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The Means Justify the Ends in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation

Jesus Crucifixion

A lot of people seem to be living by the law of “Survival of the Fittest” which was meant for the animals in the wild, and not for Mankind. This includes the philosophy of the “ends justify the means”. When the Prophets, Jesus Christ and the Disciples roamed the earth, they showed us through their own life example, quite the contrary. That the means of reaching your goal DOES MATTER, in the Eyes of God. It will also determine if the “end result that was being aimed for, will be either permanent or temporary”.

In order to keep guard over the soul given to each person, once they were conceived in their mother’s wombs, it is important to remain faithful to God’s Divine Laws of Love. In order to refine and purify our souls, we must continue to be faithful from the everyday small things in life to the big things that we want to achieve in life. So, in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation, the means do justify the ends. I think Mother Theresa said it best in the following: “God did not call us to be successful, but to be faithful. Like Paul we are bound and beaten, but our body remains.” We have to remain faithful in all we do before God.

The antithesis of this would be that which is subscribed by the animals in the wild, following the “Survival of the fittest ” which is “the end justifies the means”. If we call ourselves followers of Christ Jesus (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) we should see the Life Example that He provided for us, as He roamed the earth. He showed us that the means to which we lived life, does matter to the Almighty God of Creation. That He keeps account of the intentions, thoughts, behind our actions to which we have, as we roam this earth. This is how we begin to purify the soul within, to which the Holy Spirit is seeking for a fertile ground to take root in…which is a soul that is constantly seeking the Eternal Kingdom of God, and adopting one step at a time, purifying the soul.

When you have a soul grounded in seeking the Eternal Kingdom of God the Father of Creation, this soul will be worthy ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell, Who will guide you to the Path to the Eternal Kingdom. And because the path is narrow, and followed by few, according to what is said in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible, which means though the opportunity is given to all to enter the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, FEW will enter the path, and few will have fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell within.

If we are not faithful in following the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom, which will mold our everyday life, which make us see that the path to the end result does matter, then we will be forced to the wider path, to which is followed by the majority; and not a pure and fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell within such a soul; and as a result will not be able to discern the deception through which Evil has planned for Mankind to willingly choose with their freewill, to rebel against God, the Father of Creation (Yahweh, Devum, Jehovah). As a result, some may never enter the path, some may enter but then permanently fall off. The deception that evil has planned for Mankind is to confuse humanity as to what is right and wrong, and to tell you that as long as things work out in the end for the good, then it does not matter how you got there. If Satan was once Lucifer, does he not know how to twist God’s Scriptures for his purposes. God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) declared Humanity as His Greatest Creation; and Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven for envying this unconditional love that God had for Humanity, which transformed Lucifer (who was once God’s Highest Ranking Angel) to Satan. So, Satan wants to prove God wrong. He wants to prove that Humanity is a complete waste of God’s unconditional love. And those of who have chosen to follow the Path, Satan wants to exhaust us from spiritually fighting against him, by throwing trial after trial against us. He wants to even use our faith, and twist it so that he can try to throw us off of the path. It is important for us to seek the Eternal Kingdom, with our soul and mind in order to become spiritual warriors through our prayer. It is through prayer that the Holy Spirit can guide us, and God can provide us His Wisdom in order to fight against the deception of Satan, who was once Lucifer.

This is why it is so important for us to understand what Jesus Christ did as He roamed this earth. We must understand that the deception that Satan brings to humanity was first established in the Garden of Eden, by introducing rebellion of God, and His Ways to Adam and Eve, which disconnected Humanity from the direct connection that God had with Humanity at the time of their creation. Why Satan wants to discredit Jesus Christ is because he knows what Jesus Christ did with His Death on the Cross.

