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A Letter to My Heavenly Father

Jesus & Child


Dear Father God:

Thank you for giving me another day to live…to testify to Your Endless Love. Thank you for never giving up on me, no matter how far I may roam off your path, for which You called me to. Through Jesus Christ, You showed me so many things. I feel so unworthy of having such love being shown for me. For Jesus gladly took on Your Purpose for His Life, in that He was born to die, in order to save me , and all of Humanity. He showed me how to have courage, and to never forget how You are everywhere, and in everything. Jesus also told us Your Great Wisdom, that is beyond all the ways of this world; and as a result beyond all human logic, which is bound by them; and how our faithfulness in seeking You will allow for You to show us portions of that Great Wisdom.

Father, Abba, I can only imagine how sad You are, watching us, as Your Children, from Up Above. Seeing all of the destruction, anger, and deceit we have all become succumbed to. Those of us who continue to seek You faithfully, have been beaten, bruised, and torn…growing weak, frustrated, and tired. Yahweh, please see those whose souls and hearts burn for You, and give us the strength to overcome our frustrations, and weakness, so that we can return back to You. And for those of us who have forgotten what Jesus did for us, or those of us who never knew…God, please continue to show Your Mercy towards them, so that they may be given the opportunity to make the choice to find You.

Everything that happens on this earth occurs due to Your Holy Plan. We must still uphold Your Laws of Divine Love, as best as we can. We know that we can not do this by our own flawed human logic; and weak human strength. That is why it is so important for us to get constantly refreshed in You, on a daily basis, at best. As of recent, Father, You have taught me…that our flaws, mistakes, and even our trials, serve as reminders of Your Existence in our lives, which we often forget; as well as how flawed we, as Men, have become.

Continue to watch us from Up Above, Abba. And let Your Will of my life, to be done.


Love Always,

Your Daughter.

Entrance into the Kingdom

Love knows no saddness;

Neither any baddness…

It only knows truth, that is inspired by the Father Up Above;

That can make a person fly heights as that of a dove.

It trusts unconditionally, without considering any flaws;

But only considering a world full of kisses and hugs…not claws.

All we can do is love honestly, and with truth;

Conducting ourselves, as that within our own youth.

Such love is strong and pure;

Having the power of any sickness to cure.

For such a pure love can change the coldest of hearts;

Spreading all around…in different regions and parts.

It is has the power to revive a life that is dying and weak;

Making an angry heart mild and meek.

There are many who roam this earth that have never felt;

Such pure love…or if they did, did not know how of it, to have dealt.


Once feeling such love, it can make one soar so high;

Making one feel indestructable…as if they can never die.

Never regret sharing such love with another;

For even if that person can not see its value over the other;

God will always see it, and be proud as you honor Him as Your Father.

So fearlessly love, it can really heal the wounded and scarred;

And put an end to evil…from this Earth, have it barred.

For there are so many who have not felt this love;

And have grown to become further away from the Father up Above.

Love as if it is Your MIssion for God;

And receive from Jesus Christ the Heavenly nod…

By healing wounded hearts that are many in number…

Awaken hearts that are in slumber.

Faith Like a Child…

Faith like a child

As adults, we fear so much;

However, as children, we feared far less, as such.

When we were children, we easily forgave;

And of the world, from wrong, we wanted to save.

It took so little to make us smile;

From simple words of love, and candy by the piles.

God asks us to love, like a child, in the purest of ways;

For those who take advantage of such love…God surely with justice…pays.

In this world we have come so far;

From what God has all preached through Jesus’ Life and Death…guiding us with the North Star.

Peope have forgotten God‘s Existence in all;

Which has allowed for many, from God’s Grace to fall.

God’s Love is endless and powerful above anything we can ever know;

So have the confidence to go to God, and ask for His Endless Forgiveness, so back in Him…you can grow.

Such unconditional love can only be experienced by a few;

By those whose intentions for the Father of Creation, are pure and true.

Remember that no matter how many times you fall off the path;

Come back to God, with a truly repentant heart…for it’s worth it…I’ve done the math.

For this unconditional love is promised forever;

As long as we seek it, and make it our lifelong endeavor.

What Jesus Means to Me…

What Jesus means to me;

Many refuse to see…

He means Love;

Sent from the Father Up Above.


From His Life;

Through all the earthly strife…

He loved endlessly with mercy and saddness;

Due to how easily we fall to evils tricks and badness.


Despite all of the ridicule he endured from those who did not understand;

His continued on with God‘s Will of His Life, knowing where in God’s Kingdom, He stands.

Jesus knew that it will not be an easy road to travel;

For evil will throw everything at him, to fall off Our Father‘s Path for Him…to make him, mentally unravel.


