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Endure….Don’t Let Evil Get the Fight Out of You….



We must always keep in mind that we are spiritual beings, and because we are, it is pertinent to keep in close fellowship and communication with the Father of Creation, God Almighty. This is the very reason that we must become stronger in our faith, and become stronger as Prayer Warriors in Christ Jesus. In this season is when we remember the whole Commission of Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, the Father of Creation. He was God, born in the earthly flesh, in order to die, as the Sacrificial Lamb for the sake of saving Humanity. You see once Satan introduced the very idea of rebelling against God, in making Man to think that they can know as much as the Creator,  to elevate themselves to the same level as He, or even plant the seed of doubt that the Creator can be prone to error…Humanity strayed away from the original greatness that it was meant to be. The direct communication that Adam and Eve had with God, the Father of Creation was destroyed upon Adam and Eve accepting Satan’s proposition. Jesus Christ, as the only Begotten Son of God, had to come in the flesh, in order to become the blood covering over the souls of humanity, to protect it.

Once one has understood what the Purpose of Jesus Christ and His Life is…then His Teachings will be very clear…”turning the other cheek”, though hard to do…will become a duty of the soul guided by the Holy Spirit. “Giving till it hurts” or “Giving up all riches to follow Him”…will become clear in the understanding of when He stated that “God says His Ways are not of this world, but are beyond them.” We will have the conviction of the “Comforter” with the individual trials that we face in our lives, and the testimonies through which God, the Father of Creation gives us through them, as a testimony of Him showing His Presence to us during these times; and how Jesus Christ’s Unconditional Love was shown on the Cross, at Calvary; that God’s Forgiveness is endless, giving us the chance to give up all earthly pride to repent of our sinful human nature and its flaws that rebelled against His Divine Laws of Love…to the point of giving us till our last breath within these earthly bodies, to purify the souls within.

Evil will try everything and anything to throw people off of the track of finding the path to the Eternal Kingdom, and discovering the meaning of the Divine Laws of Love. Why you may ask? Because evil knows once a soul discovers their meanings, and the Unconditional Love of God, the Father of Creation, that such souls will never fall for its deception, and will enter into the Eternal Kingdom, a place where Satan and its demons are no longer allowed to enter, and to experience that very same Unconditional Love and Bliss that can be experienced at the very Throne Room of God, the Father of Creation. And because of this, evil will try to get away as many souls as it can, away from God, the Father of Creation, as it to prove Him wrong for loving Humanity so unconditionally…and to never allow for Humanity to enter and experience what it can never experience for itself again.

How will evil prevent those that are bound on to the path? BY TRYING TO GET THE FIGHT OUT THOSE SOULS THAT GOD, THE FATHER OF CREATION HAS RECOGNIZED, THAT ARE BOUND TO HIS ETERNAL KINGDOM. This is done by manipulating the human 5 senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. Evil will use the weaknesses of people to enhance the manipulations…whether it be grudges, fears, hates, anger, sadness, depression, dislikes of a person, and multiply them x 1000000. It wants to keep prayers warriors so busy with their life circumstances that are physically…mentally…spiritually tired to tap into the direct communication that they have with God, the Father of Creation, in their Prayer Closets. With constant bombardment of earthly trials, evil wants to beat down a soul to the point of hopelessness, desperation, depression, addictions (as escapisms for such things) and saddness. Evil wants humanity to be so confused and tired, so that it will no longer know what is right and wrong…or whether something is good or evil….

