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As The End Of Times Come Nearer…Many Will Profess Love…Few Will Know Unconditional Love



As we get closer to the end of times, with each passing day, we will see many profess what love means…but few will know what it means of an unconditional kind. As Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, it is selfless, devoid of pride. It has the Holy Spirit to guide such a soul rooted in it, to discern the deception of evil. God (Devum, Jehovah,  Yahweh) has said, that those that know of Unconditional Love, will be bound to the Eternal Kingdom.And those bound onto the path to the Eternal Kingdom will be persecuted  in a world that has lost the meaning and knowledge of what it means to unconditionally love. But Jesus Christ (Yesu Christu, Yeshuay) has said that remember while they persecute you….they persecuted me.

To unconditionally  love is the perogative of the strong….to conditionally love is the perogative by the weak. This is what we have to remember as those who decide to walk the same path of Jesus Christ. In a world lost to the Laws of Divine Love which consist of ways that are of unconditional love, mercy, and nonviolence…..God’s Children may look like they are losing in the worldly sense…..but to a God (Jehovah, Devum, Yahweh) that says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but are beyond them….God’s Children will know that owning anything of this world, and having value for them means nothing in the Eyes of God the Father of Creation.

Unconditional love means we have to love all…our enemies…our friends….strangers….family…all equally. This means apathy for anyone is not acceptable. To care about their feelings….at the same time, not being vengeful….filled with lust or wrath is not acceptable. Evil challenges those that challenge it.And those that challenge evil are those that chose to follow the ways of the Eyernal Kingdom, which are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional  Love, and Mercy. Being selfless in nature, and having the nudging of the Holy Spirit to nudge you, in guiding you what ways are that of the Eternal Kingdom, and those are not. To not give in to the flesh, and sinful human nature, but if done…immediately  repentant. A heart rooted in God’s Unconditional Love will not be prideful to repent or to apologize for a wrong done.

We have to remember that God and His Ways will be known by a few as we get closer to the end of times. And even with this crowd, it will be practiced by very few. God gives these people the Divine Strength to uphold what is right and wrong in His Eyes, and to uphold the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. We can not do this by our own strength, but by God, the Father who created us…providing the strength to overcome, and uphold.

We Are Judged By Both In What We Do; And By Our Intentions in Thoughts

Hebrews 4


While we know that Jehovah, Devum, Yahweh, God….is an unconditionally loving God; we must also be aware the cost of our freedom, from evil’s shackles, was paid at the High Price, in the Blood Covering of Jesus Christ, His Son…which was provided by Him, in shedding His Blood for all of Mankind. God is all that is good, in this world. And for such purity, He will not tolerate any speck of impurity to stand in the very presence of His Throne. This is what He exemplified in asking Archangel Michael, to cast out Lucifer and his followers, from the gates of Heaven. If God, the Father demonstrated this very act, with one of His angels, then would He not do the very same to us? He loved us unconditionally enough to give up His Son, to become our blood covering from evil. But we, as Mankind, are still given FREEWILL, to CHOOSE, whether to reshackle ourselves to evil’s ways or to remain unshackled, and find the Truth in His Divine Laws of Love. The Blood Covering of Divinity, and the Grace of Jesus Christ covers sins, in the times of our lives that we were lost and in darkness. But one day, that door of grace will close, and God will see who has truly understood His Divine Laws of Love. Jesus Christ took on the punishment that was meant for Mankind’s sins, of falling to the temptations of the world’s ways, which are influenced by evil. However, if we continue to sin, or to not faithfully seeking the Truth of God’s Divine Laws of Love, that Blood Covering, and that Grace…will not protect anyone from God’s Wrath, on the soul.

“Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.” -1 Peter 1:17

Through the FREEWILL given to us, by the Creator, He gives us the choice to become His Follower….His Child. Through the Blood shed on the Cross, at Calvary, Jesus Christ showed us that we are not slaves to God. But we make the choice of seeing the Truth in His Divine Laws of Love. Once we make that conscious choice….we will become more and more convicted in changing our ways, in accordance to what God, the Father of Creation, expects of us for the Eternal Kingdom. We will change, not only in body (as to how we conduct our outer selves in this world); but we will also change in accordance to mind (thoughts intentions), and will reflect onto the soul (to which God only sees). The very fact that Jesus Christ says that we should not only love those that love us back, but also those that persecute and hate us; as well as those we do not know…demonstrates that we are not only judged by what we say or do to what people can see or hear; but also in sincerity of our thoughts and actions. He judges not only what we do in the open, but also what we do in secret.

