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Unconditional Love that was Demonstrated by Jesus Christ

So many yearn to be unconditionally loved in this world. And so many want to guard their own hearts from unconditionally loving others, based on past pain and hurt. These are all things that make us human beings. But what differentiates a “spiritually enlightened human being” and a “regular human being”? Well, very simple. When we finally have come to the conclusion that we were created to love; and the very principle of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, is beyond our human nature. And being guided and strengthened by a Divine Force, which created us. When we understand that the Father of Creation, is LOVE, we will understand that all things that come from Him, are full of love. Why is it beyond our human nature? Well, we were created for it to be a part of our human nature, which can be seen in the initial days of Adam & Eve. Then when Satan introduced temptation and sin, into the Garden of Eden, we see that human nature had changed. This is how evil took its reign on this earth.

However, God had a plan. A plan to restore our human nature, to the greatness that He had originally created for us to be. This plan was to carry out ending evil’s rule on the earth; and to reestablish God’s direct connection to His Most Precious Creations, Man. This plan needed to absorb all sin, that was committed by Man, so that it can be saved from being lost to Evil’s Darkness, forever. God’s Plan was to send His Son, Jesus Christ from Heaven, to live amongst His Creations. To let His Son endure all that His Creations endure, and to show us, as His Creations, that despite all the obstacles, we are eligible for Eternal Life, with the Father of Creation. God loved us so much, UNCONDITIONALLY, that He sent His Son, to take on the punishment that was meant for us, as His Own. The torture that Jesus Christ endured, or what many Christians know as “The Passion”, was meant for Mankind, based on their sin vulnerable, human nature, was taken on behalf of us, by Jesus Christ. So with each time I get frustrated in my path; or get thrown off, I think to myself:

God gave His Son’s Life, to save me from being in Darkness, forever. He loved me that much to tell me through Jesus Christ, that He saw something worthy within me, to enter His Kingdom. Despite my mistakes, despite my flaws, Jesus Christ, the perfection that He was as the Son of God, saw that I was worth dying for. So who am I to give up on my path, when God did not give up on me? Who am I to give up on my path to finding God, when Jesus Christ endured all the torture meant for me, on my behalf?

Jesus Christ being whipped

Jesus standing beaten and tortured

Jesus Christ was the Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love. His Act of Love is one that can be understood by all. He sacrificed His Life for the sake of Mankind. The reason why He was born, was to save Mankind through His Death on the Cross. This is something very important to know and understand about Jesus Christ. He died, to unshackle Mankind from Evil; and to restore God’s direct pathway back with His Children on Earth. So that we will truly have THE CHOICE to choose between following God’s Divine Laws of Love; or not. Like a Lamb being slaughtered, Jesus Christ became that Lamb, willingly, to fulfill His…our Father’s Plan for Him. Is that not UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Why is that so hard to believe? Is God not our Father? Is that not what a parent would do for their children….to lay down their life for them? Even the animals in the wild understand this. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, could have chosen the easy route on this earth….but He didn’t. As He walked on this earth, He loved all EQUALLY, despite what walk of life they came from. At the same time, while doing so He never compromised God’s Instructions to Him, as to living a life that is honorable to Him. His lack of straying away, was what demonstrated His Connection to Divinity. His steadfast faith, and unconditional love is what demonstrated His Connection to Divinity. He being able to endure the torture and the death He did for the sake of another, was not something a human being could endure for the sake of another, but only the One that is connected to Divinity, could do.

As we look around the world, we see many Christians who have given up their earthly lives for the sake of not renouncing Jesus Christ. Why do you suppose they did that? It’s because of the Unconditional Love that they saw God demonstrated for them, through His Son, Jesus Christ’s, Torture and Death on the Cross, for their sake. God, though seeing our imperfections, loved us so much as to give us another chance. His Son, died for us. God died for us. We are not to live in the flesh, for Jesus Christ showed us on the Cross, that our earthly flesh is not what is being battled over. It is our souls, which mold our human nature. We have to keep refining ourselves, to get back to the original greatness that we were created to be. And if God says He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them; that means that whatever may be considered of great value in this world, may not hold the same weight in the Eyes of God. That we need to begin investing the time and effort in perfecting our inner selves; and not so much the outer self. This is a lifelong process, to which I said before in my entry below, that God knows the beginning and end to. Just like Jesus Christ trusted in God’s Will of His Life, we have to do the same.

