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No Sugar Coating…..

sugar coated preaching


Many want to hear about the loving and forgiving side of God. It is TRUE! God, the Father of Creation, is a loving and forgiving God. This is what He demonstrated through the Mission and the Commission that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ. His Love is UNCONDITIONAL …..His Forgiveness is ENDLESS. He proved that to the point of sending His Son, to die for saving Mankind, His Most Prized Creation, from His Eternal Wrath.

However, here’s the side of God, the Father of Creation that we often forget about. With the introduction of sin, in the Garden of Eden, by the Serpent…with Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we should not intentionally test God’s Unconditional Love and Endless Forgiveness. God always excused and excuses ignorance (which means not having the knowledge of what is right and wrong). However, He does not excuse it when we have heard the truth of what is right and wrong, and with the choices we make with our freewill. Now, please do not misunderstand, God KNOWS that we may fall off the path to the Eternal Kingdom (that is those of us that decide with our freewill to follow the path that is less travelled of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy…that is those that are the ways of God’s Divine Laws of Love), because He knows the weakness of human nature. Based on the spiritual battles occurring in the heavenly realm between good and evil, human strength, which is restricted by earthly parameters does not stand a chance against things that require a SPIRITUAL strength. As a result, victory can only come from the most powerful spiritual source….God, the Father of Creation, who says He does not define Himself by the ways of this world, but is beyond them.

In this day and age, with the endless knowledge at our fingertips, there is no excuse in the Eyes of God, in doing what is wrong, out of our own freewill. This is why God says, He does not like lukewarm believers. This means that we have to keep not only our actions in check, in front of God, the Father of Creation…..but also our thoughts, as well. Keeping in check requires changing from the ways of our sinful human nature. It requires an unconditional love, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, to which will help those who ask for His Guidance, to discern the deception of evil. God loves unconditionally to the point of giving us the CHOICE EVERYDAY that we live on this earth, to chose right over what is wrong…that violate His Divine Laws of Love, in the Eternal Kingdom. We should hold ourselves accountable to this, with each day we are given to live on this earth. With the knowledge of what is right and wrong in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation, Jesus Christ showed us through His Teachings…His Life, Death, and Resurrection on the Cross, that we should be just as vigilant over ourselves, in holding ourselves accountable in the Eyes of God. I think many believers in God, are too busy doing it to others, that they forget to do it of themselves. With having a faithful relationship with Our Creator, Jesus showed us that we will also have the confidence of where we stand in our paths to the Eternal Kingdom, based on the wisdom that He reveals to us in Our Prayer Closets.

If we chose to travel the path most travelled to which Jesus Christ has said is the road to destruction, it will lead to our own personal destruction, in the Eyes of God. We are given endless opportunities in our lives…given the opportunities till our last breath on this earth….but once that earthly life is over, your story in God’s Eyes….has already been written, and awaiting for review of the Final Eternal Destination of the soul. This is why it is required to do a daily repentance….of our thoughts, actions, and words. Those who are shackled to the ways of this world….to which God said, His Ways are not a part of…will not understand this. However God is omnipresent, and sees all, to the very souls of Mankind. And though with the knowledge of what is right and wrong in His Eyes is known by His Children…..He saw something that was still in the reflection of His Original Greatness for Mankind, that was worth enough for allowing His Son, Jesus Christ, to walk amongst them….to live amongst us…..to die as one final plea to chose right in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom….as His Love Song to us.

God gives us the choice everyday…so let’s try to keep ourselves in check, and chose wisely.

Wheels Set In Motion

wheels in motion


These wheels have been set into motion, since the beginning of time;

God sits awaiting for His Perfect moment to stop all of evil’s schemes, lies, and crimes.

We must run the race;

At a very quick pace.


These wheels have been set into motion, it can not be stopped by God’s Creations’ Hands;

For these things are conflicts in the spiritual realm, and only God can of evil cut all ties and bands.

For the sand in the hour glass is running out;

And God’s Angels will soon sound the trumpet, and shout!


Many will forget the most crucial of God’s Words;

That are needed to guard the heart and souls of God’s Children, that protect them like swords.

We are souls with bodies, people often forget;

These souls are the prized possessions that we are to guard for the Eternal Kingdom, a path that is narrow and set.


All are called to see and know of Unconditional Love;

But few will know of such love, that abundantly comes from Up Above.

Many will be fixed by the things of this world, and its ways;

And miss out what it required for Eternity, as God has said, and lays.


Wheels have been set in motion long ago;

Evil seeding temptation, and allowing for sin to grow.

Now evil has seeped in to cause so much unforgiveness, self love, violence, and pride;

Where for earthly success, many have killed, abused, schemed, and lied.


True freedom comes from up above;

From a God, Who reigns with Strength, Power, Nonviolence,  and Unconditional Love.

