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Degeneration of Human Nature

I had recently encountered someone who believed in “Survival of the Fittest” as their personal philosophy, which is something that I personally have observed as becoming a more widely accepted philosophy for the human race, as the years go by. They actually said, that humans had it all wrong, and animals had it right. Of course, for me I could not exactly see this point of view, because of what God, the Father of all Creation (Jehovah, Yahweh, Devum) has guided through the examples of His Chosen People. The carnality of humanity is what brought the human race to its fall from Grace, in the Garden of Eden, when Satan as the Serpant tempted Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Otherwise before that fall to the temptation, Humanity had a direct link to God, the Father of Creation. The carnality of animals or nature, is what God, The Father, created for them to be; He did not create Humanity to take on that same mentality, in fact with the human heart, mind, and soul, He had called Humanity to live lives of a higher call, and  philosophy; not survival of the fittest.

Survival of the Fittest was meant for the animals in the wild, for the sake of survival. This is what they were created to do. Human Beings were not created to be this way; they became this way, upon falling to the sin of evil, upon falling to Satan’s temptation in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Mankind was not created to follow the philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest”, and this is what will lead to the decline of human nature. Instead of E-VOLVING, humanity will DE-EVOLVE. Part of Satan and his demons’ distraction from rediscovering the original greatness that God, the Father of Creation (Jehovah, Yahweh, Devum) created for humanity to be, is to make humanity value, and focus on the things of this world; things that can be manipulated by evil through the earthly human 5 senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching) through the manipulation of earthly things. This is why Christians say, “We are born as sinners”. It is this generational sin, that was implanted by Adam and Eve, and demonstrated through Cain and Abel; where Cain showed his belief in “survival of the fittest”, by killing his brother Abel. Do you see things where there is a degeneration of human nature, due to the mentality of “survival of the fittest”? Where looking out for the self at all costs, despite the action negatively affecting another?

SELF LOVE is what evil professes; Divinity professes SELFLESS LOVE. 

God, the Father of Creation, (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) grants the power for people to turn from their sinful human nature. He does this through the example that He provided through Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay), with His Life, Death and Resurrection on the Cross, at Calvary. It is this Example of SELFLESS, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) showed this Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love for Humanity. People who follow the philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest” will not understand what Divinity professes as seen in Selfless Love, or Unconditional Love due to their philosophy focusing on the things of this world, to which Evil is ruler over. It is easier to see what evil wants humanity to see, in order to distract humanity from the original greatness that God, the Father of Creation (Jehovah, Yahweh, Devum) created for Humanity to be, which is a life that mimicks that which was shown to Humanity through Jesus Christ Yeshua, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) the Son of God, the Father of Creation. Those that are not following Divinity’s Path, will see the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom, as foolish and an unnecessary way of life that is full of sacrifices and suffering. But according to the Holy Scriptures in the Holy Bible, in order to break away from our sinful human nature, which follow this philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest” naturally, we must undergo great hardships and trials, so that we can see the Greatness of God, and with His Help, we can overcome the ways of this world, which is centered around the philosophy of SELF CONDIITONAL LOVE.

The degeneration of human nature can be seen in our everyday lives.I think I hear it best said, that Satan will not feel threatened by those who are going the track he wants them on, which is steering them away form the Eternal Kingdom. In fact, since he is currently being given the reigns of the world (which the Holy Spirit gurarding it right now) to have a life free from trials and tribulations, consisting of earthly riches, and a temporary peace of mind that is provided by earthly things. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was born as a poor man, though being a Member of the Most High Courts of the Eternal Kingdom; He was given the Death Sentence of a Criminal; Jesus was persecuted while He was in Mary’s Womb, based on the decree of the King. While He was doing His Ministry, as He roamed the earth, He was being persecuted by religious leaders, and the people of the towns that he visited. As the Son of God, He had so many earthly trials, so who are we to think that we would be exempt of them, or to lead lives differently from the example that He gave us? Satan feels threatened by those who have found the path to the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation; and found the no value of the earthly things, that he can manipulate or control. So He would obviously be upset with this, because they have found what God’s True Calling is for Humanity.

When we value the things of this world, we will lose sight on the original greatness that God, the Father of Creation created for humanity to be. We will lose consciousness of this greatness, and the Infinite Wisdom of God. Satan wants humanity to forget about this greatness. He wants human nature to degenerate by focusing on the things of his world. He wants human nature to degenerate, so that just like him, humanity will never experience the infinite peace of mind, body, and soul; as well as infinite unconditional love. God the Father of Creation gives us infinite chances to realize the difference between what is good and evil; and what is right and wrong in His Eyes, until the last earthly breaths we take on this earth. We must not focus in molding our human nature to the ways of this world, but be guided by the Divine Laws of Love, which are dictated by God, the Father of Creation, through which He showed us through the example of Jesus Christ. Does He expect us to fall? YES. What is the difference between someone bound on the path towards the Eternal Kingdom, and someone who is not? Coming to God, the Father, with a humble, repentant heart to Him, and confessing it to Him; and to change from those ways. Being selfless, is to be devoid of pride. And this is what God, the Father of Creation expects of us. Those that are not bound onto the path towards the Eternal Kingdom will say that they do not need to change, and will continue to act in their prideful, selfish ways.

