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“Be Fruitful, and Multiply…” -Jehovah

This is often quoted by many people. It is from the Book of Genesis, within the first Chapter, where God is creating the Earth. God tells all of His Creations, to “be fruitful and multiply“; from nature to Man. I often think that this is often MISQUOTED; is often MISUNDERSTOOD.

Yes, God did mean it in the physical sense. In accordance to His Laws of Divine Love, there is a certain order that God has established in this Universe. However, for a long time, I have been meditating on the meaning of this; because there certainly is “multiplying” on this earth, whether it be in line with God’s Laws of Divine Love or not. But is it “fruitful” multiplying? As God’s Children, we are to live His Ways of Divine Love; and not only that, but to take it one step further. You see we all are given different life paths to travel on, while we live on this earth; but we are to lead lives that would also be fruitful in God’s Kingdom. With each heart that we encounter in our life path…we need to…no…we are obligated to…transform or at least plant the seeds of God’s Divine Love within their hearts and souls.

It is not enough to be living on this physical realm. Those who have chosen to walk the path to God, have realized that there is more to life than the things of this world. In fact, the things of this world, are nothing in comparison to the value of the things that God can provide for you. You have to be fruitful in the Eyes of God, that is what gets you into His Eternal Paradise. It is not enough, as a parent to bring a human being into this world to fulfill His Command of “being fruitful and multiply”; but to be fruitful towards the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom of Heaven. This is what Jesus Christ showed us; and even His Own Disciples, showed us. Whatever is done in honor of the God that created us, will AUTOMATICALLY be fruitful and multiply, for the advancement of His Kingdom. Because any person who has truly discovered the true meaning of the things of this world would understand that these things mean nothing in comparison to what God can provide for eternity.

We have to remember that we are God’s Children, His Creations. So we must strive in leading a life that is a reflection of His Ways of Love. It’s not to say that once we have fallen off the path to God, that we can not get back on. We can always get back on. This is what God showed us through Jesus Christ Life and Death on the Cross. We have to remember the life that the saints and Prophets led, were not only meant for them, but by all of God’s Creations. We have to be “fruitful and multiply”; in order to advance the Kingdom of God…to make everyone know of God’s Love being abundant and His Mercy being endless.

Being “fruitful and multiplying”, means being fruitful for the advancement of God’s Kingdom of Heaven; and multiplying in the transformation of hearts and souls in accordance to God’s Laws of Love. As you can see in the clip below, from YouTube, it is about a young child who was called to be a pastor at the age of 7. This child’s parent has truly been “Fruitful and multiplied….” That zeal for God’s Work is a sign of how deeply rooted God’s Love has taken within an individual; and how much they want to share that Love with others. This is truly a powerful testimony to watch.