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Jesus Christ showed us that God should be first and foremost in our lives….

As Christians, we often lose sight of what it means to be a “Christian“….or to be a “CHRIST” -ian. In order to keep refining ourselves to what God has required of us to be, to enter His Eternal Kingdom, God sent down His Son, to not only save Mankind from the shackles of evil; but also to show us, what God expects of us in our lives on earth. As human beings, we have this most precious example to look to, of our lives. I like to say that Jesus Christ did not come to the earth to establish a religion; but to establish a way of life for all of Mankind, in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love. We all have a calling from God; not just the few. God had determined this, since the time we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. And until we fulfill those callings, God will expect for us to seek these callings from Him; and to follow through with them, while we are on this earth.

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ, had revealed to us so many things. It is so important that we take the time to study both of them, and apply them to our lives. Jesus showed us that God should always be the first and last thought in our minds, with each day we live. So that we can remain focused on His Existence and Love, in our earthly lives. This is how God and His Ways of Love get more engrained and rooted within our hearts. And even in our moments of weakness, we will understand how merciful the Father of Creation is, as long as we keep Him as a focus in our lives to the point that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and repent to God for the wrongs we commit. Because in the end, this is what will determine our entrance into God’s Eternal Kingdom; or not. God knows since the time Mankind committed its first sin, in the Garden of Eden, that we were very vulnerable to committing them over and over again. However, out of His Love for us, God’s Forgiveness and Grace are endless. He gives us till the last breath in our human bodies to try to repent and make things right with Him. However, once that last breath is taken, our time to make things right with Him, is up.

Jesus showed us that God can provide hope, despite the earthly circumstances in our lives. That God is beyond the ways of this earth; and that we should not value the ways of this earth, if we want to enter the Eternal Kingdom of the Almighty Father. We honor His Ways with all that we are, and know. Jesus showed us to defend God’s Laws of Divine Love, to the point of death of the earthly body. Jesus showed us that the earthly body is just a vessel; not the eternal soul that enters the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus showed us that upholding God’s Will and Purpose of our lives is what trumps ALL things of this earth. This is the most powerful weapon we have, to combat evil.

God judges on the intentions of the heart and souls of a person. Not solely by our actions. What separates those who enter the Kingdom, and those who don’t? The love for God one has in their hearts. The type of love that loves beyond the human body and mind. A love that has the strength to illuminate any path that it encounters. Such love, Jesus Christ showed us, comes through a unshaken faith in the Father of Creation. Jesus Christ showed us, through His Own Death and torture, that those rooted in God’s Love, endured such earthly suffering, and isolation….because they set their own earthly ways aside, and took on God’s Calling of them. To many, such warriors of God’s Divine Love, may appear as all alone, and poor. But these are the people who realized that God is beyond the ways of this world; and that His Ways are not of this world. These people have realized that the ways of this earth have pricetags that are determined on this earth; while God’s Ways are priceless, and could never be mimicked or bought.

Jesus showed us through His Life, that once a Child of God, has sought out their life purpose, that God’s Call of them, will become the center focus of their life and heart. When God is first and foremost, we realize the Truth behind the Power of His Love, and will not fear anything of this world; but only fear of disappointing the Father who endlessly showers His Love on us.

So put God, first and foremost in your life…..and see what His Purpose is of your life.

Choosing A Path In Seeking God

bumpy road

Many people believe that people who choose this path, are to be flawless, and to have led sinless lives. And those who do not choose this path, are very quick to point out the flaws of such people, or the events to which they fall short of that perfection that they expect from God’s People. This type of thinking is wrong. In fact it is our flaws, doubts, and even failures within such paths, that remind all of us, how flawed Man is. Man became flawed upon accepting the temptation of Satan in the Garden of Eden. That temptation was offered in order to steer God’s most precious creations away from Him. Upon accepting that temptation, we became weak and divinely, illogical.

