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Power in the Name of JESUS the CHRIST

Deliverance Prayer


This is more of a personal testimonial that I am writing here, as a testament of the title of this entry. People often use religion as an I.D. Marker, rather than a philosophy to live by. However, as a born and raised Christian, and as I get older, I have come to appreciate and understand more and more the philosophy of Jesus the Christ. To be called a “Christian”, means that you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, which involves setting aside the self, and to become selfless in service to members of humanity, and all within God’s creations.

When one has truly come to understanding the teachings of Jesus, one will truly become convicted of them, and understand that what Jesus the Christ did by laying down His Life for the sake of all of Humanity, was not something that can be done by any living being; but can only be done by a Divine Being. God knew that the King of all Kings, and the Lord of all Lords, had to defy the earthly definitions and parameters of what a lord and king should be, in order to see the true meaning of what it takes to enter His Eternal Kingdom. Jesus the Christ, became the Ultimate Sacrificial Lamb/Offering, to the Holy Alter of God, the Father of Creation, in order to save Humanity from being lost forever from its Creator. Jesus the Christ reconnected what was once broken by Satan between Humanity and God, the Father of Creation, through His Death on the Cross at Calvary. Through His Death, Jesus the Christ also offered a Shield of Protection from receiving the same sentence that Satan and his minions have for rebelling against God, the Father of Creation, through the blood that He shed on the Cross upon His Passions and Death. This blood covering should be applied on everyday, as an armor; but only by those who have truly understood what Jesus the Christ did on the Cross, at Calvary. This understanding comes from faithfully seeking. God has promised that for all those that faithfully seek, will find Him and His Divine Laws of Love; and why Jesus the Christ had to do what He did, as He roamed this Earth. This knowledge is a gift from faithful seeking.

Once Jesus the Christ died on the Cross, and said, “It is finished,” He permanently conquered Satan. Jesus the Christ crushed Satan’s plan to prove God wrong about His Most Prized Creation, Humanity. God is God. He is never wrong. How is a creation going to prove that its Creator is wrong? Satan knows that Jesus Christ conquered him at the cross, which is why he wants to keep as many people in the dark about Jesus the Christ. He wants humanity to be forever lost from the Unconditional Love that God, the Father of Creation, has for Humanity, and leave it blind as to how to enter the path that would lead Humanity back to the Eternal Paradise promised to them; to which Satan and his demons are no longer welcomed into. Satan also wants to discredit and make ineffective those of whom God has given the testimony to, which demonstrates His Existence amongst Humanity. However, Satan and his demons fear the very Name of Jesus the Christ, because even they have understood what He accomplished at Calvary’s Cross. Evil wants those that have the testimony to grow tired and weary of fighting against them, so that they will give in to their evil ways that rebel against God, and His Divine Laws of Love. A soul that has been touched by such wisdom angers the devil and his minions. Just by mentioning the very Name of Jesus will make satanic entities flee from you, whether you are encountering them while you are awake and wondering about during your day, or within the dead of night, in your dreams. God always finds a way to talk to His Children, and gives them the knowledge that they need to defeat His Foes.

These are not only words, this is a personal testimony, as of pretty recent.  My brothers and sisters I have been told to share this with you. Keep seeking God. Understand that when you call yourself a Christian, it carries the weight of being a brother and sister with Jesus the Christ. As human beings we are not perfect, but what separates us from others is that we see our imperfections, and know we have to repent for them to God, the Fatger, because He knows of the original greatness He created for Humanity to be. At the same time, we become targets of Satan’s envy for what he and his followers could never have again, the Eternal Peace and Love of God, the Father of Creation. Jesus the Christ gave us protection against evil’s tactics. By saying the very Name of Jesus the Christ, it will make them all fear of the Truth that Jesus has revealed to a soul that has understood what He did as He roamed this Earth, and accomplished through the Cross. They will flee from you, just by hearing this Holy Name of the King of all Kings, of the Most High Court, and tremble in fear of you. They will get angrier and angrier at the confidence you gain from knowing what Jesus Christ did. When Jesus the Christ said with His Last Breath on this Earth, as He hung on the Cross at Calvary that, “It is finished…”, it means that Jesus the Christ WILLINGLY took on His Calling to die for Humanity, to defeat evil from separating God, from His Children. He is not a lucky charm on a necklace…or a statue in a building….or even a mythological figure that is a “good man”. He became the Savior of Humanity, through His Selfless Act of Obedience to His Creator; and became the Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love.

Understand what Jesus the Christ did, and you will have a tool that no one touch. God Bless, and may Jesus Christ find us worthy to enter Our Father’s Eternal Paradise to join Him and the Holy Spirit.

