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Being a Victim of Satan’s Envy

satan's bait

As seekers on the path to God’s Eternal Kingdom, we must remember that God says His Ways do not conform to the world’s ways but are beyond them. So, if our lives focus and center around valuing the things of this world, we should seriously reconsider the path we are on, if we consider ourselves and God’s Children. The Life Example that Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) showed us while He roamed this earth, should show us what should be the focus of our lives, and how we should conduct ourselves. Granted because of our sinful human nature, this kind of a life is often very difficult for our weak human nature to conform to. Because of the sin introduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden, we are prone to going against the perfection to which God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) created for us to be. This was Satan’s gameplan from the very beginning to make God’s most prized possessions to stray off of the path to the Eternal Kingdom, and to take away as many souls as he could from the Kingdom. He knew what he could never have again, and that is to sit in the Holy Presence of God, the Father of Creation, due to his sin, as Lucifer, of pride (of knowing that at one time he was God’s highest ranked angel), vanity (of thinking that he could be equal to God), and envy (of Humanity being God’s most prized creation, and possibly outranking him in the Eternal Kingdom); it ate him up so much that he took 1/3 of the angels from the Kingdom, and transformed into Satan.

We must remember that because we are called to be God’s Children, we will always be the target of Satan and his demons. This is why we will endure extreme trials in our lives. For those who are stronger in their Walks on the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, the trials will be more severe, and even at times, as we have seen with our brothers and sisters in parts of the East, to the point of death. Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) showed us that we should uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love at all costs, even to the point of Death. Because even this earthly body can hold us captive to the sinful human nature. Those who are the path to God, sees right through the deception of evil, which are restricted to the ways of this world. Those who have understood Christ’s Mission on the Cross, know that there is something more than the ways of this world; and that they will be the victims of Satan’s envy.

So if you are “trial free” in your life; you should consider, is your spiritual journey truly on the right path? And if you have trials, you should consider, are they occurring because of your own choices or actions….or is it because of you truly following the path of the Divine Laws of Love, of the Eternal Kingdom. True, we are to be happy and at peace, but that is even during the chaos in the world; not because of earthly things, circumstances, and ways to bring such things to us. It means to unconditionally love, not to love based on the conditions of the circumstance, or to what is convenient. It is not greatness on this earth that we should be striving for, because God says His Ways are beyond the ways of this world. Satan will use any life circumstance and person, for his purpose, to take a Child of God off of the path of meeting Him, and entering into the Eternal Kingdom; because his realm is restricted to the ways of this world. He wants to bring so much affliction on God’s Children in order for them to get just as angry at God, as he has; for them to give up the path to the Eternal Kingdom, so that they will not enter it, just like he can never do again. He wants you to feel that lack of peace and pain, of never meeting God, the Father of Creation, just like he does. He wants you to become so tired and weary of following the path to the Eternal Kingdom (because it would require for one to go against what is easy, and to travel a path not followed by many). He wants you to forget about God’s Unconditional Love; and even for your to be too tired to take advantage of the direct link that Jesus Christ reestablished for Humanity by dying on the Cross, PRAYER. Satan destroyed it for a reason in the Garden of Eden (where Adam and Eve had a direct connection in communicating with God, with their sinless human nature); so that we will be lost forever; but Jesus Christ was able to connect us against through the shield He offered through the blood that He gave to cover our sins, if we chose to see what He did.

So, my brothers and sister, hold close guard over your souls. This is the one task that God gave us, once he breathed life into us. He gives us the choice everyday, for us to seek His Guidance in our daily lives, to help us protect our souls from being lost to the same Eternity that Satan and his demons have. We will have to endure earthly trials, and the closer we get in our paths, the more convicted we get in our walks to the Eternal Kingdom, the more sever our trials will get. Satan will not go after those that have already conformed to his ways; so no need for the trials. They are not a point of envy or a threat to his plan. He already has their souls. He wants to steal the souls that God already has called, and convicted to come to His Eternal Kingdom. We must put on the Armor of God everyday, and cover ourselves in the Shield of Protection that Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) gave us through the shedding of His Blood on the Cross at Calvary, by being God’s Sacrificial Lamb, to save Humanity….so that we can discern the deception of evil, and reach the Eternal Kingdom.

What Makes Us Human…(Part 2)



What are the requirements to maintain this harmony? EMPATHY from the human heart. You see, Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) made it very clear that we should take the time to learn and understand one another. In fact, did He not Himself, demonstrate this, by walking on this earth, in human form, as the Son of God? He walked amongst us, as Mankind; lived not of royalty (though being a member of the most High Court, in the Eternal Kingdom), but humbly as a Carpenter’s Son; and a nomad preaching and sharing the Unconditional Love, of God (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah). He underwent temptation from Satan, just like we do. And He was persecuted for not conforming to evil’s ways, in order to deter Him off of the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, just as we do, but resisted to the point of death to the earthly body, in order to conquer evil permanently, on behalf of ALL OF MANKIND. God went to THIS EXTENT, to EMPATHIZE with us, as human beings. A soul and heart connected to Divinity could only demonstrate these things. Human emotion is necessary because we are a reflection or made in the image of God…Devum…Jehovah….Yahweh. However, a soul rooted in the Guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, will not act on their primal instincts, which are based on the sinful human nature; but use its freewill to make the choice to control the self, of its sinful human nature. We were not made by God to be mechanical in the human heart and emotion. To be “business-like” when it comes to treating one another, of our fellow man. And I am not only talking about in our work places. We are to love, unconditionally. To do this, a soul is rooted in Divinity…and will love fearlessly. However, because the Holy Spirit is rooted in such a soul, the Holy Spirit will help such a soul to feel God’s Truth, and to not be deceived by what evil can manipulate in this world, for its purpose. God knows we are weak; but this is why He provided us the Blood Covering Shield of Jesus Christ, His Son.