If you look through out the history of the Bible, many of those considered Prophets, Apostles, and even Disciples of God’s Laws of Divine Love, came from paths that were not perfect, flawless, or even of nobility. This is the extent God goes to show us that if you come to Him, “as you are…”; and ask Him to love and forgive you…He will take you as you are in the earthly sense, and make you a new person in Him, in the Divine sense. This path was meant for EVERYONE. Not just the few. EVERYONE. This journey is lifelong, as you live on the earth. The purity of a heart, who endlessly seeks this perfection in God’s Eyes, is a heart that will finally touch the Eternal Unconditional Love, of the Father of Creation in Heaven. We, as Human Beings get so caught up in what we can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears. But God says, when you have a heart rooted in seeking His Ways, you can feel the truth, that overrides what Evil can manipulate of what the human eyes can see; and what the human ears can hear. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through the Example of His Life. He defied and conquered Evil with His Teachings, Death on the Cross, and Resurrection into Heaven. These are all things that can not be comprehended by a 2D or 3D human mind; but by a multidimensional spiritual mind, that is rooted in the Almighty God that says He is beyond all the ways of this world.

So, don’t you think, those that chose the path in seeking God, and His Infinite Guidance, will be challenged by Evil, so that they will not know what God has put innately within all, to conquer it? OF COURSE! Satan does not want you to know how to conquer him, and his schemes to take us away from the Eternal Happiness God has promised all. So with each step you get closer to God; Evil will come and tempt…attack…and lure you BACK 5 steps. And when you fall for the temptation, it does not end there. God says, “He will forgive, as long as you come to Him with a repentant heart…” But evil wants to keep you in that regressed position, and will tie you down with the guilt of committing that flaw. Which is where those that decided to not take the path in seeking God, are used as mere instruments by evil, to keep such people back…but pointing out flaws of those that did choose the path. Or the other way evil will keep you in the regressed path, is to make one have no regret for the flaw or sin, that is in violation in order of God’s Divine Laws of Love.

What we have to remember is we have till that last breath in our human bodies to make this choice. Jesus Christ demonstrated this by forgiving the criminal that was being crucified along side Him. This path was meant for all of Mankind, not just for the few. For those that choose the path in seeking God and His Kingdom of Heaven, remember we are all going to face set backs. It is a part of taking on this path. The difference between those who choose this path, and those who do not, is that we understand that God’s Mercy is endless. This is what He showed us through the Salvation that He gave us through Jesus Christ on the Cross. To die in our place! What more can God show us? So we can come back to Him, each time we fall. Do not be held down by those who say, your life is not perfect. Do not be held down by those who say, what you did is beyond God’s Forgiveness. Because all is not. When God has put His Roots within your heart…He will always call you back to Him. No matter how far off the path you have come. He sees your intentions…the purity of your heart; and quite frankly, in the end of it all, His opinion is the only one that matters. We try to reason with our FLAWED HUMAN LOGIC, for what GOD’S DIVINE LOGIC tells us. This is what Jesus meant by saying, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.”

We are human, and we make mistakes. God knows this. It is a steadfast faith, a loyal heart in God, that will give us the resilience, and strength to carry on, despite what evil tries to challenge us with. And remember even with our flaws, this is all God asks of us, to put Him as the Head of our households, our hearts and souls….and He will take care of the rest. His rewards are not defined by the ways of this world, but by His Divine Ways. So endure all, but keep focused on God.

God’s ways are not of the world’s ways…


In the world today, we see many preaching “LOVE”. But what does that mean? It can have different meanings. When it comes to what God professed through the Teachings of Jesus Christ, it is one Universal meaning. If you love God, the Father of Creation, you will understand that He is everywhere and in everything. Therefore, you must love all in your life path.

However, the most fundamental thing to do is to love one another. This has to start when we are children. How many crimes against children occur today? They are the most helpless in our society, yet the most receptive to God and His Ways of Love. Why, because they have not had the chance to be soiled by the evil that lurks on this earth, yet. Have you ever seen how a child loves? Or how they forgive? In fact Jesus takes their mindset, as an example as to how we should trust….love…and to analyze with such curiosity. With this purity, in mind, body, and soul….God will enter, and provide the necessary guidance. People think that life was meant to be carefree, to do what you want….and to be free of troubles. Life was originally created that way, in the Garden of Eden. However, that was all tarnished upon Satan introducing sin to Mankind, in the Garden. That is how he initially demolished the direct pathway between Mankind and God. However, no matter how many times Mankind forgot about Him, Our Father in Heaven, still loved us so immensely. He wanted for us to find our way back to Him…to remember His Unconditional Love.