“This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.”

Romans 2:16

“A person is not a Jew who is one only outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person’s praise is not from other people, but from God.”

Romans 2:28-29

We are to hold ourselves accountable, in all things in our lives, because that will reflect the purity of the soul within. This is not something that we can see of ourselves, or in others, with our human eyes. But only something that can be seen in the spiritual realm. To which God, can see in its entirety, to which the Holy Spirit will determine to see if there is fertile ground for Him to dwell, and florish; and to which Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, is given full authority to pass judgement on, in accordance to the faithfulness of such a soul, in upholding God’s Laws of Divine Love.  As Mankind, we focus so much on the physical and legalism of the Scripture, to which were determined by manmade logic’s interpretation of the Scripture, instead of that which was guided by the Holy Spirit, to Divine Logic.  The Holy Spirit, and His Guidance is what differentiates a Child of God, heavenbound, to those of Mankind that are not. The power of the Supreme God of all the Universe, resides in the Holy Spirit. The omnipresence of God, is the Holy Spirit. And this is reflected in the souls of Mankind. Whether the Holy Spirit sees worthy ground within the soul of Man, to dwell. Does this not reflect that purity of our actions AND intentions is what is being looked at? It is the Holy Spirit, that a lots the Gifts of God, that each person is worthy of having. What many people misunderstand, due to only focusing on the good deeds done to EARN things from God, is that SPIRITUAL TALENTS or SPIRITUAL TOOLS are gifts granted by the Holy Spirit of God, the Father of all Creation, and the Universe….Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh, God Almighty. Even Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, as He walked on this Earth, to do His Ministry, had the Holy Spirit within Him, from His Immaculate Conception, in Mary’s Womb; to preach the Words of God in His Ministry; to perform the miracles He did; and even His Death on the Cross at Calvary, for the sake of saving of Mankind.

It is through truly understanding the Divine Laws of Love, that we will be convicted in mind, body, and soul. We will be at conflict between our spirit and our flesh; and come to the full understanding that God’s Ways are not of this world, but beyond them. And how truly priceless the Grace of God is, through Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross. It is in faithfully seeking God, and His Ways, that we begin to see the truth of God’s Truth. And begin to see things in this world, the way we were meant to see them….as God had always seen them….as to how Jesus Christ, taught us to see them.


Quote from St. Rose of Lima

St. Rose of Lima Quote

What does this quote mean to you? Well to me, it means quite a bit. When we believe in a God that says He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them, this quote clearly demonstrates what God expects of us. In a world, where God’s Existence is slowly disappearing, we begin to reshackle ourselves to the things of this world; to which can be manipulated and controlled by evil. Jesus Christ, upon dying on the Cross, unshackled us from all of this, to give us the freedom of living in the Light of God’s Love, which is devoid of any fear to what the ways of this world can bring upon us, in our earthly life. Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Life, and even in His Death, what is expected to enter the Kingdom of Eternal Life; to break ourselves from the world’s ways to which are in direct violation to God’s Divine Laws of Love, and to stand boldly in them. Jesus showed us that those who choose to take on their Call from the Father of Creation; would need to endure trials and persecution. They will need to take up their daily Cross, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love. There simply is no other way, just as St. Rose had said in the quote above.

St. Thomas, in his Gospel, has also said, that Jesus said, “He who is near me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom.”  So as we get stronger in our faith, and get one step closer in finding God, the Father, the more angry evil gets. And throws more trials and challenges at you, to doubt God’s Goodness and Greatness, and to fall off the path to God, to only reshackle yourself to the world’s ways, which are not of God’s. So we must endure, boldly. In fact, the more we face in this life, we must grow stronger in our faith in God. It is the strength that God can provide, to which we can conquer evil; and to not fear it in any way. The path in finding God and His Way to His Kingdom is not an easy one. In fact if we use our own human strength, we will fall off of it many times. The most wonderful thing about Yahweh is that He knows this of us, and still waits for us to come back to the path. His grace is so abundant, that He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies, to do so.