Jesus Christ…Yeshu Christu….Yeshuay…demonstrated this with His Life on the Earth, though being the Son of God. As a human being, we all have a soul that connects us to the Divine Father of Creation (Devum…Jehovah…Yahweh). We were all given freewill to make the choice in following what God had advised us that His Ways are not of the world’s but beyond them. His Divine Laws of Love are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy; through which His Son, Jesus Christ, may require to be persecuted…and even to die, while upholding. And that we should define our souls by what the Divine Laws of Love dictates, not by the parameters of this world. We are not to become mechanical; or without emotion. But we should make the choice to control those emotions that were created out of our sinful human nature (that evil seeded upon offering sin to Mankind), and those emotions that do not honor God’s Divine Laws of Love. These very emotions, that cause us as Mankind, to mock and rebel against the Creator (God, Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). It is these emotions that allow evil to erode away at God’s Thumbprint, within each one of us, as human beings…our souls. We have this choice everyday. The goal of evil is to destroy our very souls, the Thumbprint of God, that makes us in His Image. To allow for our freewill to atrophy, or to deform it through its misguidance of making the WIDE PATH, looking so enticing and easy to pursue; and making the NARROW PATH, looking so discouraging and hard to travel on. But God said, that the pathway to His Eternal Paradise is narrow. Evil wants us to become mechanical and devoid of emotion…numb, so that God’s unconditional love, can not prevail. We are made in God’s Image, therefore, we were made to unconditionally love. Love is resilient, and a heart and soul rooted in God’s Unconditional Love will KNOW that though we may fall weak for a moment in our human paths, that we should get back on our paths to the Eternal Kingdom. These slips and falls, the moments of failure, and trials…is what causes our souls to evolve. This is what makes us human beings. God created for us to be….to evolve in mind, body, and soul; in compliance to His Divine Laws of Love; in ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. The freewill that God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) gave Mankind; the freewill that Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) died defending on our behalf; and the Holy Spirit yearns for us to use to its fullest capacity, with His Guidance….is the proof of Mankind being the most unique, out of all His Creations. We just have to us our freewill to choose not to allow for Satan and his demons to deceive you; and to faithfully seek for God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh); Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay); and the Holy Spirit to aid you in battling them. Because we can not do it by our own human strength, and Satan and his demons know this. But when we CHOOSE with our FREEWILL to ask and rely on the strength that God, the Father of all Creation and the Universe (Devum, Jehovah, and Yahweh) has promised us through the Blood Covering that Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) provided for all of Mankind, by dying on the Cross, at Calvary; and to which He also left with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit; we, as Mankind, are promised victory. God did not promise for an easy path; because evil will not give up its battle that easily. However, in Him, God has promised victory.


What Makes Us Human…(Part 1)



God makes us unique; yet we are made in His Image. What does this mean? By finding the answer to this, we truly find the answer to the following questions:


1) The parameters that makes us Human Beings

2) The reason why we are given the Grace of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ

3) How it is vital to have a daily relationship with God, the Father of all Creation and Universe

4)  The importance of perspective, when it comes to our faith in God

5) The meaning of true Freedom

6) Seeing the true things that matter in this world

7) Seeing the great power of God, and how truly we can not be gods ourselves

8) Seeing the restrictions of our human capacity, in comparison to the God who created us.


So how does God make us unique? It is through the soul that evolves within each human being, created at the time they were conceived in their mothers’ wombs. It is not only the soul itself; but the evolution of this soul. You see, we are born as sinners. This resulted with Adam and Eve falling to Satan’s temptation in the Garden of Eden, by using their freewill in choosing to rebel against God’s Instructions to them, and listening to Satan. Though originally created in purity, God always gave Mankind the choice to remain that way or not.  The evolution of the soul, through the choice of how to use this freewill, is what makes us, human beings. We are made in God’s Image, because we followed His Divine Laws of Love, up until our point of conception in our mothers’ wombs, to which He put His Thumbprint on the souls that are conceived. We should not compromise this Thumbprint, for the sake of obtaining the things of this world; because its ways are not that defined by God’s Divinity; but by those that rebel against God’s Sovereignty, and made His most precious of creations to rebel with them against It.

The evolution of a soul comes as a result of many things in our earthly lives; but mainly, in 3 components (in what I have found): our thoughts, actions, and intentions. These are the very things that we have a CHOICE in using our FREEWILL on. Because we are born as sinners, our natural instincts….natural impulses in such things,  are not always in accordance to God’s Laws of Divine Love. In fact, it only serves the self. We must make the CHOICE with our FREEWILL to pursue DIVINE TRUTH. When we do, in a loyal, steadfast manner, we will begin to see…to feel, how our soul is evolving. What makes us human is our choices in SELF CONTROLLING these sinful natural instincts and impulses, that serve only the SELF. God created Mankind, to make all creations live in perfect harmony with each other. There is nothing of the SELF, in such a role, but actually a SELFLESSNESS in this. The Human Being will begin to realize how the love and needs of others, should come before their own, to maintain this harmony.