This is why Yahweh, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, down from Heaven, to live amongst us, and to die on the Cross at Calvary. He died, in order to end the pull of Evil over Mankind; and to reestablish the pathway between Mankind and God. Jesus came to show us with His Teachings and in His Death, that God’s Mercy and Love are abundant and endless like the sky above you, and the depths of the oceans. He did this for ALL of Mankind, no matter what race, creed, gender….etc. He created all, and wants them all to come back to Him, and live in His Paradise in Heaven.

However we must keep in mind, that God gives us the choice to choose His Ways of Love and Forgiveness; or to continue to follow the world’s ways, which are in accordance to evil. For the Father of Creation has proclaimed many times, that He is not of the world’s ways. So we must separate ourselves from valuing the world’s ways. Just think, children find happiness in the simplest of things…when they unwrap a present…you see a child playing with wrapping paper; or the box of the toy. Not necessarily the toy itself. They play outside with nature: climbing trees…playing in the mud…or with simple things like slides and swings…etc. Children always find happiness and safety in God’s Arms.

Each day we wake up, God’s shows His Endless Mercy by allowing for you to wake up to another day to have the chance to choose. He gives us these chances till the very last breath in our earthly bodies. However, note…that once we have chosen this path, it will be a hard road to travel. Because evil wants to bring you back to his grasp. He will constantly throw trials at you, to test the sincerity of your fatih in God, in order to try to pull you off forever from the path. However, remember the love of evil is conditional….with the condition of just having the value of taking you away from the Father of Creation. Jesus showed us through His Death on the Cross, that He loved you so much, as to die for you…to unshackle you from evil. All you have to do is trust in God. God did not ask for you to be perfect…but He asked to seek His Love and Forgiveness with a childlike curiosity….sincerely. He wants to have a relationship with you. He waits everyday to hear from you. It’s just the matter of seeking Him. He will steer you through green pastures to safey into His Kingdom, while there is chaos around you.

As human beings today, we have forgotten what the meaning of “LOVE” is. It is thrown around so much, in the wrong context. That is the work of evil…to profess love with condition. The love professed by evil is with condition…with circumstance…with a finite value. It ends upon your value for it being done. But if you look, at love in its true form…all of it is in the unconditional form. It is demonstrated by ALL of God’s Creations. Look at the animals in the wild, do they not show love between a parent and its baby? Does not a parent animal lay down its life for its young? Look at the trees in the fields, do they not provide shelter in harsh weather for those that need it in the wild? Look at a child…do they not love so easily, despite what happens to them? It is selfless in nature when it comes from Divinity. It does not define itself by earthly titles or parameters. We are infinite in value to God; so priceless, that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place, despite being the King of Kings in Heaven..

When we are following the Father of Creation, who says He’s beyond the world’s ways…whom do we have to fear? We must grow stronger in our relationship with Him. So that He can give us the strength to endure all of the trials that evil will throw at us, in trying to steer us away. Jesus taught us through His Life, Teachings, and Death….the tools needed to conquer evil….with a trust in God, that is unwaivering like a child to its parents.

Famous sayings of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi




“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”


“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”


“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”


“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.”


“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”


“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”


Patience means self-suffering.”


“The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children”


“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You” -Jesus Christ

LUKE 6:31

This is definately one of the hardest things to do in life.  And practiced by very few.  I truly think that once you have achieved the enlightenment of what it really means to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, one will understand what Jesus Christ meant by the Title Quote of this entry. 

Jesus’ principles of how to treat our fellow Man is truly a way of life that is part of DIVINE LAW; not manmade laws.  “To love our enemies”; and to “Forgive those who Tresspass Against Us”, all words of Jesus Christ’s Teachings…requires to conquer the sinful human nature which would make us “only love those that love us back”; and to “stay angry at those who have wronged/tresspassed against us”. 