For Unconditional Love will never be understood by a heart who still values the ways of this world. It could never be fully expressed by a heart that still holds on to the things and parameters of this world. It can only be understood and demonstrated by a heart that has broken away from the ways of this world; and found its connection with Divinity. Once that connection is made, this heart will only know how to love unconditionally, for the sake of honoring the Father of Creation, and Jesus Christ’s Unconditional Love shown at the Cross, in Calvary.

Jesus Christ Crucifixion

God Knows the Extent of Our Strength Better Than We Do of Ourselves


In life, we can witness to the fact that not one life is the exact same. Sure, there may be similarities, but not the same. We all come into circumstances and worlds, to which God has given us, based on the Purpose He had made us for, at the moment we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. God also gave us freewill to choose how we will deal with those circumstances.

In the Garden of Eden, Evil bulldozed its existence into the lives of Mankind, through its temptation to Adam & Eve. And when they chose to follow temptation, instead of resisting it; that is when our battle of choosing between good and evil, began. And this battle will continue till the last breath in our earthly bodies. The challenges and trials we face in life, serve many different purposes. And it is the perspective to which we view these trials and challenges, to which will allow for the power of the Divine Holy Father to enter within our lives. We keep wanting to restrict ourselves by the parameters of this world. The reality is that we were created to be spiritual beings, to be connected to the God who says, “He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them.” And to not reshackle ourselves back with Evil; by restricting ourselves to the ways of this world, which are currently be dominated by Evil. Evil wants to restrict you to what you see and hear with the human eyes and ears; but God wants you to use what you see and hear with the human eyes and ears; and enhance it with the foundation of faith, that He put within all of us, upon the time we were conceived in our mother’s womb. We are always connected to God, we have the choice of tapping into that connection or not.

God doesn’t give up that easily. He has given us chances over and over again. What we have to realize is that God, Jehovah, Yahweh…..He loves us so much that He just literally sits there, and waits…and waits…for us to just talk to Him. While He talks to us everyday! How you ask? Well, let’s take a look:

1. He lets you wake up to another day to live.

2. Through the words or actions of love, of a child. Or for their very existence in your life.

3. Through the loving words of a parent.

4. Providing a roof over you head, food on your table, and clothes on your back.

5. Did someone let you go ahead of them in the shopping line?

6.  Through the innocent gaze of a pet.

7. By the beautiful trees and flowers in nature.

8. With the birds chirping in the sky.

These are just a few things, out of the MANY that He tries to talk to us. But I think where He gets our attention the most is when we feel that the ways of this world, or the logic that we have within ourselves, fail us, in situations that seem to defy  them; or have no solution in the earthly sense. But with a God who says He is beyond the world’s ways by our side, we can overcome! Maybe not in the way we intended or thought of…but while we endure, He gives us His Strength, to get through…and before we know it, it is over, and we look back to see what we overcame.

What we fail to realize is God created every inch, molecule, cell within us. He knows out of anyone, what we are capable of, and what we are not capable of. He knows our strengths, just as much as our weaknesses.God always provides what the world can not. He provides what we need in sufficient amounts, in the forms we need, to carry out His Purpose for our lives. We just have to trust in that. He knows the strength that we are capable of handling, better than we know ourselves.

What we fail to realize is that our earthly struggles are not the REAL struggles we are facing from day to day. It is the spiritual battle that we face from day to day. The earthly struggles are “the face” to the spiritual battle. As Man, we have tried to reason, intellectualize, and even rationalize Manmade solutions, to problems in humanity, that are driven by spiritual forces.

Through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, God showed us what is needed to be done, in order to conquer evil, and to enter His Eternal Kingdom of Paradise. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God…showed us that it does not require earthly measures to serve the Father of Creation, but just being faithful in the everyday things to Him. It is the path we take that matters to God, not the end result alone. The faithfulness in the daily things, is where the healing begins, from the daily battles.

God knows our strength, but we have to make the choice to rely on Him to provide it for us. He knows what we have within ourselves better than we know ourselves. We just have to trust enough, for God’s Will to be fulfilled through us. Through God, we are capable of possessing such powerful strength, that can defy people who shackle themselves to the ways of this world; to the ways of evil. That is the Power of God’s Unconditional Love….a strength, that He has put within all of us, if we just decide to choose with our freewill, rely on Him.

Gut Feelings = God’s Nudgings/Guidance

psalm 115

Think about every time you had a “gut feeling“, with a particular situation that you were trying to make a decision. Did you follow your gut feeling? Or did you go against it based on rationalizing and intellectualizing the direction towards which your gut was telling you to go? Now think about how many times was it wrong?