Jesus Christ through His Life, Death, and Resurrection was able to conquer Satan on behalf of Humanity by becoming the Sacrificial Lamb; and through shedding His Blood through His Death on the Cross, Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshua, Yeshuay) provided us the Blood Covering of Protection from this deception and the eternal damnation that evil is trying to bring to Humanity, the same sentence that Satan Himself has received from God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). This blood covering is the equivalent to the lamb’s blood covering that God, the Father of Creation, had instructed for Moses to put on the doorways of the homes of the Jewish slaves in Egypt, while He was sending the Angel of Death over the first born males of Egypt. Jesus Christ also reestablished this direct connection between God and Humanity with His Life. Once we understand what Jesus Christ did at the Cross, such a soul that has found this meaning will understand the teachings that Jesus taught as He roamed the earth, and how it is important to be faithful in the small things that you do being in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love, and even the path to achieve things in life matters. It determines what is permanent, and what is everlasting. When we are faithful in the daily things, the Holy Spirit will help you to discern the deception of evil.

Prayer is our way of directly talking with God. God talks to His Children in the spiritual sense. Evil will try to distract you from a prayer life, which is why those who are not distracting must prayer for others that are. It is important to pray for our loved ones, so that we can try to save them from the deception of evil. Once we are given the testimony of the existence of God’s Existence, we were given a window to God’s wisdom. And when God bestows upon a soul a piece of His Wisdom, it is the responsibility of such a soul to share that wisdom to others, in order to give that soul a chance to be able to find their way back to God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). We were created to have dominion over all God’s Creation. This is how much God, valued us above all His Creations. He had the confidence in Humanity to do so, because He has the confidence that they will live in accordance to His Divine Laws of Love. However, God understands that His Divine Laws of Love can get misconstrued by those that do not see the importance of being faithful to him in all things.


Truth Is Felt…

JOHN 8:42-47 (NIV)

42 Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me.43 Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. 44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! 46 Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? 47 Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”

As the Sacrificial Lamb for Humanity, Jesus Christ showed us the Divine Laws of Love. Now He leads His Lambs.


When you take on a spiritual walk or path, you realize that there are limitations to the human logic that exists, and that spirituality brings you to truths that are beyond what human logic can provide. Truth follows along this wavelength, and this is why truth of any form, withstands the sands of time, and perpetuates despite the earthly circumstances surrounding it. The extraordinary feature of humanity is that God, the Father of Creation, (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) had given it the sense of freewill. Freewill is what separates human beings from the animal and plant Kingdoms, as well as the angels and demons. It is this freewill, which comes through the soul of a human being, that feels truth.

So, how does a soul feel truth through freewill.  It is through this soul, that we, as human beings, have a direct link to God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh).  It is through the freewill of the soul, that we are given the CHOICE to choose to live and follow the path to the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation through His Divine Laws of Love. Once sin was introduced into Mankind, in the Garden of Eden through Satan, every human being was born as sinner, because our nature is that we are attracted and distracted by the sinful human nature, that was birthed on that day, when Adam and Eve rebelled against God, when Satan gave them the option to question God, in the Garden of Eden. As Satan was once Lucifer, at one time being God’s, (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) high ranking angels, he knew how to perfectly tweak God’s Words, to fit his agenda in bringing Mankind away from from the Eternal Kingdom to which he no longer can enter. It is from this point to which Satan forces his ways on mankind, while God gives us the choice. God wants us to seek out His Eternal Truth, in order to enter His Eternal Kingdom, through the Divine Laws of Love, which are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. This is why Jesus Christ said, that the gateway to heaven is through a narrow gate, and the gateway to hell is through the wider path. Very few, that truly seek out the Eternal Kingdom and its ways will feel the truth through the souls that God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) had given all of Mankind, at the time of conception while we are in our mother’s wombs. We were made in His Image, while God, breathed life into us, in our mother’s wombs.

Truth is felt. When Jesus Christ (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu, Yeshua) died on the Cross, at Calvary, He reestablished this pathway for the soul to have a direct connection back with God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). But again God, gives the choice to choose to follow the majority through the wider gateway, or to follow the minority, through the narrow gate. Satan made the wider gateway full of earthly pleasures and temporary moments of happiness, which appears to come with such ease in comparison to the narrow gate that goes against the grain of the ways of this world, to which God, the Father of Creation states that His Ways are not a part of, but follow the Divine Laws of Love. All truth comes from God, the Father of Creation. Once the soul has been reconnected back to God, the Father of Creation, human beings have the freewill to choose to tap into that direct link to God, the Father of Creation.