What did Jesus mean by these teachings?  I think it is very simple….God Loves us all: The Sinner; The Lost; The Faithful; The Angry; The Sick; The Poor; The Rich; The Believer, and the Nonbeliever.  God loves us ALL, as His Creations, all the same. For those who believe that Jesus came and contradicted what God had preached in the Old Testament of the Bible, I think then, that they have completely missed God’s points within that book to begin with.  Jesus came to live on this earth, to show us how to differentiate between MANMADE LAWS and DIVINE LAWS, when it comes to seeking God.  Jesus’ message was quite consistent with God’s teachings; we just have to “read between the lines”.  Look at how Jesus chose the disciples that He did; they came from ALL DIFFERENT PATHS OF LIFE.  From fishermen, to taxcollectors, to doctors, to warriors.  Even those that He has healed along His Journeys on this earth, they were all condemned by Man and their Manmade Laws, but through their faith, Jesus told them that they were healed in the Eyes of God, through their faith in believing that God can help them of their wrongs and faults.  Such love is truly unfathomable….and it is always awaiting for us with arms wide  open, from Up Above. 

In the Sermon the Mount, Jesus told us about the GOLDEN RULE: “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU.” People today, have completely lost sight of this rule.  Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to one theme in this reasoning, and that is of the “SELF”; and using earthly logic to explain what is divine in logic, which is beyond all earthly parameters.  Think about it, to Unconditionally Love, is there any logic (of what we understand) to it?  Examples of this would be love shared between a parent and a child; a pet and its master; husband and wife; siblings for each other….this love is undying…relentless….and sacrificial in nature.  Well, through the Golden Rule, Jesus is saying that God tells us to love this way for EVERYONE that walks in our life paths; and to not carry any ill feelings for our fellow neighbor.  I know that this is one of the hardest things to do. This is why Jesus said this, as a reminder for us, when we feel that we have become so weak to the ways of this world….remember “would we like to be treated, the way we have treated another….?”

So, next time, when you are feeling weak to the ways of this world….ask yourself this question, “Would you like to be treated, they way that you have treated others?” The reward is far greater in following God’s Laws, that are NOT in line with Manmade Laws….than to give in to human nature that IS in line with Manmade Laws.

“Father Forgive Them…”


Love which is unconditional is from a Divine Source;

Which requires strength that is above and beyond any earthly force.

Many believe it is the things of this world that we need to conquer and behold;

Over and over again, God has told….

That of this world we are not to be shackled and sold.



We must remember that no matter how many obstacles and adversities we face;

That we must adhere to God’s Authority in our lives, to finish this life’s race.

No matter how many times evil tries to lure us away towards sin and away from God’s Path;

We must run to God for repentence and strength….all suffering of this earth, is worth the math.

The things that will set us free from this Earth, is not being held back of our Divine Stature.

For Jesus taught us that the only way back to Our Creator is to defy all temptations that tries to soil our human nature.



 When someone wrongs us, we must bring to God, our pain;

So that we will not get jaded, and of it, our heart to stain.

We must be reminded of how much of our wrongs we want to be by God, forgiven;

So that we follow God’s Law of forgiving others,as much as we want to be in return….of that mentality we should be driven.



Even when Jesus Christ was hanging on the Cross, being ridiculed, tortured, and beaten;

He even pleaded with Our Father in Heaven, so that satan’s evil reign over this world could be finally defeated…

“Abba, forgive them…for they know not what they do…”

For He saw satan’s final plot to steer Him off of God’s Plan…this Jesus very much knew.

For human pain and suffering is what evil controls…making salvation harder to obtain;

We must honor God’s Promises..loving and forgiving without restrain…

Guarding the soul that Jesus died for, and God created…NONE entitled to satan’s evil to stain.



For Jesus uttering these words,

Cut through evil’s plans, in bringing souls into hell by the herds…

Jesus showed through God’s weapons bestowed upon Him, that he will not win;

And God still loves with endless mercy from up above, of His Kin.



That He has created us all, to come to His Kingdom, and obtain a Divine Stature;

By conquering evil and its manipulation of human nature.

For the love and forgiveness that He professes is to be felt, not only seen and heard;

So that we can sore high above all those shackled by satan and this earth…as high as birds.