Peace of mind comes from a God who says His Truth will prevail;

Where serving Him is by choice of our freewill, where paths to Him are victorious, yet frail.


Wheels were set in motion, once upon a time;

We must truly recognize the injustices and the crimes.

For God, the Father, calls us to see beyond what we can see and hear;

And through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, feel His Truth, despite what evil may throw at us to scare us in fear.


Victory is promised by the Creator, Up Above;

But our earthly lives may be full of trials due to evil getting angry, of our souls it will toss and shove.

For evil set in motion what many do not see;

A plan to keep out of God’s Eternal Kingdom, all of Humanity.

To Lead a God-centered Life..Hold Yourself Accountable in This


Jesus Christ showed us everything we needed to enter into the Eternal Kingdom of God. There is no one aspect that should be neglected in studying His Life. With God, the Father of Creation, as the center of your life, the Holy Spirit will be able to lead you to that path, to the Eternal Paradise, to which God promised through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will be able to help you to discern the deception of evil. Why is this so important? Why is there an urgency to know this?

Just have a look at the Holy Bible’s Scripture verse, above. Have a look at the lives of all of the Prophets, and disciples of Jesus Christ, that walked on this earth, to spread the message of Unconditional Love and Mercy of God. That our guidance should come from a Divine Source, to which guided the life of Jesus Christ, while He walked on this Earth, and continues to guide the Holy Spirit, today. To have the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life, is to faithfully seek God, and giving in to His Will, not our human will, of our lives. And even then, the discernment of the Holy Spirit, is not something that we can earn. It is not something that we can be taught. It is something that God sees as us worthy of having His Guidance.

And without this, God’s Children will be deceived. There will come a time, in the House of the Lord, that because there will be few who will be guided by the Holy Spirit, in reading and understanding the Holy Scriptures of the God, the Father, and use their human logic to decipher divine logic…there will be a divide, with those who do have the Holy Spirit in helping to discern God’s Truth, from Evil’s Deception. Will it come to us, as God’s Children, enduring physical harm, to the earthly body?  Well, if we look in the Holy Scriptures, and through out world history of those who have changed Mankind, in ways of Love, Mercy, and Nonviolence…they all did. But did they stray away from what Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, demonstrated as a way of Life that is worthy of entering the Eternal Kingdom of Paradise….NO. They still maintained ways of Nonviolence, Love, and Mercy. Because reproof, and correction from God, is far more important and valuable to people who are led in the Spirit. And those who are not in the Spirit, feel or view, that such reproof and correction are that of condemnation or judgement. Now who in the spiritual realm, refuses to believe in Divine Reproof and Divine Correction (based on the Holy Scriptures)? Satan and his demons…evil or those that rebel against Divinity.

Faith, requires a wholehearted trust and obedience in the Divine Father of Creation. In the end books of the Bible, from the Book of Ephesians, to the Book of James and Jude….they state that God’s Children will be persecuted and ridiculed. And the price of not renouncing the Jesus Christ and His Ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy, the earthly penalty… may require death to the earthly body…but the reward of upholding God’s Laws…for putting God and His Divine Laws of Love above your own earthly life, will be Eternal Life, with the Father, in Paradise. THIS IS WHAT JESUS CHRIST DEMONSTRATED THROUGH HIS OWN LIFE. UPHOLDING GOD, THE FATHER’S, WAYS, ABOVE HIS OWN EARTHLY LIFE. God said, that we must fear not those that can cause death to the earthly body, but Whom can punish even after the death of the earthly body. You see punishment of the earthly body, ends upon death to the earthly body. But punishment of the spirit, continues on for eternity.

When God, is the center of your life, you will begin to see the things of this world, for its true value; in relevance to the Kingdom of God. God should be so much the center of your life, that your earthly life and circumstances should not be dictating factors, when it comes to understanding the Holy Scripture. You can not be controlled by the flesh…but walk in the Spirit. It is not about becoming martyrs…it is not about becoming victims. It is about being wise to what evil has plotted from the beginning of time, and seeing and feeling the truth of Jesus Christ’s Life.

Evil has convinced many in this world, including in the House of God, that “we give too much credit to the Devil, and its evil.” Well, there is also the following saying….thegreatesttrickbythedevil

The only way you could ever understand this, is if God is the center of your life. Just as Jesus Christ, His Son, showed us, as He roamed this earth. Just as the Prophets and Disciples showed us through their own lives. That the discernment led by the Holy Spirit, is only something awarded to those that are wholeheartedly, faithfully seeking God’s Ways of the Divine Laws of Love.  Because He wants true believers, not those who flip flop between the earth’s ways, and the ways of His Eternal Kingdom. And that is something that only God, Himself, sees and knows, of every heart that He has created to live on this earth. When God is the center of your life, you will not fear any evil. You will not be swayed to ways that are of the self. Just as Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Sacrificial, Selfless act of His Death on the Cross, at Calvary…Divinity’s Ways are devoid of the self.