Truth is felt. At the Cross, while Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) hung alongside the 2 criminals for their deaths, remember, one criminal made it to paradise through their undying belief, in the truth he saw in Jesus Christ, on his dying last breaths, in his last hours…minutes on this earth. This is the beauty of God, the Father of Creation’s Love for Mankind. He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, as the sacrificial lamb, to take on the punishment that was meant for Humanity based on their sinful human nature, to give us protection, and one final chance to come back to Him. He gives us till the very last breaths in our earthly bodies, to find our way back to Him, in order to reconnect with Him, in His Eternal Kingdom, through the Divine Laws of Love.

Truth is felt. Once a soul has reconnected back to God, the Father of Creation, by way of Jesus Christ (who showed us the earthly ways and teachings as to how to reconnect back with God, the Father), His Divine Laws of Love, as well as the ways of Jesus Christ will become so deeply engrained within such a soul….that it will AUTOMATICALLY feel God’s Eternal truth, and discern the deception that Satan and his demonic spirits try to push through his realm (the earth) through the earthly parameters that they try to force upon Mankind. God wants true seekers and believers. Through His Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christy, Yeshuay) God, the Father understands the earthly trials and tribulations that we, as Mankind faces through such evil devices. However, it is also through His Son, that God, the Father showed us how to overcome such vices, and to become victorious over them. The Holy Spirit leads those souls that are connected to God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) away from the lies of evil, and towards the truth of Divinity. That truth is the gut feeling through which the Holy Spirit puts within such souls. We are commanded by Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay), and convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit….that a soul feels the truth of the Divine Laws of Love, towards the Eternal Kingdom, where God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) awaits for us. The pleasures of such a soul are things that are spiritual….not carnal or earthly, as evil would like to distracts humans to believe.

Truth is felt. It is through this freewill of the soul to chose to find the spiritual path towards the Divine Laws of Love, that truth is felt. This truth is undeniable. It makes evil hate such souls…which is what brings forth the trials and tribulations of such people who possess such souls. They seem poor in the earthly sense…even weak in the earthly sense, or even niave or foolish in the earthly sense. That is because such souls have found the power of Divinity and its ways which follow the Divine Laws of Love. They felt the truth through such ways, and know that Satan’s ways and his time are temporary; while God and His ways are forever and permanent. Such a soul that has felt the truth of Divinity, will know no other way to live, but to follow the Divine Laws of Love, and view the ways of this world the way that God, the Father of Creation, views them, through the Divine Truth that He reveals through such souls.

Truth is felt, and it will discern the deception of evil. Souls will only achieve this through an investment of the soul, and a relationship with Divinity; not just being religious and following things that look good in the earthly sense. 


What Makes Us Human…(Part 1)



God makes us unique; yet we are made in His Image. What does this mean? By finding the answer to this, we truly find the answer to the following questions:


1) The parameters that makes us Human Beings

2) The reason why we are given the Grace of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ

3) How it is vital to have a daily relationship with God, the Father of all Creation and Universe

4)  The importance of perspective, when it comes to our faith in God

5) The meaning of true Freedom

6) Seeing the true things that matter in this world

7) Seeing the great power of God, and how truly we can not be gods ourselves

8) Seeing the restrictions of our human capacity, in comparison to the God who created us.


So how does God make us unique? It is through the soul that evolves within each human being, created at the time they were conceived in their mothers’ wombs. It is not only the soul itself; but the evolution of this soul. You see, we are born as sinners. This resulted with Adam and Eve falling to Satan’s temptation in the Garden of Eden, by using their freewill in choosing to rebel against God’s Instructions to them, and listening to Satan. Though originally created in purity, God always gave Mankind the choice to remain that way or not.  The evolution of the soul, through the choice of how to use this freewill, is what makes us, human beings. We are made in God’s Image, because we followed His Divine Laws of Love, up until our point of conception in our mothers’ wombs, to which He put His Thumbprint on the souls that are conceived. We should not compromise this Thumbprint, for the sake of obtaining the things of this world; because its ways are not that defined by God’s Divinity; but by those that rebel against God’s Sovereignty, and made His most precious of creations to rebel with them against It.