Jesus Christ, showed us that God asks us, as His Creations, to continue on the Path to the Kingdom of Heaven, in a way of Peace, Love, and Nonviolence. We are to love all, and not only those that love us back. To forgive, but to never forget, so that sins will not be repeated. To humble ourselves to every wrong act that we do, because though we may think it can be hidden on this earth; it can not be hidden in the Eyes of God. So repent to God for all that He inspires within your heart, that is a violation to His Divine Laws of Love.  Jesus Christ will judge on the intention of the hearts and souls; and not by actions alone. He has said this through out many of His Teachings. A heart rooted in God’s Laws of Divine Love, will always be called back to God, despite how far off they roam from His Path. But to continue on the path, St. Rose….St. Thomas….and even St. John (through his Book of Revelations) has stated that those that follow God’s Path to His Eternal Kingdom, will endure ridicule and persecution….some or even most, may continue on this path, to the point of death of their earthly bodies, to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love. Did not Jesus Christ show this with His Own Death, of His Earthly Body? To uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love…to take on His Call of becoming the Salvation of Mankind….He died in the earthly sense. A death that surely was not that of nobility; but that of a criminal…of a crime he did not commit. God went to this extent to show through His Son, that the ways that are considered “great” in this world; are not so….in His Kingdom.

We must remember this. A road to God’s Kingdom is travelled by very few. If it was easy, then everyone would choose this path. God tells us through many of His Servants, that His Path does not conform to the world’s ways, but conforms to His Divine Laws of Love. And that it is only through Him, we will become victorious. NOT by our own strength, but God’s alone. So we must endure the trials joyfully, knowing that we are getting evil angry with each step we get closer to God’s Kingdom. “Fear no Evil…….”

Jesus Christ showed us that God should be first and foremost in our lives….

As Christians, we often lose sight of what it means to be a “Christian“….or to be a “CHRIST” -ian. In order to keep refining ourselves to what God has required of us to be, to enter His Eternal Kingdom, God sent down His Son, to not only save Mankind from the shackles of evil; but also to show us, what God expects of us in our lives on earth. As human beings, we have this most precious example to look to, of our lives. I like to say that Jesus Christ did not come to the earth to establish a religion; but to establish a way of life for all of Mankind, in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love. We all have a calling from God; not just the few. God had determined this, since the time we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. And until we fulfill those callings, God will expect for us to seek these callings from Him; and to follow through with them, while we are on this earth.

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ, had revealed to us so many things. It is so important that we take the time to study both of them, and apply them to our lives. Jesus showed us that God should always be the first and last thought in our minds, with each day we live. So that we can remain focused on His Existence and Love, in our earthly lives. This is how God and His Ways of Love get more engrained and rooted within our hearts. And even in our moments of weakness, we will understand how merciful the Father of Creation is, as long as we keep Him as a focus in our lives to the point that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and repent to God for the wrongs we commit. Because in the end, this is what will determine our entrance into God’s Eternal Kingdom; or not. God knows since the time Mankind committed its first sin, in the Garden of Eden, that we were very vulnerable to committing them over and over again. However, out of His Love for us, God’s Forgiveness and Grace are endless. He gives us till the last breath in our human bodies to try to repent and make things right with Him. However, once that last breath is taken, our time to make things right with Him, is up.

Jesus showed us that God can provide hope, despite the earthly circumstances in our lives. That God is beyond the ways of this earth; and that we should not value the ways of this earth, if we want to enter the Eternal Kingdom of the Almighty Father. We honor His Ways with all that we are, and know. Jesus showed us to defend God’s Laws of Divine Love, to the point of death of the earthly body. Jesus showed us that the earthly body is just a vessel; not the eternal soul that enters the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus showed us that upholding God’s Will and Purpose of our lives is what trumps ALL things of this earth. This is the most powerful weapon we have, to combat evil.

God judges on the intentions of the heart and souls of a person. Not solely by our actions. What separates those who enter the Kingdom, and those who don’t? The love for God one has in their hearts. The type of love that loves beyond the human body and mind. A love that has the strength to illuminate any path that it encounters. Such love, Jesus Christ showed us, comes through a unshaken faith in the Father of Creation. Jesus Christ showed us, through His Own Death and torture, that those rooted in God’s Love, endured such earthly suffering, and isolation….because they set their own earthly ways aside, and took on God’s Calling of them. To many, such warriors of God’s Divine Love, may appear as all alone, and poor. But these are the people who realized that God is beyond the ways of this world; and that His Ways are not of this world. These people have realized that the ways of this earth have pricetags that are determined on this earth; while God’s Ways are priceless, and could never be mimicked or bought.

