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“In Search of God” – A Good Read for Science-driven minds

In Search of God

For those of you who is searching for proof of the existence of God, this is a good read. This book is written by a man that has been a scientist all of his life. His search for God, began as a teenager, and still continues on. It demonstrates his “technocratic” approach in explaining God’s Existence in this world, in various aspects in our lives; from love, to the parameters of Sin, Heaven and Hell, etc., which is seen in many of his own diagrams, in the book. The author describes the book, in his own words, as follows:

“This book is an attempt to analyze the glory of creation; and the backward integration to the source, in an attempt to visualize God. In the early chapters, I have taken a critical look at the common understanding of love, and have tried to dissect it from a spiritual standpoint. In this process, what I found was a universal distribution of a love relationship, with a guiding force behind it emanating from a single source. This led me to examine other virtues in a similar manner; each time, attaching them to a single source. I called this source GOD. In the later chapters, I have tried to visualize and extract characteristic features of such a source. I have also tried to define Sin, and Revenge. Explanations have been given to show how interrelated they are. I have further explained why forgiveness is a far superior virtue. I have tried to project my view of heaven and hell, in this book.”

“In Search of God” is a book that was written for those who are science driven, or seeking a more technical approach in understanding God. The book is a great read. Highly recommended.

Survival of the Fittest (Part 2)

Micah 6,8

When you hear the following words, what comes to mind?

1.  Gullable

2. Niave

3. Childlike

4.  Soft-hearted

5. Nice

Well, general consensus would say that people who possess such qualities are disadvantageous, right? Or that people who use such words to describe others, usually have negative connotations to it, considering them weak in nature. Right? In fact, with the current philosophy of survival of the fittest be adopted, such people are often preyed upon. How do we see this? We see it in the following forms:

1.  The increase in abuse of children

2. The increase in abuse of animals

3. Disregarding the poor in the world

4. Institutionalizing our Elderly

And the list goes on and on……

What Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Own Life and Death, is that God’s Rewards and Ways are not of this world. In fact, the rewards of the Almighty God are those which promise Eternal Life, and are completely fulfilling of the mind, heart, and soul. Jesus Christ showed us through His Life that we should uphold God’s Ways at all costs, even to the point of His Death on the Cross. As the Son of God, He came down from Heaven, to live amongst us, as a Man. He did this to show us how God expects us to live on this Earth, in accordance to God’s Laws of Love, while facing the trials and temptations of Evil. Even the Son of God, was not exempt from the troubles of this Earth. So why do we as Human Beings think we would not have problems to face on this earth? In fact the more we insist on upholding God’s Ways; the more trials we face.Why? Because we are getting evil angry for not conforming to the ways of this world; which are under its influence. As Jesus Christ did, we must continue to uphold God’s Ways, despite the trials.

What we have to realize is that evil uses these trials in order to deter us off the path of righteous to God. It is a way of discouraging us away from God’s Path…convincing us to give in to our flesh, which is already weak to evil’s temptations. Jesus, as the Son of God, had to rely on God’s Strength to help Him to fulfill God’s Will and Purpose of His Life on this Earth. So we must ask God for the same. This is why Jesus Christ said that He came to this Earth, to change the Old Law of “Eye for an Eye”; and to “Turn the Other Cheek“.

Never be ashamed about possessing the qualities mentioned initially, above. God said that we are to love beyond our own selves. We are trust in Him, who is not of the ways of this world. And the only way to having eternal life, within His Kingdom is by not conforming to the ways of this world; but His Ways of Love. People who trust in the Almighty God, appear to the world in the words described above. But Jesus told us through His Own Life Example, that we should not be ashamed of being ridiculed for following the ways of the Almighty God. In fact when you think of it, those who are ridiculing, or causing an offense to such individuals, should be ashamed of not seeing the Word of God, trying to be revealed to them. They should feel ashamed for taking advantage of their “goodhearted nature”; or their “childlike faith” in the Creator; for the sake of getting ahead in this world; to obtain worldly possessions and power. But in the end, God has promised to seek justice for those who have suffered injustice for upholding His Ways. We just have to trust in the Truth.

Again it is not about adapting to the changing ways of this world, which is the definition of the philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest”. It is about constantly upholding God’s Ways, in a changing world, where evil is trying to shackle you to it. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, Teachings, and Death on the Cross. If you have been downtroddened or “taken advantage” of, do not despair. Continue to seek God, and upholding His Ways, and God will get justice for the injustice you suffered. He will always protect His Children.

What people forget to realize about Jesus Christ is that He was born on to this Earth, in order to die, to save Mankind. God’s saw that there was still something good in Mankind, worth saving. That is why He sent down His Son, to die, in order to take on the punishment that we, as Mankind, were supposed to have suffered for the sins we committed, that violated God’s Ways of Love. So keep upholding God’s Love, because it is because of people like you that God saw that Mankind was worth saving, and Jesus Christ saw it was worth dying for.

