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What May Appear Beautiful In The Earthly Sense, May Not Be Beautiful in the Divine Sense

God states that His Ways do not conform to the ways of this world, but are beyond them. He sees what the human eyes can not see, what the human ears can not hear, what the human senses can not sense or feel. He sees the innermost intentions and purity of the heart and soul, and that is what He considers pleasing or not in His Eyes. God works beyond the earthly realm because He states that His Ways do not conform to the earthly.

This is why He states in the Holy Bible, the following:



Whatever the earth classifies as that which should be admired, or envied, or even idolized on this earth, may be considered as last in God’s Eyes in the Divine Eternal Kingdom; while that which is considered first in God, the Father of Creation’s Eyes within the Divine Eternal Kingdom, will be considered as last or disregarded altogether, as valuable, in the earthly kingdom. This only supports the earthly life and death to which God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) gave His Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) gave His Own Son, while He roamed this earth. Though being the Kings of all Kings, and a Member of the Most High Court, in the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation….He showed us, that even His Son will not conform to the world’s ways, because that is how beneath Him, or how far away the ways of this world are from the ways of the Divine Eternal Kingdom.

Those that have been given the testimony have all realized this. Those that uphold the wisdom that was revealed to them through their testimony will begin to see the world, the way that God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) see the ways of this world, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The human senses can easily deceive a soul, because it relies on the human senses, which Satan and demonic spirits were given jurisdiction over to manipulate for its purpose. This is why God, the Father of Creation states the He and His Ways should be first and foremost. That those that seek His Kingdom faithfully will have His Guidance through the Holy Spirit.

Beauty is in the soul that God has put within each creation, something that He can only see. This is why He states that we should invest in our bodies as a temple. It is not to beautify the outside vessels to make them temples, it is beautify the souls within so that it will reflect out to the world that we roam within, as a beacon of light. Outer beautification is what Satan uses to manipulate the human senses to bring Mankind further away from the path of the Eternal Kingodm. For it states the following in the Holy Bible.:

Satan masquerades around as the angel of light

Those of us that have been given the testimony, had this piece of wisdom not only revealed to us, but also witnessed by us, through the victory in the testimony that we were given. We are given the wisdom that we must turn away from our sinful ways, that were made so alluring by Satan and his demons.

We must always consult God and the Holy Spirit as to the beauty which is of the Eternal Kingdom, and that which is not. We must never rely on the spirit of the flesh, it is what Satan and demons have dominion over. The conviction of our wrongs and to change from them is the connection that Humanity has with God, the Father of Creation, through which Jesus Christ reestablished through His Death on the Cross at Calvary; to which Satan initially destroyed in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. It is up to us to chose with our FREEWILL to chose to turn away from them and resist the sinful human nature through which looks so EASY, BEAUTIFUL, PLEASUREABLE, and even SELF REWARDING. 

What may appear to be beautiful in the earthly sense may not be beautiful in the Divine Sense. This is only understood by a soul that faithfully seeks the ways of the Eternal Kingdom, which are ways that conform to the Divine Laws of Love, which are ways that are not self serving, but are selfless. It is to devalue the earthly ways to the point of upholding His Divine Laws of Love to the point of possible giving up your earthly life to uphold them. Isn’t this what Jesus Christ did at the Cross? Did not Satan given him a way out in the wilderness? And what was Jesus’ response to Satan? It is as follows in

Luke 4:1-3:

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, 2 where for forty days he was tempted[a] by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.

3 The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.”

4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone.’[b]”

5 The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. 6 And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. 7 If you worship me, it will all be yours.”

8 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’[c]”

9 The devil led him to Jerusalem and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down from here. 10 For it is written:

“‘He will command his angels concerning you
to guard you carefully;
11 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[d]”

12 Jesus answered, “It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’[e]”

13 When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.


Our temptations to lead astray from God, the Father’s Eternal Kingdom will continue until our last breaths on this earth. We must understand this. If Christ, as His Son was not exempt, that who are we so flawed, in comparison to His Perfection, to think that we will be exempt from the earthly trials to break us away from our sinful human nature?


Spiritual Thinking Vs. Spirit Filled Thinking: Manmade Thinking vs. Divine Thinking

Quote of God's Wisdom

In this day and age, there are many travelling on a spiritual journey. Many trying to seek answers to the things of this world; through a force or source that is not of this world. Essentially I think this all comes down to one common understanding amongst Mankind, that human logic has its limitations. And that there is a Higher Force/Source out there that can provide insight to things within our lives. Yes, the proof that there is Existence in God.

