A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


We Will Be Held Accountable By The Father Of Creation With The Knowledge of Him We Have, And The Lives We Lead



When we are seeking the path to Truth, we are seeking a way of life that is to turn away from ways that leave us shackled. As human beings we seeks a way of life that is free. What is more free than to believe in a God, the Father of Creation, to which He says His Ways are not of this world’s but beyond them. All He asks is to bring a heart that is totally in accordance to His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love…which brings a life, that no living mind…soul…or heart could fathom on its own, but only a soul that is lead by the Holy Spirit has taken root within, as connection to the Divine Father of Creation, can. A heart that loyally seeks the Truth of the Father of Creation is a heart that is truly free…that is truly unshackled from the ways of this world to which are not divine in nature.

We are held accountable for the knowledge that we know of the Divine Father of Creation, and His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence and Mercy. We are held accountable for the knowledge of what is right and wrong in His Eyes, and for the choices we make to follow either what is right or wrong. Jesus Christ, Yeshu Christu….Yeshuay showed us through His Life and Teachings that we are indeed held accountable by the word of God. As the Son of God, He showed us that we are to honor God, with the knowledge we obtain from Divinity. With the loyal seeking of the Truth, Yeshuay….Yeshu Christu…Jesus Christ showed us that the Holy Spirit will take root within such a loyal soul, and help it to discern what is of the Divine Eternal Kingdom’s Ways, and what is not. The Lord Jesus Christ provided us the knowledge that we, as Mankind needed to be saved from evil. It is not about following our own human desires, it is not about giving in to human passions. It is about cooperating and wholeheartedly living in accordance to the Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy; and to not violate or rebel against them. With our own human strength, God knows that we are weak, from what He saw in Adam and Eve, and all those that followed after. This is why Jesus Christ…Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay died on the Cross, to reestablish that direct connection between God and Mankind…that was once destroyed upon the rebellion that began with the serpent’s temptation to Mankind, in the Garden of Eden…

When we go through our trials on this earth, in breaking ourselves from the ways of this world, to which the Father of Creation said His Ways are beyond….God’s reveals to these children who undergo the trials and still faithfully seek them, a portion of His Divine Wisdom. Hence the more we seek the Divine Truth, the more earthly trials we will face….and the more we seek His Divine Countenance, the more of His Divine Knowledge He will reveal, with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will show you what He sees of this world; and how His Children should remain in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love. The knowledge we gain…the good and the bad, God makes it very clear, that we will be held accountable for, in the reflection of our own lives.  As human beings we may fall, however, if we claim to know the Path of True, we would repent wholeheartedly for the moment of weakness. Because we know the authority of the Father of Creation…we know of His Greatness…His Divinity…and His Uncondtional Love for Mankind.


For in Galations 6: 1-8:

Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load. Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

God’s Love Song to Me, Through Jesus Christ’s Life and Death

Colossian 1314



As each day goes by, I can not fathom God’s Love for all of Mankind. This love is so great, that is was so unconditional that it was selfless and sacrificial in nature; to which He showed us through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Son. God’s Plan is so beautiful that it truly requires a heart, mind and soul that is born again by the Holy Spirit. A mind that is free of the ways of this world to which the Father of Creation, Himself, has said that He is not a part of, and that His Ways are beyond that which is a part of this world; to which a mind bound the earth’s ways is incapable of comprehending, and even hate such love.

God loves us to the point of not dictating to us how are lives should be led; but gives us the freewill to chose, till the last breaths of our human bodies to see how great and unconditional His Love is. God knows who are His, because He sees what no human eye can see, or human ear can  hear. Through the example of His Son, Jesus Christ….Yeshuay…..Yeshu Christu…the Father of Creation….Devum….Yahweh…has shown us that there is not one child of His that will be plucked from His Hands, despite the earthly circumstances that they may face. Because those to which He has given worthy ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell, has fully understood the Blood Covering that His Son, Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay…Jesus Christ has given them, to have eternal life with the Father of Creation. Such souls have already been marked by Devum….the Father of Creation….God…Yahweh. Such souls do not define themselves by the world’s ways, but by what is right and wrong in the Eyes of the Father of Creation, and His Eternal Kingdom.