When I think of the questions above, I had come to the conclusion that you see with the title of this entry. As I look back on various scenarios and situations in my life, I see that about 99.99999999999% of the time, my gut feelings were CORRECT. Have I always followed them….. NO! This is where “knowledge” can cripple us in following God‘s Will of our lives. Does God’s Divine Logic follow the ways of this world? Does it stay within the boundaries of Human Logic? When has the creation known more or just as much as the Creator? And how does one know that the logic and knowledge that was used to rationalize or intellectualize the gut feeling, was guided from a Divine Source, or from somewhere else? These are all valid things to consider.

However, when one has a relationship with the Creator, that gut feeling that you receive is more in tune with the Will of God. One of the hardest things for any human being to do is to give in to listening to God’s Call or Will of one’s life. It requires, completely letting go, and letting God to take over and steer your life path. How many of us can let go of the reigns of our lives, to an Unseen God? We often like to see, hear, and feel evidence and proof for what we say and do, on this earth. But being able to do this, is where true strength lies, and God’s Rewards in doing so, will surpass anything that this world can offer.  No matter how many times, we as human beings THINK we are steering our own life paths, or destinies, in the end, it is GOD’s WILL of our lives, of this earth, that is ultimately done, based on how we used the freewill he has given us. God truly is an omnipresent being. I have seen evidence of this throughout my life. He also does say that HIS WAYS do not conform to the world’s ways; but ways that are more Divine, and beyond what this world can rationalize and intellectualize.

So how do we tackle the “letting go, and leaving it up to God” situation? Think about it, with anyone that we trust, we so easily entrust our lives, and even in some cases, family to, right? So if we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, as the Son of God; or for that matter, being God’s Children, should we not do the same, with God? Even in the “Lord’s Prayer“, explained by Jesus Christ as the only prayer needed in one’s life, that explains it ALL , He states within it, “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done….on earth, as it is in Heaven.” Just analyze this for a moment. These are such powerful words.  This is why it is so important to communication with the Father of Creation, everyday. From the first thought of when you wake up each day, to the last thought of when you go to sleep. So that He can guide you for “His Will to be done”. It takes immense strength to give in to God’s Will. It requires to risk giving up all human logic, to follow a Divine Logic, which does not bound itself the earthly realm. It does not require magic or special power to do so. Because we were all created by God, it is innately within all of us. God sees each one of us, equal in His Eyes, giving us different Purposes and life circumstances to achieve, His Will of our lives. But nonetheless, because we are all equal in His Eyes, He has given us all FREEWILL. And with this gift, that He has only given MANKIND, out of all of HIs Creations, we are to tap into His Connection within us, that was innately put in at the time we were conceived in our mother’s wombs; or not to. But does this necessarily equate to having earthly successful lives? As Mother Teresa has once said, “God didn’t call us to be successful; but to be faithful. The fighter, like our Master (Jesus Christ), is pierced and full of pain. He, like Paul, may be bound and beaten, but he remains.” God says, and provides evidence through the Life of Jesus Christ, His Son, and many of the Prophets that He has sent, that HIS WAYS DO NOT CONFORM TO THE WAYS OF THIS WORLD. So why would His Rewards and Blessings conform to the ways of this world? The “blessings” we see; or the earthly rewards we view on our lives, are the life circumstances given to you as God’s Will of your life. At the same time, the trials we face, and the challenges we face, are a part of refining our faith, and bringing us back to our Will for our lives, by God. We have proven over and over again, as human beings that we stray away from God, especially when things seem to be going “right” in the earthly sense. So this is when God’s People may face certain challenges or trials to be reminded of God’s Existence. We always have the CHOICE TO USE OUR FREEWILL TO CHOOSE whether we listen for God’s solution for the situation, or to Evil’s Ways. This will be a lifelong journey.

So coming back to the Title of this entry.

I’m sure all of us would agree that our gut feelings were right 9 out of 10 times, right? Are these gut feelings based on earthly evidence or just a feeling inside? In fact the very reason that many do not follow their gut instincts, is because the option to which it is pointing to, is often beyond logic of the circumstances, right? GOD SAYS HE IS BEYOND THE WORLD’s WAYS; and that HIS WILL IS ALWAYS DONE. So to follow God’s Will of our lives, we must be in tune with God. What does this require? A daily communication with God. And even what does this require? It doesn’t require ceremonies or anything per say. It just requires you to remain in His Holy Words in the Holy Books. Spending time to listen for His Guidance in what He revealed to us in them. And even to at least 1 or 2 minutes, in complete concentration in talking with Him. That’s what it requires.