(PART 2 to come….)

Our Final Destination Within Our Spiritual Journey (Part 2)

Holy Trinity


What the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) wants of our lives is to choose to break away from our sinful human nature; and to come to the realization of how much Unconditional Love, that God, the Father of all Creation has for Mankind. And how He gives ALL the equal opportunity to seek it, and know of it. But at the same time, we must understand that the ways of this world, has strayed so far from what He originally created for this world to be, based on evil and its pride and wrath. But Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) conquered that on the Cross, at Calvary. He restored Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy to Mankind. Now it is up to us, to make the CHOICE WITH OUR FREEWILL, to return back to it. And the only way to do that, is in the spiritual sense, which will require a transformation of the heart and soul. This is where change begins. Only God, the Father of all Creation, can restore the world we live in. Because that is how much we, as Mankind have chosen,  to stray and rebel against God’s Divine Laws of Love; and to abide by evil’s temptations. Our transformation, begins from within us…which will then come to the surface of us. A TRUE CONVERSION of the soul.

Jesus Christ…Yeshu Christu….Yeshuay….showed us that we have to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love, at all earthly costs. Even if it means to the point of death of the earthly body. Because there is nothing worse than death a spiritual death. You see, He was teaching us to have the foresight in investing our spiritual soul to the Father of Creation. That the things of this world are temporary. And the way to invest in our spiritual eternity is not through worldly means, but by spiritual means, first. The investment by ways of the heart and soul…ways of Nonviolence, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and Mercy.  This comes with  a personal relationship with the Creator…a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay)…a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. We must always check the source…test the spirits of where our guidance is coming from. And this can only be done, by having a spiritual journey with the Creator, and in faithfully seeking His Divine Truth.

There is a real truth in the end of all this….our eternal destiny depends on it. There is a battle between good and evil. Whether we want to recognize it or not. Mankind has consistently chosen to side with evil, despite the unconditional love our Creator from above, so abundantly gives. Either providing it, one on one…through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the gently nudgings of the Holy Spirit. Despite the fear that evil may try to instill in us, within our daily trials and battles. We must understand that God’s Ways are beyond all of that. His Ways do not conform to His Creation, that is the world. His is beyond them. Only His Creations can be confined to the ways of the world, as another creation. So why side with the losing side? In the end, good always wins. God knows He wins. Otherwise, He would not have sent down His Son, Jesus Christ, to die, and provide the blood covering, as His Sacrificial Lamb, to save Mankind; His most precious Creation. He sent His Son, to protect us, from an eternal damnation, as our destiny. There is POWER in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST….YESHU CHRISTU….YESHUAY.

Unconditional Love, God’s Universal Language

Daniel2From a Divine Force, that is absolute perfection. That is most pure in nature. That reigns from Heaven, seeing everything, reigning over His Creation, with such power, yet with Unconditional Love. A Language that He has branded or imprinted in all that He had conceived into creation, according to His Divine Laws of Love. God, the Father, had never kept His Eyes off of His Creations. He just gave us a choice to see and get in touch with what He had innately put within us.

There is no condition, that He loves us. The very fact that we wake up to another day, to live, is not because of what we do with the earthly vessel given to us. It is because of it being God’s Will of our lives to see another day. God gives us a soul, with an earthly vessel, to take care of to carry out His Will of our lives. And what is His Will, and purpose for our lives, to show His Unconditional Love, to all those that He brings to our life paths. This can only be expressed and done, when God is first and foremost in your life. Upholding His Truth, in this Unconditional Love, is what becomes your personal mantra, from day to day. And you will no longer be confined by the world’s definitions, but by Divine definitions, to which God the Father dictates to you, through His Divine Laws of Love. God says His Ways are not of the world’s, but beyond them. His definitions are not determined or defined by His Creations. But His Creations are supposed to discover what He innately put within them, as to what He has defined through His Divine Laws of Love.

Just look at the animals in the wild. Just see the plants and trees in the wild. Look at how the sun and moon. The clouds that hang in the sky. These were all of God’s Creations. Creations that were given life, through the Divine Father in Heaven. Though, unlike Mankind, given the freewill, they all demonstrate and understand what unconditional love means. Mankind once knew about this unconditional love, and lived in perfect harmony with all of God’s Creations, even with the freewill given to them. This was seen in the initial days of Man, in the Garden of Eden. But upon evil introducing sin and temptation, in the Garden of Eden, we see that Man used its freewill to choose to go against what was innately put within them. To choose to give in to temptation, and feed their stirred pride, and rebel against what God has instructed, to follow His Ways of the Divine Laws of Love….only.

There is a difference between CONDITIONAL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. God loves all of His Creations, from Heaven, equally. God made everyone, and everything in His Image. The variety that exists in this world, exists for His Purpose. At the same time, it became polluted when Man decided to rebel against God’s Divine Laws of Love. And this rebellion is what made Mankind, to love based on condition. To based on the condition to which will serve evil’s agenda, to make Mankind the scapegoat, for destroying God’s Creations; by tempting Mankind with their weaknesses, in order to lose focus on what God had innately put within each man, woman, and child…their direct connection with Him…the Divine Father, who rules over all.