So put God first and foremost in your life. And He will help you to discern the deception.


Spiritual Battles that Become Tougher


With each day that goes by, logic tells us that we get closer to the end of times. It certainly does not get closer to the beginning of time, right? So what does every Holy Book on earth suggest with this? That with this, that evil will be more bold, and even “hide within plain sight”.  If we look at the story of the Prophet Job, which is seen in the Old Testament within the Christian Faith, we see that Satan can not do anything without the permission of God, the Father of Creation, to God’s Children, on Earth. So these earthly trials and tests we face are done with different goals in mind.

1) By Satan: To throw you permanently off of the path to God’s Eternal Kingdom; and to prove to God, that He was wrong about Mankind. To revert us back to animal instincts; and the 7 Carnal Sins of: greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, wrath, lust, and pride.

2) By God:  To test our faith in Him, so that He knows it is true and pure. Devoid of any remanant of evil; just as how He originally created for us to be. Devoid of violence, and ways full of love, and mercy. So that we can reunite with Him, in the Eternal Kingdom that He has promised through His Son, Jesus Christ.

God wants our confidence in Him, and His Ways. That confidence has to be strong enough, as to be able to stand before evil with great strength, when facing these trials, and even when facing it face-to-face, to withstand its temptations and its ways. We must not fear in testifying to God’s Existence in our lives; or witnessing to God’s Miracles in our lives. He gave us these experiences, for the reason of rewarding our faithfulness in His Love and Mercy to us. And we are given these experiences to encourage others of seeking this powerful love and mercy, that God wants to so freely give us.

We must realize that those of God’s Children who are loyal and faithful, will endure even more harsh trials. Trials that would not only require physical strength; but also spiritual strength. In fact it is the spiritual strength that is most important. It is through this that God can allow His Wisdom to be revealed to His Faithful Children. Through being faithful in the small everyday things in life, and God seeing worthy ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell within it. Evil will always try to discredit God’s Children. Why? Because it will disrupt the deception that He is trying to pull over Mankind.

So do we look for earthly recognition for God’s Work. No. But we should also not be afraid of witnessing and testifying to God’s Work in our lives. This is one example of the intentions behind each action done. In the end God’s Truth will be truly known by very few. This is not because he chose an elite few to know of it. It is because few CHOSE to seek it unconditionally, with a loyalty and faithfulness in finding the truth. He made this available to all; which was demonstrated through the selfless act of His Son, Jesus Christ, dying for the sake of saving all of Mankind.

The spiritual battles that God’s Children will face are not only in the physical sense, but also in the spiritual sense. The deception that evil will create in the worlds of God’s Children will be so strong, that it may seem absurd to those bound by the ways of this world. While those who are bound by the world’s ways will be far from the understanding of Divine Truth; God’s Children will be able to see through the deception. They will be able to see what is of God’s and what is not of His.  Evil will try to discredit God’s Children, in order to prevent them in revealing the truth of evil’s deception; and also in order to prevent them from revealing God’s weapons against evil’s spiritual warfare, that He taught us through Jesus Christ, His Son, while He roamed the earth.

When we begin to have a personal relationship with God, we will begin to rely on our own loyalty in seeking the truth of God’s Eternal Kingdom. The spiritual battles that we face on our own, will be based on the knowledge that God has revealed to us, in our Prayer Closets. Not necessarily what is within Church settings and rituals. Afterall, these are all manmade things, not those that are divinely inspired. We, as Mankind, are beginning to slowly forget who we are in God, the Father of Creation. And what Jesus Christ revealed to us, through His Death on the Cross. And we can only regain that through a personal relationship with God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That is the only way, the Spiritual Battles can be won, despite its severity and intensity, in the earthly sense. Evil will try to challenge us, when we are all by ourselves; and if we do not have that strength to fight on our own, we will fold in the presence of evil.

Freedom is what God gives us, through Nonviolence, Love, and Mercy. When we are controlled by emotions that are determined by a flawed human nature, we are bound by evil’s control. God’s Wrath is far more permanent, than what evil could ever inflict on us in this world. Violence is a result of wrath, envy, and pride, to which evil tries to rechain us to this world, and its ways. The ways to which Jesus Christ set us free, through His Own Death on the Cross. Life, is showing these things (of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy) with every life we encounter in our life paths. The commission God’s gives us everyday is to testify to His Unconditional Love to all, not just the few, or for a narrow spectrum of people. As Jesus Christ showed us through His Death on the Cross, at Calvary, God’s Unconditional Love is deserved by all of Mankind. And God’s Servants will endure harsh battles, even to the point of death to the human body, to prevent for these spiritual tools to be revealed to all of Mankind, that God saw us worthy of having….revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.