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To Believe or Not To Believe

The title of this entry is a question that every Human Being considers. We come to point in our lives where we pose this question to ourselves. There is one thing my mentor has said, that we are always connected to our Maker, because He truly is Our Father. What separates a Believer, from a NonBeliever in God and His Ways of Divine Love? Very simple. Whether we have the boldness to believe in the things that are from an Unseen God; or not. God says He is beyond the world’s ways. He is beyond them. He is God, the Creator of this world…this Universe. He is not bound by the boundaries of His Creations. He sets his own definitions. And the definition that He has given us, as creations in this world, about His Ways, is that HE IS BEYOND THEM. This is what Jesus Christ, as His Son, showed us with His Life, Death, and Resurrection into Heaven. We live in this world, yes. But to live by the ways of God, we must VALUE in our minds, hearts, and souls, HIS WAYS, that are not of the ways of this world; but ways of Love and Forgiveness. Such ways do not involve materialistic worldly things, that are along the lines of fame, fortune, and wealth. Such ways are not inline with the Seven Deadly Sins of : 1) Greed; 2) Gluttony; 3) Sloth; 4) Envy; 5) Wrath; 6) Lust; 7) Pride. These are things that are defined by the world’s ways; and shackle us to evil. Upon coming to this world; and dying on the Cross at Calvary, Jesus Christ, freed us from evil. He took on the Purpose of refreshing our minds, by showing us what is expected of us, in order to enter Eternal Life. With His Life, Jesus, as the Son of God, showed us that though being the King of ALL Kings; and a member of the MOST HIGH COURT, that coming and being born in a cattle’s manger; and living the humble life of a Carpenter’s Son…that Earthly Titles do not mean anything when it comes to the Kingdom. Jesus showed us through His Teachings, that though being ridiculed and persecuted for that He said, He stood steadfast in faith of the Truth that had revealed to Him, in them. Jesus though being the Son of God, was given the death sentence of a CRIMINAL, and he took it on willingly, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, at all costs of HIS EARTHLY LIFE; to SHOW US ETERNITY is gained through giving up everything that is of earthly measure, even to the point of your earthly body. Why? Because it is the purity of the SOUL within you, that is promised eternity or not.  He upheld ‘TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK“, to the point of death of his earthly body. WHY? Because God’s ways are not defined by the ways of this world; but is beyond them. If we have heard and known, and even accepted the Gospels, we would understand this fundamental thought. And fear not of the things of this world; but fear the God who has the final say of our lives. Fear him out of love for His Great Wisdom and Love for Mankind, to which He showed us through Jesus Christ.


We can not be “lukewarm” to God’s Laws of Divine Love. We have to be either for it, or against it. God showed us that we do not let those around us define how we should love; but allow for him to guide us as to how we should love, that would help us preserve the purity of our hearts and souls. This is where Jesus Christ’s Teaching of becoming like Children, in our faith in God, comes from. A child never hesitates to love. However, knows when things are right and wrong at the same time. This only proves, with limited worldly experiences, that God has innately put within all of us, what He wants of us, and expects us to retain throughout our earthly life. And even then, if we had gone off the path, God sent Jesus Christ, to cut our ties to temptation and evil, and to take on our sins, as His Own. As a perfect offering….a Sacrifice. And even then, we have till the last breath in our earthly bodies to come to the realization. We are given choices through our freewill. He does not force us by any means, but gives us that choice. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, though having every power within HIm to avoid any earthly suffering, showed us that He has gone through every human circumstance, and still upheld God’s Laws, and showed us how to do so. That it is possible to attempt doing so. To believe wholeheartedly in an Unseen God, and to live His Ways, wholeheartedly take much more strength, than to live by the ways that are restricted by the world’s ways. Evil has the power to manipulate what we can see….what we can hear….what we can feel with our hands…what we can smell and taste. Make no mistake about that. But by believing in a God that is not restricted to the world’s ways, as Jesus Christ has shown us, can open a world of Eternity for us. We just have to have the strength to see what is right in front of us, and wholeheartedly trust in a God that says He is beyond the world’s ways. This is why Jesus Christ said, that the pathway to God’s Kingdom is narrow and straight; but the pathway to Hell is winding and wide.

