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While Seeking Truth….


In the world today, many seek “The Truth“, to many different things in life. Whether it be to a situation that they are in; or maybe even to something that is within themselves. But I tell you today, that TRUTH can only be found through God. If we rely on our own logic, we will surely stray further and further away in finding it. As human beings we have become so dependent on what we can intellectualize or rationalize; that the current condition to which we see the world today, is the result of relying on that flawed human logic. God has constantly showed us this through all the religious texts out there; to even various event in World History. Our decisions and conclusions resulted in the world that we see today, before our eyes.

As the end of times grow nearer, with each day that goes by, we have to become stronger in our faith in the Creator. The world around us may challenge that faith. But the challenges only make us stronger, and refine us to the greatness that God originally created for us to be, as the Perfection for His Eternal Kingdom. To which was initially seen with Adam & Eve; before they fell to the temptation of Satan. We have to realize that God’s people will be ridiculed and persecuted, with each step that is taken to advance in their path to God. Some may be falsely accused of things that they did not do, as well, just as Jesus was. JESUS’s LIFE, in what He had experienced, and to what He had endured, is what forshadowed to what a CHRISTian may endure, by upholding God’s Divine Laws of Love. Jesus Christ clearly demonstrated with His LIfe, that TRUTH, is not seen or heard with the ways of this world; but felt by a heart that is rooted in the Word of God. With this understanding, anyone can become a CHRISTian. A prime example of someone who understood this was Mahatma Gandhi; who led the largest democracy IN THE WORLD, to independence, in a way of NONVIOLENCE, LOVE, and PEACE. Exactly how Jesus Christ taught us how to live our lives, in a way that is pleasing to the Father of Creation. It is a wide known fact that He took the Teaching of Jesus Christ and adopted them, as his own. And with that, changed the world with his life and purpose.

What many do not understand is that God clearly states that, “He is not of the ways of this world; but His Ways are beyond them. ” What does this mean? It means that The Creator, has no value in the world’s ways, and that His Ways are far superior to that which can be ever imagined to this world. Just look at the things, that no one could ever replicate of God’s Creation:

1.  How a child comes into this world.

2. How a blade of grass, has the molecular structure it has.

3. How the human body was designed.

4. How the sky is endless.

5. How the animals live and survive in the wilderness.

Can Man ever CREATE with their own human logic, such things, without imitating what God has already created? Never. And this is proof enough that God exists, and that He has a Truth that is worth relying on Him, to discover. If He says, that He is beyond the world’s ways, the minute number of things that I have mentioned above of God’s Creations, prove this. Then imagine the philosophies He has to offer, as to how we should live….are they going to be of the world’s ways? Imagine the world with His Philosophies:

1. Jesus Christ on His Sermon on the Mount has said, that instead of ” Eye for an Eye ” , I have come to establish a new law. We must, “Turn the other Cheek “.

Did not Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian people put this into practice in order to gain their nation Independence? Eye for an Eye would result in war.

2. Do unto others, as you would have done unto you. Jesus Christ has stated this as the Golden Rule.  If we only took this to heart, and adopted this as a personal philosophy, there would not be so many people yearning to be loved in this world. That are feeling so lonely in this world. Jesus Christ, through this Golden Rule, is saying, that God requires us to invest the human heart with each person we encounter in our life path. EVERYONE is equal in God’s Eyes. There is no one more superior than the other. We just take different life paths. However, upon the temptation that Satan had brought to Eden, he introduced one of the 7 deadly sins of PRIDE. And Mankind ran with this sin, to stem off into various others sins to form.

3. We are to love not only those that love us back; but love our enemies, and strangers. We should love others, more than ourselves. SELF LOVE is professed by evil. Jesus Christ, through death of His Own Earthly Body, as the Son of God, showed us that we love, even to the point of death. SELFLESS, SACRIFICIAL LOVE is what is professed by Divinity.

While seeking truth, we have to remember that God has a truth, and it is right in front of us. And it defies, what our human minds could ever imagine. The truth is right there in front of us. But in order to see it for its true value, we have to be rooted in His Ways of Divine Love; to which He says are beyond the ways of the world we live in. And when a heart is rooted in such ways, it will begin to see the true value of the things of this world; and how God views them, as well. Remember the things of value, are those things to which a pricetag is not attached, in its original form. If Man has put a pricetag on something of God’s Creations, that originally did not have one, then it is in direct violation of God’s Laws of Divine Love. Plain and simple. I guess God must be shocked and heartbroken what how far away we, as Mankind, have come from the greatness that we originally were created, by Him, to be. He puts the TRUTH out there, in front of our eyes to see; but many of us prefer to be blind to it. We must open our hearts to see Truth….and seek it with all of our heart.