Keep guard over your human nature. Ask God and the Holy Spirit to continuously guide your human nature, and look to the Example to which Jesus Christ has provided, and prevent the degeneration of YOUR HUMAN NATURE.

A Letter to My Heavenly Father

Jesus & Child


Dear Father God:

Thank you for giving me another day to live…to testify to Your Endless Love. Thank you for never giving up on me, no matter how far I may roam off your path, for which You called me to. Through Jesus Christ, You showed me so many things. I feel so unworthy of having such love being shown for me. For Jesus gladly took on Your Purpose for His Life, in that He was born to die, in order to save me , and all of Humanity. He showed me how to have courage, and to never forget how You are everywhere, and in everything. Jesus also told us Your Great Wisdom, that is beyond all the ways of this world; and as a result beyond all human logic, which is bound by them; and how our faithfulness in seeking You will allow for You to show us portions of that Great Wisdom.

Father, Abba, I can only imagine how sad You are, watching us, as Your Children, from Up Above. Seeing all of the destruction, anger, and deceit we have all become succumbed to. Those of us who continue to seek You faithfully, have been beaten, bruised, and torn…growing weak, frustrated, and tired. Yahweh, please see those whose souls and hearts burn for You, and give us the strength to overcome our frustrations, and weakness, so that we can return back to You. And for those of us who have forgotten what Jesus did for us, or those of us who never knew…God, please continue to show Your Mercy towards them, so that they may be given the opportunity to make the choice to find You.

Everything that happens on this earth occurs due to Your Holy Plan. We must still uphold Your Laws of Divine Love, as best as we can. We know that we can not do this by our own flawed human logic; and weak human strength. That is why it is so important for us to get constantly refreshed in You, on a daily basis, at best. As of recent, Father, You have taught me…that our flaws, mistakes, and even our trials, serve as reminders of Your Existence in our lives, which we often forget; as well as how flawed we, as Men, have become.

Continue to watch us from Up Above, Abba. And let Your Will of my life, to be done.


Love Always,

Your Daughter.

God’s ways are not of the world’s ways…


In the world today, we see many preaching “LOVE”. But what does that mean? It can have different meanings. When it comes to what God professed through the Teachings of Jesus Christ, it is one Universal meaning. If you love God, the Father of Creation, you will understand that He is everywhere and in everything. Therefore, you must love all in your life path.

However, the most fundamental thing to do is to love one another. This has to start when we are children. How many crimes against children occur today? They are the most helpless in our society, yet the most receptive to God and His Ways of Love. Why, because they have not had the chance to be soiled by the evil that lurks on this earth, yet. Have you ever seen how a child loves? Or how they forgive? In fact Jesus takes their mindset, as an example as to how we should trust….love…and to analyze with such curiosity. With this purity, in mind, body, and soul….God will enter, and provide the necessary guidance. People think that life was meant to be carefree, to do what you want….and to be free of troubles. Life was originally created that way, in the Garden of Eden. However, that was all tarnished upon Satan introducing sin to Mankind, in the Garden. That is how he initially demolished the direct pathway between Mankind and God. However, no matter how many times Mankind forgot about Him, Our Father in Heaven, still loved us so immensely. He wanted for us to find our way back to Him…to remember His Unconditional Love.

This is why Yahweh, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, down from Heaven, to live amongst us, and to die on the Cross at Calvary. He died, in order to end the pull of Evil over Mankind; and to reestablish the pathway between Mankind and God. Jesus came to show us with His Teachings and in His Death, that God’s Mercy and Love are abundant and endless like the sky above you, and the depths of the oceans. He did this for ALL of Mankind, no matter what race, creed, gender….etc. He created all, and wants them all to come back to Him, and live in His Paradise in Heaven.

However we must keep in mind, that God gives us the choice to choose His Ways of Love and Forgiveness; or to continue to follow the world’s ways, which are in accordance to evil. For the Father of Creation has proclaimed many times, that He is not of the world’s ways. So we must separate ourselves from valuing the world’s ways. Just think, children find happiness in the simplest of things…when they unwrap a present…you see a child playing with wrapping paper; or the box of the toy. Not necessarily the toy itself. They play outside with nature: climbing trees…playing in the mud…or with simple things like slides and swings…etc. Children always find happiness and safety in God’s Arms.

