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Unconditional Love that was Demonstrated by Jesus Christ

So many yearn to be unconditionally loved in this world. And so many want to guard their own hearts from unconditionally loving others, based on past pain and hurt. These are all things that make us human beings. But what differentiates a “spiritually enlightened human being” and a “regular human being”? Well, very simple. When we finally have come to the conclusion that we were created to love; and the very principle of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, is beyond our human nature. And being guided and strengthened by a Divine Force, which created us. When we understand that the Father of Creation, is LOVE, we will understand that all things that come from Him, are full of love. Why is it beyond our human nature? Well, we were created for it to be a part of our human nature, which can be seen in the initial days of Adam & Eve. Then when Satan introduced temptation and sin, into the Garden of Eden, we see that human nature had changed. This is how evil took its reign on this earth.

However, God had a plan. A plan to restore our human nature, to the greatness that He had originally created for us to be. This plan was to carry out ending evil’s rule on the earth; and to reestablish God’s direct connection to His Most Precious Creations, Man. This plan needed to absorb all sin, that was committed by Man, so that it can be saved from being lost to Evil’s Darkness, forever. God’s Plan was to send His Son, Jesus Christ from Heaven, to live amongst His Creations. To let His Son endure all that His Creations endure, and to show us, as His Creations, that despite all the obstacles, we are eligible for Eternal Life, with the Father of Creation. God loved us so much, UNCONDITIONALLY, that He sent His Son, to take on the punishment that was meant for us, as His Own. The torture that Jesus Christ endured, or what many Christians know as “The Passion”, was meant for Mankind, based on their sin vulnerable, human nature, was taken on behalf of us, by Jesus Christ. So with each time I get frustrated in my path; or get thrown off, I think to myself:

God gave His Son’s Life, to save me from being in Darkness, forever. He loved me that much to tell me through Jesus Christ, that He saw something worthy within me, to enter His Kingdom. Despite my mistakes, despite my flaws, Jesus Christ, the perfection that He was as the Son of God, saw that I was worth dying for. So who am I to give up on my path, when God did not give up on me? Who am I to give up on my path to finding God, when Jesus Christ endured all the torture meant for me, on my behalf?

Jesus Christ being whipped

Jesus standing beaten and tortured

Jesus Christ was the Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love. His Act of Love is one that can be understood by all. He sacrificed His Life for the sake of Mankind. The reason why He was born, was to save Mankind through His Death on the Cross. This is something very important to know and understand about Jesus Christ. He died, to unshackle Mankind from Evil; and to restore God’s direct pathway back with His Children on Earth. So that we will truly have THE CHOICE to choose between following God’s Divine Laws of Love; or not. Like a Lamb being slaughtered, Jesus Christ became that Lamb, willingly, to fulfill His…our Father’s Plan for Him. Is that not UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Why is that so hard to believe? Is God not our Father? Is that not what a parent would do for their children….to lay down their life for them? Even the animals in the wild understand this. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, could have chosen the easy route on this earth….but He didn’t. As He walked on this earth, He loved all EQUALLY, despite what walk of life they came from. At the same time, while doing so He never compromised God’s Instructions to Him, as to living a life that is honorable to Him. His lack of straying away, was what demonstrated His Connection to Divinity. His steadfast faith, and unconditional love is what demonstrated His Connection to Divinity. He being able to endure the torture and the death He did for the sake of another, was not something a human being could endure for the sake of another, but only the One that is connected to Divinity, could do.

As we look around the world, we see many Christians who have given up their earthly lives for the sake of not renouncing Jesus Christ. Why do you suppose they did that? It’s because of the Unconditional Love that they saw God demonstrated for them, through His Son, Jesus Christ’s, Torture and Death on the Cross, for their sake. God, though seeing our imperfections, loved us so much as to give us another chance. His Son, died for us. God died for us. We are not to live in the flesh, for Jesus Christ showed us on the Cross, that our earthly flesh is not what is being battled over. It is our souls, which mold our human nature. We have to keep refining ourselves, to get back to the original greatness that we were created to be. And if God says He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them; that means that whatever may be considered of great value in this world, may not hold the same weight in the Eyes of God. That we need to begin investing the time and effort in perfecting our inner selves; and not so much the outer self. This is a lifelong process, to which I said before in my entry below, that God knows the beginning and end to. Just like Jesus Christ trusted in God’s Will of His Life, we have to do the same.