We must remember that the Father, Up Above said that He is not of the world’s ways;

He is beyond all that evil, on this earth to decieve, lays…

So to stay on path, we must not conform to what evil tries to say…

For the Father of Creation has made it clear, that it does not pay.


The path to God’s Kingdom is travelled by few;

And Jesus will return back to lead those who travelled on it, on God’s cue.

Jesus,as the Son of God, edured all He did because He believed…

That we were all worthy of God’s Love, and of evil’s grasps to be cleaved.


Jesus loved us so much to endure all He did;

All it requires is to have faith, like a kid.

This means, to believe in God, with all your might;

And in His Kingdom, you will return, a place where love dwells all day and night.



As the days goes by;

I sit in my bed and cry…

Thinking of all the things that occurred within that day;

Of wrong that were noticed and ignored, went without a say.

How many times does one justify a lie?

Whether big or small, still false in God‘s Eyes.

We have justified killing, stealing, and scheming;

That would allow for us to “survive” for the reward of earthly riches that keep ungodly hearts, dreaming.

Today, people are so quick o point a finger;

Instead of refining themselves, they allow for their pride to dominate and linger.

We are now entering a day where evil is reigning over the world and its ways;

Our goal must be to stay focused on God, in the end that is what pays.

For God loves us so muc…can you not see?

By sending His Son, Jesus, they both showed us how to live…to be.

To love unconditionally for all those that come near;

Loving all that is from a Divine Source, is how of our lives, we must steer…

Away from any earthly gain controlled by ego, pride or money…is clear.

Just as God, Our Creator, knows of our weaknesses…our flaws;

Satan knows of them all, as well, manipulates each one to get you into his claws.

As long as we are grounded in the teachings of Jesus, constantly being spiritually fed;

Away from evil, and towards God’s Eternal Kingdom, is where our lives will be led.

Today the world is trying to erase the memory of Jesus and His Ways;

As Christians, we are taught to respect all of GOd’s Creations…the variety that He lays…

We must stay focused on Jesus’ Life Example, to Him and God, we should solely praise.

Love Conquers All…..

In the world today, we seem to forget to love others. We seem to always have the need to look out for ourselves.  Some people say, “If you do not look out for yourself, who will?”  I think the God who created our world does that, it’s just the matter of being receptive to Him, and seeing it through our spiritual eyes.  We constantly need to use our human logic to reason out DIVINE logic.  Human logic shackles us to the ways of this world.  Not to mention, it also restricts us to the barriers and boundaries of this world.  If God says He is beyond the days of this world, He means it.  And if God is for you, who should you fear in being against you. (Romans 8:31)  So why not open our spiritual eyes, and our hearts to a Being that is beyond the ways of this world….and only means the best of intentions for us?  He even gives us the CHOICE; to seek and follow him; and gives us everything good in this life, without any obligations or “strings attached”.  That was the entire reason and meaning behind Jesus Christ.

Jesus showed us, that it does not matter what happens in our lives, God’s Purpose and Plan for our lives comes first.  And it always pays to help and love others more than yourself.  Though this world may not see it, the Being that matters, sees it….God who sees everything.  There is no hiding from Him.  Jesus saw that fulfilling God’s Plan for Him, by dying on the Cross that “Love Truly Does Conquer All.”  I think it is because of this self love that consumes us as humans, that we can not comprehend the strength of the love that Jesus had for God, and even us as His Brothers and Sisters.  Such love requires a heart that is childlike, and to love others more than ourselves.  To see that the things of this world compare to nothing in value to the things in God’s world.  Because God is beyond ALL.

God loves us no matter how many times we make mistakes.  God takes care of us, despite how many times we get angry at Him.  God gives us another day to wake up to, despite us ignoring Him, in our lives.  All He asks is that we talk to Him everyday; that we acknowledge His Love for us.  He wants us to spare a moment for Him, so that He can show how much He loves us.  His Love Conquers all; and truly has CONQUERED ALL.

Childlike Faith

Jesus Christ has said, “Have a childlike faith.”  What does this mean to you?  I think that this is one of the hardest things to achieve in life.  We must sincerely trust God and His Will for our lives.  Remmber it is not our will, but HIS WILL that will be done.  Isn’t that what Jesus demonstrated at the Cross?

We must talk with God everyday, about the everyday things that happen within our lives.  We can forever roam around on this earth, but never find another person that will completely understand us, just as God does.  God understood us so much, that He sent down Jesus to show us that His Son lived amongst us, to experience what we do on this earth…..to show us how we can conquer the evil that is present in this world….and how to return back to the Father, Up Above.  So conversate with God, just as these children did….without thinking twice about it.  Make God a part of your life everyday.