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Global Christian Persecution-Grow Stronger in Faith (Part II)

Hello my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ:

Something has weighed in my heart to share an additional piece of knowledge with you, in reference to the Global Persecution of Christians. We must keep in mind that Jesus Christ has said, (as quoted in all of the Gospels, “While you are being persecuted, remember that I was persecuted, as well.” There is no justification for ANY genocide. Only God has the ability, as the Father of CREATION, to create and destroy. And those who know Yahweh, Jehovah, Devum, Allah, God, know that He is a loving God. In the end, we are all held accountable for our own actions, good or bad.

I have read the following series of books, which I found very powerful. They consist of stories, throughout history, of Christian people from all over the world, who died in the Name of Jesus Christ, and His Love, at the Cross. I have always believed that Jesus Christ’s Life demonstrated what we would all need to endure, as a part of Mankind, in order to conquer Evil. There is not one temptation or trial, that Jesus, Himself, endured as the Son of God, that we as human beings endure as Mankind. He showed us how we should conquer them. And in these books, it illustrates exactly how these Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, demonstrated conquering persecution, and honoring the Father. They are truly inspiring stories. We should not forget our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, who die in His Name. What these stories share are illustrations of what true belief and faith is, in honoring the love that Jesus Christ shed at the Cross, out of His Love for ALL of Mankind (not just for Christians) And persecution of ANY KIND is wrong in the Eyes of the Father of Creation. So please have a read through these courageous people’s stories, and let their deaths be not in vain.

(These books were written by the famous Christian Rock Group called dcTalk, who is most known for their song “Jesus Freak”)