Never Regret Loving Someone That Does Not Return That Same Love Back



When it comes to love, in its purest form, where is its source? Think about the great power love carries?

It has been PROVEN to do the following:

1) To heal the most deepest of wounds of the heart.

2) To make enemies into friends.

3) To make the lonely feel loved.

4) To bring order to chaos.

5) To bring peace in war.

6) To find truth, even when lies are being told to you.

7) To revive a soul that is lost to darkness.

8) To unite, what was once broken.

And these are just the few that I can think of, off of the top of my head. These are such powerful actions, with permanent results that change Mankind for GOOD. For love to be this powerful, it must come from a source that is not found on this earth; but beyond it. God says He is beyond the world’s ways, and He is all the encompasses LOVE.

“This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”

-1 John 4: 13-21

So we must remember we LOVE not because that the world requires us to do so; but if we are God’s Children, we love because God requires us to love. And love in its purest form, is devoid of fear. No matter who it is, we are to love with the same intensity. We love not out of our own human instinct, but out of our origins from God. Plain and simple. Our trust is not in Man, because Man has proven, over and over again, that it has given in to its sinful human nature. Our trust is in God. And God will help us to discern what and whom is in accordance to His Ways or not. But no matter what, whether relative or friend; stranger or acquaintance; enemy or offender …. we are to love them. This is what God’s Ultimate commandment is. The evil within a person, or another living creature can only be seen by God. It is God who leads us in knowing; not by our own doing.

God’s rewards are based on the purity of the heart and soul. And this purification can only come from going to the source of Love, which is God. That purity will be sensed by all. And it is not the shame of this pure soul, to love and trust unconditionally in what God has commanded for it to do. God will show ALL THOSE THAT have hurt such a soul; or even taken advantage of such a soul, the WRATH of harming one of His Children. This wrath is if far more PERMANENT, than any injustice that evil orchestrates through such people, as its wrath, to harm such a soul. So, shame on the person who lies to a pure soul, for the sake of committing the 7 deadly sins. Though a heart of such a soul will be scarred; God has seen how that scar was made; and will get justice for His Children, with whom who caused that scar or wound to them. But we have to continue to love.  God’s Love TRULY does conquer all; and we must endure the trials of this earth; that require our hearts being scarred, bruised, and wounded, to perfect the love within ourselves… to make our hearts worthy enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Being in Spiritual Control (Part 1)

Max Lucado quote

It is when we depend on human logic, that we begin to succomb to its flaws. We begin to believe in its imperfections, when we do not need to. We begin to loose hope, because we feel that based on the failures of human logic, that there is nothing else that can help us, in problems or situations that we have. By believing in the flaws that are brought about by human logic, we will begin to feel there is nothing else in Mankind, than to revert to nature and animal philosophies, such as “Survival of the Fittest” , which were made for them specifically, and not for Man. That’s when we see man, what I would like to call, DEVOLVING back to primitive instincts. And loose sight of what we, Mankind, were meant to be…SPIRITUAL BEINGS. Nature and animals are meant to be physical beings, we are not. The difference between them and us, is the element of FREEWILL to choose how we should lead our lives. Do animals, plants, or even oceans and mountains have that? NO. Plain and simple. But yet we were all created by the Almighty God to serve His Purpose in this world.

God provides His Wisdom everywhere, and in everything in our lives. Its just a matter of opening our hearts to listen for it. It’s just the matter of opening our spiritual ears, and listening for Him; and opening our spiritual eyes, and seeing His Existence in our lives. He has given us everything we need to know and even to live on this earth, in perfect accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love, since the time we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs. God states over and over again in His Teachings that He is not of the ways of this world. So why would He want us to serve Him; or His Rewards for us, be of the world’s ways? His ways are BEYOND the world’s ways.

Evil tries to make us vulnerable and weak to the world’s ways, in order for us to roam farther and farther away from God’s Righteous Path. God says that we can not serve Him, and value the ways of this world. Because God says He is not of the world’s ways; but beyond them. When we put God first and foremost in our lives, we will begin to see the world for what it truly is. It’s as if God has put on a pair of glasses for you to see the world around you, for what its true value is, in the Eyes of God. You will begin to see what matters to Him, and what does not. God has always promised that He will help those that are faithful in seeking Him, to discern the deception of evil. Satan will always try to pull you off the path to God, in order for you to not see how much he deceives us. In fact, he does not want you to know that he exists. He does not want you to know that Hell exists. But it does. He wants to distract us as much as he can, from God’s Truth of His Endless Love and Forgiveness for us; and eternity’s worth of pain and torture that evil has in store for us, if we decide to go down its path instead. We are in a spiritual war everyday. And it is important to remain in SPIRITUAL CONTROL.