To Believe or not to Believe…..to take the straight path or the winding one…..those are the questions that you should pose to yourself. Don’t be gripped by fear of your mistakes in the past or present. God says with each new day that He gives you, He gives you a chance to come to Him. He can wipe our slates clean; and make us anew in Him. How is your faith these days….?

Former Guitarist for KORN, becomes Born Again Christian



When God calls, He calls. It does not matter what your past is…or even your present. When He calls, it is undeniable by anyone, no matter where someone is in their life path. No one can deny the unconditional love demonstrated at the Cross at Calvary. No one said it is an easy path to walk towards achieving that unconditional love. No matter what occurs on this earth, Jesus’ Love at the Cross, has withstood the sands of time, even 2,000 years after He left His Earthly Life, Jesus’ Love shown at the Cross is just unfathomable to the Human Mind; and can only be comprehended by a fraction, through a spiritually grounded heart and mind.


Former KORN Guitarist, Brian Welch, found God, and the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, during the peak of his career. He happened to be encountering some turbulent times within his personal life, that challenged his mind in enjoying the success in his career. Here is a clip of him explaining, how he became born again in Jesus Christ. (This clip is for educational purposes.)



“Why does God let bad things happen to good people…” -Kirk Cameron, from his upcoming movie “Unstoppable”

I am sure that many people have seen Mr. Kirk Cameron in the headlines, recently. It is said that the trailer for his upcoming movie was being blocked or censored by Facebook and YouTube, according to reports. It was recently lifted, based on the petition of many Christians, of all sects and ages, who protested against the censorship through either Facebook or YouTube clips of their own. Nonetheless, Mr. Cameron wants to share the answer that he has recently discovered on a question that he has been pondering upon for many years himself. Which brings me to the title of this entry….


It is important that we exercise 2 things, while being Christians:

1.  A respect and understanding for the Almighty God we serve, which we demonstrate by respecting and honoring the Precious Sacrifice made at the Cross for ALL of Mankind, by Jesus Christ.

2.  And through the life example that Jesus Christ left us, we are to understand and respect the lives we encounter in our life paths, just as He did. He gave everyone a choice to listen; but He never stopped them from speaking their own beliefs, to challenge His.

We should have that zeal to share the love of the Almighty God, and the love He showed through the Death of Jesus Christ. What I have learned in my own personal life is that through earthly trials and challenges, we only get stronger in our faith. This is what God meant by “REFINER’S FIRE“. We must have our faith tested, in order to make it to the perfection that God had originally created for it to be, as originally seen in Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden (before Satan introduced temptation and sin to them) . Think about it, how are DIAMONDS made? Before they become the beautiful gems that we admire for their sparkle and clarity in color, they are found in such a raw and rough form. And only until it undergoes all of the tests of high temperatures, and rough polishing….it becomes the perfection that we see.

What people keep losing site on, is the very fact that upon that sin committed in the Garden of Eden, committed by Adam & Eve, Mankind became a part of a SPRITUAL BATTLE, between Good and Evil. Jesus finally ended Evil’s reign over the Earth, by dying on the Cross at Calvary. However, God’s ways will only be restored upon Jesus Christ‘s Return. So in the meanwhile, the earth’s ways, are structured out of Evil’s ways. This is why God says He is NOT of the WORLD’S WAYS; and that by conforming to the world’s ways, and saying that we honor Him, as the Almighty God, that we are serving 2 Masters. You have to either choose conforming to the ways of this world; or to follow God’s Divine Laws of Love, which are not of the ways of this world (by leading a life the ways Jesus Christ showed us, while He walked on this earth.) So this is this the conflict that we face, as human beings, everyday.