The evolution of a soul comes as a result of many things in our earthly lives; but mainly, in 3 components (in what I have found): our thoughts, actions, and intentions. These are the very things that we have a CHOICE in using our FREEWILL on. Because we are born as sinners, our natural instincts….natural impulses in such things,  are not always in accordance to God’s Laws of Divine Love. In fact, it only serves the self. We must make the CHOICE with our FREEWILL to pursue DIVINE TRUTH. When we do, in a loyal, steadfast manner, we will begin to see…to feel, how our soul is evolving. What makes us human is our choices in SELF CONTROLLING these sinful natural instincts and impulses, that serve only the SELF. God created Mankind, to make all creations live in perfect harmony with each other. There is nothing of the SELF, in such a role, but actually a SELFLESSNESS in this. The Human Being will begin to realize how the love and needs of others, should come before their own, to maintain this harmony.

(PART 2 to come….)

The Cries of God’s Children

woman crying


As each day goes by;

The louder you hear God’s Children cry.

For the world is slowly dwindling away;

And of God’s Existence in our lives, being thrown away.


Many today choose to ignore the cries of each other;

In order to “live for the moment”, to avoid of their happiness to smother.

People seem to forget in this day and age;

That God’s Unconditional Love flows abundantly from Up Above, on the world’s stage.


Instead pride has seeped in every form;

Snuck into all aspect of life in this world, causing many storms.

Though God pleads with us everyday;

Mankind constantly chooses to ignore Him, and look the other way.


Instead Man has no reverted to the philosophy of our animal friends;

Who do not have freewill, like Man, till the very end.

Living by impulse, unchecked emotion, and instinct that is uninhibited to all;

Which results in only thinking of satisfying the SELF, in all aspects of life;  all things great and small.


As a result, Man has become deaf to God’s Children’s cries;

Where there is a lack of unconditional love, and a world full of lies.

To justify things done for satisfying the self, in all ways;

Justifying things like violence, conditional love, hatred, and poverty, despite what God says.


God’s Children cry everyday;

Despite all the good deeds done, and the words we say.

All love comes from Up Above;

From the Creator, who unconditionally loves.


There is not one tear that goes unseen from Our Father;

And He wishes Man will choose ways that are of Him, and ot of the other.

This is why God gave us freewill, to choose;

Of evil’s ways to lose.


The very fact that God’s Children continue to cry;

Shows that Man does not have the strength on their own to choose such ways…no matter how hard on their own, they try.

God gives foresight to His Children, who cry day and night;

So that they remain out of darkness, and continue onto the Path, where God is in sight.

Spiritual Thinking Vs. Spirit Filled Thinking: Manmade Thinking vs. Divine Thinking

Quote of God's Wisdom

In this day and age, there are many travelling on a spiritual journey. Many trying to seek answers to the things of this world; through a force or source that is not of this world. Essentially I think this all comes down to one common understanding amongst Mankind, that human logic has its limitations. And that there is a Higher Force/Source out there that can provide insight to things within our lives. Yes, the proof that there is Existence in God.

But what is the difference between “spiritual” and being “spirit filled”? I often debated this very principle in my mind. And to be honest, I’m still not quite clear on this. However, there is one thing that I have come to understand for certain is that there is a different in approach and way of thinking. While spiritual thinking emcompasses numerous schools of thought; spirit filled thinking is guided by one certain belief. For me, the conclusion that I have come to is that if one is certain in what they believe in, once can emcompass both. However, for the betterment of Mankind, we have to be mindful of whether we are guided by Divine Thinking, or by that which is not so divine. This is the struggle that Mankind has encountered since Adam & Eve fell to sin, in the Paradise of Eden. A struggle that God is very much aware of. This is the very reason why God’s Graces and Love is so abundant and endless in supply, that He gives us the FREEWILL to choose to seek His Divine Logic. He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies to seek and find this, so that not only will be “Spiritual”, but also “Spirit filled“. I think out of the 2, it is most hardest for man to become, “spirit filled”. Being divinely spirit filled, truly does require you to break away from the ways of this world; and to even not give in to human nature (which is vulnerable to sin). God says He is not of the ways of this world; but beyond them. And Jesus has said that “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt…”; which requires us to rely on logic and guidance that is in ways of Love, Peace, and Nonviolence, which all require a strength that is beyond our human nature.  If it was within our human nature, the world would not exist in the current condition that it is.