But what is the difference between “spiritual” and being “spirit filled”? I often debated this very principle in my mind. And to be honest, I’m still not quite clear on this. However, there is one thing that I have come to understand for certain is that there is a different in approach and way of thinking. While spiritual thinking emcompasses numerous schools of thought; spirit filled thinking is guided by one certain belief. For me, the conclusion that I have come to is that if one is certain in what they believe in, once can emcompass both. However, for the betterment of Mankind, we have to be mindful of whether we are guided by Divine Thinking, or by that which is not so divine. This is the struggle that Mankind has encountered since Adam & Eve fell to sin, in the Paradise of Eden. A struggle that God is very much aware of. This is the very reason why God’s Graces and Love is so abundant and endless in supply, that He gives us the FREEWILL to choose to seek His Divine Logic. He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies to seek and find this, so that not only will be “Spiritual”, but also “Spirit filled“. I think out of the 2, it is most hardest for man to become, “spirit filled”. Being divinely spirit filled, truly does require you to break away from the ways of this world; and to even not give in to human nature (which is vulnerable to sin). God says He is not of the ways of this world; but beyond them. And Jesus has said that “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt…”; which requires us to rely on logic and guidance that is in ways of Love, Peace, and Nonviolence, which all require a strength that is beyond our human nature.  If it was within our human nature, the world would not exist in the current condition that it is.

Does anyone every achieve, the balance between the 2? Very few. It is a lifelong journey, to which only the Higher Source, God, can determine if that balance was achieved. However, while we are on our spiritual journeys, we will begin to see a difference in our way of thinking. And such a journey will become the focus of our entire existence. Once this thinking has become engrained in us, and has taken root, it will ben reflected in our everyday actions. What we have to realize is that because this is a lifelong journey, to which God, Himself, determines the beginning and end of it, we will have a constant struggle between falling on and off the path. The most important thing is to get back on. God knows this struggle so much of us, which is why He sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to reestablish the direct pathway that we once had with the Father of Creation, that was originally destroyed by the introduction of sin by Satan, in the Garden of Eden, and with Adam & Eve’s fall to this sin. He wanted us to tap back into His Endless Unconditional Love, to be guided by His Multidimensional Logic, which defies all boundaries that have defined this world. That is why those who have a balance between the two, see what it means when God says His Ways are not of this world, but beyond them. That the ways that truly considered great in the Eyes of God, are quite the contrary to what the world defines as great.

The prime example of this is to see how a little infant or child lives their life.  The things that we would consider as the simplest of things in this world, is what brings great joy to a child. They have no fear to love; and at the same time, very sensitive to the pain the world can cause them. Yet at the same time, they quickly move on, to continue on loving. Haven’t you ever seen a child being more amused by the box or wrapping paper that their toy gift, came in? They are often ok playing by themselves; or even playing with others. They are often content “beating to their own drum/tune”; so to speak. God speaks to these pure hearts quite often. Because it has not been jaded by the ways of this world. This is what God means to have “faith like a child”. To reach our fullest potential, spiritually, we must not allow for the ways of this world, to jade our hearts and souls. Otherwise this could block out God, and His Divine Enlightenment in our lives.

Remember, Divine Logic are ways that understand that the creation can never be equivalent to the Creator; and not having the authority to determine which of the Creator’s creations to eliminate or not. A way of NONVIOLENCE. It is a way to which is confident in the spiritual enlightenment one has found, and will have unshaken LOVE and PEACE in such a heart and soul, despite the chaos in the world around them. This lifelong journey is one that God asks for us to be in constant communication with Him. To experience a type of Unconditional Love that fill every void that a human soul could experience by the ways of this world. Such a soul reflects this spiritual balance….and is undeniable by all that come in contact with it.

“So those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last.”-Matthew 20:16 (PART I)



This very verse is stated in so many ways, and words by Jesus Christ. These are such powerful words, and often are overlooked by many who profess Love and Peace, as their philosophy. Those who have truly come to adopt Love and Peace, as their ways of life, will understand what God meant, when Jesus Christ ministered these very words to those He encountered. He also demonstrated this through His Own Earthly Life, as the Son of God.