God gives us this choice everyday. With each day, that He gives us to live, He gives us the choice to CHOOSE to tap into the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that He has put within all of us, through our connection to Him. He never gives up in having the hope that we will choose this love, over the SELF love that is seen with CONDITIONAL LOVE. Conditional Love, serves the self. It feeds all of the 7 Carnal Sins:

1) Gluttony

2) Greed

3) Lust

4) Envy

5) Wrath

6) Sloth

7) Pride

These are the very things that conditional love will nourish, that will lead us further away from the Eternal Paradise to which can allow us to sit in the very presence of Divinity. The ways of this world conform to such love. And this is why God says He is not of a part of the ways of this world, but beyond them. We must understand that because of our now naturally rebellious human nature, (which was demonstrated and nourished in the Garden of Eden upon Adam & Eve’s first sin…and proof of this seen in the first generation of their offspring by Cain killing his own brother, Abel), we must make a conscious effort to CHOOSE, with our FREEWILL to be aware of the Divine Father’s ways of Unconditional Love. This can only be done through the dedication of one’s life, in seeking God’s Truth, in His Divine Laws of Love.

When it comes to serving the Divine Father of Creation, it involves being involved in everyday things. It is the investment of the heart everyday, in upholding His Truth, with every inch of the life He gave you. A soul rooted in God’s Divine Laws of Love will always have a yearning to seek all ways that are in accordance to them. All things great and small. Always remaining focused on the connection that Jesus Christ selflessly, sacrificed His Earthly Life for, in order for Mankind to have. Out of that Unconditional Love that God, the Father demonstrates everyday to us. We have to remain focused on what is still good in this world, in order to make it grow. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Death on the Cross. This is what God, Devum, Abbah, Jehovah, shows us everyday….we just have to choose to see it. He loves us that much, that He does not force it on us. He gives us that choice, everyday. He sees our struggles everyday, with the daily choices we have to see His Ways or not. He sees even the deepest struggles, and the most superficial of them.

Out of God’s Unconditional Love, He gives us the choice everyday. His ways of Divine Love, requires souls that have found their connection to the Truth that God relays, to follow ways that are not violent, full of unconditional love, and mercy. Ways are not devoid of the earth’s ways, and do not fulfill the self. His Will, is to be faithful; and that faithfulness will eminate the purity of the soul. And God can only see this. Unconditional Love, can only be understood by a soul anchored in God’s Divine Laws of Love, and Divine Truth. And such love could never be found in a world, that is not anchored in Divinity’s Ways. God did say, His Ways are not of THIS world.


 “Everyone wants a big  EARTHLY Purpose in their life.That is to confirm God’s Existence in their life. God, says the biggest purpose you have is finding His Truth, in a world that is filled with evil’s darkness.” -FoodForTheSpiritualSoul


Souls Being Ripped Apart

fight of souls


With every life we come across in life;

We must try to connect with the soul inside, full of happiness or strife.

The soul is what is so important on this earth;

To empathy and unconditional love, it gives birth.


For a soul could never be replicated or cloned;

This is what God meant that each of us were made in His Image…not of our physical bodies, alone.

Souls can not be mimicked or imitated;

Despite whatever may be said, or stated.


God’s thumbprint is on each soul;

And will not be seen, in those who sold it, for the Devil’s toll.

For people surrendered it, for the sake of the self;

To obtain what they see on this earth…forfeit eternal wealth, by putting their souls on the Devil’s shelf.


The Good Book says “To fear not what can kill the earthly body, but what can destroy the souls, there after…”

By instilling fear and manipulating the earthly body’s 5 senses…is what brings the evil and its demons such laughter

To judge souls, God…Jehovah..Devum…Abba only has this jurisdiction, to do;

Though evil may deceive to say they have this power, making facts askew.


For there is a spiritual warfare going on;

With souls who remain in Jehovah’s Hands, and those who have gone.

Out of those being deceived…and those seeking Truth from a Divine Force;

Souls being ripped apart and challenged by a rebellious source.


When Truth is twisted and twirled;

Spirituality from a Divine Source is not focused on, and will not be unfurled.

Purity of a soul will be tested and tried;

Making many hearts to have moaned and cried.


This spiritual battle began a long time ago;

When Man used their freewill, that was given out of love, for selfish motives…for on this earth to grow.

In such thinking, there is no room to cultivate the soul, given to us by the Creator Above;

But through freewill, we are free to think, to make that choice to refine the soul, for the Eternal Kingdom…or to sell it, out of self love.


Those who decide to remain in Jehovah’s Hands;

And against evil, taking Jehovah’s Eternal Words of Unconditional Love and Mercy…taking Its Stand.

God has promised for refining our souls, HE will take our stand and justice will be His;

Finally putting all those souls to Eternal Peace, in His Presence, in His Courts….that’s where Eternity is.

We All Have A Choice



The one thing that we, as Mankind have, that makes us stand out from all creations of God, the Father, is our FREEWILL. The question is, how do we decide to use this.Do we chose to love ourselves more, than the God who loved us more than Himself? Do we chose to love ourselves more, than the God who gave Himself up, on the Cross at Calvary, in order to save Mankind, from His Wrath that He has for Satan and his demons for destroying the earth and Mankind, Jehovah’s most precious creations? Do we choose to fall into Satan’s temptation again to fulfill our earthly, fleshly lust, greed, and desires; eventhough God has said that His Divine Ways are not of the world’s, but beyond them?