Jesus showed us through His Life, that once a Child of God, has sought out their life purpose, that God’s Call of them, will become the center focus of their life and heart. When God is first and foremost, we realize the Truth behind the Power of His Love, and will not fear anything of this world; but only fear of disappointing the Father who endlessly showers His Love on us.

So put God, first and foremost in your life…..and see what His Purpose is of your life.

Preparing Yourself (Part II)

With each day put on the Armor of God.....

With each day put on the Armor of God…..

God also states that in the end of times, in the Book of Revelations, that many of His People will be persecuted. Many of His People will be even killed for pointing out what is right and wrong in accordance to His Laws of Divinity. But death to the earthly body is in no comparison to a death of the spirit/soul. The minute we choose evil’s earthly ways, and do not turn away from them with the wholeheartedness, to not commit them again….that begins the process of the condemnation of our souls. Souls never die. But souls can either be stained for purified. This is a truth believed by all faiths, all across the board. But God’s ways purify the heart and soul; and only HE can be the judge of this.

The intentions behind our thoughts and actions, is what we, as Man, are judged by. These intentions will be reflected in the purity of the heart and soul. What should the intention be? To honor the Authority of THE CREATOR through your thoughts and actions. Whenever an action or thought is justified for PERSONAL GAIN, that’s when we fall prey to evil; which only muddies the heart and soul. There will come a time on this earth, where evil will have full authority over it….so God’s People, will need to decide to go against the grain or not;  to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love and Peace. Has not World History showed us this? Those that changed Mankind out of Love, died to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love. and Peace. They, as Jesus Christ said, in His Sermon on the Mount, “TURNED THE OTHER CHEEK”. This is guaranteed for all of God’s People. So by growing stronger in your faith in God, He will help you to discern the deception that Evil will envelope this earth with, to turn people away from God’s Path…and to further deceive nonbelievers. Endure the trials to refine your faith, this is the only weapon you have against evil. It is a spiritual war that is occurring, over the SOULS. Many are already lost, but they have the chance to come back….till the last breath of their earthly bodies.  None of us know when that is, however, so that is why such refinement has to be an everyday process. And even then, it has to be humbling to the point of it becoming a wholehearted, born again heart and soul.

We were born shackled to the evil ways of this world; but upon truly understanding why Jesus Christ, as the Son of GOD(Not Son of Man….but being GOD Himself) had to sacrifice Himself, to become the Salvation for ALL OF MANKIND, we will be truly set free of those shackles. Jesus Christ did not come here to establish a religion. As the Son of God, He came to set us free, and to give us the choice to choose His Ways or not. And those that have seen the truth in His Life Example and Teachings….were changed forever in seeing it. God has said, no matter what Holy Book you follow, that HIS TRUTH will prevail. His Truth translates all the same, no matter what faith belief we follow. Because His Ways are constant and everlasting. As stated in the entry below, by Jude, God’s Ways are that which do NOT follow our “natural instincts” or “human nature”. Therefore we are not to give in to them, in order to follow God’s Ways. We must be BEYOND them. We do not have enough strength to do it with our own human strength, but must ask God to give us the strength to conquer those sinful ways of human nature. God has guaranteed victory through Him, and only God can help us to conquer the Devil.

Choosing A Path In Seeking God

bumpy road

Many people believe that people who choose this path, are to be flawless, and to have led sinless lives. And those who do not choose this path, are very quick to point out the flaws of such people, or the events to which they fall short of that perfection that they expect from God’s People. This type of thinking is wrong. In fact it is our flaws, doubts, and even failures within such paths, that remind all of us, how flawed Man is. Man became flawed upon accepting the temptation of Satan in the Garden of Eden. That temptation was offered in order to steer God’s most precious creations away from Him. Upon accepting that temptation, we became weak and divinely, illogical.

If you look through out the history of the Bible, many of those considered Prophets, Apostles, and even Disciples of God’s Laws of Divine Love, came from paths that were not perfect, flawless, or even of nobility. This is the extent God goes to show us that if you come to Him, “as you are…”; and ask Him to love and forgive you…He will take you as you are in the earthly sense, and make you a new person in Him, in the Divine sense. This path was meant for EVERYONE. Not just the few. EVERYONE. This journey is lifelong, as you live on the earth. The purity of a heart, who endlessly seeks this perfection in God’s Eyes, is a heart that will finally touch the Eternal Unconditional Love, of the Father of Creation in Heaven. We, as Human Beings get so caught up in what we can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears. But God says, when you have a heart rooted in seeking His Ways, you can feel the truth, that overrides what Evil can manipulate of what the human eyes can see; and what the human ears can hear. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through the Example of His Life. He defied and conquered Evil with His Teachings, Death on the Cross, and Resurrection into Heaven. These are all things that can not be comprehended by a 2D or 3D human mind; but by a multidimensional spiritual mind, that is rooted in the Almighty God that says He is beyond all the ways of this world.