Does anyone every achieve, the balance between the 2? Very few. It is a lifelong journey, to which only the Higher Source, God, can determine if that balance was achieved. However, while we are on our spiritual journeys, we will begin to see a difference in our way of thinking. And such a journey will become the focus of our entire existence. Once this thinking has become engrained in us, and has taken root, it will ben reflected in our everyday actions. What we have to realize is that because this is a lifelong journey, to which God, Himself, determines the beginning and end of it, we will have a constant struggle between falling on and off the path. The most important thing is to get back on. God knows this struggle so much of us, which is why He sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to reestablish the direct pathway that we once had with the Father of Creation, that was originally destroyed by the introduction of sin by Satan, in the Garden of Eden, and with Adam & Eve’s fall to this sin. He wanted us to tap back into His Endless Unconditional Love, to be guided by His Multidimensional Logic, which defies all boundaries that have defined this world. That is why those who have a balance between the two, see what it means when God says His Ways are not of this world, but beyond them. That the ways that truly considered great in the Eyes of God, are quite the contrary to what the world defines as great.

The prime example of this is to see how a little infant or child lives their life.  The things that we would consider as the simplest of things in this world, is what brings great joy to a child. They have no fear to love; and at the same time, very sensitive to the pain the world can cause them. Yet at the same time, they quickly move on, to continue on loving. Haven’t you ever seen a child being more amused by the box or wrapping paper that their toy gift, came in? They are often ok playing by themselves; or even playing with others. They are often content “beating to their own drum/tune”; so to speak. God speaks to these pure hearts quite often. Because it has not been jaded by the ways of this world. This is what God means to have “faith like a child”. To reach our fullest potential, spiritually, we must not allow for the ways of this world, to jade our hearts and souls. Otherwise this could block out God, and His Divine Enlightenment in our lives.

Remember, Divine Logic are ways that understand that the creation can never be equivalent to the Creator; and not having the authority to determine which of the Creator’s creations to eliminate or not. A way of NONVIOLENCE. It is a way to which is confident in the spiritual enlightenment one has found, and will have unshaken LOVE and PEACE in such a heart and soul, despite the chaos in the world around them. This lifelong journey is one that God asks for us to be in constant communication with Him. To experience a type of Unconditional Love that fill every void that a human soul could experience by the ways of this world. Such a soul reflects this spiritual balance….and is undeniable by all that come in contact with it.

Have We Become More Mechanical, and Slowly Losing Our Analytical Thinking?

Since the beginning of Creation, God distinctly distinguished His Beloved Creation of Man, from the rest. How did He do this? By giving Man FREEWILL. When you look at all the other creations on earth, they follow their natural instincts, to which God had programmed within themselves. So why do you think God did this? He wanted to give Man the opportunity to make choices in the lives given to them. He wanted Man to make the choice to follow His Divine Laws of Love. We have to understand that because of our sinful human nature, God wants us to make the choice in seeking for His Truth. This requires more than what we would see with what is right in front of us. But by learning what God expects of us, and using the spiritual vision that He gives us, we learn His Purpose for our lives.

So, with people falling off the path in seeking God, what is happening? We are becoming more mechanical, as human beings, don’t you think? Before, we would see so many people seeking to help others, one on one. Whether it be boy scouts helping “old ladies” to cross the street, or to help them carry their groceries to the car…..OR sitting down for family dinner at the home’s dinner table. This is just to name a few situations that rarely occur in this day and age. How many times do we invest the human heart with others? In the world today, we seem to be so busy to do so.  We seem too busy to even think about properly taking care of ourselves and our families. Nowadays, how many families sit down with their families? Even the amount of maternity leave, for a woman to take off, after giving birth to be with their newborn children. People seem to be working longer days, averaging around 8-10 hours a day? If we do not have the physical time to invest our hearts even to nurture our children; or exhausted to even think for ourselves and the things that truly matter of our souls, just for the sake of getting money for survival….how are we not becoming mechanical? If you look, now children as young as the age of 3 years old are running to technology, for the entertainment and companionship that they crave. Now, adults, are looking for temporary self fulfillment; for quick self gratification, to numb themselves of their exhaustion. As the saying goes, it seems a lot of people are following the philosophy, “Work hard, play hard.” If we are not having the time to nurture ourselves, where would we have the time to nurture the FUTURE OF THE WORLD, with the future generations that are being born today? And for the time that we do have with them, what are we teaching them? These are important questions to consider.