Each day we wake up, God’s shows His Endless Mercy by allowing for you to wake up to another day to have the chance to choose. He gives us these chances till the very last breath in our earthly bodies. However, note…that once we have chosen this path, it will be a hard road to travel. Because evil wants to bring you back to his grasp. He will constantly throw trials at you, to test the sincerity of your fatih in God, in order to try to pull you off forever from the path. However, remember the love of evil is conditional….with the condition of just having the value of taking you away from the Father of Creation. Jesus showed us through His Death on the Cross, that He loved you so much, as to die for you…to unshackle you from evil. All you have to do is trust in God. God did not ask for you to be perfect…but He asked to seek His Love and Forgiveness with a childlike curiosity….sincerely. He wants to have a relationship with you. He waits everyday to hear from you. It’s just the matter of seeking Him. He will steer you through green pastures to safey into His Kingdom, while there is chaos around you.

As human beings today, we have forgotten what the meaning of “LOVE” is. It is thrown around so much, in the wrong context. That is the work of evil…to profess love with condition. The love professed by evil is with condition…with circumstance…with a finite value. It ends upon your value for it being done. But if you look, at love in its true form…all of it is in the unconditional form. It is demonstrated by ALL of God’s Creations. Look at the animals in the wild, do they not show love between a parent and its baby? Does not a parent animal lay down its life for its young? Look at the trees in the fields, do they not provide shelter in harsh weather for those that need it in the wild? Look at a child…do they not love so easily, despite what happens to them? It is selfless in nature when it comes from Divinity. It does not define itself by earthly titles or parameters. We are infinite in value to God; so priceless, that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place, despite being the King of Kings in Heaven..

When we are following the Father of Creation, who says He’s beyond the world’s ways…whom do we have to fear? We must grow stronger in our relationship with Him. So that He can give us the strength to endure all of the trials that evil will throw at us, in trying to steer us away. Jesus taught us through His Life, Teachings, and Death….the tools needed to conquer evil….with a trust in God, that is unwaivering like a child to its parents.

When You Face Trials in Your Life…Remember it is Evil Getting Angry

Someone wise once revealed to me,”As a person that decided to dedicate themselves in serving God, remember the trials that you face, is Evil getting angry at how much more stronger you are getting in your faith.” The more trials you face, the more angry evil is getting with you for moving away from its ways, and moving one step closer to your path towards God.  Evil asks us to get lost in the ways of this world….and to shackles us to it, as a result of this.  While God, the Father of Creation, asks us to free ourselves from the ways of this world, because He is not of it.  We are to follow His Ways of Unconditional Love, whose ways are far above any of those of this world.  

When we live a life that is free of troubles and trials, we as people who chose to walk this spiritual path towards finding our ways back to the Father of Creation, we should consider….are we not threatening evil? We must remember that the stronger we become in our faith, the more worried evil gets.  Why?  This is because it has not conquered the soul within.  Evil knows, Satan knows, that his time in reigning on this earth is running out.  In fact, the final countdown for his reign began at the Cross in Calvary, when Jesus Christ died for all of Mankind.  He defeated….CONQUERED evil at the Cross.  This is when God had said to Satan….your days are numbered.  Since then, Satan has been running around rampantly, like an angry child throwing a tantrum…trying to claim as many souls as he can, to take away from the Father of Creation.  WHY?  Because he knows that he can never enter back to the Kingdom of God; and if he can never  enter back….then he does not want anyone else to feel what he can NEVER feel again.  

So remember when you are facing trials in your life…remember to stand stronger in your faith.  Evil is only getting angry that you are not conforming to his ways.  In fact, he is angry that you are moving away from his trick and trances.  When you have a life that is free from such things…..you may want to consider where your faith stands.  Is it with the ways of this world…..or is it with the Father of Creation?  Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, that Evil will throw trials and even torture, to the point of death….to throw you off of the Path of God.  THINK ABOUT IT?  Even the SON OF GOD, Himself, was not exempt.  Jesus Christ came here not to start a religion, but a way of life.  He showed us that God forgives everyone, that you do not need to lead a PERFECT life.  All it takes is asking with a humble heart to forgive your wrongs, in front of the Father of Creation, and He will wipe your slate clean.  Jesus came here to be an Example.  Instead of getting caught up in memorizing His Words…look at how He lived those words…..Those are the tools to defeat evil.

Remember a heart rooted in the Unconditional Love that Jesus Christ displayed at the Cross is one that is devoid of wrath or anger.  It is one only filled with saddness for those who are too blind to see the Love that Our Father in Heaven has for all…..and filled with gladness for the Love that He has shown us, as His Faithful.  Stand strong in your faith…endure the trials proudly.  You are getting one step closer to God….and one step away from Evil.  And 1,000 steps closer in conquering Evil.