So, don’t you think, those that chose the path in seeking God, and His Infinite Guidance, will be challenged by Evil, so that they will not know what God has put innately within all, to conquer it? OF COURSE! Satan does not want you to know how to conquer him, and his schemes to take us away from the Eternal Happiness God has promised all. So with each step you get closer to God; Evil will come and tempt…attack…and lure you BACK 5 steps. And when you fall for the temptation, it does not end there. God says, “He will forgive, as long as you come to Him with a repentant heart…” But evil wants to keep you in that regressed position, and will tie you down with the guilt of committing that flaw. Which is where those that decided to not take the path in seeking God, are used as mere instruments by evil, to keep such people back…but pointing out flaws of those that did choose the path. Or the other way evil will keep you in the regressed path, is to make one have no regret for the flaw or sin, that is in violation in order of God’s Divine Laws of Love.

What we have to remember is we have till that last breath in our human bodies to make this choice. Jesus Christ demonstrated this by forgiving the criminal that was being crucified along side Him. This path was meant for all of Mankind, not just for the few. For those that choose the path in seeking God and His Kingdom of Heaven, remember we are all going to face set backs. It is a part of taking on this path. The difference between those who choose this path, and those who do not, is that we understand that God’s Mercy is endless. This is what He showed us through the Salvation that He gave us through Jesus Christ on the Cross. To die in our place! What more can God show us? So we can come back to Him, each time we fall. Do not be held down by those who say, your life is not perfect. Do not be held down by those who say, what you did is beyond God’s Forgiveness. Because all is not. When God has put His Roots within your heart…He will always call you back to Him. No matter how far off the path you have come. He sees your intentions…the purity of your heart; and quite frankly, in the end of it all, His opinion is the only one that matters. We try to reason with our FLAWED HUMAN LOGIC, for what GOD’S DIVINE LOGIC tells us. This is what Jesus meant by saying, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.”

We are human, and we make mistakes. God knows this. It is a steadfast faith, a loyal heart in God, that will give us the resilience, and strength to carry on, despite what evil tries to challenge us with. And remember even with our flaws, this is all God asks of us, to put Him as the Head of our households, our hearts and souls….and He will take care of the rest. His rewards are not defined by the ways of this world, but by His Divine Ways. So endure all, but keep focused on God.

“Why does God let bad things happen to good people…” -Kirk Cameron, from his upcoming movie “Unstoppable”

I am sure that many people have seen Mr. Kirk Cameron in the headlines, recently. It is said that the trailer for his upcoming movie was being blocked or censored by Facebook and YouTube, according to reports. It was recently lifted, based on the petition of many Christians, of all sects and ages, who protested against the censorship through either Facebook or YouTube clips of their own. Nonetheless, Mr. Cameron wants to share the answer that he has recently discovered on a question that he has been pondering upon for many years himself. Which brings me to the title of this entry….


It is important that we exercise 2 things, while being Christians:

1.  A respect and understanding for the Almighty God we serve, which we demonstrate by respecting and honoring the Precious Sacrifice made at the Cross for ALL of Mankind, by Jesus Christ.

2.  And through the life example that Jesus Christ left us, we are to understand and respect the lives we encounter in our life paths, just as He did. He gave everyone a choice to listen; but He never stopped them from speaking their own beliefs, to challenge His.

We should have that zeal to share the love of the Almighty God, and the love He showed through the Death of Jesus Christ. What I have learned in my own personal life is that through earthly trials and challenges, we only get stronger in our faith. This is what God meant by “REFINER’S FIRE“. We must have our faith tested, in order to make it to the perfection that God had originally created for it to be, as originally seen in Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden (before Satan introduced temptation and sin to them) . Think about it, how are DIAMONDS made? Before they become the beautiful gems that we admire for their sparkle and clarity in color, they are found in such a raw and rough form. And only until it undergoes all of the tests of high temperatures, and rough polishing….it becomes the perfection that we see.

