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Truly Humbled by the Season-Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to Come

Christmas Nativity


Whenever I think of this season, I always think about how truly lucky I am to be a Child of the Almighty God. It is this season that reminds me of God’s Unconditional Love not only for me, but for all of Mankind, through the Birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, in order to give us the choice to be saved from Evil. From the humble beginnings of being brought into this world, though being a member of the most High Court of the Eternal Kingdom, to his torture and death on the Cross, what more could Jehovah show us, as to how much He loves us. To give us chance after chance, to change from our sinful human nature, and return back to the greatness that God had originally created for all of Mankind to be, in accordance to His Divine Laws of Love. Through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, God had showed us through an Example, that HIS WAYS are beyond the world’s ways. Jesus through His Life, and His Teachings showed us that God’s Ways are not ways that give in to Human Nature; but to follow the laws that He has given us through not only the Prophets that walked the Earth before Him; but through His Teachings and Life Example, to the point of upholding God’s Laws to the point of death of the earthly body. He knew the Purpose He was born to do; and that is to die for the sake of saving Mankind.

Jesus Christ showed us that any earthly wrath to which Satan can bring unto us on this earth, is NOTHING in comparison to the wrath of God, in following our sinful human nature and forgetting about His Laws of Divine Love. His Divine Love, as we saw in the Garden of Eden provided perfect Harmony between God and all of His Creations. As we fell to Satan’s temptations in the Garden of Eden, we saw the beginning of the dismantling of this harmony. Evil can manipulate human nature. However, Jesus showed us that by focusing on the Father of Creation, we can conquer evil through the strength He gives us through His Unconditional Love. Jesus Christ became the savior of all of Mankind, by knowing the reason why He had to be born, and trusting in God’s Will of His Life, as the Son of God, and following through, by dying on the Cross.

In this season, let us all remember that beyond the presents, traditions of cultures, and even parties, the reason for this season. Jesus Christ stepped down from the Eternal Kingdom to this earth, as the Son of God, to become the Salvation of Mankind.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Blessed New Year to Come.

What Jesus Means to Me…

What Jesus means to me;

Many refuse to see…

He means Love;

Sent from the Father Up Above.


From His Life;

Through all the earthly strife…

He loved endlessly with mercy and saddness;

Due to how easily we fall to evils tricks and badness.


Despite all of the ridicule he endured from those who did not understand;

His continued on with God‘s Will of His Life, knowing where in God’s Kingdom, He stands.

Jesus knew that it will not be an easy road to travel;

For evil will throw everything at him, to fall off Our Father‘s Path for Him…to make him, mentally unravel.


We must remember that the Father, Up Above said that He is not of the world’s ways;

He is beyond all that evil, on this earth to decieve, lays…

So to stay on path, we must not conform to what evil tries to say…

For the Father of Creation has made it clear, that it does not pay.


The path to God’s Kingdom is travelled by few;

And Jesus will return back to lead those who travelled on it, on God’s cue.

Jesus,as the Son of God, edured all He did because He believed…

That we were all worthy of God’s Love, and of evil’s grasps to be cleaved.


Jesus loved us so much to endure all He did;

All it requires is to have faith, like a kid.

This means, to believe in God, with all your might;

And in His Kingdom, you will return, a place where love dwells all day and night.


The Tears of God (In Honor of Christmas)




When the world was first created;

God stood back and smiled with pride and stated…

That all was made perfect, in His Image, all created to live in harmony and Love;

With God as their Guide from up above.




Then when Mankind first sinned through the seduction of Satan’s evil;

God began to weep for He saw that to bring His Beloved Creation back to His Perfection would be a hard retrieval.

Though having the choice to choose between evil and good;

Man continued to give into evil’s seduction, where once only God’s Love and Perfection once stood.




God watched from Up Above, with contant tears in His Eyes;

As Mankind continuously violated His Laws, without a second thought in giving into evil’s lies.

Evil rampaged and squandered through God’s creation that with great love was made;

God wept and wept, on His Heart all the pain was laid.




God then decided He must stop evil’s destruction and all that the enemy plans;

To take away all of His Beloved from Him, it was time to take a stance.

He decided that He must bring to Earth His One and Only Begotten Son;

To reestablished His Reign upon His Creation, and to reestablish it with Love.

Jesus Christ, came to Earth as a Messenger from Up Above…

To carry out a plan that even satan could not even stop;

And out of anger continuously seduces and lies to deceive Man from God’s Love, from a Heaven Bound path to drop.




Jesus endured all for the sake of Love;

To show us how God wanted us to live…and how God wept from Up Above.

Though being the King of Kings and the Lords of Lord, of nobility He did not come;

And the life He led was that of humility; considered as a pauper by some.

Finally though not committing no crime;

He died as with the punishment of a criminal….in His Life…at His Prime.

He came to Earth to show us a Way of Life full of God’s Love and Care;

And to not fall into evil’s deception and to defy Him, just as Jesus did…do you dare?




To fathom such a Love requires One to seek God in all;

From the big things, and especially in the everyday things that are small.

God wept and wept for us, watching us from afar;

Through Jesus, for us, He made another path to Him, a glittering Star.