Spiritual Warfare

Anjelica Zambrano’s Testimony of Heaven and Hell

The following video clip from Youtube is for educational purposes. It is a clip that was sent to me, based on a documentary done of a young girl’s testimony of her experience in visiting both Heaven and Hell. After being considered dead for 23 hours, she came back to life, to tell the world of her experience and story, as a witness to God.

Please have a look at the video and let me know what your thoughts are.

Thank you Anjelica Zambrano for your courage to share the Gospel. May we all walk with you in that same courage and boldness.

The Truth of God’s Unconditional Love

It is important to keep in mind, that as we roam this Earth, that Jesus Christ, made a pathway back to the Father of Creation, for us, through His Death on the Cross. Through His Death, He gave us a direct path to God, in order to communicate, and find our way back home to Him; where He had always intended for us to be. He never told us we had to be perfect, but to come to Him with a humble heart. This world is rampantly running with evil…because evil knows that upon Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, that its reign over the earth was over. We must remember that evil gets more angry when we realize its existence, along with its flaws. So it constantly tries to pull us away from the Divine Path, that Jesus reopened for us. In fact, the more comfortable, and quiet life we lead on this earth….the less of a threat you are to evil; and conforming to its way. At the same time, the more trials that you face, and run to God as your strength…..the closer you are getting to God, within your life path, back to Him and His Kingdom in Heaven.

Remember what Jesus Christ said, “Very few walk the narrow path to Heaven….”; and “Not everyone that knocks will enter….” We must grow to understand the unconditional love that God has for us all; and demonstrate that same love towards one another. Evil will try to tarnish this love, by telling you that you should only love those that love you. However Jesus said, “You should love ALL, your enemies…friends….neighbors…family….all the same.” It takes great strength to love those that do not love you back; and that is what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross at Calvary….as the ultimate symbol and act of unconditional love. Many want to be unconditionally loved. But how many actually show others the same unconditional love, to which they desire of others. This is why Jesus Christ said, “Do Unto Others, as You Would Have Done Unto You…” Simply said, “Treat others, the way you want to be treated.” Strength lies in living and believing in the ways that Divinity professes, and states that it is beyond what we can see with our human eyes; and hear with our human ears. Jesus said that, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.” How do we feel for the truth? By growing strong in our faith in God. When we go to God, who says He’s beyond the ways of this world; He will provide us with strength that is beyond ALL HUMAN UNDERSTANDING…..and give us insight to things that can not be attained by the human mind….but only through spiritual logic, guided by our own faith.

Jesus came to show us the way we should live our lives in complete obedience to God, and His Ways of Unconditional Love. We must love, beyond our human bodies and strength. We must love with the soul that God dwells within. The purity of the soul is determined by how easily one can unconditionally love others, despite if it is returned or not. This love is determined and guided by God….


God, Thy Will Be Done….


In life, have  you ever noticed that the only way to be completely fulfilled, is by following God‘s Will for your life?  What do I mean by this?  By this I mean that it is when it is God’s Will for something to happen in your life, that EVERYTHING will fall in place.  You will not feel that anything is missing, things will naturally fall in ways that will make you completely content with the circumstances.  My Dad once told me, “When God solves something, He solves it completely; without leaving a trace of anything unsolved.”  I have seen this many times within my life; which makes me rely on God more and more with even the silliest of problems.  I say the simple words, “God, Thy Will Be Done….”

Have you ever wanted something so much in your life, but it always seemed to be out of reach?  No matter how hard you try?  It may be because it may be what YOU WANT…or YOUR WILL of your life.  It just does not happen that way in life, to the fullest extent.  Think about it, God says, He can create anything out of anything.  He could also take away anything that you have on this earth, in a second.  But if it is is His Will of your life, it will sustain you, throughout your entire lifetime.  No matter how many will stand against you, God will stand by you, just as you did, to fulfill His Will of your life.  I’ve seen this in my own life.  That is why I say, “God, Thy Will Be Done…”

When there is chaos in your world, when is it you find complete, everlasting peace, and organization to that chaos?  It is when you finally lay all of your pain, and worries and lay it at God’s Feet.  It is these moments that you can not explain why, but just sharing your feelings with God….a moment that is shared between you and Him….delivers utter peace of mind, body and soul.  People try to look to many things of this world, which can definitely provide TEMPORARY peace….and as a result, you keep returning back to those things, to get MANY of those TEMPORARY moments.  However it would never provide complete peace.  That’s why I say to myself, “God, Thy Will Be Done…”

Once we trust in a God who says He is beyond the world’s ways, we will have victory through Him, in the Battle that is occurring in the spiritual realm.  This battle requires spiritual weapons, not earthly weapons.  Because the rewards are not earthly, but spiritual.  Those are everlasting, as Jesus demonstrated with His Own Life, Death, and Resurrection into Heaven.  Nothing of this world could hold you back, when you seek your strength from a source that is beyond the ways you can see and hear with the human heart and human ears.  That’s why I say, “God, Thy Will Be Done…”