They trials and the challenges we face are based on tests of faith…to refine, beautify and perfect it. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not exempt from such tests, while He walked on this Earth. In fact to share and uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, he encountered persecution, ridicule, and even was accused of things He did not do, to the point of being punished an earthly death on the cross, which was the sentence of a criminal. And for those that know Jesus Christ, was He a criminal. Absolutely not. So what makes us any better than the Son of God, to be exempt from them? In fact, He showed us how to tackle them…to conquer them. And the 12 disciples that walked by Him through His Life Journey, understood this. They followed Jesus Christ’s instruction….in sharing Jesus Christ’s Teachings…to share God’s Love…to the point where they themselves endured the same persecution, ridicule, and deaths. Evil kept on throwing challenge after challenge at them to deceive them off the path to God. But they realized that the Almighty God that they served was beyond the ways of the world that they live in….and have a promise of Eternal Paradise for them. This is what they saw through Jesus Christ and His Life Example.

I always say, a person that claims to be walking on the Path to God, should be deeply worried if they are not facing any challenges or trials in their life. That means, evil is quite happy with how you are conducting your life….and that it is somehow conforming to the ways of this world…it’s ways. In fact, the more challenges you face, when walking on this path….the more happy you should be. Why? Because is getting angry that you are getting one step closer to God; and further away from Satan and his evil. Jesus showed us how to conquer such trials and battles. Through prayer.  Through prayer, we are allowing for the Almighty God to fight our battles for us. Jesus Christ was more than a Man….His Teachings were more than what came out of His Mouth…His Teachings also came from the Life He led while walking on this Earth.

Why do you think that the Name of Jesus Christ, and His Teachings are trying to be ridden of…or forgotten? Because Evil does not want us to know how to conquer it, for ourselves, in our daily lives. It wants us to get so soiled with the ways of this world, that we will no longer KNOW of God’s Love, to which was shown at the Cross at Calvary. Or for those that once knew…for us to loose our ways from that path.

As the Book of Revelations states, in the end of times, those who know God, and Christ’s Teachings, will encounter persecution; as seen by many of those before us…Prophets…Jesus; disciples…and many others who chose the path to God. God has asked us, just as Jesus showed us through His Own Crucifixion at the Cross….to endure and uphold His Laws of Divine Love, to the point of death. Why? Because even the earthly body is just a vessel to keep the soul within. And EARTHLY LIFE is NOTHING in comparison to a SPIRITUAL DEATH. Because one is TEMPORARY (Earthly Life); and one is ETERNAL (SPIRITUAL). And whomever says, that believing in God, is weak…or it is done in order to not face reality…well, believing in an Unseen God, and investing in a SPIRTUAL Eternity takes far more strength, than believing in what can be seen and heard with the earthly senses. We are spiritual beings, not physical beings. Evil will try to convince you otherwise, because it can only manipulate the physical; but a spirit grounded in God’s Laws of Divine Love can not be manipulated by Evil.

The link below is of a current trial that once Famed Hollywood Actor turned “Christian Activist” (as this articles states) that he had to endure in order to put out a new film that he is coming out with. We must remain steadfast in faith, and God will surely reward you for that faith. Just remember a God that says He is not of the world’s ways, does not reward with the world’s ways…but through HIS OWN DIVINE ways, that are eternal.

I think it is best said, as KIRK said in his movie trailer: “LIFE is stronger than DEATH; GOOD is stronger than EVIL; and FAITH is stronger than DOUBT.”




Global Christian Persecution-Grow Stronger in Faith (Part II)

Hello my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ:

Something has weighed in my heart to share an additional piece of knowledge with you, in reference to the Global Persecution of Christians. We must keep in mind that Jesus Christ has said, (as quoted in all of the Gospels, “While you are being persecuted, remember that I was persecuted, as well.” There is no justification for ANY genocide. Only God has the ability, as the Father of CREATION, to create and destroy. And those who know Yahweh, Jehovah, Devum, Allah, God, know that He is a loving God. In the end, we are all held accountable for our own actions, good or bad.

