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Armani Model finds God, within a Fast Paced Fashion World

When we serve a God that is beyond the world’s ways, we will begin to see things in the way we were meant to see them. God always wants to call His Children back home to Him. He just needs for us to see it for ourselves. As the end of times grow nearer, it will become harder and harder to determine what is of God’s Truth, and what is of Satan’s Deception. Satan wants you to value worldly things; to satisfy the self; to seek instant gratification. If we decide to go down this path we will see that greed will set in, and we will never be fully satisfied. But when we seek God, we will see that we will feel completely fulfilled.

Below is a YouTube video (for educational purposes) of a woman who happened to be a model for the famous designer ARMANI. This is a testimony of how she found God and His Love so faithful, healing and satisfying. She turned away from the fashion world, only to turn towards the God that picked her up, and carry her on to His Ministry. What she realized is what may seem beautiful in this world; is not what God sees or values for those to be a part of His Kingdom.

Please have a look at the testimony below, and see how this woman’s world was changed through God.