God’s Love Song is seen and witnessed with each day we are given to live. He gives us food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our head. He shields us from the cold and the excessive heat. He gave up His Son, so that we can have a direct pathway and communication with Him, once again. A pathway that was initially destroyed in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve chose to give in to the Serpant’s Temptation to rebel against the Father of Creation. Though seeing how Mankind has constantly chose incorrectly with their freewill, God still unconditionally loved His Children, enough to give the final chance through Jesus Christ…Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay’s Death on the Cross, in Calvary. He became the sacrificial lamb, in the hopes that we will see what God expects of us, as His Children, through the Life He led….through what He taught as the Father of Creation had instructed Him to…and through His Death, fulfilled God’s Perfect Plan to save Mankind from rebellion once again, which leads to a life of eternal wrath.

God continues to show us His Love, with each day He gives us to live. He shows us His Existence in the world around us, in ways great and small. But with our freewill, we have the CHOICE to see it for ourselves or not. Whether we see it or not, it does not change God’s Divine Plans, to carry out His Divine Laws of Love. For as the Father of Creation, His Ways are not defined by the ways of His Creations. Jesus Christ….Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay…became the mediator between Man and the Divine Father of Creation, by dying on the Cross at Calvary. He believed in God so much that He carried out God’s Will of HIs Life, UNCONDITIONALLY….SELFLESSLY. It seemed sacrificial in the earthly sense because GOD’S WAYS DO NOT CONFORM TO THE WAYS OF THIS WORLD…they are beyond them.


God’s Children Will Endure Suffering …But He Accounts For Each Tear Shed

When the Father of Creation says His Ways are not of this world, but beyond them it means that those that decide to walk the path to the Divine Eternal Kingdom will endure suffering for “going against the grain” of this world, to which He says His Divine Ways are not a part of. This is what the Father of Creation, Jehovah, Devum, demonstrated through His Own Son, Yeshuay….Yeshu Christu…Jesus Christ. As we get one day closer to the end of times, God states in the end books of the Holy Bible that His Children will endure suffering…some even to the point of death to the earthly body. This is because in that time, the ways of evil will be running rampantly on the earth, and they will be the ones who appear as prosperous in the earthly sense. Gandhi states it like this:

Gandhi on 7 deadly sins

For upholding God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy God’s Children will endure combatting Evil and its demons. And as Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay….Jesus Christ showed us, that it may come at the cost of an earthly death….but with the reward of spiritual eternity. God states, “Fear not who can kill the earthly body, but fear Whom can kill and take wrath after death to the earthly body. God sees every tear of His Children. He counts each one, and does not leave them unaccounted for.

girl crying

A heart that He has deemed fit for His Holy Spirit to dwell, will always follow His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence at all costs, and will be set apart from those who became lost to a world to which the Father of Creation, Devum, said that He is not a part of. He has promised that one day, all injustice will bow down to His Son, Yeshu Christu….Yeshuay…Jesus Christ…..and that:

Isaiah 54_17

We are asked to endure, despite how hard the times get on this earth. Jesus Christ and the Life Example that He left, showed us what is required to enter into the Eternal Paradise of God, the Father of Creation….Devum….Jehovah. To uphold His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy at all costs, even if it brings death to our earthly bodies. For He realizes how far the world has come from the original greatness that He originally created for it to be, because with the freewill He gave human beings, we willingly chose to violate His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy; and chose to pursue evil’s ways which conform to the world’s ways (to which the Father of Creations states His Ways are beyond them) of Violence, Unforgivness, and Conditional Love. We constantly choose the serving the needs of the self, by committing the the 7 Deadly Sins: 1) Greed; 2) Lust; 3) Gluttony; 4) Envy; 5) Wrath; 6) Pride; and 7) Sloth.

