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“In Search of God” – A Good Read for Science-driven minds

In Search of God

For those of you who is searching for proof of the existence of God, this is a good read. This book is written by a man that has been a scientist all of his life. His search for God, began as a teenager, and still continues on. It demonstrates his “technocratic” approach in explaining God’s Existence in this world, in various aspects in our lives; from love, to the parameters of Sin, Heaven and Hell, etc., which is seen in many of his own diagrams, in the book. The author describes the book, in his own words, as follows:

“This book is an attempt to analyze the glory of creation; and the backward integration to the source, in an attempt to visualize God. In the early chapters, I have taken a critical look at the common understanding of love, and have tried to dissect it from a spiritual standpoint. In this process, what I found was a universal distribution of a love relationship, with a guiding force behind it emanating from a single source. This led me to examine other virtues in a similar manner; each time, attaching them to a single source. I called this source GOD. In the later chapters, I have tried to visualize and extract characteristic features of such a source. I have also tried to define Sin, and Revenge. Explanations have been given to show how interrelated they are. I have further explained why forgiveness is a far superior virtue. I have tried to project my view of heaven and hell, in this book.”

“In Search of God” is a book that was written for those who are science driven, or seeking a more technical approach in understanding God. The book is a great read. Highly recommended.