LOVE OF THE SELF. It is something that we have been deceived into thinking, and reasoning out to ourselves, that hinder us from completely being obedient to God, the Father of Creation’s, Will of the lives He gave us. Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, showed us through His Death on the Cross, at Calvary, that complete obedience to God’s Ways of Unconditional Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence, should be upheld at ALL COSTS, even if it requires death to the human body, to save the soul that He has given you to keep guard over. That we value God’s Ways, above the world’s ways, that is running rampant with Violence, Unforgiveness, and Self Love. People say we should love ourself.YES…true. But in what way? Love ourselves to know that we were never created to be shackled to a world that is full of Violence, Unforgiveness, and Hate. This is not how God, Jehovah, Devum, Abba….created the earth.  As Man, we always had the choice to choose. And upon chosing to fall to the tempation of Satan, in the Garden of Eden….in chosing to rebel against what God has instructed….in chosing to being prideful,  in wanting more than what God said was needed as necessary, we chose for evil to get a stronghold, into Mankind, with such actions. And continue to chose that, everyday. We chose, with our freewill to rebel against the Unconditional Love of the Father, in Heaven; and chose the self, conditional love, that comes from somewhere else. We chose to recrucify Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, who selflessly gave His Life, to save Mankind, from being in Darkness, for eternity….to unshackle us from evil; and yet, we chose to be reshackled.

God, gives us this choice everyday, while we roam this earth. He gives us this opportunity everyday, to see how much He has shown His Love for us, as Mankind. Is it ever too late to have our wrongs to be forgiven, in God’s Eyes….while we roam this earth, NO. He never forces us to serve Him….He gives us this choice, everyday. But our time on this earth, is determined by Jenovah, Abba, Devum….alone. He gave us the Blood Covering, to protect us from Evil, and His Own Wrath onto evil, through His Son, Jesus Christ shedding His Blood, on the Cross at Calvary.His Son, underwent the same temptations….even to a harsher degree, being God’s Son.Jesus Christ understands what Mankind goes through. It was Mankind, that Satan wanted to portray, that betrayed God, to His Son. But Jesus, still chose to be completely obedient to His Father, in Heaven….our Father, in Heaven.He conquered Satan and His Evil, on the Cross at Calvary, PERMANENTLY. This is the power in His Name, as the Son of God.This is the power of The Blood Covering Jesus Christ offered, as He shed His Blood on that day, on the Cross, at Calvary.

We have a choice everyday, to chose whether to put our trust in a God, who loved us so much as to sacrifice His Son in order to protect us; OR to chose Evil, who is out to destroy Mankind, out the jealousy of God’s Love for them. Has Evil ever come out as its true form? No. But without chosing to remain connected to the Divine Father, we will lose that guidance to know and not know what is of Divinity, and what is not. We have to chose, in order to keep our souls on the path, to the Eternal Kingdom. We have to choose between Divinity and Evil. We have to choose between a Divine Being who gave up His Life for you, in order to protect you, and gives you the choice everyday to see His Love for you…..and a being that forces you to serve it.

Whatever we chose will be seen by the Divine Father. And when His Perfect Time comes, He will see who is covered by the Shield to which His Son, so willingly gave to us all; and those who are not. Plain and simple. There is no power that can come against the Father of Creation, God…Jehovah, Devum, Abba. We have to see what is beyond what is before our eyes, and ears. And have God guide us to see and hear, towards His Eternal Kingdom. Because we are souls, that have a body, our souls will go through the Judgement of the Father, in order to see where our Eternity will be: with Him, in His Eternal Kingdom in Heaven; or Eternal Torture and Damnation, somewhere else.Those are the choices. We have to help each other, to steer each other onto the right path. One day, all Injustice done to God’s Children, will bow down to Jesus Christ.


“Evil may try to own my body, but it will never have my soul. My soul belongs, to the Good Shepard, Jesus Christ, who gave up His Life, to save me. He promised to be my shepard to Our Father’s Eternal Kingdom. He is the Shepard over my soul, and I have given Him full control over it.” -FoodForTheSpiritualSoul

The Ongoing Spiritual Battle



While we focus on the things that we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, on this earth; we often lose sight of the Spiritual Battle that we, as Mankind, have been engaged in since the time of Adam and Eve. Upon that sin committed in the Garden of Eden, that is when God established Enmity between Man, and Satan and his evil. Harmony would never be reestablished again, until God’s Perfect Timing for it. God, the Creator, could only reestablish or “create peace” again, on this earth, as His Creation. As His Creations, we have consistently used His Gift of Freewill in choosing to rebel against Him; instead of following His Ways. We have consistently been seduced…enticed…and willingly chose to flirt with evil and it’s indulgent ways; when it was originally created for us to lead lives in perfect harmony, with His Guidance from Up Above.