God does say that He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. He does not define Himself, by what His Creations determine as being “good” or “bad”. He, as the Creator, determines the parameters and the definition of what is “good” and “bad”. And those who are in tune with the Father of Creation, will also be guided to His definitions of what is good and bad. Just look at how a child is so confident in knowing what is right  and wrong. Things are black and white to them. As the days go by, I sincerely believe that this is how we, as Man, were originally created to be…to know of what is right and wrong. The “gray” area was created by Evil. Evil’s biggest tools are confusion and chaos. God, as the Creator, always provides confidence and certainty. And this is what children display in their knowledge of knowing what is right and wrong. Has the world evolved to such a state, where we, as Man, are now confused, as to what is “right” and “wrong”, according to what God created for this world to be? As seen and described from the times of Adam & Eve, before Satan brought sin to the Garden of Eden, our world was created so that there was a Utopia, and perfect harmony. The world today evolved to its present state….why? Disharmony was introduced into Eden, upon sin being introduced…is the disharmony today, an extension of the 7 mortal sins of  greed, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, envy, and wrath ? Only God can tell us this, when the His Time comes to rule again on this earth. But God, as the Father of Creation; and Jesus Christ, as His Son, make it very clear that this world’s ways are not of the ways of Divinity…Let’s see how this is demonstrated…..

Let us begin with the Life Example, that the Father of Creation, has demonstrated through His Son, Jesus Christ. As the King of all Kings, and being one of the key members of the Most High Court, Jesus Christ did not live as an earthly king, while roaming the earth. In fact this is how He lived:

1. He was immaculately conceived to an unwed mother. Recent findings say, that Mary was even as young as 12 years old, at the time of conception of the Holy Spirit.

2. He was adopted by Joseph, who became Jesus’ earthly father. Joseph understood Mary’s Mission and his, by taking on such a role.

3. Jesus Christ was not born in a hospital, or in the home of his mother by nursemaids. Because word of the “King of Kings” birth was spreading like wildfire, He was being hunted to be killed. As a result, Joseph and Mary had to flee, and during their journey, Mary had to give birth to Jesus Christ in a barn, where He laid in a Manger, where cows ate their slop and food.

4. He lived humbly learning the trade of His adoptive father, Joseph, carpentry. He did not have a palace…or wear silks. He lived a humble life of the cloth that his mother spun for Him.

5. He roamed from town to town, to share God’s Gospel. He was the Shepard of God’s Lost Children. God, as His Father, guided Him, and always provided SUFFICIENT amounts of thing, in order to live from day to day.

6. He died the death sentence of a criminal. He did not die in what would be considered noble or royal.

7. And even when His Earthly Body was laid to rest, it was not in a royal ceremony; or mausoleum; but in a tomb made of stone.

God went to this extent, to demonstrate through the life and death of His Son, how much earthly definition and parameters did not mean anything to Him, who sits in Heaven. In fact the worldly parameters are not needed to live a life that is pleasing to God, the Father. God has even said, through the teaching of Jesus Christ, that it is not only enough to follow the commandments that have been laid out. We must believe in them so much, as to live it, from day to day. That those that encounter a believer in God’s Love, will feel it so much, as to want to change from their old ways, to those ways that are pleasing to God. Jesus has said this very thing to the rich man that asked him this very thing. Jesus said, “Give up your riches, and follow me.” What did Jesus mean by this? He meant, that God is first in all. And if you believe that God is first, you will believe that He will always provide in sufficient amounts, just as He did for Jesus Christ. Because according the world He first created for Mankind, in the Garden of Eden, we did not need money or power. Man and nature lived in harmony with one another.


Preparing Yourself (Part I)

With each day put on the Armor of God.....

With each day put on the Armor of God…..

As the days go by, there seems to be more evidence that we as Mankind, are growing further and further away from the greatness that God had originally created for us to be. Though God has given us the freewill to choose whether to follow His Ways of Divinity; we often decide or make the choice of not doing so. God had entrusted us to make the right decisions, yet we keep chosing to do the wrong. This was proven when temptation to sin was first introduced in the Garden of Eden, and Adam & Eve fell to the first sin to be committed by Mankind. Ever since then, Man has shown their weakness to the temptations of Evil, by  falling prey to the 7 deadly sins in some shape or form; leading to harming each other…harming Mankind, which is in direct violation of God’s Divine Laws of Love. What distinguishes between a believer and a nonbeliever? Repentance….repentance….repentance. I can’t stress that enough. Through this simple, humble act in front of God, you show that you still recognize His Authority in your life. There will come a time where we all will have to answer to Him, whether we believe in Him or not; or whether we have forgotten Him or not, from our lives.  We are each held accountable for all we do on this earth. And there is no hiding of anything from God, because He sees all. Evil try to convince you of otherwise, just like it did with Adam & Eve. And God’s Wrath is permanent; while the inflictions that Evil puts on us are TEMPORARY.