I have travelled extensively in my life, thus far. And there are quite a few things I have learned along the way, based on my life experiences. Earthly things will come and go. But the things that remain with you forever, are those things that that Divinity supplies. No matter where I have gone in my life, my faith sustained me. It is not restricted by location, time, or circumstance. In fact, it transcended all of that. But in order to have and maintain a strong foundation in faith, I had to continuously nurture it; and build on it. One thing I have learned is God always supplies in sufficient amounts. People have just become so busy to see God’s Existence to things, and begin to think that it is by their own doing, that things come into existence. We, today, often waste so much time on unnecessary things. On things that can do so much more harm to our souls, than help them. We begin to lose sight of what God had originally created for us to be, as His most precious out of all creations. God can show us so much more than what we see in this 3D world. It makes me feel sorry for those who have neglected this aspect of their lives. Not to say that I am perfect because I decided to focus on this aspect of my life. But I realize that this journey is a life long journey; and through the little I have seen, thus far, has truly awakened me in mind, heart and soul. Many of those who do decide to travel on this path, in seeking God and strengthening of faith, are often walking this path alone, or finding others that are walking on a similar path. But once you’ve decided to seek, that yearning of developing that relationship with God, will never leave you; and only grow stronger. But God says, we must separate ourselves from the ways of this world to find Him. Evil is running rampantly on this earth, and wants you to forget about God’s Existence; and in moments of where people have been on the path, want to give you so many trials and challenges so that you will grow bitter with God. Evil wants you to REGRESS to animal instincts, and become mechanical, so that you will not be able to invest the time in developing that relationship with the Creator. Evil wants you to forget that God gave you FREEWILL. Evil wants you in its trance. But God clearly states that He is beyond the world’s ways. I always believe when life is going so smoothly for you on this earth, Evil is not worried about you. You’re going on the path that it wants you to go on…conforming to the world’s ways to which God said He is not a part of. The more trials and challenges you face, take it as a sign that evil is trying to throw you off the path in finding and seeking God. Evil wants you to forget that you have the choice in choosing God’s Ways or its ways. It is through this freewill, that God had given us the ability to analytically think about all that we encounter on this earth, to make choices. It is THIS critical thinking that God gave us the CHOICE to choose how we lead our lives. Mother Teresa said it best when she said, “We are not called to be successful; but to be faithful.” We are to CHOOSE to be FAITHFUL…..not to be SUCCESSFUL. God will give us the success we need to fulfill His Purpose of our lives. This analytical thinking is very important to nurture and develop; and to never lose sight of. This will only be enhanced and maintained through a relationship with God. And Jesus Christ died on the Cross to reestablish that direct communication we once had with the Almighty God. (It was initially destroyed upon Man’s first sin, by falling to the Devil’s temptation, in the GARDEN OF EDEN). God wanted us to have that relationship with Him so badly that He continues to give us the chances to CHOOSE His Ways….to talk with Him, to receive His Guidance in our lives. But how many of us choose the mechanical route, today? Not only do we suffer by making this choice, but our children suffer as well, being the future of the world.

So where is the moment to develop your relationship to God? I’m not even talking about a faith base or religion, but just to develop a relationship with God, or to be aware of His Existence in your life?

Are we now too exhausted to even think about God? It’s not about just going to your place of worship, once a week. It’s about having a relationship, and growing stronger in your faith. Think about it, for any relationship that means a lot to you, what do you do? You go out of your way to spend more time with that person; to learn about the things the person cares about; and even talk with them on a regular basis. So where is that with God? The One who ALLOWS FOR YOU TO WAKE UP TO ANOTHER DAY TO LIVE? That’s right…people forget that it is because of God that you can wake up another day to live. It’s not because YOU are keeping yourself healthy; it’s not because YOU have cheated death; it’s not because YOU are exercising. It’s because it is GOD’S WILL FOR YOU TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY.