To Believe or Not To Believe

The title of this entry is a question that every Human Being considers. We come to point in our lives where we pose this question to ourselves. There is one thing my mentor has said, that we are always connected to our Maker, because He truly is Our Father. What separates a Believer, from a NonBeliever in God and His Ways of Divine Love? Very simple. Whether we have the boldness to believe in the things that are from an Unseen God; or not. God says He is beyond the world’s ways. He is beyond them. He is God, the Creator of this world…this Universe. He is not bound by the boundaries of His Creations. He sets his own definitions. And the definition that He has given us, as creations in this world, about His Ways, is that HE IS BEYOND THEM. This is what Jesus Christ, as His Son, showed us with His Life, Death, and Resurrection into Heaven. We live in this world, yes. But to live by the ways of God, we must VALUE in our minds, hearts, and souls, HIS WAYS, that are not of the ways of this world; but ways of Love and Forgiveness. Such ways do not involve materialistic worldly things, that are along the lines of fame, fortune, and wealth. Such ways are not inline with the Seven Deadly Sins of : 1) Greed; 2) Gluttony; 3) Sloth; 4) Envy; 5) Wrath; 6) Lust; 7) Pride. These are things that are defined by the world’s ways; and shackle us to evil. Upon coming to this world; and dying on the Cross at Calvary, Jesus Christ, freed us from evil. He took on the Purpose of refreshing our minds, by showing us what is expected of us, in order to enter Eternal Life. With His Life, Jesus, as the Son of God, showed us that though being the King of ALL Kings; and a member of the MOST HIGH COURT, that coming and being born in a cattle’s manger; and living the humble life of a Carpenter’s Son…that Earthly Titles do not mean anything when it comes to the Kingdom. Jesus showed us through His Teachings, that though being ridiculed and persecuted for that He said, He stood steadfast in faith of the Truth that had revealed to Him, in them. Jesus though being the Son of God, was given the death sentence of a CRIMINAL, and he took it on willingly, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, at all costs of HIS EARTHLY LIFE; to SHOW US ETERNITY is gained through giving up everything that is of earthly measure, even to the point of your earthly body. Why? Because it is the purity of the SOUL within you, that is promised eternity or not.  He upheld ‘TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK“, to the point of death of his earthly body. WHY? Because God’s ways are not defined by the ways of this world; but is beyond them. If we have heard and known, and even accepted the Gospels, we would understand this fundamental thought. And fear not of the things of this world; but fear the God who has the final say of our lives. Fear him out of love for His Great Wisdom and Love for Mankind, to which He showed us through Jesus Christ.


We can not be “lukewarm” to God’s Laws of Divine Love. We have to be either for it, or against it. God showed us that we do not let those around us define how we should love; but allow for him to guide us as to how we should love, that would help us preserve the purity of our hearts and souls. This is where Jesus Christ’s Teaching of becoming like Children, in our faith in God, comes from. A child never hesitates to love. However, knows when things are right and wrong at the same time. This only proves, with limited worldly experiences, that God has innately put within all of us, what He wants of us, and expects us to retain throughout our earthly life. And even then, if we had gone off the path, God sent Jesus Christ, to cut our ties to temptation and evil, and to take on our sins, as His Own. As a perfect offering….a Sacrifice. And even then, we have till the last breath in our earthly bodies to come to the realization. We are given choices through our freewill. He does not force us by any means, but gives us that choice. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, though having every power within HIm to avoid any earthly suffering, showed us that He has gone through every human circumstance, and still upheld God’s Laws, and showed us how to do so. That it is possible to attempt doing so. To believe wholeheartedly in an Unseen God, and to live His Ways, wholeheartedly take much more strength, than to live by the ways that are restricted by the world’s ways. Evil has the power to manipulate what we can see….what we can hear….what we can feel with our hands…what we can smell and taste. Make no mistake about that. But by believing in a God that is not restricted to the world’s ways, as Jesus Christ has shown us, can open a world of Eternity for us. We just have to have the strength to see what is right in front of us, and wholeheartedly trust in a God that says He is beyond the world’s ways. This is why Jesus Christ said, that the pathway to God’s Kingdom is narrow and straight; but the pathway to Hell is winding and wide.