For Unconditional Love will never be understood by a heart who still values the ways of this world. It could never be fully expressed by a heart that still holds on to the things and parameters of this world. It can only be understood and demonstrated by a heart that has broken away from the ways of this world; and found its connection with Divinity. Once that connection is made, this heart will only know how to love unconditionally, for the sake of honoring the Father of Creation, and Jesus Christ’s Unconditional Love shown at the Cross, in Calvary.

Jesus Christ Crucifixion

“So those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last.”-Matthew 20:16 (PART II)


You see, when we focus on attaining the things of this world, we are not putting God first in our life. God clearly says that He is not of the world’s ways. When we focus on attaining the things of this world, no matter the reason, this is an opening for evil to grab a foothold into our life, to reshackle us to it. Jesus Christ endured all that He did, to unshackle us from evil. Yeshuay unshackled us from that sin committed in the Garden of Eden, upon His Death on the Cross, for ALL OF MANKIND. This is why Jesus said, “Give up everything, and follow me.” As the Son of God, He knew what God wants of our lives, in order to be able to enter back into the Eternal Paradise. And we have to separate ourselves from the ways of this world, because they are not from God. This understanding or enlightenment can be seen in others who did not practice Christianity. Lets have a further look at this.

Those who have claimed to be enlightened by a divine source, also demonstrated a life to which is similar to what Jesus Christ preached, which is a life, that is devoid of the worldly things, and to become humbled in knowing with each day that we live, we are in the very Presence of the Omnipresent Father of Creation. If we look at the lives of the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Sai Baba, etc. (to name a few) they all lead lives that are devoid of the world’s riches and ways, in ways of love, peace, and nonviolence. And their path to seeking Divinity‘s Ways of Life, were the focus of their lives. Yes…nonviolence is very important in Divinity’s Laws of Life and Love. Why? Only the Creator has the right or jurisdiction, to create or destroy the creations. The creation does not have that jurisdiction to do that. This is why Jesus Christ said, in His Sermon on the Mount, “That I have come here to tell you, instead of “eye for an eye”, that you must “turn the other cheek.” When Jesus Christ was being taken away from the Garden of Gesthemane, the night before He was being crucified, by the Roman soldiers, St. Peter, took his sword to defend Jesus Christ from a soldier, and chopped off one of his ears. Jesus scolded him, and condemned for doing such a thing, and healed the soldier of the wound. Violence by any means justified in the wordly sense, is not justified by Divinty.

God sees how far His Beloved Creations have come from the original greatness that He created for them to be. But He says, that those who have truly found Divine Enlightenment, will understand His Ways. Will understand the true value of the worldly ways. This is why Jesus said, “So those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last.” –Matthew 20:16. Because God knows, just as His Son, Jesus Christ endured persecution and ridicule, since the time of His Birth on the earth; that evil will make sure that God’s Divine Laws of Love will be forgotten or never known by the many. But those who do know of it, and have found its true meaning, will not be accepted by the world. In fact, by the world’s parameters, they will be the “last”….they will be the “ridiculed” or least understood. Will not be “accepted” or “suppressed for the truth that they know”. But what Jesus demonstrated on the Cross was, that eventhough He was considered last on this earth….He is first in the Kingdom of Heaven, in God’s Eternal Paradise. That the ways of this world is not what defined Him, but the ways of the Divine Father of Creation. In this, with His SELFLESS SACRIFICIAL act of dying as the salvation for all of Mankind, from evil…He showed that Evil’s ways are temporary. And that God’s Wrath, is permanent.

Preparing Yourself (Part II)

With each day put on the Armor of God.....

With each day put on the Armor of God…..