People who are faithful to God will endure trials and tests. God is refining them through these trials, to breakaway from the ways of this world, back to the perfection that God had originally created for all of us to be. And the world’s ways are currently running rampantly with NOT WAYS OF DIVINITY; but WAYS OF EVIL. Remember that God says He is BEYOND the world’s ways. So we must breakaway from the ways of this world. Jesus Christ, Himself said that it is not enough to just be faithful to the Commandments and the laws. But you must give up everything that you value in this materialistic world, to follow God. This is really a mental process. When you BELIEVE in something….you begin to LIVE it. Our hearts will prick us, the moment we violate God’s Laws, as God’s nudgings of whether this is right our wrong. But Evil will constantly be around to constantly make us fight those “nudgings” from God. Evil tries to tell us use the “knowledge of this world as our philosophy and way of life. This only combats God’s Wisdom which is BEYOND the ways of this world. Nonetheless, even is the knowledge of this world, God reveals Himself. The question is are we viewing them through our “spiritual vision” or through our “human worldly vision”?

God says we are not to accept what violates His Laws of Divinity. Yet look at how many atrocities to Mankind exist today? And how we have justified their existence? EVEN GOD HIMSELF, though having all of the authority to do so, DID NOT DESTROY HIS CREATIONS. Yet we as His Creations, have given ourselves authority to destroy them. From killing nature, the animals in the wild, AND EVEN EACH OTHER.  Who are we to do so? Have we considered ourselves to be gods ourselves to do this? To think that we are godlike in deciding who out of God’s Creations are superior to all other of God’s Creations? God does this to give ALL the opportunity to change from their sinful human nature, both good, and those who chose to follow evil. Out of His Love for Mankind. He just wants us to choose willingly to do so. Evil’s authority on this earth is allowed only because we CHOSE to allow for it to enter within our lives.

(PART II to come…..)

Trials & Tribulations


For every believer in a God who says He is not of the ways of this world, they must ask themselves, “Are they ready to endure the times of trials and tribulations?” God says, you must not value the ways of this world, that are not derived by Him. And He makes it very clear as to which ways are in accordance to Him, and those that are not. Just as Jesus Christ showed us with His Own Time on Earth, that those that uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, have to endure the trials and tribulations, because those that truly do what God expects of all His People, they will understand through these trials and tribulations, that God truly is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. Jesus showed us that even as the Son of God, that He wanted to endure the same earthly trials that we, as God’s Children on this Earth, endure, so that He can show us, just how much God loves us, and to show us truly that HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’s WAYS, but beyond them.

I think one thing that people seem to loose sight of, when it comes to Jesus Christ is that God knows the evil that exists in the world. The very fact that Jesus Christ came to die, as the Salvation for Mankind, demonstrates this. But God has decided that He wants true believers in His Divine Laws of Love; in His Eternal Kingdom with Him and His Saints.  Not just “lukewarm” people; and definitely not “cold” people, that can be easily swayed by evil. He wants people who are strong, and adamant for God’s Laws of Divine Love. Such ways, as Jesus demonstrated with His Own life or ways of Nonviolence and Love. For any injustice done to us on this earth, we are to leave justice in the Hands of our Creator; because it is not up to us to seek that justice…WRATH is one of the 7 deadly sins. God’s Wrath for doing so, is far worse than anything that happens to us in this world. For any pain that we endured, God can heal it to its entirety; as opposed to any healing done so here, on this earth, w/temporary measures. We are to “turn the other cheek”. Jesus Christ demonstrated this to the extreme of death on the Cross…..are you ready to endure, such a trial, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love?