For spiritual enlightenment, it requires Quiet Time in prayer and meditation, with God, the Father of Creation. It requires for a soul’s stillness, to yearn for the communication with its Creator. It is an investment of the soul, on a daily basis…so that the Divine Laws of Love take root within them. We must be fully aware of this in order to make time for the investment of strengthening our faith…our souls, so that we will not succumb to the tactics and deception of evil. We must make the time to spend with God, in our Prayer Closets. It is about the souls that are within humanity, not the earthly bodies that we have. We have spent so much time investing in the outer body that we have forgotten to invest in the inner appearance, for once Jesus Christ returns again to determine who deems worthy to enter into the Eternal Kingdom or not. The soul’s purity can only be viewed by God, the Father of Creation…so we must forge ahead my brothers and sisters, on our paths to the Eternal Kingdom. There is no room for those that have an ounce of rebellion or doubt in God, the Father of Creation’s Wisdom. God want wholehearted and true believers in His Divine Laws of Love…not those that are Lukewarm believers that want to half live in the world’s ways with the riches and the parameters that they want to define them; and just blindly going to and from a house of worship and going through the ceremonies to fulfill a religious need. He needs those that invested in learning about the ways of the Eternal Kingdom…about His Divine Laws of Love, to ways to which Jesus Christ showed while He roamed this earth.


To Give In, Would Be So Easy



When has anything worth having, come with ease;

Only things that are temporary, that come and go with the breeze.

Things that are everlasting, will enter one’s life through the most tortuous path;

Making the end result permanent, it’s worth doing the math.


Though meant to be offered to all;

Truth is only realized by very few… a population that is small.

Because the path to truth is so painful and hard;

Many will want to give in to falsehood, due to the fear of being scarred.


Those who are in the light of the Truth will endure many painful events;

That will make the heart and mind worn down, building walls and tents.

However, once a mind and heart has tasted and felt it;

One can feel the Truth eminate from this person’s spirit.


Truth comes to those that make the choice;

To be a beacon of light, and through a megaphone be its voice…

Though being enticed by evil and its ways;

Take the “easy and pleasureable way…to get recognition in this world”, it says.


Though offered to all, few will take on carrying the torch;

For the fear of being beating, scarred and torched.

But with taking it on, answers will always be found;

And you will find yourself always on hallowed ground.


So don’t give in, keep up the fight;

It will all be worth it, despite your painful plight.

For those things that last for eternity, will come not by conforming to the world’s ways;

Because Truth will be lost to this world, based on what evil temporarily lays.

With A Spirit Rooted in a Constant Truth, the Heart and it’s Emotions Will Never Be Manipulated

If there is one thing that my spiritual path has taught me, is that God’s Truth is constant, and always prevails. There are too many times in life, where we depend too much on the things we sense with the 5 senses of our human anatomy: 1) Seeing; 2) Hearing; 3) Smelling; 4) Tasting; 5) Touching . What you have to realize is that things that can be manipulated by the ways of this world; can be manipulated by evil, for it’s deception from Truth. When God is first, and foremost in your life, that is when Truth will truly guide your life path.

What we have to realize is that upon Adam & Eve’s sinning, in the Garden of Eden, Man has since then, been born with a sinful human nature. Or in other words, possess a human nature to which is vulnerable to the temptations of sin. We were not originally created to be this way. In fact, God gave us all the knowledge we needed upon Creation; in order to remain in His Almighty Presence.  But upon the temptation that Eve and Adam fell to, Man sinned, for what reason? By eating from the “Tree of Knowledge”; they were enticed by Satan, to have just as much knowledge as God. Earthly knowledge, is nothing in comparison to Divine knowledge. God has said that He is not of the ways of this world; but beyond them. In fact, I have thought about this many times. And my conclusions of the deception were this:

-Adam & Eve already had direct access to God’s Wisdom, based on having that direct link to Him; with their pure human nature.

-Satan/Serpent enticed them to believe that they were short of the knowledge of what God has.However, by eating from the only tree that God had said that they were not to eat from;they will have that same knowledge level as God does. When has a creation, ever been equivalent to the Creator?

This is when Mankind’s once pure human nature, became sinful. The Pride of achieving a “godlike” status.

So Satan accomplished in this one act, the destruction of the direct link between Divinity and Mankind (which was considered as God’s Prized Creation amongst all); and shackling Man to its ways.

BUT THEN CAME JESUS CHRIST. What made it so impossible, for the people of His Day, to believe that He was the Messiah, or the Son of God? The King of all Kings, and the Lord of all Lords? Very simple. He demonstrated with His Life, exactly what HIS FATHER…OUR FATHER says He represents. God says He is not of the world’s ways; but beyond them. Jesus Christ did not live by the means of the world. Just examine His Life.