The direct connection between Mankind and the Creator was destroyed upon evil introducing sin, in the Garden of Eden; and Man choosing to fall to temptation. And I believe the Old Testament, was a testament as to how God, the Father of Creation, pleaded with His Most Precious Creations, Man, to use their freewill to choose His Divine Ways of Love. But instead, Man fell to the weakness of their human nature, to which evil shackled to the earth’s ways, which resulted from the first time Mankind decided to fall to temptation, and sin against God. You see evil knows it’s realm, and restrictions. Satan and his demons can not do anything without God’s permission. A perfect illustration of this is through the story of the Prophet Job, in the Old Testament. God knows the extent of our strengths and weaknesses. While God wants to prove that His Faithful are strong enough to CHOOSE His Ways of Divine Love; Evil wants to prove how imperfect and flawed God’s Creation of Mankind is. That God made a mistake in creating Mankind. God is God. He is perfection. He is the “Alpha and the Omega.” He is so pure, that no mark of impurity or Darkness can stand in His Very Presence. Our rebellion is a result of falling to evil’s temptation and control. Satan and his demons rebelled against God; and seeing how much God’s Loves Mankind, He wants Mankind to never know of that Unconditional Love that the Father of Creation has for His Children; so that they too, like him and his demons, will rebel against God, the Father of Creation. Therefore, evil knows that the only way to even have a chance of winning against God, the Father of Creation, was to destroy the spirit and souls of Mankind.

However, God had a final victory plan through His Son, Jesus Christ. God knew that Man was restricted a lot by what they view as earthly evidence, He brought His Son to be born onto this earth, in order to live and die, to save Mankind. Jesus Christ, as His Son, became the Living Example, as to what God expected of His Children (Mankind); and to teach us, what God the Father of Creation, defines as His Ways in order to enter His Eternal Paradise of Heaven. As to how we ourselves, can conquer evil and its temptations, in our daily lives. Jesus Christ gave us the tool necessary to conquer evil for ourselves, and to gain Eternal Life. With the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Comforter, that He left for us, on the Day of Pentecost. Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, reestablished the connection of Mankind with God. And this could only be established by Divinity, which is clearly demonstrated strictly by means of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy. However, in His Teachings, Jesus Christ made it very clear, that in order to conquer the trials within our earthly lives, we must grow spiritual strong. God says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. This is why His Son, Jesus Christ, had to come down, to show Mankind, how to prevent evil from destroying the Human Spirit and Soul. Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Death on the Cross, that God, truly meant, that death to the earthly body is nothing in comparison to a spiritual death, that is forever separated from God, the Father of Creation. His Torture showed us the Strength of God’s Unconditional Love for us, as God’s Children, Mankind. That Jesus Christ took on the punishment that was meant for us, as His Own. That Sacrifice, which  is devoid of the self, in every way. Jesus Christ did not discriminate dying for Mankind for only those who believed in Him while He Lived on the earth; but also for all those that ridiculed and persecuted Him, those that did not know Him, and even those that killed Him. Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, demonstrated that He gives ALL of Mankind the opportunity of knowing God’s Unconditional Love for him/her. For those that lived in His Time, for all those of God’s Children that lived before, and beyond His Time. The only thing is that we have to CHOOSE to seek it, faithfully, to the fullest extent. We can not live for the ways of this world; and say we love God. We “can not serve 2 masters”.

The Spiritual Battle that we all endure, as Mankind, is something that has happened since the beginning of time on this earth. God knows it is not an easy battle. He witnesses our struggles, and our choices out of these struggles. And He often cries, out of the choices we make. You see, God wants us to choose to see His Unconditional Love. But He can not force us to make this decision. The gift of freewill, gives us the choice. He wants true believers to enter His Eternal Kingdom. Though He knew few will be successful in their battles, He loved all of Mankind so much, as to sacrifice His Son, to save them, to reunite with them, in His Eternal Kingdom. That is how much God, the Father Creation loves us, as His Most Prized Creations. That is how strong His Love for us…for all of us that CHOOSE His Divine Ways of Love, over the rebellion that evil wants Man to fall to. God saw those of His Children that are faithful, as worthy to fight for; and even sacrifice His Son to save. He wished more would follow Jesus Christ’s Way, so that more can be reunited with Him, in the Eternal Paradise, He has promised. This is why He gives us till the last breath in our human bodies, to make things right with Him. His Mercies are that abundant, and endless for us, as Man. He gives us every chance and opportunity to see His Unconditional Love. This is exactly what Jesus Christ demonstrated at the Cross. While He hung alongside 2 criminals, He promised, by the faith of one, to bring Him into Paradise, with Him. Can you imagine such love, God has for us? God knows all of our struggles, but He asks us to choose, despite what we face on this earth.

Our bodies are only temporary vessels. We spend so much time perfecting the outer vessel, and so little time in perfecting the soul inside. We make excuses for the imperfections that we have, that have the potential of permanently staining and destroying our spirit. Yes, through the Death of Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven. But it doesn’t mean our battle ended there, upon accepting this fact or not. It means that Jesus Christ, conquered the enemy through His Death, permanently. And with His Resurrection, He showed us He was God, and told us through His Teachings that He will return again, in God’s Perfect Time to reestablish His Eternal Paradise. Only He can do this. But it is up to us to choose, until God’s decides it is time to reestablish His Eternal Kingdom, through His Son Jesus Christ; as to how we prepare the spirit, that God, the Father of Creation, gave us charge over, upon Him creating us, in our mother’s wombs. Because of our sinful human nature, we are born as sinners. So we were still vulnerable to sin. But through Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, we still are eligible for Eternal Life, with God, the Father. Jesus Christ gave us the tools to conquer evil. Now it is just the matter of us, repenting for our sins, and refining our faith, and have a pure enough ground within our spirits, to have the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, to lead our paths towards God’s Eternal Kingdom, by the way Jesus Christ showed us.