God also states that in the end of times, in the Book of Revelations, that many of His People will be persecuted. Many of His People will be even killed for pointing out what is right and wrong in accordance to His Laws of Divinity. But death to the earthly body is in no comparison to a death of the spirit/soul. The minute we choose evil’s earthly ways, and do not turn away from them with the wholeheartedness, to not commit them again….that begins the process of the condemnation of our souls. Souls never die. But souls can either be stained for purified. This is a truth believed by all faiths, all across the board. But God’s ways purify the heart and soul; and only HE can be the judge of this.

The intentions behind our thoughts and actions, is what we, as Man, are judged by. These intentions will be reflected in the purity of the heart and soul. What should the intention be? To honor the Authority of THE CREATOR through your thoughts and actions. Whenever an action or thought is justified for PERSONAL GAIN, that’s when we fall prey to evil; which only muddies the heart and soul. There will come a time on this earth, where evil will have full authority over it….so God’s People, will need to decide to go against the grain or not;  to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love and Peace. Has not World History showed us this? Those that changed Mankind out of Love, died to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love. and Peace. They, as Jesus Christ said, in His Sermon on the Mount, “TURNED THE OTHER CHEEK”. This is guaranteed for all of God’s People. So by growing stronger in your faith in God, He will help you to discern the deception that Evil will envelope this earth with, to turn people away from God’s Path…and to further deceive nonbelievers. Endure the trials to refine your faith, this is the only weapon you have against evil. It is a spiritual war that is occurring, over the SOULS. Many are already lost, but they have the chance to come back….till the last breath of their earthly bodies.  None of us know when that is, however, so that is why such refinement has to be an everyday process. And even then, it has to be humbling to the point of it becoming a wholehearted, born again heart and soul.

We were born shackled to the evil ways of this world; but upon truly understanding why Jesus Christ, as the Son of GOD(Not Son of Man….but being GOD Himself) had to sacrifice Himself, to become the Salvation for ALL OF MANKIND, we will be truly set free of those shackles. Jesus Christ did not come here to establish a religion. As the Son of God, He came to set us free, and to give us the choice to choose His Ways or not. And those that have seen the truth in His Life Example and Teachings….were changed forever in seeing it. God has said, no matter what Holy Book you follow, that HIS TRUTH will prevail. His Truth translates all the same, no matter what faith belief we follow. Because His Ways are constant and everlasting. As stated in the entry below, by Jude, God’s Ways are that which do NOT follow our “natural instincts” or “human nature”. Therefore we are not to give in to them, in order to follow God’s Ways. We must be BEYOND them. We do not have enough strength to do it with our own human strength, but must ask God to give us the strength to conquer those sinful ways of human nature. God has guaranteed victory through Him, and only God can help us to conquer the Devil.

Preparing Yourself (Part I)

With each day put on the Armor of God.....

With each day put on the Armor of God…..

As the days go by, there seems to be more evidence that we as Mankind, are growing further and further away from the greatness that God had originally created for us to be. Though God has given us the freewill to choose whether to follow His Ways of Divinity; we often decide or make the choice of not doing so. God had entrusted us to make the right decisions, yet we keep chosing to do the wrong. This was proven when temptation to sin was first introduced in the Garden of Eden, and Adam & Eve fell to the first sin to be committed by Mankind. Ever since then, Man has shown their weakness to the temptations of Evil, by  falling prey to the 7 deadly sins in some shape or form; leading to harming each other…harming Mankind, which is in direct violation of God’s Divine Laws of Love. What distinguishes between a believer and a nonbeliever? Repentance….repentance….repentance. I can’t stress that enough. Through this simple, humble act in front of God, you show that you still recognize His Authority in your life. There will come a time where we all will have to answer to Him, whether we believe in Him or not; or whether we have forgotten Him or not, from our lives.  We are each held accountable for all we do on this earth. And there is no hiding of anything from God, because He sees all. Evil try to convince you of otherwise, just like it did with Adam & Eve. And God’s Wrath is permanent; while the inflictions that Evil puts on us are TEMPORARY.