To Believe or not to Believe…..to take the straight path or the winding one…..those are the questions that you should pose to yourself. Don’t be gripped by fear of your mistakes in the past or present. God says with each new day that He gives you, He gives you a chance to come to Him. He can wipe our slates clean; and make us anew in Him. How is your faith these days….?

Living by Example…..

Sons of God

As Christians we have to understand that Jesus did not come here to establish a religion. I believe many of us Christians are misrepresenting Christianity, just by seeing how others view us as….as people that are intolerant to anyone other than Christians. This is enirely untrue; we would be misrepresenting Jesus Christ, if this is how we are coming across, to nonbelievers. Just look at how Jesus conducted His Ministry while He roamed this earth? He never discriminated by the class of people He associated with. Instead He said, “I have come here to be the Pysician of the spiritually ill.” He chose His Disciples from all different walks of life; and preached to both believers and non-believers. And when He died on the Cross at Calvary, He did not only die for Christians. He died for ALL OF MANKIND. He came here to show us, how God wants us to lead our earthly lives. Jesus endured all the human trials, any human being could endure on this earth….but fought through all the temptations of the devil to get Him off of God’s Path, and still live accordingly to God’s Laws. Of course Jesus had the strength of God within Him, being the Son of God. There is only ONE Jesus Christ. We are humans, and we must request that strength from God, so that we can endure the trials Satan throws at us, to throw us off the Path of God.

As the days go by, we see Jesus’ Name and any memory of Him, trying to be eliminated on this earth. Christians are being perseuted in all of the four corners of the world, on every continent, purely for their belief in Jesus Christ. There are many each day that die in the Name of Jesus Christ. Women, Men, and even Children who simply are not using force, but killed for preaching the God’s Gospel. CHIRSTmas Time, has now become “Holiday” Time; or “Xmas” time, as if to “X” out the CHRIST. We see images of Him being taken down. I think one person put it best when they said, it seems when people refer to “religious freedom” that they mean “free from religion”. Why would Jesus, as the Son of God, come to earth? What we have to understand is that Jesus Christ came to this earth to establish God’s Way of Life, which are ways of nonviolence, tolerance for differences, and uncondtional love and forgiveness. In fact, Jesus came back to reestablish a new code of conduct through is Golden Rule of, “Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Done Unto You.” He also said, “The old law says, eye for an eye. I have come to correct that, and you must turn the other cheek.” When God says He is not of the ways of this world, we as CHRISTians, just as Jesus CHRIST did must not react in accordance to our sinful human nature. Jesus not only told us, but showed us through His Life and death, that we must live in ways of Love.

God loved us so much, that He wanted to save us from being permanently in Evil’s Hands. Evil intended to keep us within our sinful human nature, which Satan soiled upon introducing sin into the Garden of Eden. So God Decided in order to restablish Mankind’s Pathway back to Him, He needed to send down a part of Himself, to show us one final time, how we are to live in accordance to His Ways, while living on this earth, and to die, in order to conquer Evil’s grasp over Mankind, and to take on Mankind’s sins, as His Own. The Ultimate Act of Selfless, Unconditional Love.

Only Evil will think by limiting earthly images, silencing God’s Servants, pictures and books of God’s Gospel, or anything having to do with Jesus Christ, will make Mankind forget who Jesus Christ is, and what He did to conquer Evil. As Christians, especially, we should have God’s Words…His Life Example…and His Selfless Act of Love at the Cross, so engrained within ourselves…in our hearts and souls, that we would not need such earthly reminders to be the cornerstone of our faith in God. God has to have taken root within your own heart and soul. He has planted those seeds of His Connection to you, at the time you were conceived in your mother’s womb. And just like anything else, if you care about the relationship, to make it stronger, you must spent time nurturing it, so that it can become more resistant to evil’s destruction. For those roots to become stronger; for God’s ties to you to become stronger.We were created from God. When earthly logic has failed us, we innately go to God for help. It is moments like these that allow for us to break away from this world (which is now running rampantantly with evil) and allow God to enter and take even deeper root with you, than before.