I have read the following series of books, which I found very powerful. They consist of stories, throughout history, of Christian people from all over the world, who died in the Name of Jesus Christ, and His Love, at the Cross. I have always believed that Jesus Christ’s Life demonstrated what we would all need to endure, as a part of Mankind, in order to conquer Evil. There is not one temptation or trial, that Jesus, Himself, endured as the Son of God, that we as human beings endure as Mankind. He showed us how we should conquer them. And in these books, it illustrates exactly how these Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, demonstrated conquering persecution, and honoring the Father. They are truly inspiring stories. We should not forget our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, who die in His Name. What these stories share are illustrations of what true belief and faith is, in honoring the love that Jesus Christ shed at the Cross, out of His Love for ALL of Mankind (not just for Christians) And persecution of ANY KIND is wrong in the Eyes of the Father of Creation. So please have a read through these courageous people’s stories, and let their deaths be not in vain.

(These books were written by the famous Christian Rock Group called dcTalk, who is most known for their song “Jesus Freak”)



Global Christian Persecution-Grow Stronger in Faith

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ….

For the faith that we at times may take for granted, we must remember all those who have lost their lives, in the process of upholding it. We have many of our brothers and sisters in Jesus all over the world who die, for the sake of one thing, honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let us continue to pray, in the strengthening of our own faiths, so that if a time should arise, where we are in the same position, as these brothers and sisters, that we will have the same courage as they did, to stand up for Jesus Christ, just as Jesus Christ did for us, at the Cross on Calvary. And have the confidence that God will see us in His Eternal Paradise.


(Please follow the link below to YouTube. This is for educational purposes only.)



Daily Repentance


It is until recently that I have come to truly meditate on the meaning of “repentance”. As human beings, we are born as sinners, upon the first sin committed by Eve, in the Garden of Eden, followed by the sin of Adam; upon it being introduced by Satan. Sin comes in all forms; so it is easy to commit one both intentionally and unintentionally. Which is why it is so important to have a daily relationship with Jesus Christ, in order to guide us away from sin, in every form. This is the very reason why Jesus’ blood was shed at Calvary, for all of Mankind, so that we can repent and know what is in direct accordance, and in direct violation to God’s Laws of Love. Remember what can be hidden on this earth, can not be hidden in the Eyes of God. So it is so important to repent, with a whole heart for those things that you feel have violated God. A humble heart is what purifies the soul. The intention of our thoughts and actions is what God will see, not just the deed alone.

We often look for immediate results on this earth. But everything happens according to God’s Will; and it is only Evil that will entice you with worldly riches and rewards, and divert you from focusing on God’s Will of your life. But God says He is not of the ways of this world. He will give you the tools of this world, to give you such things to carry out His Will of your life. NOTE THE DIFFERENCE. We are not to value the ways of this world OVER the ways of the Father of Heaven. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, while passing through this earth. We keep in mind the 2 things that were the center of God’s Principles, to which Jesus Christ continuously reminded us through all of teachings, over and over again. LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Without these to principles being the center of your life, you will never be able to enter the gates of Heaven, in God’s Eternal Paradise. If we want to be forgiven by God, we must also forgive others. This is probably one of the hardest things for humans to do; especially when an individual has wronged us. This is human nature. As humans we are so weak. This is why we must have a daily relationship with God, and ask for His Wisdom and Understanding, to forgive, and to not allow anger and hate to harden our hearts.

What we must remember is that when we have a daily relationship with God, we will grow stronger in the faith of God’s Strength. As human beings, we will not be able to conquer Satan and his demons. It is only through the strength of the Almighty God, could we do so. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Life and Death on the Cross. God does not define Himself by the ways of this world. Even His rewards are not of the ways of this world; but of the Heavenly Kingdom Up Above. When you grow stronger in your faith in God, He will help you to discern the deception of Satan and his demons. There is no extent to which Satan will not go to deceive you away from God’s Path. This is why he despises Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ conquered evil. Jesus Christ showed how to conquer evil. It is only by, as Jesus said, “Feeling the Truth…“, that we can avoid the deception of evil. And such discernment can only come from repenting all sin within yourself; and developing that relationship with the Father of Creation. It is not enough to quote Scripture, and memorize the Holy Books. It is about living the Scripture.