Because you see, power and money, can only take you so far. God says, that you can only enter His Kingdom, by giving up these things, because these are things that are bound by the ways of this world. A heart that is childlike in love and purity, is what enters the Kingdom of Heaven. What does this mean? Does a child have any value for money? Does a child value clothes or cars or homes? Such things, in its EARTHLY value are unknown to a child. But they value what is right and wrong. They value love and peace. These are things that truly make a child happy. This is what God means by this. They endure pain, but only to the point of that moment. Look at how easily they forgive….THIS IS WHAT JESUS MEANT TO HAVE FAITH LIKE A CHILD.

Trials and Tribulations, in the Book of Revelations, God has made it very clear that His People will endure great trials. In fact, He asks us, that if we are certain of His Truth, are we ready to uphold His Words to the point of death to our human bodies. God’s people will endure more and more trials, to throw them off the Path to the Heavenly Father. Evil’s time is running out on the earth, and Satan is trying to claim as many souls AWAY from God. His most prized possessions would be those that were once on the path. We must grow strong in our faith, so that we can have our foundations in God, solidified. We must recognize that battle that we are in, is not the of physical realm (despite what we see and hear on this earth); but of a spiritual realm. We must know, through the story of Adam and Eve, that our human strength is no match for what we need to endure the trials of this battle. Our own human understanding and strength is no match at all! Jesus states that, “We should not rely on our own understanding…” And as He demonstrated at the Cross….that it is only through God’s own strength, can we conquer the trials that evil throws at us. God’s people know this…and with the Book of Revelations, God’s People know that it is not earthly victory that we seek; but a spiritual victory. There is no fear of earthly trials or consequences, when you stand by ways that honor God; and the truth of the Eternal Kingdom.

Remember God’s People are not DEVOID of any problems or TRIALS. GOD clearly states that they are FULL of them; because they are constantly being tried to be taken away from God’s Path, by evil. So endure the TRIALS boldly, and proudly. Because the more trials you face, the more threatened evil is getting by your faith in the ALMIGHTY GOD, that says He is not of this world’s ways, but BEYOND them. And if your life is rather problem free on this earth, you should worry, that means evil is not threatened by how you lead your life….you’re going along the path that it wants you to go on…conforming to the ways of this world.

How is your faith these days? Are you scared to die for the Almighty God, and His Divine Laws of Love? If you know God, He says you shouldn’t. Because when we decided to go on the Path seeking God, we would have endured so many trials that our tolerance is already higher for adversity in the earthly sense. And we die a little each time, from the ways of this world, with each victory over a trial we get, in the Name of the Almighty God. So death of the earthly body should not be feared. God says He is not of the earth’s ways, but beyond them.

Prosperity vs. Persecution

death of the 12 apostles

The 12 Apostles believed in the Prosperity of God, that Jesus taught them, that they wanted to share it with all of us. They knew that their earthly life was nothing in comparison to the life that God can offer them. Which is why they lived in accordance to His Ways…to the point of death. Just as Jesus Christ showed them through His Life.


If we look through out the history of those that have changed Mankind, in a way of Nonviolence, Love, and Spiritual Enlightenment, what do they all have in common? A life that is devoid in valuing the things of this world. In fact they went as far as spinning their own clothes, or to living a life of a nomad. Living a life, where they are not ID’ed by their profession or wealth. Simply known for the love that they shared and preached to others. They were known for putting others before themselves, by letting their hearts to be seen boldly.

In the Bible it states, that in the end of times, the once acceptable will become unacceptable; and the once unacceptable will become acceptable. God says in the Book of Revelations that those that believe in Him, and His Ways to Righteousness, will be persecuted, even to the point of death. Isn’t that what Jesus Christ showed us with His Own Life and Death? So not only did Jesus teach us about what God expects of us, while we have this time on the earth; but He SHOWED us with His Life, that it is not an easy path to travel on. For God’s Ways no longer rule this earth. It is that of evil that does…and God Ways are above and beyond the world’s ways. His Blessings and Rewards are nothing in comparison to that of anything that this world can offer you. But you have to see this. You have to believe this. To the point, as Jesus showed us on the Cross, of death. His 12 apostles understood this, which is why they spread the truth of God’s Gospel, as Jesus taught them, knowing that they will be resisted, persecuted, and ridiculed. But did it anyway. So, let me ask you, brothers and sisters, how is your faith these days? This way is not meant for the few, but by all. The question is, how many of us will choose to do so….