If God says He is beyond the world’s ways, why not have Him fight your battles for you? We must keep in mind the Life Example that Jesus Christ has left behind. This is the way God expects us to lead our lives on this earth, a life that is full of love and forgiveness. Jesus Christ teaches us how to live a life full of Love and Forgiveness. And how to turn away from our sinful ways. YES, we as human beings are sinful. Our human nature has become so dark that we have given rise to so many crimes against Humanity on this earth, based on getting out of Spiritual Control, from the Almighty God that created us, in His Image; and beginning to follow Human Logic, which is flawed, and easily vulnerable to Evil; as we see Eve falling prey to Satan’s temptation, in the Garden of Eden. Jesus Christ came to this earth, in order to take on Mankind’s Punishment, onto Himself; so that we can have another chance of setting things right in front of the Almighty Father of Creation.


Survival of the Fittest (Part 2)

Micah 6,8

When you hear the following words, what comes to mind?

1.  Gullable

2. Niave

3. Childlike

4.  Soft-hearted

5. Nice

Well, general consensus would say that people who possess such qualities are disadvantageous, right? Or that people who use such words to describe others, usually have negative connotations to it, considering them weak in nature. Right? In fact, with the current philosophy of survival of the fittest be adopted, such people are often preyed upon. How do we see this? We see it in the following forms:

1.  The increase in abuse of children

2. The increase in abuse of animals

3. Disregarding the poor in the world

4. Institutionalizing our Elderly

And the list goes on and on……

What Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Own Life and Death, is that God’s Rewards and Ways are not of this world. In fact, the rewards of the Almighty God are those which promise Eternal Life, and are completely fulfilling of the mind, heart, and soul. Jesus Christ showed us through His Life that we should uphold God’s Ways at all costs, even to the point of His Death on the Cross. As the Son of God, He came down from Heaven, to live amongst us, as a Man. He did this to show us how God expects us to live on this Earth, in accordance to God’s Laws of Love, while facing the trials and temptations of Evil. Even the Son of God, was not exempt from the troubles of this Earth. So why do we as Human Beings think we would not have problems to face on this earth? In fact the more we insist on upholding God’s Ways; the more trials we face.Why? Because we are getting evil angry for not conforming to the ways of this world; which are under its influence. As Jesus Christ did, we must continue to uphold God’s Ways, despite the trials.

What we have to realize is that evil uses these trials in order to deter us off the path of righteous to God. It is a way of discouraging us away from God’s Path…convincing us to give in to our flesh, which is already weak to evil’s temptations. Jesus, as the Son of God, had to rely on God’s Strength to help Him to fulfill God’s Will and Purpose of His Life on this Earth. So we must ask God for the same. This is why Jesus Christ said that He came to this Earth, to change the Old Law of “Eye for an Eye”; and to “Turn the Other Cheek“.

Never be ashamed about possessing the qualities mentioned initially, above. God said that we are to love beyond our own selves. We are trust in Him, who is not of the ways of this world. And the only way to having eternal life, within His Kingdom is by not conforming to the ways of this world; but His Ways of Love. People who trust in the Almighty God, appear to the world in the words described above. But Jesus told us through His Own Life Example, that we should not be ashamed of being ridiculed for following the ways of the Almighty God. In fact when you think of it, those who are ridiculing, or causing an offense to such individuals, should be ashamed of not seeing the Word of God, trying to be revealed to them. They should feel ashamed for taking advantage of their “goodhearted nature”; or their “childlike faith” in the Creator; for the sake of getting ahead in this world; to obtain worldly possessions and power. But in the end, God has promised to seek justice for those who have suffered injustice for upholding His Ways. We just have to trust in the Truth.

Again it is not about adapting to the changing ways of this world, which is the definition of the philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest”. It is about constantly upholding God’s Ways, in a changing world, where evil is trying to shackle you to it. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, Teachings, and Death on the Cross. If you have been downtroddened or “taken advantage” of, do not despair. Continue to seek God, and upholding His Ways, and God will get justice for the injustice you suffered. He will always protect His Children.