Jesus Christ wanted for our lives to represent what He is; and to remember and believe in the teachings He lived while roaming on this earth. If we require to go to statues, or pictures in order to be reminded of our faith, that don’t we become idol worshippers, which is in violation of the Laws God handed over to Moses, with the 10 Commandments? Jesus showed us through His Life, that we are to live God’s Gospel with our lives. The moment we become hung up on such earthly reminders, can we claim that we are strong in our faith?

We should not allow for intolerance of our faith, where evil is trying to suppress the memory of Jesus Christ, or even discredit His Teachings and Death on the Cross for Mankind’s Salvation. At the same time, we must remember that Evil has not succeeded thus far in ridding the memory of Jesus Christ, even after 2,000 years since His Death. It is from perpetual belief by Christians to spread God’s Gospel, and in remembering Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, that we remember how much God Loves Mankind, and that He saw us worthy enough to sacrifice His Own Son, to take away the sins of the world. But we must conduct ourselves in the way Jesus Christ did, to Honor God, and to be able to enter the Gates of Paradise. God called us, as we see with the example of Jesus Christ’s Life and Death, to be nonviolent, loving, forgiving, and tolerant…to uphold His Divine Laws of Love. While upholding God’s Laws, He was falsely accused and convicted of a crime He did not commit…but He turned the other cheek…to the point of Death on the Cross, in order to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love.

How strong is your faith? Is it strong enough to follow God’s Divine Laws of Uncondtional Love; to the point of not giving in to sin stained, human nature…and “turn the other cheek”, just as Jesus Christ showed us?

Humanitarians who took Jesus’ Life Example as their own….


Mahatma Gandhi is known to be the greatest Man of Nonviolence in the Modern Era.  He was able to bring Independence to the largest democracy on Earth, India; through the means of nonviolence.  In fact, to date, India is the only nation on earth which gained it’s independence from its colonial rulers, through such a manner, without war.  He has openly admitted that his life was influenced and inspired by the teaching of Jesus Christ. 


Here is what he has said on Jesus Christ:


“The message of Jesus as I understand it,” said Gandhi, “is contained in the Sermon on the Mount unadulterated and taken as a whole… If then I had to face only the Sermon on the Mount and my own interpretation of it, I should not hesitate to say, ‘Oh, yes, I am a Christian.’ But negatively I can tell you that in my humble opinion, what passes as Christianity is a negation of the Sermon on the Mount… I am speaking of the Christian belief, of Christianity as it is understood in the west.”

Talking about the Gospel passage of the rich young man, he said, “St. Mark has vividly described the scene. Jesus is in his solemn mood. He is earnest. He talks about eternity. He knows the world about him. He is himself the greatest economist of his time. He succeeded in sermonising time and space – He transcends them. It is to him at the best that one comes running, kneels down and asks, “Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said unto him, “One thing thou lackest. Go thy way, sell what thou hast and give it to the poor, and thou shall have treasure in heaven – come, take up the cross and follow me.” Here you have an eternal rule of life stated in the noblest words the English language is capable of producing.” Let us seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, he said, and the irrevocable promise is that everything will be added upon us. “These are real economics. May you and I treasure them and enforce them in our daily life.”

“Of all the things I have read what remained with me forever was that Jesus came almost to give a new law – not an eye for an eye but to receive two blows when only one was given, and to go two miles when they were asked to go one. I came to see that the Sermon on the Mount was the whole of Christianity for him who wanted to live a Christian life. It is that sermon that has endeared Jesus to me.”

“The example of Jesus suffering is a factor in the composition of my un-dying faith in non-violence. What then does Jesus mean to me? To me, He was one of the greatest teachers humanity has ever had.”

“I refuse to believe that there not exists or has ever existed a person that has not made use of his example to lessen his sins, even though he may have done so without realising it. The lives of all have, in some greater or lesser degree, been changed by His presence, His actions and the words spoken by His divine voice… I believe that he belongs not solely to Christianity, but to the entire world; to all races and people, it matters litle under what flag, name or doctrine they may work, profess a faith or worship a God inherited from their ancestors.”

“I want to tell others what I feel so particularly keen about, namely what is called non-resistance, but what is essentially nothing other than the teaching of love undistorted by false interpretations…This law has been proclaimed by all the world’s sages, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, Greek, and Roman. I think it has been expressed most clearly of all by Christ…”