A heart rooted in following God’s Eternal Path, knows that the path that is travelled is by very few. It is bound by the Divine Laws, which is enforced by the Holy Spirit rooted within them, to keep on track what is right and wrong in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation. It knows no other way to live. Such people will appear in the earthly sense, very simple, even childlike. They will not value what others may value as richness in this world. Their hearts and souls will roar like lions through which the Holy Spirit reflects their light in to this world; and at the same time, helps such souls to discern the deception of evil. Such souls know through the Holy Spirit that God, the Father of Creation’s Truth will ALWAYS prevail.

Gandhian Philosophy



GANDHI knew that truth will be known by a few...

GANDHI knew that truth will be known by a few…

Freedom That Jesus Christ Gave Us At The Cross



When we examine the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we see that He demonstrated one of nonviolence, unconditional love, and peace. And anyone that studied and took His Teachings as their own, also demonstrated the same qualities of life, not only in action, but in thoughts and intentions of the mind and soul. However, we as human beings can not see the intentions of a mind or heart, we can only see what is immediately in front of our human eyes, and hear with our human ears. Our connection to the Divinity of the Father of Creation was broken upon Man’s first sin, in the Garden of Eden, when Eve and Adam decided to rebel against God, and allow the pride of wanting the same knowledge that their Creator possessed. However, when has the creation ever been equivalent to the Creator? Never. So, such a thought is really insensible. Jesus Christ restored our connection when He died on the Cross. As the Son of God, that walked on the earth, by dying on the Cross, He was able to restore to Mankind its immortality, and having a chance to be able to enter the Eternal Kingdom of the Father of Creation.

You see, evil would like for us to believe that God abandoned us. That for all the bad that exists in the world today, in the forms of famines, wars, racial biasness, homelessness, violence, etc….that God has abandoned us. It is simply not true. Just as Adam and Eve possessed on that fatal day in bringing Mankind to sin, by eating upon the FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE, all of Mankind today possess today…FREEWILL. It is through our freewill that we are given the choice everyday to chose what is right and wrong. To chose everyday whether to think only of ourselves, or for the betterment of another. To chose everyday with this freewill to love someone or not; to judge someone or not; or to even know what is of the ways of Divinity and the ways that are not. The Father of Creation has never let us go, He exemplified His Unconditional Love for us, through His Son, Jesus Christ. He said that He is a God that does not conform to the ways of this world, so why would His Rewards conform to the ways of this world? Jesus Christ had to die, to show us and evil, that God’s Ways are not of the world’s, but beyond them. There is nothing of the SELF, when it comes to ways of Divinity; but only PUTTING OTHERS BEFORE THE SELF. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross. And for putting the Father of Creation before anything else on this earth, Jesus Christ, as His Son not only taught, but demonstrated through His earthly death, and divine resurrection that eternity in the Eternal Paradise is promised. The earth is not God’s Domain. This is why His Ways do not conform to the world’s ways.

Jesus Christ showed us, when we believe in a God who says His Ways are beyond what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch with our human senses on this earth, that we experience true freedom. We can love unconditionally beyond these senses, and be able to love an enemy or a friend. We can sense, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God Himself, what ways are of Him, and those that are not, defying earthly definitions. As human beings, we are flawed based on the temptations that were offered to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and their acting upon them. It was reflect in the fruit they brought forth, in their own children, Cain and Abel. But with each day we are given to live, God gives us another opportunity to make things right with Him, and to use our freewill in that opportunity.

It is by giving up His Own Life, that Jesus Christ showed us the extent of God’s Unconditional Love.  We are to remain focused on our spiritual journeys, with the Father of Creation as our focal point, always. Does it mean that we will slip….sure, if we are spiritually weak. But we must become spiritually stronger, and build our way back up. But it is our choice to do that. We have the choice everyday to change. While Jesus Christ, carried the Cross of the sins that were brought on by the straying away of God’s Creations; He showed us that those who choose to pursue the Father of Creations Ways will all have their crosses to bear. But eternity will only be given to those who have understood His Ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Peace. This is where Mankind’s Freedom lies, in ways that are of nonviolence, unconditional love, and peace; we do not give in to ways that are the opposite of these because are not ways of Divinity; but demonstrate the ways of the SELF which come from a different place outside of divinity. Because the Father of Creation’s ways are not ways that are the mainstream of the physical realm, those who choose to pursue Him, will endure earthly struggles and battles of the mind, body, and soul. The Father of Creation always has His Hands Outstretched to us, no matter how far off the path we have fallen.