What people forget to realize about Jesus Christ is that He was born on to this Earth, in order to die, to save Mankind. God’s saw that there was still something good in Mankind, worth saving. That is why He sent down His Son, to die, in order to take on the punishment that we, as Mankind, were supposed to have suffered for the sins we committed, that violated God’s Ways of Love. So keep upholding God’s Love, because it is because of people like you that God saw that Mankind was worth saving, and Jesus Christ saw it was worth dying for.

Spiritual Warfare

Survival of the Fittest (Part 1)

Spiritual Warfare

In the world today, there seems to be a lot of “bullying” tactics occurring for the sake of personal gain. The personal gain usually is of some worldly things like money, power, or even status of some sort. And that the end result is what is important, not the journey as to how you got there. We, as human beings, seems to have taken the choice in taking quite a few steps back, from the point of greatness to which God created for all of us to be. Many have chosen of their freewill to adopt the mentality of the animals in the wild, of “survival of the fittest“, where the only reason as to why the animals think this way is because they were not given the FREEWILL to choose. We seemed to have “devolved” back to primitive thinking; though ironically claiming to be in this day and age to be “spiritually enlightened”. I can assure you that God, the Supreme Being, that endows this spiritual enlightenment, would hardly think so. Let’s take a look at how much we have “devolved”, as human beings.

In this day and age, we see slavery of ALL kinds. From having servants in the house, to human trafficking of all sorts of slavery, and even becoming a slave to our addictions or taking the attitude of “self indulgences”; or “living for the moment”. Just look at the news, PEOPLE are being bought and sold. PEOPLE. Not even the animals in the wild, do such things, for their mentality of “survival of the fittest”. This is evil trying to make us slaves in different ways, in order to shackle us to the ways of this world. When we serve a God that says He is beyond the worlds ways, we would not become shackled to the ways of this world. God can free us of such slavery.

Not even the animals in the wild have anihilated themselves, the ways human beings have done to one another. And they were not given the CHOICE (with freewill) to choose how they live. This is only more proof that in God’s Laws of Life, that such things occurring in Mankind’s history is completely in violation of God’s Laws. We have seen this in the forms of establishing “Empires”; as we have seen in world history. We have seen this in the form of colonialization of lands that its colonizers felt that they were helping “civilizations less civilized than themselves”; though they often had to use violence as a means of colonizing. Today, we have seen Genocide  in all forms based on creeds and races. When God created us all in HIS IMAGE, that means we are ALL EQUAL in God’s Eyes. Evil would only convince us that there are those of us more “superior” than others on this earth. This is the very lie that Satan used in the Garden of Eden, to convince Eve and Adam to sin. This shows how deeply rooted evil has become in Mankind’s thinking….in order to enslave us to to it. Only God can set us free from such slavery.

It has come to the point based on insecurities of not having such earthly things like money, status, and power, that we as human beings take the role (by choice) to plot and scheme, in order to gain such things. To fulfill the and fall prey to the seven deadly sins:

1. Greed

2. Gluttony

3. Sloth

4. Envy

5. Lust

6. Pride

7. Wrath

As human beings, upon Adam and Eve’s sin, in the Garden of Eden, we were born as sinners. Our flesh has become weak to evil’s temptations. It is only through God, who says He is beyond the world’s ways, that we can conquer evil; and make us victorious. When we focus on this God, we realize that He rewards us with gifts that are ETERNAL. And once we receive such gifts, we realize how TEMPORARY and WORTHLESS the things of this world truly are. God’s gifts will fulfill us completely, while evil’s gifts will require for us to sin more and more, and cause more atrocities to Mankind.

It is times such as these we begin to think, how far have we come from the greatness that God has created for us to be? Greatness is not determined, in God’s Eyes, by how much we achieved on this earth. It is by how faithful we were to His Ways of Love and Forgiveness. Not by the number of cars we own, or the house we live in, or the diamonds we own.  But by the purity of our hearts and souls, and how rooted they are in His Ways. It is not about adapting to the ways around us….it is about staying true to God’s Words.