It’s sad for me to think that people believe solely in what is in front of them. These things can be easily manipulated by Evil. It can easily be twisted to hide the Truth behind things. When you believe in a God who says He is beyond the world’s ways…who can give you knowledge beyond what you can see with your human eyes, and hear with your human ears; and feel with your heart and soul…you will not be fooled. GUARANTEED. God promises this. The question is, when has creation become equal to the Creator? When has the creation become smarter than the Creator? He gave us freewill, so that we can think for ourselves, to see the Truth of His Love. That all “order” comes from Him; not by what we manufacture. Evil wants you to believe that you are working so hard on this earth, towards obtaining the knowledge of creating order on this physical realm. TRUTH is God, the Father of CREATION, determines this. This is a DIVINE knowledge, that is translated all the same exact way by ALL OF THOSE inspired by Divinity. In ways of Nonviolence, Love, and Peace. Plain and simple.

Being in Spiritual Control (Part 1)

Max Lucado quote

It is when we depend on human logic, that we begin to succomb to its flaws. We begin to believe in its imperfections, when we do not need to. We begin to loose hope, because we feel that based on the failures of human logic, that there is nothing else that can help us, in problems or situations that we have. By believing in the flaws that are brought about by human logic, we will begin to feel there is nothing else in Mankind, than to revert to nature and animal philosophies, such as “Survival of the Fittest” , which were made for them specifically, and not for Man. That’s when we see man, what I would like to call, DEVOLVING back to primitive instincts. And loose sight of what we, Mankind, were meant to be…SPIRITUAL BEINGS. Nature and animals are meant to be physical beings, we are not. The difference between them and us, is the element of FREEWILL to choose how we should lead our lives. Do animals, plants, or even oceans and mountains have that? NO. Plain and simple. But yet we were all created by the Almighty God to serve His Purpose in this world.

God provides His Wisdom everywhere, and in everything in our lives. Its just a matter of opening our hearts to listen for it. It’s just the matter of opening our spiritual ears, and listening for Him; and opening our spiritual eyes, and seeing His Existence in our lives. He has given us everything we need to know and even to live on this earth, in perfect accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love, since the time we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs. God states over and over again in His Teachings that He is not of the ways of this world. So why would He want us to serve Him; or His Rewards for us, be of the world’s ways? His ways are BEYOND the world’s ways.

Evil tries to make us vulnerable and weak to the world’s ways, in order for us to roam farther and farther away from God’s Righteous Path. God says that we can not serve Him, and value the ways of this world. Because God says He is not of the world’s ways; but beyond them. When we put God first and foremost in our lives, we will begin to see the world for what it truly is. It’s as if God has put on a pair of glasses for you to see the world around you, for what its true value is, in the Eyes of God. You will begin to see what matters to Him, and what does not. God has always promised that He will help those that are faithful in seeking Him, to discern the deception of evil. Satan will always try to pull you off the path to God, in order for you to not see how much he deceives us. In fact, he does not want you to know that he exists. He does not want you to know that Hell exists. But it does. He wants to distract us as much as he can, from God’s Truth of His Endless Love and Forgiveness for us; and eternity’s worth of pain and torture that evil has in store for us, if we decide to go down its path instead. We are in a spiritual war everyday. And it is important to remain in SPIRITUAL CONTROL.

If God says He is beyond the world’s ways, why not have Him fight your battles for you? We must keep in mind the Life Example that Jesus Christ has left behind. This is the way God expects us to lead our lives on this earth, a life that is full of love and forgiveness. Jesus Christ teaches us how to live a life full of Love and Forgiveness. And how to turn away from our sinful ways. YES, we as human beings are sinful. Our human nature has become so dark that we have given rise to so many crimes against Humanity on this earth, based on getting out of Spiritual Control, from the Almighty God that created us, in His Image; and beginning to follow Human Logic, which is flawed, and easily vulnerable to Evil; as we see Eve falling prey to Satan’s temptation, in the Garden of Eden. Jesus Christ came to this earth, in order to take on Mankind’s Punishment, onto Himself; so that we can have another chance of setting things right in front of the Almighty Father of Creation.