By coming down to live amongst us, Jesus Christ, the Living God, knew He was born to die, in order to save all of Mankind from Evil’s Wrath. As a Living God, He could have came in the form of an earthly King, with all the riches of the earth. He could have died a noble death, full of honor and glory. BUT HE DIDN’T. This is the extent God went through to show you that the things that are considered RICH or of HIGH VALUE in this world, ARE NOT in His Kingdom. This is the extent God went through to show us that the things of this world that are POOR or considered LOW in VALUE; ARE of great value in the Kingdom of Heaven. God does not define His Ways that are of this world; but of the Kingdom Up Above. So why do we, as human beings, keep looking…saying…that earthly rewards, which are temporary in nature, are God’s Blessings? His rewards are permanent, and eternal.

The Prophet Job’s story is also a great one. He is a man that had it all in the earthly sense; and at the same time, was faithful to God. And when everything was taken away from him, his faith was tested. Our faith in God should surpass everything, even our own selves. Evil will try to manipulate everything of the human condition and body, in order to take you away from the greatness that God created for you to be; in His Image, as His Child in Heaven. And we can not conquer this with our own human strength; this is how Adam and Eve fell to sin and temptation, in the Garden of Eden. This can only be conquered through how much God’s Gospels are rooted within our hearts and souls. Evil will say that it can give you all the fame, fortune, and wealth on this earth; however, once you attain such things, you have no choice but to serve it. God says that He will allow for you to make the choice to choose His Ways or those of the Evil One. And those are endless, while you are alive on this earth. God says He will give you till the last breath of your earthly body, to make the right choice; and even if you once made the choice and strayed away, you have the choice of coming back.

God also did say that because His Ways are not of this world that this world, and the evil that runs it, will persecute those that decide to follow Him. Isn’t that what Jesus Christ showed with His Own Life? That the ways of this world will ridicule you for what you believe in accordance to God’s Ways, because the “once acceptable, are now unacceptable.” Prosperity on this earth is all temporary. It can be taken away with one swipe of God’s Hand. But things that came by way of God Himself, will be everlasting.

As we get closer to the end of times, we see so much turmoil in this world. Have we become closer to God; or further away from Him? Have we forgotten Him; and think of ourselves at the same level as Him….How can a creation be at the same level as the Creator? Whether we believe in God or not, there will come a day where we will all have to answer to Him…for all the things we did in our lifetimes. This is why Jesus said, to repent…and to throw all of your burdens and cares unto Him…and He will give you rest.

It is clearly stated in the Holy Bible, “Who is first on this earth, will be last in my Kingdom; and whomever is last on this earth, will be first in my Kingdom.”


Do not compromise God’s Eternal Paradise, for the sake of temporary prosperity on this earth; but go through the persecution of this earth, to receive God’s eternal prosperity.


“Why does God let bad things happen to good people…” -Kirk Cameron, from his upcoming movie “Unstoppable”

I am sure that many people have seen Mr. Kirk Cameron in the headlines, recently. It is said that the trailer for his upcoming movie was being blocked or censored by Facebook and YouTube, according to reports. It was recently lifted, based on the petition of many Christians, of all sects and ages, who protested against the censorship through either Facebook or YouTube clips of their own. Nonetheless, Mr. Cameron wants to share the answer that he has recently discovered on a question that he has been pondering upon for many years himself. Which brings me to the title of this entry….


It is important that we exercise 2 things, while being Christians:

1.  A respect and understanding for the Almighty God we serve, which we demonstrate by respecting and honoring the Precious Sacrifice made at the Cross for ALL of Mankind, by Jesus Christ.

2.  And through the life example that Jesus Christ left us, we are to understand and respect the lives we encounter in our life paths, just as He did. He gave everyone a choice to listen; but He never stopped them from speaking their own beliefs, to challenge His.

We should have that zeal to share the love of the Almighty God, and the love He showed through the Death of Jesus Christ. What I have learned in my own personal life is that through earthly trials and challenges, we only get stronger in our faith. This is what God meant by “REFINER’S FIRE“. We must have our faith tested, in order to make it to the perfection that God had originally created for it to be, as originally seen in Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden (before Satan introduced temptation and sin to them) . Think about it, how are DIAMONDS made? Before they become the beautiful gems that we admire for their sparkle and clarity in color, they are found in such a raw and rough form. And only until it undergoes all of the tests of high temperatures, and rough polishing….it becomes the perfection that we see.