(PART 2 to come…)

The 3 D’s of Evil: Deception, Denial, and Delirium



Evil wants us to believe that we can reason our way out of God‘s Ways. In fact, evil has gone as far as to say that we can know just as much as God, the Father of all Creation, through our flawed human logic logic, versus Divine Logic. DECEPTION

Evil goes on to aid us through flawed human reasoning that the existence of something, someone, or a problem, is not really there. In fact, it goes on to say, that even though we have committed a wrong towards someone, that there is no need to take responsibility for causing that pain or destruction onto someone else. No matter how much it hurts or destroys a person, it’s their fault for “falling for it”; or being so “niave” or being “foolish”. DENIAL

With evil’s constant stimulation through the physical realm, there is now a confusion as to what is right and wrong; when God has made this clear. Evil will say, that the laws God has stated, were only good for that time frame; that it is not relevant to this day and age, in order to confuse us. In fact, we have needs to fulfill and wants to achieve. So it’s ok, go ahead, and give in to it. Evil’s DELIRIUM.

Jesus Christ has said that God’s Laws, as well as the abundance and power of His Love, transcends all time. And that Truth can only be found through Him. Why? Because God says He is beyond the World’s Ways. Evil can continue to manipulate our 5 senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, and Touching); to deceive us as far away from God’s Truth, as possible.

So what decides who God will select as worthy enough to enter His Paradise or not? It is the choices we make. Whether the choices that we make are in line with God’s Laws of Love or not. But we should always be mindful that with every step towards God we make, evil will be right behind, to drag you back in the controls of the ways of this world; to which are in Satan‘s control. We should always battle problems, doubts, and even struggles, with prayer and praise to the Father Up Above.

I have always thought that when we lead a life free from troubles, that we should worry. This means that Satan is not threatened by your faith in the Almighty God, and that he has you just where he wants you, in his control. It is when we grow closer to God, that he becomes angry that you are going further away from conforming to evil’s ways. As a result, evil will throw more trials to bring you back to its ways, and discourage you from God’s Ways. These are true tests of faith. To help you refine it to the perfection, that God created for all of us to have…to the perefection, in His Image, that He created all of us to be. This is what the story of the Prophet Job demonstrated. What we have to always keep in mind, when enduring these trials, is that God never gives us what we can not handle. So if you have more trials, it only means that God thinks you can handle it; and that He wants you to grow stronger in your faith.

So grow stronger in faith….submerge yourself in God’s Gospel…and become a faithful follower of God’s Laws of Love. Avoid evil’s 3 D’s.


Daily Repentance


It is until recently that I have come to truly meditate on the meaning of “repentance”. As human beings, we are born as sinners, upon the first sin committed by Eve, in the Garden of Eden, followed by the sin of Adam; upon it being introduced by Satan. Sin comes in all forms; so it is easy to commit one both intentionally and unintentionally. Which is why it is so important to have a daily relationship with Jesus Christ, in order to guide us away from sin, in every form. This is the very reason why Jesus’ blood was shed at Calvary, for all of Mankind, so that we can repent and know what is in direct accordance, and in direct violation to God’s Laws of Love. Remember what can be hidden on this earth, can not be hidden in the Eyes of God. So it is so important to repent, with a whole heart for those things that you feel have violated God. A humble heart is what purifies the soul. The intention of our thoughts and actions is what God will see, not just the deed alone.

We often look for immediate results on this earth. But everything happens according to God’s Will; and it is only Evil that will entice you with worldly riches and rewards, and divert you from focusing on God’s Will of your life. But God says He is not of the ways of this world. He will give you the tools of this world, to give you such things to carry out His Will of your life. NOTE THE DIFFERENCE. We are not to value the ways of this world OVER the ways of the Father of Heaven. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, while passing through this earth. We keep in mind the 2 things that were the center of God’s Principles, to which Jesus Christ continuously reminded us through all of teachings, over and over again. LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Without these to principles being the center of your life, you will never be able to enter the gates of Heaven, in God’s Eternal Paradise. If we want to be forgiven by God, we must also forgive others. This is probably one of the hardest things for humans to do; especially when an individual has wronged us. This is human nature. As humans we are so weak. This is why we must have a daily relationship with God, and ask for His Wisdom and Understanding, to forgive, and to not allow anger and hate to harden our hearts.

What we must remember is that when we have a daily relationship with God, we will grow stronger in the faith of God’s Strength. As human beings, we will not be able to conquer Satan and his demons. It is only through the strength of the Almighty God, could we do so. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Life and Death on the Cross. God does not define Himself by the ways of this world. Even His rewards are not of the ways of this world; but of the Heavenly Kingdom Up Above. When you grow stronger in your faith in God, He will help you to discern the deception of Satan and his demons. There is no extent to which Satan will not go to deceive you away from God’s Path. This is why he despises Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ conquered evil. Jesus Christ showed how to conquer evil. It is only by, as Jesus said, “Feeling the Truth…“, that we can avoid the deception of evil. And such discernment can only come from repenting all sin within yourself; and developing that relationship with the Father of Creation. It is not enough to quote Scripture, and memorize the Holy Books. It is about living the Scripture.