Just as any father for their child, His Love is Unconditional. At the same time, His Child is just as great…..we should be fully aware of God’s authority and power. One day, all injustice will bow down to Jesus Christ, and God’s Children will be brought back home.

Are You Living the Gospel Or Are You Just Having a “Ministry” For a Purpose?

I was asked from someone in my previous church the other day, what is my ministryWhich ministry were you called to serve for? Is a ministry that we decide to do, a measure to the success of our Spiritual Journey? According to Scripture, our ministry is to serve man in every part of our being. To serve in everyway possible, in our daily living. It amazes me how many Christians believe that they have a specific ministry, and their obligation is only for that specific ministry. To become fully transformed we have to serve God, fully. Not only in that ministry. It is about putting God first before any earthly measure. When we use a “ministry” or a “purpose” as a measure of our success on our spiritual journeys, this is how we become complacent, and even appear self righteous to those around us. We will allow earthly measures to measure Divine measures, to which God said His Ways are not a part of this world, but beyond them.

As we grow strong in our faith in God, we will begin to see that “our ministry” is to be faithful to Him, in all things we do, great and small; in our daily lives. We will rely less on the “success of earthly ministries”; and follow what the Holy Spirit is guiding for us to minist er to as all those that walk in our paths where seeds can be planted…and for God to harvest for His Kingdom.

We are called to touch every life that we have encountered in our life path. We are to follow through in the conversion of the heart and soul. To plant seeds; for God’s Harvest for His Eternal Kingdom. For a God whose ways are beyond that of the world, why do we keep insisting on serving God in an earthly manner? It is the conversion of the heart….it is serving with the heart that is seen in the ministries that we put forth, in our daily lives. And conversions done, which is pleasing in God’s Eyes will lead to permanent conversions for the Kingdom.

So I ask all of you, who say to live for a “purpose”….or for doing a specific “ministry”…is this all that God requires of you? Or is it only part of what is required for your ministry? How much of yourself do you give of yourself to serve Mankind…? Are you using your human emotion to lead you to a ministry….or are you hearing for the discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide you in your ministry?


A Soul….and The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit the Comforter

In life, I have learned that there will come a time where we will come to an event in our lives, where God will show His Existence, and we will have the choice to choose to see Him in that circumstance or not. This will be the very moments where God keeps aacount if we choose to see Him or to rely on Him, rather than rely on our own understanding. The question is how will we know whether we are relying on Him, or our own understanding? Well, this is when we know if the Holy Spirit has taken root within us. All Christians claim to be baptized in the Holy Spirit….a life that is will reflect an earthly life that is.

So how does this appear? If God says His Ways are not of the world, how would such a life appear in the earthly sense? A person that upholds seeking God and His Divine Ways of Unconditional Love, at all costs. A life and heart that is devoid of pride….seeks happiness in the simplest things in life. And seeks guidance and wisdom from a Higher Source, it does not solely rely on human knowledge, but on Divine knowledge.

As a result, such souls will constantly be at odds with the earthly flesh.But the Holy Spirit always provides strenghth to withstand and even  resist, what the human flesh can not withstand. As a result, such a soul that is guided and rooted in the Holy Spirit will be in a constant struggle with the world and its ways, and a soul that is rooted in the ways of this world will not be.

A life led by the Holy Spirit is not simply given by the Acceptance of what Jesus Christ did at the Cross. IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC. It comes from investment of refining the human heart so that it will not be led by the human instinct and emotions, but defer to the knowledge and wisdom of Divinity. …to the One who created all in this world. Such a soul will be lead by Unconditional Love…and will not love based on the conditions of this world.

We must realize the way to true peace is not by earthly means but by spiritual means. As long as our flesh battles with the world and its ways, we, as Man, with our flawed logic, will choose with our freewill to give in to our flesh that is sin stained. The Holy Spirit takes roots in those who have provided the right foundation or soil …with a heart that is pure and finds God’s Existence in all things, great and small.


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