1) Though being a member of the most High Court, the Eternal Kingdom of God, He was born in a barn, and laid in a cattle’s trough; lived the life of a Carpenter’s Son. He did not live a live of a King or someone with high societal status.

2) With God’s Will of His Life always on His Mind, He lived as a nomad, preaching God’s Love.

3) Though He knew that His Teachings defied manmade law, He had the confidence in the Divine Law He was teaching.

4) He had compassion for those who sought for the Kingdom of God; and for those who were lost to it. He reached out particularly to those who were being misguided or misled in their salvation. He read the purity of the intentions of the souls behind each person.

Evil will try to tell you to go with your first instinct, or initial feeling. God says, always to ask Him first, if it is His Will. I have learned too many times in my own life, that going with your instinct or initial gut feeling, may not always be the best choice. Because it may not be God’s Will of your life. Going with the initial feeling is what animals do. There is one difference between human beings and animals, and that is FREEWILL. We have that choice to choose. Animals do not. So with that said, animals following their instincts, is abiding by God’s Divine Laws. While humans mimicking that, are not. By going with our initial instincts, especially with a soul that is not rooted in a constant truth such as that of the Almighty God, can become lost to darkness very quickly.

This is where following your heart and emotions can be quite deceiving, contrary to what many believe. Our emotions can be easily manipulated, as well as our heart, if they are not rooted in a Constant Truth. Let’s take an example. LOVE. Evil will say, it is sufficient enough to love those that love you back. There is no need to worry about those that you do not know, or those that despise you or hurt you. In fact, evil will go on to promote, if they hurt you, it’s ok to want to get back at them for what they did. This is how emotion and the pain within a heart, can deceive. What good comes out of such thoughts or actions. Those in the dark, never knowing unconditional love, will remain that way…never knowing. Or how do addictions come about? For many reasons. Whether it is to cover up a past pain or hurt. Or to fill a void. The list goes on. Jesus Christ told us that God knows and has seen it all from up above; but He knows that He created for you and I to be better than that. Jesus Christ said, yes, love those that love you back. But God will give you the strength to also love those that persecute you, and mock you. Love those that are strangers to you; and even those that hate you. Now how many of us can say that comes to us so easily? It is not our instinct to do that. This is proof of our sinful human nature. We have to be mindful of this.

Evil has spread out its tentacles that quickly and wide, to distort God’s Truth that much. Do what feels right in you, naturally. Our human nature was stained upon that first sin. That would only continue onto an endless cycle of sins. Jesus knew that. He taught His Disciples the same, and to be vigilant over themselves in that. TO REMAIN FOCUSED ON GOD’S TRUTH, AT ALL TIMES. When we focus on God’s Truth, that compassion will come out in an unconditional way; that love will come out unconditionally; that kindness will come out everywhere. But at the same time, it will protect you from steering clear from things and ways, or even people who may try to take that focus away from you. God will guide you in ways that may not seem so obvious in the world. Because His Truth does not conform to the world; but the world was originally made to conform to His Truth, before Mankind’s sin, in the Garden of Eden. Evil has no defense against God’s Truth of the Gospel. And the truth that God stands for, defies all earthly parameters. God went to the extent of loving us, despite our sinful human nature, of giving up His only Son, to absorb our sins, and give us another chance to find His Ways to the Eternal Kingdom. We must seek unceasingly, because we have our sinful human nature to fight against. It is so easy to believe in what we see and hear in the earthly sense. But if God says His Truth is beyond the world’s ways…we have to feed and purify the soul within ourselves, to find Him and His Truth. Because in the end of it all, God judges on the purity of the soul; not by the number of good deeds we have done. We can not buy a ticket to enter through the gates of heaven. It is being faithful in seeking the Truth of the Eternal Kingdom, rather than conquering and ruling within the earthly kingdom. Because in the end of this thing we call “life”; whether we believed in Him or not, we all will need to face Him.


Armor of God,no weapon prospers