As Human Beings, God knows that we are prone to sin. But what is the difference between someone who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, and someone who doesn’t? It is repenting to God, for the things that we know have violated God’s Laws. This shows the intention of the heart of a person. A person who is truly seeking God, will endure MANY TRIALS OF THIS EARTH. These trials are thrown at you, by Satan and his demons,  in order to discourage you off of the path to God, permanently. But a heart rooted in God’s Laws of Love, will always know of God’s endless mercy, and ask for forgiveness with a humble heart.  Do not fall into Satan’s trap of feeling guilty and forever being lost in that guilt of committing a sin. Satan wants you to be so lost, and forgetting about God’s endless mercy and love, to which He went to the extent of showing through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, at the Cross, in Calvary. Those who are lost to evil, are those who shackle themselves to the ways of this world, to which God made it very clear in Holy Scripture that is He is not a part of. Jesus made it very clear that we must give up all the things of this world, in order to find God’s Ways, with the example of His Own Life, and Death.

We must daily repent for the things we do consciously and subconsciously to sin. This must be our daily prayer. The more stronger we become in our faith in God, the more we will know what ways are in accordance to God; and those that are not. And our hearts will grow deeper rooted in God. We must remember, that God has shown us through Jesus Christ, that we have till the last breath in our Human Bodies to repent and make things right with Him. Why we have to do this DAILY…is because we do not know when our last hour or day is on this earth; but only God knows. This is why our path to God, should be pursued on a daily basis. We must daily make this effort, consciously. Remember God judges on the intentions, not just the deeds and actions alone.

We are in a spiritual war; and true freedom comes through knowing God. Whether you believe in God or not; there will come a day where we will need to face Him, when this world ends. This is true. And a judgement will be made as to whether you decided to shackle yourself to the world’s ways; or decided to see what true love and forgiveness can do for Mankind and for all things, by way of the Father of Creation.

The Father’s Gift to us….


I think the most important thing ANY parent can pass on to their child, is something that the child him/herself can perpetuate within themselves. A tool to which the engulf to which molds them to who they become, as a human being. And this is what the Father of Creation does with us everyday.

No matter what Satan and his evil tries to do, in order to destroy us, God shows us, everyday, how much He loves us. He has shown that He will go through any extent to show us His Love. He has shown us that He loves us so much, that He would do anything to save us, as He demonstrated with the Death of His Own Son, Jesus Christ, at the Cross at Calvary. Though we may understand His Ways in life, that is what makes US, His Children…..while He is the Father of Creation. His Ways are far beyond any our understanding.  Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, for one purpose, to live, to die, in order to save ALL of Mankind. It is as simple as that. God’s Message…through Jesus Christ is very clear in this. While He passed by on this Earth, Jesus Christ showed us how God wanted to live our lives here on this Earth. He taught us what God tells us are tools to defeat Satan and His Evil. To have the faith to believe in the Unseen God, takes an immense amount of strength. To live by it, takes even more. However having this faith, will show you things that are beyond the ways of this world, to things that are beyond all human logic. God asks us to have a childlike faith in Him….as Jesus Christ told us all, and all will be inherited onto us. Once we have tasted God, that thirst will never leave. That hunger to know The Father of Creation, will more and more.

He never said that we had to lead perfect lives, but to fearlessly feed that hunger….to continuously seek to quench that thirst within us. He asks us that when we do fall off, to get back on to that path….His Forgiveness is Endless, and His Love is Plentiful, to wipe our mistakes away. By sending Jesus Christ, He showed us that. Jesus came to take on the sins of all of Mankind on His Shoulders, and died in our place for it, instead of ourselves. Such love can not be shown in any other way. There is no condition….just to make the choice in believing in that such love can be given….and that it is far more powerful than anything of this earth. It is not a “political movement” or religion…it is a way of life.  That is what Jesus Christ meant to show us through His Time here on this earth.  He is THE GREATEST warrior of Love…because He was God, who walked on This Earth. And He CHOSE to die, OUT OF LOVE for Mankind.

It certainly is not about what is right or wrong in a religion……because God KNOWS who is right…..Jesus Christ KNOWS, as the Son of God, who is right, and died on the Cross, for God’s Purpose for all of Mankind. And the love that God gives His Warriors of Love is so fearless, that it will endure till the end of all time.