Jesus Christ Showed that Our Father Loves the Imperfect Me

God loves the imperfect me


Upon Mankind falling to temptation and sin, in the Garden of Eden, God has been weeping for it. With our freewill, He hoped that we would choose to correct our ways, and find our way back to him. BY CHOICE. Unlike any one of His Creations, God gave Man, the freewill to choose His Ways or not. But yet, we continue to choose to live in rebellion. It is only when we have come to truly understand the Unconditional Love, God, the Father of Creation, has for His Prized Creation, Mankind, this is when we truly recognize how much we have rebelled against Him, with the imperfections we possess in ourselves, in relation to His Divine Laws of Love.

God gives us till the last breath in our earthly body, to come to this realization, of ourselves.  Since we do not know the time and hour of our last breaths on this earth, it is important that we have this relationship with God, each day. This is what Jesus Christ, as His Son, demonstrated through His Own Earthly Life. By sending His Son, with the Predetermined Purpose of dying on the Cross, in order to become the Sacrificial Lamb, for the sake of salvation for Mankind, God showed us His Unconditional Love for Mankind. And Jesus Christ put His Love for God, ahead of His Own Emotions and Feelings, to fulfill the Father’s Will of His Life, by demonstrating His Unconditional Love for Mankind, by dying on the Cross, at Calvary. Despite knowing our flaws, and our conscious choice of rebelling against God, the Father of Creation, He still loved the sinner; the ones the ridiculed and persecuted Him; the ones that did not know Him….as well as those who did/do know and love Him. All equally. You see, by dying on the Cross, Jesus Christ showed us that we all are eligible in the very presence of the Throne in the Heavenly Realm. We just have to choose to follow a path that does not conform to the ways of this world; to which God says His Divine Laws of Love are not a part of.

I just can not fathom such love. You see, it’s because I know my flaws, and I know God sees and knows even more flaws of my own, to which I can not see. Yet, He gives me the chance to seek and refine them, by doing one simple thing…making the choice in seeking Truth. The Truth in His Unconditional Love; to which He went to the extent of demonstrating it through His Son, dying on the Cross, at Calvary. It is not about gaining earthly evidence for the success of your spiritual journey to the earthly kingdom. Why? Because if God says His Ways are not of the world, but beyond them, then why would He reward us in our progression on this path, based on earthly parameters. I tend to think earthly parameters are the God-given circumstances/provisions to which God has given, as to the resources for which God has granted in one’s life to do His Work, in this world.

Those who have become truly enlightened by God’s Laws of Divine Love, will constantly be going through the “Refiner’s Fire”; with a true humbleness of the heart and soul. This humblesness comes from understanding the perfection that God, the Father of Creation is. And knowing the true authority of the Almighty God. Our purpose, in this life that God has given us, is to follow God’s Will of our lives. That’s it plain and simple. And with our sin vulnerable human nature, that is a huge task in itself. Yes, Jesus Christ died, in order to cover up the multitude of sins, to which we, as Mankind, carries. However, it is up to us to recognize our sins, and our flaws, and to refine ourselves, in purity of the heart and soul, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. THIS is a lifelong process, to which we must pursue. It does not mean that we can continue to sin, once we have chosen to believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior. If the true meaning of God’s Unconditional Love has taken root within us, we would understand our imperfections, and have the confidence that we are forgiven through Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, but we have to make the CHOICE of resisting sin and temptation, till the last breath in our human bodies, on this earth. Temptation and sin did not end upon Jesus’s Death on the Cross. This is what many people misunderstand. And this is when PRIDE can slip in to Mankind.  We are forgiven by the Cross. But we have to make the choice of turning away from temptation and sin, and recognizing God, the Father of Creation’s Authority, in our lives. These are choices, given to us every day of our lives.

Through asking for God’s Guidance in correcting our imperfections, which are brought to light by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will begin to be faithful in our seeking of Truth. God, will have worthy soil within our souls, to plant His Truth of Unconditional Love. We spend so much time on the wrong things, in our lives. We invest in the wrong things in our lives, while we roam this earth. For me, Jesus Christ showed that earthly parameters or His Miracles and Preachings, did not dictate the success of His Ministry or Work for the Heavenly Realm. It was yielding to God’s Will in His Life, that did. Our Purpose is to follow God’s Will; and we have to choose to do that. God, would never enforce that onto you. Because in the end of it all, He wants true believers to enter to Eternal Life, where there is a UTOPIA. This utopia can only be established by Him alone, not by His Creations. A Utopia can only exist under God’s Divine Laws of Love, with those who have surrendered to His Will of their lives. Which is a life that is spirit filled, with faithfulness to His Will, a world filled with Unconditional Love, brought back to the original state He created the world to be, as to what was initially seen in the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve fell to Satan’s Temptation, to sin.

As a result, it is so important for us to have a God-centered life. We should recognize the power that Jesus Christ has, as the Son of God. And how He showed us through His Teachings, Life, Death, and Resurrection, how we can conquer evil. Once this is done, this is when God can reestablish the Eternal Kingdom. However all this can only be done through those who believe in what Jesus Christ did at the Cross, that is giving in wholeheartedly to God’s Will of His Life, to save all of Mankind.