As Human Beings, God knows that we are prone to sin. But what is the difference between someone who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, and someone who doesn’t? It is repenting to God, for the things that we know have violated God’s Laws. This shows the intention of the heart of a person. A person who is truly seeking God, will endure MANY TRIALS OF THIS EARTH. These trials are thrown at you, by Satan and his demons,  in order to discourage you off of the path to God, permanently. But a heart rooted in God’s Laws of Love, will always know of God’s endless mercy, and ask for forgiveness with a humble heart.  Do not fall into Satan’s trap of feeling guilty and forever being lost in that guilt of committing a sin. Satan wants you to be so lost, and forgetting about God’s endless mercy and love, to which He went to the extent of showing through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, at the Cross, in Calvary. Those who are lost to evil, are those who shackle themselves to the ways of this world, to which God made it very clear in Holy Scripture that is He is not a part of. Jesus made it very clear that we must give up all the things of this world, in order to find God’s Ways, with the example of His Own Life, and Death.

We must daily repent for the things we do consciously and subconsciously to sin. This must be our daily prayer. The more stronger we become in our faith in God, the more we will know what ways are in accordance to God; and those that are not. And our hearts will grow deeper rooted in God. We must remember, that God has shown us through Jesus Christ, that we have till the last breath in our Human Bodies to repent and make things right with Him. Why we have to do this DAILY…is because we do not know when our last hour or day is on this earth; but only God knows. This is why our path to God, should be pursued on a daily basis. We must daily make this effort, consciously. Remember God judges on the intentions, not just the deeds and actions alone.

We are in a spiritual war; and true freedom comes through knowing God. Whether you believe in God or not; there will come a day where we will need to face Him, when this world ends. This is true. And a judgement will be made as to whether you decided to shackle yourself to the world’s ways; or decided to see what true love and forgiveness can do for Mankind and for all things, by way of the Father of Creation.

The Father’s Gift to us….


I think the most important thing ANY parent can pass on to their child, is something that the child him/herself can perpetuate within themselves. A tool to which the engulf to which molds them to who they become, as a human being. And this is what the Father of Creation does with us everyday.

No matter what Satan and his evil tries to do, in order to destroy us, God shows us, everyday, how much He loves us. He has shown that He will go through any extent to show us His Love. He has shown us that He loves us so much, that He would do anything to save us, as He demonstrated with the Death of His Own Son, Jesus Christ, at the Cross at Calvary. Though we may understand His Ways in life, that is what makes US, His Children…..while He is the Father of Creation. His Ways are far beyond any our understanding.  Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, for one purpose, to live, to die, in order to save ALL of Mankind. It is as simple as that. God’s Message…through Jesus Christ is very clear in this. While He passed by on this Earth, Jesus Christ showed us how God wanted to live our lives here on this Earth. He taught us what God tells us are tools to defeat Satan and His Evil. To have the faith to believe in the Unseen God, takes an immense amount of strength. To live by it, takes even more. However having this faith, will show you things that are beyond the ways of this world, to things that are beyond all human logic. God asks us to have a childlike faith in Him….as Jesus Christ told us all, and all will be inherited onto us. Once we have tasted God, that thirst will never leave. That hunger to know The Father of Creation, will more and more.

He never said that we had to lead perfect lives, but to fearlessly feed that hunger….to continuously seek to quench that thirst within us. He asks us that when we do fall off, to get back on to that path….His Forgiveness is Endless, and His Love is Plentiful, to wipe our mistakes away. By sending Jesus Christ, He showed us that. Jesus came to take on the sins of all of Mankind on His Shoulders, and died in our place for it, instead of ourselves. Such love can not be shown in any other way. There is no condition….just to make the choice in believing in that such love can be given….and that it is far more powerful than anything of this earth. It is not a “political movement” or religion…it is a way of life.  That is what Jesus Christ meant to show us through His Time here on this earth.  He is THE GREATEST warrior of Love…because He was God, who walked on This Earth. And He CHOSE to die, OUT OF LOVE for Mankind.

It certainly is not about what is right or wrong in a religion……because God KNOWS who is right…..Jesus Christ KNOWS, as the Son of God, who is right, and died on the Cross, for God’s Purpose for all of Mankind. And the love that God gives His Warriors of Love is so fearless, that it will endure till the end of all time.