We Must Remember That God Is In Control



With each day we wake up, we have to remember that the very fact that we were given another day to live was because that it was God who allowed for us to live another day. The life circumstances given to us is based on what God’s Will is for our lives, and to see what we use our freewill to do in the lives given to us. Those that are bound to the Eternal Kingdom, have the confidence of knowing that God wins in the end of all this. This confidence is gained through the labor of the personal testimonies to which God had given to those that sought Him during their trials, and gained victory for the Eternal Kingdom out of the trial. A soul anchored in God’s Divine Laws of Love knows what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary; and never thought that ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love and Mercy were beyond their limits. Just as God, the Father of Creation, does not force His Ways of Humanity, but gives us the choice to choose, with each day we wake up….we too, must do the same within our ministries. This is the very Life Example that Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Ministry, as He roamed the earth. In fact, instead of those that attended services on a regular basis, He chose to sit and preach to those that might have been considered as the rejects, the lowest within society, and even spiritually lost by the religious elite of His Time.

God gives us all the opportunity to see the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. Therefore, we must conduct ourselves in the same manner. However, at the same time, we must also not allow for evil to take a foothold within us, and make us to regress in our spiritual paths towards the Eternal Kingdom….God will hold us accountable for each time we regress within our spiritual paths toward His Eternal Kingdom….because of the wisdom He reveals to such souls in their prayers closets, for receiving that knowledge, we are held responsible for whether we uphold or go against the truth that was revealed in it. God does not take this lightly…in fact this is how Lucifer (being one of the highest ranking angels in God’s Court at one time) was thrown out of the Eteranal Kingdom, and became Satan, the biggest adversary against the Eternal Kingdom, and Humanity. Don’t you think evil knows about this accountability then? So why wouldn’t Satan and his demons try to throw us off the path? Because we are being given the chance to enter into the Eternal Paradise, while they do not. That is the honest to God Truth.

Nothing happens without God’s Knoweldge, on this earth. He sees everything from Up Above. The reason He doesn’t act is that in His Perfect Timing, He will have to destroy those that are in complete rebellion against the Divine Laws of Love. However, He wants to keep on giving such lost souls, another chance to choose His Divine Laws of Love, over those of the temporary earthly ways, that are not of the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. That is how great the Love of God, the Father of Creation, has for humanity.

Therefore if you have been called to the path, you must remember that you were given responsible to live by and share the knoweldge of the Eternal Kingdom through which was revealed to you through your testimony and within your prayer closets; and uphold them at all costs.

Born Again in Mind, Body, and Soul

God did not call us to be successful; just faithful.  The fighter, like our Master is pierced and full of pain.  He, like Paul, may even be bound and beaten.  But he remains.” –Mother Theresa


These are such powerful words.  Many people are led to believe that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must have led PERFECT LIVES. And that once we have sinned, we can not go back to the Father of Creation.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG.  Only evil will propagate such thinking, in order to hold your weaknesses over your head.   But if you have read the Bible, God has shown us in so many ways, that He forgives our every flaw, as long as we have changed from those ways, that violate His Laws.  This is what being “born again” means.  You are “born again” by changing from you old sinful ways, to a new way of life that is free from that flaw.  So, how do you know that you are born again?  When that sin no longer attracts you to do it again; or when you can easily resist from doing it again.  And you have complete remorse for ever doing it, because it violated God’s Law.  You see God does not force us to follow His Laws.  He gives us the choice, the free will to do so.  He wants us to choose His Ways.  This is how He knows who are true believers in His Ways of Love; and those who are not.

Faith is the longing of the heart to meet the Father of Creation.  And God gives us till the last breath in our human bodies to seek Him with a born again heart and soul.  That is why EVERYONE in God’s Book, get the chance to redeem themselves, and to enter the Gates of God’s Kingdom.  It’s a matter of taking that chance.  By seeking Him requires you to take on a life very similar to that which was demonstrated by Jesus Christ, as His Son.  It requires you to detach yourself from the ways of this world.  By this, it is meant that you should not value the ways of this world more than the ways of the Father of Creation.  He says that He is not of the ways of this world.  He requires you to see and hear things with the words that He has put within our hearts, since the moment we were conceived in our mother’s wombs; not by what the world has taught us, that caused us to modify such ways.

We are allowed to have flaws.  But if we have recognized them as flaws, God is asking us to change from those flaws, wholeheartedly.  Why?  Because He sees that these flaws hold us back from the greatness that He created for all of us to be.  He loved us as much as to send His Son, to die on the Cross to reestablish a pathway back to Him.  How was that path originally destroyed? Upon Satan introducing sin to Mankind in the Garden of Eden.  Satan wanted us to become so lost within this world, so that we will never find our way back to the Father of Creation.  Why?  Because He would never be able to taste the riches of God’s Kingdom again, himself. And that anger is what is driving Satan’s plan to lead away as many people as he can, from God’s Kingdom.  But upon Jesus dying on the Cross, God created that pathway back to Him.  And since Jesus’ Resurrection, it began the final countdown of Satan’s time for existence.  So he has been running rampantly through out the earth to take away as many people as He can.

So, how does one become “born again”?  It is only by developing a relationship with God.  SO how does one do that?  Just simply take a moment to talk to Him everyday.  He takes a moment to talk to you everyday?  How?  He allows for you to wake up to a new day, everyday.  That is how He shows you how much He loves you everyday.  So why is it so hard for us to do the same?