What people keep losing site on, is the very fact that upon that sin committed in the Garden of Eden, committed by Adam & Eve, Mankind became a part of a SPRITUAL BATTLE, between Good and Evil. Jesus finally ended Evil’s reign over the Earth, by dying on the Cross at Calvary. However, God’s ways will only be restored upon Jesus Christ‘s Return. So in the meanwhile, the earth’s ways, are structured out of Evil’s ways. This is why God says He is NOT of the WORLD’S WAYS; and that by conforming to the world’s ways, and saying that we honor Him, as the Almighty God, that we are serving 2 Masters. You have to either choose conforming to the ways of this world; or to follow God’s Divine Laws of Love, which are not of the ways of this world (by leading a life the ways Jesus Christ showed us, while He walked on this earth.) So this is this the conflict that we face, as human beings, everyday.

They trials and the challenges we face are based on tests of faith…to refine, beautify and perfect it. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not exempt from such tests, while He walked on this Earth. In fact to share and uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, he encountered persecution, ridicule, and even was accused of things He did not do, to the point of being punished an earthly death on the cross, which was the sentence of a criminal. And for those that know Jesus Christ, was He a criminal. Absolutely not. So what makes us any better than the Son of God, to be exempt from them? In fact, He showed us how to tackle them…to conquer them. And the 12 disciples that walked by Him through His Life Journey, understood this. They followed Jesus Christ’s instruction….in sharing Jesus Christ’s Teachings…to share God’s Love…to the point where they themselves endured the same persecution, ridicule, and deaths. Evil kept on throwing challenge after challenge at them to deceive them off the path to God. But they realized that the Almighty God that they served was beyond the ways of the world that they live in….and have a promise of Eternal Paradise for them. This is what they saw through Jesus Christ and His Life Example.

I always say, a person that claims to be walking on the Path to God, should be deeply worried if they are not facing any challenges or trials in their life. That means, evil is quite happy with how you are conducting your life….and that it is somehow conforming to the ways of this world…it’s ways. In fact, the more challenges you face, when walking on this path….the more happy you should be. Why? Because is getting angry that you are getting one step closer to God; and further away from Satan and his evil. Jesus showed us how to conquer such trials and battles. Through prayer.  Through prayer, we are allowing for the Almighty God to fight our battles for us. Jesus Christ was more than a Man….His Teachings were more than what came out of His Mouth…His Teachings also came from the Life He led while walking on this Earth.

Why do you think that the Name of Jesus Christ, and His Teachings are trying to be ridden of…or forgotten? Because Evil does not want us to know how to conquer it, for ourselves, in our daily lives. It wants us to get so soiled with the ways of this world, that we will no longer KNOW of God’s Love, to which was shown at the Cross at Calvary. Or for those that once knew…for us to loose our ways from that path.

As the Book of Revelations states, in the end of times, those who know God, and Christ’s Teachings, will encounter persecution; as seen by many of those before us…Prophets…Jesus; disciples…and many others who chose the path to God. God has asked us, just as Jesus showed us through His Own Crucifixion at the Cross….to endure and uphold His Laws of Divine Love, to the point of death. Why? Because even the earthly body is just a vessel to keep the soul within. And EARTHLY LIFE is NOTHING in comparison to a SPIRITUAL DEATH. Because one is TEMPORARY (Earthly Life); and one is ETERNAL (SPIRITUAL). And whomever says, that believing in God, is weak…or it is done in order to not face reality…well, believing in an Unseen God, and investing in a SPIRTUAL Eternity takes far more strength, than believing in what can be seen and heard with the earthly senses. We are spiritual beings, not physical beings. Evil will try to convince you otherwise, because it can only manipulate the physical; but a spirit grounded in God’s Laws of Divine Love can not be manipulated by Evil.

The link below is of a current trial that once Famed Hollywood Actor turned “Christian Activist” (as this articles states) that he had to endure in order to put out a new film that he is coming out with. We must remain steadfast in faith, and God will surely reward you for that faith. Just remember a God that says He is not of the world’s ways, does not reward with the world’s ways…but through HIS OWN DIVINE ways, that are eternal.

I think it is best said, as KIRK said in his movie trailer: “LIFE is stronger than DEATH; GOOD is stronger than EVIL; and FAITH is stronger than DOUBT.”





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