look for peace in their thoughts and meditation with God, because they are getting replenished from the Light Source. Prayer is the communication with the Light Source. That giving in to the Darkness of Human Nature is actually wrong, because their heart, soul, and their very being will tremble at dirtying what has been already purified by the Light Source.

This is why Jesus Christ was able to do what He did at the Cross.

“Those Who Have Been Rejected In This World, Will Be First In My Kingdom”



These are the very words, of a God who says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but are beyond them. As Jesus Christ has said, “Remember while they persecute you, remember that they persecute me.” A world that does not know ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy, will not recognize those who belong to the Eternal Kingdom. They will be the ones considered the last on this Kingdom…but first in the Eternal Kingdom. This is the confidence of God’s Children. This is what brings each one of them, and everlasting peace, amongst the storm in their lives. They begin to see what is of worth in the Eternal Kingdom, and what is not of worth in the Eternal Kingdom, and have a natural affinity to those things of the Kingdom.

Such a soul will be in constant repentance, due their reverence for the Omnipresent God. They have understood the act of Jesus Christ shedding His Blood, at the Cross, at Calvary, and realize the shield that they were given, to gain Eternal Life. A heart that has understood the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom, will understand that leading a life of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy, is their ticket into the Eternal Kingdom. That “eye for an eye” is for the weak who do not see the Unconditional Love that is demonstrated from Jehovah, from up above.

All of God’s Servants have undergone the harshest of trials, and have still seen God’s Presence in them. This is what gives them the endurance to endure the trials, by remembering what God, Himself, endured for the sake of giving us that Blood Covering that He showed us on the Cross, at Calvary. If we mover forward in life, with God as first and foremost of our lives, it will not bother us as to whether we are first or last on this earth. God will make His Presence known in the lives of those that are heavenbound, and feeling that presence will provide a peace that is yearned by all souls.

So remember, if Jesus Christ was not exempt from the trials of this earth, then what makes us any better than the Son of God, to be free of the trials on this earth? We must remember that enduring the trials is what is required of us, in order to refine the hearts within ourselves. The love that is seen through the windows of their soul (their eyes) will be undeniable to even the most coldest of hearts, that have been inspired by evil. Through the toughest moments in their lives, for running to God, as their strength…they were given victory through Jehovah; and the testimony that they carry and share through this life experience, the reward of having the Holy Spirit of the Living God, to guide their lives, to help to discern the deception of evil.

Jesus Christ has said to “Take up our Cross, and follow Him….”. The way we see the things of the Eternal Kingdom is to see what is of value of the Eternal Kingdom, and God has said whatever is of value of this earth, is not of value in His Eternal Kingdom. So we must keep ourselves accountable each day in this. Such hearts, know no other way to live, and it will infuriate evil. But God has the last say in the end of it all, and this is what such souls know, even in the innermost depths of their own souls.



“Revive Me”…..


Do You Focus on Perfecting the Outside or Inside of Your Body

How does your soul look

While most focus on losing weight, to look slim; to find the right clothes and haircut; wearing make up; driving the right car; or owning the right home….God asks….no He pleads for us to focus on the soul within. Why you may ask? This is because of the spiritual war occurring, the fighting over our souls that is occurring. The vessel of the soul (the body will not be able to pass on to the Eternal Kingdom) but it is the souls within, that will be judged for its eligibility into the Eternal Paradise. When it is said that the “body is a temple”; it means that we should not degrade the earthly vessel that we know as the body, with any defacement or sexual sin, because whatever is introduced to the body in such mannerisms, will introduce evil into the soul within the vessel. This is why Jesus Christ promoted to not take a husband or wife that is unequally yoked, and to only have sex within a marriage. When you are unequally yoked, it means that you are on different spiritual levels, or even completely different spiritual paths, to which can push you off from the path to the Eternal Kingdom, by introducing the ways of evil to take root within a soul.

So the question is….do you feed your soul? If so, how do you feed your soul? Jesus Christ showed us on the Cross that we are to focus on the soul within, at all times. And that Justice is for God’s Children who saw it worth more to invest in the human soul, than the vessel to which is was housed in. He sees what is within the soul inside, and is the only One that can truly see every fiber of the soul inside, for what it is, and what it stands for….whether it be for God’s Divine Laws of Love…or not.  If we only spent a portion more of the time we spend to making ourselves look good on the outside, to invest on the inside….we will be better for it, and on the right side.

There is nothing that compares to the beauty of the soul within. It is important to understand that there isn’t anything in comparison to the beauty of a soul that is pleasing in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation. Such beauty is undeniable to anyone that encounters it. At the same time, there is nothing that gets evil more angry to witness or be in the presence in. We must become strong prayer warriors, this is what Jesus Christ equipped us with, upon His Death on the Cross, at Calvary. By being the Lamb that was slaughtered to become our shield in the blood that He shed at the Cross, and taking on the punishment that was meant for Mankind….Jesus Christ though this one act, was able to reestablish Mankind’s direct link to the Father of Creation. To feed the soul within, it is not by the deeds we do…but by the sincerity of our prayers and meditation, while seeking God, the Father of Creation.





“Meekness is not a sign of Weakness…” This Is What Jesus Christ Demonstrated on the Cross



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