People who are faithful to God will endure trials and tests. God is refining them through these trials, to breakaway from the ways of this world, back to the perfection that God had originally created for all of us to be. And the world’s ways are currently running rampantly with NOT WAYS OF DIVINITY; but WAYS OF EVIL. Remember that God says He is BEYOND the world’s ways. So we must breakaway from the ways of this world. Jesus Christ, Himself said that it is not enough to just be faithful to the Commandments and the laws. But you must give up everything that you value in this materialistic world, to follow God. This is really a mental process. When you BELIEVE in something….you begin to LIVE it. Our hearts will prick us, the moment we violate God’s Laws, as God’s nudgings of whether this is right our wrong. But Evil will constantly be around to constantly make us fight those “nudgings” from God. Evil tries to tell us use the “knowledge of this world as our philosophy and way of life. This only combats God’s Wisdom which is BEYOND the ways of this world. Nonetheless, even is the knowledge of this world, God reveals Himself. The question is are we viewing them through our “spiritual vision” or through our “human worldly vision”?

God says we are not to accept what violates His Laws of Divinity. Yet look at how many atrocities to Mankind exist today? And how we have justified their existence? EVEN GOD HIMSELF, though having all of the authority to do so, DID NOT DESTROY HIS CREATIONS. Yet we as His Creations, have given ourselves authority to destroy them. From killing nature, the animals in the wild, AND EVEN EACH OTHER.  Who are we to do so? Have we considered ourselves to be gods ourselves to do this? To think that we are godlike in deciding who out of God’s Creations are superior to all other of God’s Creations? God does this to give ALL the opportunity to change from their sinful human nature, both good, and those who chose to follow evil. Out of His Love for Mankind. He just wants us to choose willingly to do so. Evil’s authority on this earth is allowed only because we CHOSE to allow for it to enter within our lives.

(PART II to come…..)

Something to Believe in…..

In the world today, there seems to be so much confusion, why is that?  I think, personally, it’s because there are so many gray areas in the world today.  People no longer know what to believe in.  The very foundation of mankind has been cracked; and it is up to us rebuild our own foundations.

“God is in EVERYONE and in EVERYTHING.”  The very idea that Jesus Christ proclaimed this demonstrates that it is innately within all of us, to seek God and His Existence within our lives.  The thing is, it is not in the form of physical earthly proof, but such questions in reference to God and His Existence, are found in the form of feeling fulfilled within yourself, which is not defined by the ways of this world.  To understand that the Almighty God, Jehovah, Yahweh…..can create anything out of earthly nothingness requires a soul to value things that are not of this world, but a soul that values peace, and having that knowledge.  It is from this understanding that we will realize that the earthly things of this world mean abolutely nothing, in comparison to a God that rules a realm that is beyond all things that we can see with our human eyes, and hear with our human ears, on this earth.

Confusion is one of evil’s tools in trying to shake mankind off of the Truth of God and His Goodness.  This is how Jesus Christ, out of all Prophets, defied Satan Himself.  He did not live by earthly parameters or understanding.  His Life was a Living Example of God’s Existence, even amongst the schemes of evil upon this earth.  Since we all originate from God, the innate sense of knowing what is ‘right and wrong” in the Eyes of God, is within ALL of us.  But as we live our lives on this Earth,  maintaining that foundation of what God innately puts within us….becomes must more difficult.  We must constantly refresh our minds, hearts, and souls of the foundation that was once put within us all.

To understand the Life and Death of Jesus Christ requires a heart that truly has seen that the things of this world truly do not have any meaning in this “whole scheme of life”.  Valuing what is UNSEEN requires a soul that is fully in tune with the God that created it.  And that is exactly what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary.  There is no human logic on this earth that can reason out how THIS ULTIMATE ACT of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE could be done.  (Which also demonstrates that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, itself, is derived from Divinity.)  Such a soul is not bound by the ways of this world, it is bound by the spiritual code that God guides them with…which is beyond the world ways.  This soul, yearns, and only feels complete by following God’s Ways.  And this can only be achieved by firmly knowing what to believe in.

A strong foundation of a belief, is a soul that will not be shaken off of the God’s Path.  That is what Jesus displayed on the Cross.  No matter what earthly trials were thrown at Him, as the Son of God, in Human Form….He knew that saving all of Mankind was worth more in the Eyes of God, than saving His Earthly Body from the pain and torture that He endured.

Grow stronger in your faith…..grow stronger in understanding how loving a God we came from…..and have SOMETHING to BELIEVE in…..wholeheartedly.

