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Faith and Spirituality


The world today seems to be too busy in fine tuning themselves to their own spirituality.  I believe that we were all created to be spiritual beings.  But it takes a lot of patience and dedication to develop this aspect within our lives.  Faith is a gift that we recieve. In order to recieve this gift, we must make our souls worthy enough for that gift to have a pure ground to take root within us.  It does not mean that we are not allowed to make mistakes, as humans, God expects us to do so.  However, we must have the goal to strive for perfection in the His Eyes; and recognize God’s Authority within our lives.  When we do make mistakes, we must ask for forgiveness and guidance from God, as to how we can correct ourselves.  God is always a source of good, never of evil.

We all have our own difficulties, pains, and battles to face within our lives.  No one is exempt from that.  Not even Jesus Christ,Himself, was exempt from that aspect of human life, as the Son of God.  So how can we expect that of our own lives?  However, it is how we deal with these difficulties, that we come into the good graces of God, especially in these times, as to when it seems to be coming closer to the Day of when Christ will return.

I am here to talk from the inner depths of my soul, through my poetry.  The poetry is meant to invoke thoughts of self refining, self discovery, and even a sense of peace once you get in touch with your own spirituality.  So think to yourself….and ask yourself…..

How is your faith these days?