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When Do You Stop Giving….What Jesus Christ Showed Me



Sometimes I believe people focus to much on the “words on the pages” of the Bible. What I mean by this is that they focus on memorizing, just “knowing” that it exists. We must focus on the content, what was it telling us. More importantly what was it showing us, in what God expects of us. Jesus Christ showed us through His LIfe and Teachings, what is required to conquer Evil. He showed us that LIVING God’s Words is what is required of us. As human beings, upon the introduction of Temptation and Sin, we are very weak to go astray from what God expects of us. Hence resulting in the chaos that we see in the world today. The Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible, reveals that we are to continue with living in God’s Ways, even when it seems there are very few people around us that have the knowledge in how to do so.

This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, Death, and Resurrection. Through His Life, Jesus taught God’s expectations of us; showed how to conquer the temptations of Satan and his evil through prayer and resistance; and that God’s Ways of Living, in Love, does not conform to the ways of this world. In fact, His Life shows us that we can serve God with just the things we were born with, our minds, bodies, and soul. We can not use EARTHLY WEAPONS for a SPIRITUAL WAR. We have to use SPIRITUAL WEAPONS, which is what Jesus Christ showed with His Life and Death. His Death, was the ultimate trial, in fulfilling God’s Plan for Him. Could ANY MAN have done what He did? ABSOLUTELY NO. Man would have wimped out….because that is how weak in the flesh we are to fear.  But Jesus showed us, that with putting God in control, it is possible. Jesus showed, that we must continue giving, if it means to the point of death of our human bodies, to LIVING God’s Words. In a previous entry of mine on this blog, I had referred to the Book of Revelations, Chapter 2; where God ask us, are we willing to uphold HIs Gospel to the point of death? When we have truly been enlightened by the ONE TRUTH; fro the ONE TRUE God….we will begin to see what the true value of things really are, in this world. And we will see that there is nothing in comparison to the value of what God’s Eternal Paradise, has to offer us. Which is what Jesus demonstrated in His Resurrection into Heaven. We must give…keep giving….

What is the point in saving, when your family members or neighbors are starving and homeless? What is the point in having power, if you can help those who are helpless? What is the point in loving only those that love you back, when once someone DECIDED to love you, as a perfect stranger; or to forgive you when you did something wrong? What is the point in having closets full of clothes, when you neighbor has only 1 pair of clothes to wear? And for a God that says that He is not of the ways of this world, but BEYOND them; what is the point in donating to charities, when you don’t invest you heart o the people you are helping with that money…..for a tax right off? For earthly recognition? God says, if that is what you seek, then your recognition will remain at that point, and that HE WILL NOT RECOGNIZE you, when you come knocking at His Door.

Once we recognize the true value of the things of this world, we will know what Jesus meant through His Teachings…it will become a part of us to the point that it is how we live and breath. When we do this, we encounter the resistance, the trials of this world, which make us die in the earthly sense, but become MORE ALIVE in the spiritual sense. The enlightenment of God’s Love and Words, will become more clearer. And the death of the human body, as many of those of our Brothers and Sisters, in all of the 4 corners of the world are enduring, will seem trivial in comparison to what God has promised us. In fact a life that is free from trials, is a life that is not threatening Evil; but a life that is conforming to it. And a life that is full of trials and challenges, is a life that is resisting evil, and fighting to get one step closer to the Creator.

God, through Jesus Christ, His Son, showed us that He loved us so much as to give His Son to save Mankind from being in the Hands of Evil. He loved us so much as to take on our sins, as His Own. To take on our punishment for falling astray from God, and falling for Evil’s Temptations, AS HIS OWN. We have to give…keep giving….