What Jesus Taught Me

The Holy Trinity of God the Father of Creation

What Jesus taught me;

Was how to be set free…

From evil and its ways;

And in His Arms lay.

He reminds me with His Life;

That following God’s Ways will bring so much earthly strife.

This is because Our Father’s Ways are not of this world;

So we must battle it, and allow for His Truth to be unfurled.

Evil will bind you to the world’s way;

So that from God’s Path, you will be led astray.

Jesus, as God’s Son was not exempt;

From earthly pain and suffering, all evil’s attempts…

Attempts to Doubt the Father of Creation;

So that you will give in to him, and never know Divine Elation.

Jesus conquered Satan’s attempts through His Unconditional Love;

That which He demonstrated at Calvary…such strength could only come from Up Above.

For our Loving Christ suffered what no Man could have;

And died a death that none of nobility…splitting his earthly body in halves.

Yet He suffered and died without a single drop of anger or hate;

But only of Love to make our pathway back to our Father in Heaven, straight.

For paying such a kingly price;

Jesus thought it was worth rolling the dice….

In investing in Mankind and the love that He saw that remained;

That was reminiscent of God, the Father…such love should have never been strained.

For we were all made to love;

As the Mighty Creator does from Up Above.

Jesus taught me that all this earthly suffering is worth the cost….

Because He loved me enough to lay down His Life, out of love….so that I can no longer be lost…

In this world that Satan made us all fall prey to sin;

And be lost from our friends and kin.

Satan does not want us to have what he can never have again;

So he tries to shackle us to him, and allow us not to be freemen.

Jesus showed us how we can be set free…

Of Satan’s shackles….and how with God we can forever be.

Jesus showed us to not of this world fear;

For that is what evils wants…and tries of you to steer.

Jesus taught that His Father is our Father too;

And that it is only through Him, victory over evil is achieved and love can come through.

What Jesus taught me, no other can…

For with His Own Life, for me, He took a stand.

Such love can not ever be fully understood….

By any human logic or scholar could.

Such love can only come from the inspiration of Divinity;

And protected by Father God’s Holy Trinity.

As the End of Times Grow Nearer

We look in the world today, and what are we seeing?  A world that is filled with so much confusion and chaos.  It requires taking a strong look at ourselves, and what we believe in, in order to remind ourselves the origins of our own existence.  People today, no longer know what to believe in.  They no longer believe in causes that they are willing to die for; let alone feel important enough to teach their own children.   It’s as if, everyone is, well quite frankly, running wild. 

Today’s code of morals and ethics are those that at times, can be considered less civilized that those of the animals in the wild.  You might find this particular piece of writing more provocative that my previous ones.But nonetheless it is what I feel that God has put in my heart to write for today. 

A lot of people talk about “Doomsday”.  But what I find disturbing is not the actual “time” to which it will come; but how lightly people take the topic, on a whole.  God calls people from all different walks of life.  We are all given different circumstances to live the life that we were gifted by Him, with.  But how manyof us run away from the circumstances…..or refuse to face the lives given to us?  How many of us, on a whole, just choose to ignore, all the teachings that Jesus Christ had taught us through His Life…and even death. 

What a lot of people miss, especially in preparing for “the end of times” is that it’s not about acts done within your lifetime as penance for your wrongs; or doing good deeds; or even, going to the respective Holy Temples of Worship….It’s about the transformation of the heart, in total obedience to God and His Divine Laws.  All of the other things, previously mentioned, will fall into place, once you have a heart transformed in God.

Transformation of the heart, requires trials and hardships, as tests of refinement.  It requires constant nurturing and replenishing of a love that is not of this world.  People seem to think that earthly measures could help you achieve a stature that will put you in sight of Divinity.  It is not anything else, but the purity of the heart that constantly longs for the Father that created us all, that will save us, in the end of times.  Not any act or good deed.  It’s the purity of the heart and its intention.  It’s loyalty and yearning towards God.  That is what Jesus taught us, that even those that are despised, and even considered “sinners” under manmade laws, were forgiveable by God.  We must not lose sight of all this….especially in these confusion times.