We Are Not DIVINELY FAVORED By Our Own Actions; But By Our FAITH IN THE DIVINE Father of Creation

Paul said, “There is nothing more pathetic than the flesh trying to be holy.”

You can not know Christ in fullness and in intimacy, until you give up once and for all, that if you try harder, that you can purify your sin. You can’t  do it. Even if you accomplish it, God won’t accept it. The Flesh can not please God, for it is enmity towards God. -David Wilkerson

Flesh will always be flesh. And it was stained upon Adam & Eve falling to evil’s temptation, in the Garden of Eden. Evil sought out to stain God’s most prized creations; and achieved it. Through this CHOICE that they made with the freewill God gave them, it set a chain of events to lead to Man being born as sinners. We can not afford to be ignorant to the righteousness of God; and this can only be known through faith in Him. God has already proven that He will never give up on Man, through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Son. He gave Him Up, as the Lamb Sacrifice, on the behalf of Mankind’s Destructive Nature; to save them. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, came to the world, to become the mediator between Man’s Sinful Flesh, to the Divine Father of Creation. This was the purpose He had come for. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, came to the earth to become that mediator, so that we may have the chance to sit in the PURE PRESENCE of the Divine Father of Creation. Does not any unconditionally loving parent chase after their children despite them straying away? Do they not stop trying to bring them back? This is the convenant that was made between the Father of Creation; and His Son Jesus Christ; and we become a part of that covenant when we accept Jesus Christ, as the mediator between our sin-stained human nature and flesh. This is the commission that Jesus Christ took on; and by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, accepting that He became the Salvation for Mankind’s sin-stained flesh, we too, also take on that commission with Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, was the earthly Life Example, as to how Man should lead their lives, that is worthy for the Eternal Kingdom, of the Divine Father of Creation. There is only ONE WAY that He showed us; and that is by taking delight in living God’s Will of your life. In fact, that should be your heart’s desire. This is how obedience will come; this is how permanent change comes about. We will see ourselves turn from our flaws and sins, because when God solves something….He solves it COMPLETELY…PERMANENTLY. We can never possess a perfect obedience on our own, flawed human logic and flesh. But only by a soul that is COMPLETELY surrendered to the PERFECT BEING, the DIVINE Father of Creation, by way of the PERFECT MEDIATOR of the FLESH, Jesus Christ, His Son. He justified this through the shedding of His Blood, on the behalf of Mankind, on the Cross, at Calvary.

Because of our flawed flesh, we only set ourselves up to fail, when we set out onto the path to the Eternal Kingdom; if we rely on it. If we rely on ourselves alone, we will only see that we will always fall short. Divinity means to be pure, and there is no other way to be divine. Some have even justified the flaws of the flesh, to justify their self righteousness. When we do this, we begin accepting the ways of our flawed flesh, which includes the sinful things of Violence, Lust, Greed, and Pride; which we see running rampantly in many forms, in the world today. Though God knows of our sinful human nature; He demonstrated through Jesus Christ, His Son, when He roamed the earth, professing the Gospels, it was said upon those that He healed,” By your faith, you are healed…”; “You have been healed, now do not sin any more.”

In this day an age, people have determined their “DIVINITY” through the numerous charities that they donate to; or the causes that they involve themselves in. Many determine their “DIVINITY” through the knowledge that they possess; by proving and disproving theories. Many people go to the extent of convincing themselves that their piousness is proven and justified, by fasting, and mutilating their bodies. We have convinced ourselves that by making donations, and doing good deeds, that we can make up for the wrongs that we do. Or that we can buy favor from God. These are things done by the human flesh, and human logic. Not by faith. Faith requires a SURRENDERING to the Will of God; not by serving God, by how you feel you should serve the Father of Creation. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, Death, and Resurrection. Through surrendering, we no longer shackle ourselves to the ways of this world, to which God clearly says His Ways are not a part of; to which Jesus Christ, His Son, demonstrated with His Own Earthly life. Through surrendering we completely unshackle ourselves from the world; to which evil has control over. Through complete surrendering to The Divine Father of Creation, Jesus Christ gave us our freedom, from evil.

For in Isaiah 58:4-8:

Your fasting ends in quarreling and strife,
    and in striking each other with wicked fists.
You cannot fast as you do today
    and expect your voice to be heard on high.

Is this the kind of fast I have chosen,
    only a day for people to humble themselves?
Is it only for bowing one’s head like a reed
    and for lying in sackcloth and ashes?
Is that what you call a fast,
    a day acceptable to the Lord?

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
    and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
    and break every yoke?
Is it not to share your food with the hungry
    and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—
when you see the naked, to clothe them,
    and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing will quickly appear;

then your righteousnesswill go before you,
    and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.”

Though evil sought out to stain God’s most prized creations, there is one thing that was overlooked. And that is God’s Divine Connection, through the act of His Son on the Cross, at Calvary. And His Children are choosing, through their freewill, to take on the commission. God, looks from His Throne everyday, remembering the convenant that He made with His Son, Jesus Christ, for shedding His Blood on the Cross. He continues chasing us, by guiding the Holy Spirit to hold our hands in guiding us to the path towards His Eternal Kingdom. He remembers the commission that Jesus took on for Him, when He, as the Son of God, set foot on this earth; and He sees many of us, taking on that same commission. It is by faith, that we conquer evil. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated.

In Romans 8:3-4:

For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh,God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.