To Believe or Not To Believe

The title of this entry is a question that every Human Being considers. We come to point in our lives where we pose this question to ourselves. There is one thing my mentor has said, that we are always connected to our Maker, because He truly is Our Father. What separates a Believer, from a NonBeliever in God and His Ways of Divine Love? Very simple. Whether we have the boldness to believe in the things that are from an Unseen God; or not. God says He is beyond the world’s ways. He is beyond them. He is God, the Creator of this world…this Universe. He is not bound by the boundaries of His Creations. He sets his own definitions. And the definition that He has given us, as creations in this world, about His Ways, is that HE IS BEYOND THEM. This is what Jesus Christ, as His Son, showed us with His Life, Death, and Resurrection into Heaven. We live in this world, yes. But to live by the ways of God, we must VALUE in our minds, hearts, and souls, HIS WAYS, that are not of the ways of this world; but ways of Love and Forgiveness. Such ways do not involve materialistic worldly things, that are along the lines of fame, fortune, and wealth. Such ways are not inline with the Seven Deadly Sins of : 1) Greed; 2) Gluttony; 3) Sloth; 4) Envy; 5) Wrath; 6) Lust; 7) Pride. These are things that are defined by the world’s ways; and shackle us to evil. Upon coming to this world; and dying on the Cross at Calvary, Jesus Christ, freed us from evil. He took on the Purpose of refreshing our minds, by showing us what is expected of us, in order to enter Eternal Life. With His Life, Jesus, as the Son of God, showed us that though being the King of ALL Kings; and a member of the MOST HIGH COURT, that coming and being born in a cattle’s manger; and living the humble life of a Carpenter’s Son…that Earthly Titles do not mean anything when it comes to the Kingdom. Jesus showed us through His Teachings, that though being ridiculed and persecuted for that He said, He stood steadfast in faith of the Truth that had revealed to Him, in them. Jesus though being the Son of God, was given the death sentence of a CRIMINAL, and he took it on willingly, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, at all costs of HIS EARTHLY LIFE; to SHOW US ETERNITY is gained through giving up everything that is of earthly measure, even to the point of your earthly body. Why? Because it is the purity of the SOUL within you, that is promised eternity or not.  He upheld ‘TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK“, to the point of death of his earthly body. WHY? Because God’s ways are not defined by the ways of this world; but is beyond them. If we have heard and known, and even accepted the Gospels, we would understand this fundamental thought. And fear not of the things of this world; but fear the God who has the final say of our lives. Fear him out of love for His Great Wisdom and Love for Mankind, to which He showed us through Jesus Christ.


We can not be “lukewarm” to God’s Laws of Divine Love. We have to be either for it, or against it. God showed us that we do not let those around us define how we should love; but allow for him to guide us as to how we should love, that would help us preserve the purity of our hearts and souls. This is where Jesus Christ’s Teaching of becoming like Children, in our faith in God, comes from. A child never hesitates to love. However, knows when things are right and wrong at the same time. This only proves, with limited worldly experiences, that God has innately put within all of us, what He wants of us, and expects us to retain throughout our earthly life. And even then, if we had gone off the path, God sent Jesus Christ, to cut our ties to temptation and evil, and to take on our sins, as His Own. As a perfect offering….a Sacrifice. And even then, we have till the last breath in our earthly bodies to come to the realization. We are given choices through our freewill. He does not force us by any means, but gives us that choice. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, though having every power within HIm to avoid any earthly suffering, showed us that He has gone through every human circumstance, and still upheld God’s Laws, and showed us how to do so. That it is possible to attempt doing so. To believe wholeheartedly in an Unseen God, and to live His Ways, wholeheartedly take much more strength, than to live by the ways that are restricted by the world’s ways. Evil has the power to manipulate what we can see….what we can hear….what we can feel with our hands…what we can smell and taste. Make no mistake about that. But by believing in a God that is not restricted to the world’s ways, as Jesus Christ has shown us, can open a world of Eternity for us. We just have to have the strength to see what is right in front of us, and wholeheartedly trust in a God that says He is beyond the world’s ways. This is why Jesus Christ said, that the pathway to God’s Kingdom is narrow and straight; but the pathway to Hell is winding and wide.

To Believe or not to Believe…..to take the straight path or the winding one…..those are the questions that you should pose to yourself. Don’t be gripped by fear of your mistakes in the past or present. God says with each new day that He gives you, He gives you a chance to come to Him. He can wipe our slates clean; and make us anew in Him. How is your faith these days….?

Global Christian Persecution-Grow Stronger in Faith (Part II)

Hello my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ:

Something has weighed in my heart to share an additional piece of knowledge with you, in reference to the Global Persecution of Christians. We must keep in mind that Jesus Christ has said, (as quoted in all of the Gospels, “While you are being persecuted, remember that I was persecuted, as well.” There is no justification for ANY genocide. Only God has the ability, as the Father of CREATION, to create and destroy. And those who know Yahweh, Jehovah, Devum, Allah, God, know that He is a loving God. In the end, we are all held accountable for our own actions, good or bad.