What people keep losing site on, is the very fact that upon that sin committed in the Garden of Eden, committed by Adam & Eve, Mankind became a part of a SPRITUAL BATTLE, between Good and Evil. Jesus finally ended Evil’s reign over the Earth, by dying on the Cross at Calvary. However, God’s ways will only be restored upon Jesus Christ‘s Return. So in the meanwhile, the earth’s ways, are structured out of Evil’s ways. This is why God says He is NOT of the WORLD’S WAYS; and that by conforming to the world’s ways, and saying that we honor Him, as the Almighty God, that we are serving 2 Masters. You have to either choose conforming to the ways of this world; or to follow God’s Divine Laws of Love, which are not of the ways of this world (by leading a life the ways Jesus Christ showed us, while He walked on this earth.) So this is this the conflict that we face, as human beings, everyday.

They trials and the challenges we face are based on tests of faith…to refine, beautify and perfect it. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not exempt from such tests, while He walked on this Earth. In fact to share and uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, he encountered persecution, ridicule, and even was accused of things He did not do, to the point of being punished an earthly death on the cross, which was the sentence of a criminal. And for those that know Jesus Christ, was He a criminal. Absolutely not. So what makes us any better than the Son of God, to be exempt from them? In fact, He showed us how to tackle them…to conquer them. And the 12 disciples that walked by Him through His Life Journey, understood this. They followed Jesus Christ’s instruction….in sharing Jesus Christ’s Teachings…to share God’s Love…to the point where they themselves endured the same persecution, ridicule, and deaths. Evil kept on throwing challenge after challenge at them to deceive them off the path to God. But they realized that the Almighty God that they served was beyond the ways of the world that they live in….and have a promise of Eternal Paradise for them. This is what they saw through Jesus Christ and His Life Example.

I always say, a person that claims to be walking on the Path to God, should be deeply worried if they are not facing any challenges or trials in their life. That means, evil is quite happy with how you are conducting your life….and that it is somehow conforming to the ways of this world…it’s ways. In fact, the more challenges you face, when walking on this path….the more happy you should be. Why? Because is getting angry that you are getting one step closer to God; and further away from Satan and his evil. Jesus showed us how to conquer such trials and battles. Through prayer.  Through prayer, we are allowing for the Almighty God to fight our battles for us. Jesus Christ was more than a Man….His Teachings were more than what came out of His Mouth…His Teachings also came from the Life He led while walking on this Earth.

Why do you think that the Name of Jesus Christ, and His Teachings are trying to be ridden of…or forgotten? Because Evil does not want us to know how to conquer it, for ourselves, in our daily lives. It wants us to get so soiled with the ways of this world, that we will no longer KNOW of God’s Love, to which was shown at the Cross at Calvary. Or for those that once knew…for us to loose our ways from that path.

As the Book of Revelations states, in the end of times, those who know God, and Christ’s Teachings, will encounter persecution; as seen by many of those before us…Prophets…Jesus; disciples…and many others who chose the path to God. God has asked us, just as Jesus showed us through His Own Crucifixion at the Cross….to endure and uphold His Laws of Divine Love, to the point of death. Why? Because even the earthly body is just a vessel to keep the soul within. And EARTHLY LIFE is NOTHING in comparison to a SPIRITUAL DEATH. Because one is TEMPORARY (Earthly Life); and one is ETERNAL (SPIRITUAL). And whomever says, that believing in God, is weak…or it is done in order to not face reality…well, believing in an Unseen God, and investing in a SPIRTUAL Eternity takes far more strength, than believing in what can be seen and heard with the earthly senses. We are spiritual beings, not physical beings. Evil will try to convince you otherwise, because it can only manipulate the physical; but a spirit grounded in God’s Laws of Divine Love can not be manipulated by Evil.

The link below is of a current trial that once Famed Hollywood Actor turned “Christian Activist” (as this articles states) that he had to endure in order to put out a new film that he is coming out with. We must remain steadfast in faith, and God will surely reward you for that faith. Just remember a God that says He is not of the world’s ways, does not reward with the world’s ways…but through HIS OWN DIVINE ways, that are eternal.

I think it is best said, as KIRK said in his movie trailer: “LIFE is stronger than DEATH; GOOD is stronger than EVIL; and FAITH is stronger than DOUBT.”