I have read the following series of books, which I found very powerful. They consist of stories, throughout history, of Christian people from all over the world, who died in the Name of Jesus Christ, and His Love, at the Cross. I have always believed that Jesus Christ’s Life demonstrated what we would all need to endure, as a part of Mankind, in order to conquer Evil. There is not one temptation or trial, that Jesus, Himself, endured as the Son of God, that we as human beings endure as Mankind. He showed us how we should conquer them. And in these books, it illustrates exactly how these Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, demonstrated conquering persecution, and honoring the Father. They are truly inspiring stories. We should not forget our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, who die in His Name. What these stories share are illustrations of what true belief and faith is, in honoring the love that Jesus Christ shed at the Cross, out of His Love for ALL of Mankind (not just for Christians) And persecution of ANY KIND is wrong in the Eyes of the Father of Creation. So please have a read through these courageous people’s stories, and let their deaths be not in vain.

(These books were written by the famous Christian Rock Group called dcTalk, who is most known for their song “Jesus Freak”)



God’s Love is Everywhere and in Everything

In this day and age, it is getting more difficult to uphold God‘s Gospel.  But did not Jesus show us that He too, was not exempt from Evil’s Temptations?  We must continue to live and breath God’s Gospel, and the truth behind it.  As the Book of Revelations states, “The once unacceptable, will be acceptable.  And the once acceptable will become unacceptable.” We must forge ahead, with God’s Words, as the Lamp onto our Paths, on this Earth.  In the end, it is only through a heart that has its foundation in God’s Gospel, that we will be able to discern the deception that Evil tries to shackles us to him, with.  Did not the people during the time of Jesus, mock Him, for His Words, and Way of Life?  Did they not persecute Him?  And even when such things did not bother Him, because of being bound by Divine Law….did they not try to ban Him?

What we must remember is the Father of Creation sent down His Son to this Earth, to live amongst us, in order to show us the tools we need to defeat evil….to obtain God’s Truth within our Hearts.  Memorizing the words is not enough….we must understand them…be convicted of them enough to LIVE by them, and for our hearts to be ruled by such Truth. We must remember that Divine Logic can trump all Human Logic.  God’s Truth will trump all Human Truth.

We must live our lives in complete awareness of God’s Presence.  Once we realize that we were created by an Omnipresent God, you will only humble yourself, and bow down to such grace and love that will completely make you fearless when staring evil in the eyes.  You will feel nothing but sorrow for such souls that can not feel this awesome love; and even sympathy for those who decide to mock such love.  Such love has shown through the ages, that it can heal the coldest of hearts, and even conquer evil without touching it.  That is what Jesus Christ displayed with His Death on the Cross, by His Love for all of Mankind.  There is only ONE Jesus Christ, and many disciples.  There can be many more, if people can see what is beyond the things of this world…

God says He is in everywhere, and in everything.  That means His Unconditional Selfless Love, can come from anywhere, and anything.  We must keep our strength in God…and He will constantly provide His Strength….when called upon.  Such hearts that know this will be fearless.  And will be bound by God’s Law, and uphold it at all costs. We must CHOOSE where we want to be…upon that final day.  God wants hearts that truly choose Him and His Ways, not just out of fear or by force.  The things of this world are nothing in comparison to the value of Love in God’s Kingdom.  God’s People are not servants to Man’s Ways, but of God’s Truth.  And they will uphold it at all costs, just as Jesus Christ did.  And when He returns…it is these servants that humbly bowed down out of their Love for God, that will return back to the Kingdom with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Awaiting for His Return…..and Evil is ending its reign….it’s in the FINAL COUNTDOWN.

The Sayings of St. Thomas’ Gospel

St. Thomas Cross of Eastern Christianity
These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.
And he said, “Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death.”

Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.”

Jesus said, “Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man.”

Jesus said, “Now the sower went out, took a handful (of seeds), and scattered them. Some fell on the road; the birds came and gathered them up. Others fell on the rock, did not take root in the soil, and did not produce ears. And others fell on thorns; they choked the seed(s) and worms ate them. And others fell on the good soil and it produced good fruit: it bore sixty per measure and a hundred and twenty per measure.”

Jesus said, “I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind.”

The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us how our end will be.”  Jesus said, “Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death.”

The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us what the kingdom of heaven is like.”  He said to them, “It is like a mustard seed. It is the smallest of all seeds. But when it falls on tilled soil, it produces a great plant and becomes a shelter for birds of the sky.”

The Devil Can Only Be A Parrot; God’s Servants Are Revolutionary Thinkers of Love

The Devil can only Mimick God's Goodness; the words of God's Love are repeated like a parrot.


If you look through out history, evil has only shown one face…and that is people who have demonstrated 1 or more of the 7 Deadly Sins:

1.  Gluttony

2.  Sloth

3.  Pride

4.  Wrath

5.  Envy

6.  Greed

7.  Lust


If you notice, all of these have one thing in common…and that is self fulfillment.  It’s all about satisfying the “ME Complex”.  Self Love….the world revolving around them.  Evil in many cases, repeats whatever that it has done in history.  It never comes up with anything new.  That is what World History, and Religious History, show us.  Everything happens in cycles.  Hence my title, “The Devil can only be a Parrot…”.  What does a Parrot do?  It repeats anything that they hear.  In fact, people think that Evil has always shown its ugly head.  Most cases, it has not.  It has gone as far as to scheme and plot to take down God‘s People, one by one.  Evil knows how to mimick God’s People.  Become a Parrot and regurgitate what God’s People speak about….but the difference is the following:

1.  Their everyday life actions will be the OPPOSITE of what God’s professes…or the words that they mimick from God’s People.

2.  Their worlds are evolving around SELF LOVE…which has no understanding of loving without condition.  In fact, they will ask for you to love them without condition…while they put conditions on you.

               Some phrases that SELF LOVE has said:

                    a)  “You have to love me for me…..if you don’t; then it’s over.”

                   b)   “This is my life, and I will live it my way.”

                   c)    “You would do this if you love me…”

                   d)    “Don’t judge me….”


In most cases evil does not want their faults to be pointed out.  But they feel so freely to point out the fault in others.  They want them to hidden…they do not want their cover to be blown!  As to demonstrating any good behavior…they only know how to mimick “sincerity”…and words of Love.  How can you tell the difference?  Evil realizes that God has created everyone and everything.  So God’s Truth will trigger whatever He has innately put in all.  Evil tries to counter that my cotinuously providing their evil stimulus…..bombarding you with their presence.  So that you begin to get attached…and eventually (because they can mimick “goodness”)  get under their fold.  Just look at music today…what about the media?  Look at the values of today and yesteryear…..how many people stop and help someone in the street?

What evil underestimates is that the resilience of the human heart….and its attachment to God.  That is the natural defense mechanism God has put within all of us.  God’s people will eventually break out of the “trance” of evil, and be brought around back to God’s Camp.  That is what Jesus means by “Come as you are…”  God will forgive all your past wrongs, as long as you confess all and leave them at His Door.  It does not mean, as evil profess, to NOT CHANGE FROM YOUR OLD WAYS…and TO BE LOVED AS YOU ARE.  When you believe wholeheartedly in a God that is beyond the world’s ways, you begin to serve Him in the same exact way.  Those who have made Revolutionary Changes in Mankind, through Ways of Love; did it in ways that are unconventional to the way sof this world.  And the changes that they made for the betterment of Mankind were PERMANENT.  Accomplishments made with the aid of Evil….were all TEMPORARY. 

God’s Truth can not be denied even by evil.  The conviction of the God’s Truth, that is rooted in the heart and soul…will feel and discern the Deception of Evil…even the mimicking, parrotlike nature of evil.  They do not know any other way of being “good”.  They can only imitate goodness…but there is one thing that can not be imitated….TRUTH.  Such a heart will combat this evil, by blowing its cover….by using the knowledge of the Gospels.  Evil can not combat such TRUTH.

So put on the ARMOR OF GOD…become strong in your faith in God…..and be ready for the Parrots of Evil! 🙂


Quotes from St. Thomas’ Gospel

Nasrani Cross (Eastern Christianity's Cross)



Jesus said, “Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.”

Jesus said, “I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes.”

Jesus said to them, “If you fast, you will give rise to sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do harm to your spirits. When you go into any land and walk about in the districts, if they receive you, eat what they will set before you, and heal the sick among them.  For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth – it is that which will defile you.”

Jesus said, “Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war. For there will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father. And they will stand solitary.”

Jesus said to them, “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the Kingdom].”